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'Sin tax' on alcohobtobacco lauded, slammed

y Leila B. Salaverria alcohol products and e- open to adjusting her stand if liter shall be imposed with P5 taxed P8o. P55 in zozzandP6o in zo21.
nd DJ Yap cigarettes she would be presented with in- increments every year until The tax on beer aild other Also by2o2o,.vapor
tTeam_Inquirer Cayetano said she was sup- formation that the DOF position zozz-from P3o per proof liter fermented liquors shall be with nicotine salt shall have
porting the DOF version be- was extreme. in zorg to P45 in zozz. From raised from Pz3.5o per liter to P3o tax per milliliter. Th\s
en. Pia Cayetano on Wednes- cause it would generate more The House version would net 2023 onward, the rate shall be Pz8 per liter starting |anuary. It increase to P35 per milliliter i
ay said she was more inclined funds for social services. additional revenues of Pr5 bil- increased by7 percent annually. will be incrementally increased zozr with P5 increments
r support the Department of ' "Technically, I haven't lion in the first year, nluch lower The bilt would also impose_a to P32 in zozo, P3+ in zozr and year until 2c23.
inance's (DOF) proposed mea- adopted anything yet, but I have than the DOF's pro/ected rev- 1s-percent ad valorem and a $6 in 2c.22. Health Secretary
lre on higher excise taxes on an open mind to go towards the enue of Pgl billion, officials said. single specific tax of P65o per For heated tobacco products, Duque III and the Sin Tax Coali-
lcoholic drinks, rather than the version of the DOF because I'm Under House Bill No. to26, liter on sparkling wines. the tax shall be P45 per pack of tion,
non, mear$Enlle,
meargghile, lauded
r the pas-
ill approved this week by the with the administration," the the ad valorem tax imposed on Still wines and carbonated zo units or packaging combina- sage of the bill, saying the hi
.ouse'of Representatives. chair of the Senate ways and distilled spirits shall be in- wines containing U-percent al- tions of not more than zo units, tax on alcohol products
The House on Tuesday ap- means conimittee told the Kapi- creased from 20 percent to 22 cohol or less will have a P4o tax, beginning 2o2o. Jhe specific tax help reduce alcohol
roved on third reading a bill han sa Manila Bay forum. percent. while those with z5-percent al- per 20 units of heated tobacco tion among Filipinos. -wtrH
nposing a tiigher "sin tax" on But Cayetano said she was Specific tax rates pei proof cohol content or less will be products will rise to P5o inzozt, REPORTFROMJOVICYEE INQ

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