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I. Multiple Choices: Choose then encircle the correct answer.

1. What do you call the literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and
ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm?
a. Poetry b. Prose c. Genre d. Literature

2. This is a lyrical poem which is sung with the playing of some musical instrument during pre-colonial
a. Awit/song b. Riddles c. Epic d. Proverbs

3. This genre of literature is a type of question that describes something difficult and confusing way and
has a clever or funny answer.
a. Awit/song b. Riddles c. Epic d. Proverbs

4. A short pithy saying in general use, stating a general truth or piece of advice.
a. Awit/song b. Riddles c. Epic d. Proverbs

5. These were long, episodic, chanted poems which told a story, normally about a legendary hero and his
adventures, being aided by supernatural creatures and spirits.
a. Awit/Song b. Riddles/Bugtong c. Epic d. Proverbs/Sawikain

6. Which of the following is an example of Oyayi?

a. Matulog ka na, bunso.
b. Awit ng Pamamangka
c. Mutya ng Pasig
d. Ang Tangi kong Pag-ibig

7. Which of the following is an example of Soliranin?

a. Matulog ka na, bunso
b. Ang Tangi kong Pag-ibig
c. Leron-Leron Sinta
d. Pahiwatig

8. Which is the best way to describe Kundiman?

a. A soothing song that is usually played for children
b. A monotonous song, sung on hot days
c. A classic form of Filipino love song
d. A song to put children to sleep.

9. Which of the following is the epic of Ifugao?

a. Biag ni Lam-Ang
b. Hudhud and Aligayun
c. Ulalim
d. Ibaton

10. What is as light as feather, but even the world’s strongest man couldn’t hold it for more than a minute?
a. Ship b. Water c. Cotton d. Breath

11. In question number 10, is an example of?

a. Rhetorical question b. Riddle c. Epic d. Proverbs

12. What is the application of the proverb, “A broom is sturdy because its strands are tightly bound”?
a. Learn to adapt from your environment.
b. Learn to be frugal
c. People may gain strength by standing together
d. Spare some money for a little bit of luxury

13. These were the one who suppressed the method of writing of the Filipinos, along with the many epics
and poems already existing during Hispanic Era.
a. Ilustrados b. Poets c. Friars d. Spaniards
14. This is an epic narrative during Hispanic Era of which it focused on the death, the burial and the
resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.
a. Pasiong Mahal b. Bantugan c. Olaging d. Subaron

15. Who perpetrated the Philippine epic narrative, Pasyon?

a. Jose Rizal b. Mariano Gaspar Aquino de Belen c. Mariano Pilapil d. None of the above

16. What is the theme of the Awit, Florante at Laura?

a. This a poem about tyranny in far-away Albania, it was also seen as poem showcasing the abuses
and tyranny happening in the Philippines at the time of Spaniards.
b. It’s a poem about the victory of the Filipinos during Hispanic era.
c. A poem in which it tackles about a faraway kingdom in the Philippines.
d. The poem showcasing the love story of Florante and Laura.

17. Who was the notable poet who wrote the Florante at Laura?
a. Jose Rizal b. Francisco Baltazar c. Mariano Pilapil d. Andres Bonifacio

18. What poetic styles that does not rhyme or not having a regular meter?
a. New Criticism b. Free Verse c. Free Criticism d. New Verse

19. Who among of the following is NOT a poet during American Era?
a. Angela Manalang Gloria
b. Jose Garcia Villa
c. Salvador P. Lopez
d. Ricky Lee

20. This genre of literature in Contemporary age, is a witty, versified in verse.

a. Zarzuela b. Comedia c. Tigsikan d. Bikol Literature

II. Identification: Identify the Canonical Writers based from their key personalities or contribution on
Philippine Literature. Choose the writers inside the box given below.

Carlos Quirino Levi Celerio Francisco Arcellana Rolando S. Tino

Carlos P. Romulo Alejandro Roces Lazaro Francisco Amado V. Hernande

F. Sionil Jose Jose Garcia Villa Nick Joaquin Cirilo F. Bautista Virgilio S. Almario

NVM Gonzalez Bienvenido Lumbera Edith L. Tiempo Eman Lacaba

Leona Florentino Florentino Hornedo Fernando Maramag

_______________________21. She founded and directed the Silliman National Writers Workshop in
Dumaguete City, which has produced some of the country’s best writers.

_______________________22. As a poet, he introduced to Tagalog literature what is now known as Bagay

poetry, a landmark aesthetic tendency that has helped to change the vernacular poetic tradition.

_______________________23. Among the many recognitions, he won the First Commonwealth Literary
Contest in 1940, received the Republic Cultural Heritage Award in 1960 and the Gawad CCP Para sa Sining in
_______________________24. He is a poet, literary historian and critic, who has revived and reinvented
traditional Filipino poetic forms, even as he championed modernist poetics.

_______________________25. He is a poet, fictionist and essayist with exceptional achievements and

significant contributions to the development of the country’s literary arts.

_______________________26. He enriched the English language with critics coining “Joaquinesque” to

describe his baroque Spanish-flavored English or his reinventions of English based on Filipinisms.

_______________________27. Its sheer volume puts him on the forefront of Philippine writing in English. But
ultimately, it is the consistent espousal of the aspirations of the Filipino–for national sovereignty and social
justice–that guarantees the value of his oeuvre.
_______________________28.In his view, the function of the writer is to act as the conscience of society and
to affirm the greatness of the human spirit in the face of inequity and oppression.
_______________________29. He contributed to the enrichment of the Filipino language and literature for
which he is a staunch advocate.
_______________________30.His works have been published in various international magazines and
received numerous national and international awards, including several decorations from various governments.
_______________________31. is multifaceted career spanned 50 years of public service as educator, soldier,
university president, journalist and diplomat.
_______________________32. He is considered as one of the finest contemporary poets regardless of race
or language.
_______________________33. His distinction is as a stage director whose original insights into the scripts he
handled brought forth productions notable for their visual impact and intellectual cogency.
_______________________34. He pioneered the development of the short story as a lyrical prose-poetic
_______________________35. He is a prolific lyricist and composer for decades and he effortlessly
translated/wrote anew the lyrics to traditional melodies.
_______________________36. He has the distinction of having written one of the earliest biographies of Jose
Rizal titled The Great Malayan.
_______________________37. He is considered as a poet warrior of the Philippines
_______________________38. He wrote about the history of the English language in the Philippines.
_______________________39. Her language has been marked a "descriptive but unburdened by scrupulous
_______________________40. He published 31 books all in all in Philosophy, Education, Culture and History.

III. Matching Type: Assess theunderlying theme of the following literary works of the Canonical writers
in Region 2. Write your answer before the number.

a. If you love God, keep His
41. Bonsai by Edith L. Tiempo commandments and He will give you
b. It talks about how to be loved and
42 Pateros Blues by Emmanuel Agapito
unloved and to love someone without
Flores Lacaba
receiving in return
c. Try to accept failure and never stop
43. The Rural Maid by Fernando Maramag
loving someone
d. It is about the agony and sorrow of the
44. Nalpay A Namnama by Leona Florentino
victim during Matial Law
45. The Favor of the Gods by Florentino e. It is about the agony and sorrow of the
Hornedo victim during Matial Law
IV. Modified True or False: Identify whether the statement is True or False. Write T if the statement is
correct but if it is false, underline the word that makes the statement wrong then write the
correct answer beside each number.

_____________________46. The two student publications during the first decade of American occupation in
the Philippines are UST College Folio and The Coconut of Manila High School.

_____________________47. Fiction is a genre of literature that is produced by the imagination and not
necessarily based on fact.

_____________________48. Drama is a genre of literature tells a story where the conflicts and emotions are
expressed through dialogue and action. It is usually a theatrical performance.

_____________________49. Setting is an element of one genre of literature where the director picture of how
the settings look like and what music and other sounds would set the mood of the play.

_____________________50. By the 1940s and 1950s, dramas in English had been performed on stage in the
Philippines. During that time, three notable Filipino dramatists emerged. They were Cesar Montano, Wilfrido
Ma. Guerrero, and Alberto S. Florentino.

_____________________51. Memoir is a one kind of among the genre of literature which is the most common
in the Philippine Literature where it features any subject that the writer personally comments about.
_____________________52. Chick Lit is a genre of Literature that is written by women it is written for women.

_____________________53. Speculative Non-fiction is a broad genre of literature encompassing any fiction

with supernatural, fantastical, or futuristic elements.

_____________________54.Philippine Speculative Nonfiction Story is a one-shot “virtual anthology” featuring

speculative fiction stories in English by the Filipino writers.

_____________________55. Flash fiction is a genre of literature usually spans from 1000-10000 words and it
doesn't have the complete structure.

_____________________56. Electronic Literature, are works could only be presented through multimedia that
shared on the web.

_____________________57. Net blog is a of genre of a literature that is a kind of hybrid diary where you can
share your experiences from something.

_____________________58. Marianne Rivera was the one who popularized the text tula that can be written
and read on a mobile phone.

_____________________59. Hypertext is a new genre of literature uses a computer screen as a medium

rather than the printed page.

_____________________60. Hyper nonfiction is a new kind of genre of literature contains a hyperlink and
when the readers click on the hyperlink they go to another Web Page that contains the next part of the story.

“Whatever you do, do well, and may success attend your efforts.”

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