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Name : Muhammad Hafiz Bin Abd Malek

Identification Card No : 951217-08-6647

Student no : MDA 13-07-032
Home Address : 61, Jalan 34,
Taman Sungai Mas 4
34000 Taiping,
Age : 21
Gender : Male
KPM’s Address : KM16 Jalan Tiang Dua
75460 Ayer Molek
KPM’s Telephone No : 06-2695881
Company Address : Unit Pengurusan Dana
Jabatan Kewangan & Akaun
Pos Malaysia Berhad
Tingkat 7, Ibu Pejabat Pos,
Bangunan Dayabumi
50670 Kuala Lumpur

Date and duration of : 4th Jan 2016 – 25th Mar 2016 (12 weeks)
Industrial Training

2.0 Acknowledgement


Assalamualaikum w.b.t

First I want to thank GOD for allowing me to complete this industrial training
for this final semester of my diploma smoothly and helped me strengthen my spiritual
to be strong in completing my internship report. I also want to thank my parent for the
support, help me financially and will ever be a source of inspiration of hope.

I would like to thank my dearest advisor, Madam Nazira, for giving me the
guidance and help whenever I asked her. I could have been in trouble if I did not get
any help from her therefore I am more than grateful to have a very kind and
understanding lecturer to be my industrial training’s advisor.

On the other hand, I could not thank the staffs and En Azlie Bin Mohd Johani
enough for giving me the chance to learn how real the working life works. Some even
took the time to explain on the things I did not understand. Even though I was assigned
to some tasks that were not related to any subjects I have learned, I could proudly say
that I will never regret the choice I have made by doing my internship at Pos Malaysia
Berhad. Some things you can learn in the class but some you don’t. The advice they
gave me, the little things about life they taught me are priceless.

3.0 Introduction

3.1 Definition of Industrial Training

Industrial training refers to work experience that is relevant to professional

development prior to graduation. All students must include a requirement of completion
of a minimum of twelve (12) working weeks of approved Industrial Training, to be met
by all students before graduation. Industrial Training is oriented towards developing
the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to make an effective start as a member of
the Accountancy professions. The fundamental purpose of industrial training is to
prepare students for employment in their chosen discipline at the conclusion of their
undergraduate studies.

3.2 About the program

Industrial training is where students are sent to learn and find the experience of
what has been learned in their college. Industrial training is a way for a student to feel
the working environment. This is because all forms of learning in college are just
theory. Industrial Training refers to work experience that is relevant to professional
development prior to graduation.

Industrial Training is one of the learning systems implemented by the KPM on

each student before graduating with a diploma awarded. Only students who pass the
industrial training will qualify to get a diploma. For students who failed, they are
required to repeat the industrial training again in the next session. Action will be taken
for those who do not maintain good behaviour and character.

3.3 Objectives of Industrial Training

The objectives of this Industrial Training are:

 Experience and understand real life situations in industrial

organizations and their related environments and accelerating the
learning process of how student’s knowledge could be used in a
realistic way.
 Relate the theoretical understanding learnt in class with the practical
done in the organization where the training was given.
 Portray the technical knowledge and skills in performing a given task.
 Identify the current requirements in the job market.
 Perform self-analysis in preparing themselves for the job market by
develop individual personality that can work as a team, trust,
confidence and responsibility.
 Understanding the formal and informal relationships in an industrial
organization so as to promote favourable human relations and
 Recognizing that financial and economic limitations play a more
important role in all accounting activities.
 Systematic introduction to the ways of industry and developing talent
and attitudes, so that we can enjoy fully, a career in accounting while
recognizing our responsibilities as a professional accountant of the

4.0 About the company

Pos Malaysia Berhad is a postal delivery service in Malaysia. The organisation
was restructured in 1992 from being a governmental owned Malaysian Postal
Services Department or Jabatan Perkhidmatan Pos Malaysia into a business
corporation. Pos Malaysia provides postal and related services, transport logistics,
printing and insertion, counter collection and payment agency services for a range of
financial transactions, such as bill payments, remittance, insurance and unit trusts.
The company holds an exclusive concession to provide mail services through its
network of over 850 branches and mini post offices in Malaysia

In 1992, Pos Malaysia Berhad was corporatized from the PSD. In September
2001, Pos Malaysia Berhad was listed on the then Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange
(now known as Bursa Malaysia Berhad) through a reverse takeover of a Philio Allied
Berhad assuming its listing status. Today, Pos Malaysia has four Strategic Business
Units -Pos Mel, Pos Laju and Pos Niaga and Pos International – and the logistics
arm will be supporting the delivery operations of the core services.

Type Public Company

Industry Postal services

Founded Early 1800s

Headquarters Ibu Pejabat Pos Besar, Kuala Lumpur,


Key people Dato' Mohd Shukrie Mohd Salleh, Group


Products Postal services

Number of employees 18,377 (2015)


Website www.pos.com.my

Tel 1-300-300-300 (local)

03-2727-9100 (oversea)

Fax 03-2273-3927

Mission Build and deliver the network of choice

Vision Connecting Malaysia and beyond - for

today and tomorrow

Board of Director Pos Malaysia Berhad

Chairman/Non-Independent Non- Brigadier General (K) Tan Sri Dato’
Executive Chairman Sri Haji Mohd Khamil bin Jamil

Senior Independent Non-Executive Dato’ Ibrahim Mahaludin bin Puteh


Independent Non-Executive Director Datuk Puteh Rukiah binti Abd. Majid

Independent Non-Executive Director Dato’ Eshah binti Meor Suleiman

Independent Non-Executive Director Abdul Hamid bin Sh Mohamed

Independent Non-Executive Director Lim Hwa Yu

Non-Independent Non-Executive Dato’ Ahmad Fuaad bin Mohd Kenali


5.0 Major Observation

5.1 Management

Management in all business area or organization coordinate the effort of people to

accomplish goals and objective. Management also include planning, leading,
organizing and controlling for the purpose to archive goal.

Pos Malaysia Berhad have a good management. Such as The Risk Management
Department (“RMD”) is established acts as a support monitoring, analysing and
reporting of the risks identified enterprise-wide and as the facilitator in the risk
assessment process. The RMD evaluates the risk policy and procedures, as well as
initiates improvements by maintaining awareness of trends and developments in risk
management that may have significant impact to the organisation.

5.2 Operation

This company operate same as any other company which is open on weekdays
8.30am to 8.00pm and Saturday 8.30am to 5.00pm. Except the first Saturday of the
month and public holidays

Pos Mel leverages on the strength of extensive physical delivery network to provide
customers with conventional mail services and also customised solutions that are
tailored to meet their increasingly discerning needs.

Pos Laju has the most extensive delivery network and number of touchpoints in
Malaysia. It also had the largest courier fleet in the country. These vast network and
assets provide convenience when it comes to last mile delivery, hence makes Pos
Laju the national’s preferred courier service provider, connecting people and
business in and beyond Malaysia.

Pos Niaga has footprints and reach in the country unsurpassed by any other. With
more than 1,000 touch points all over Malaysia, Pos Niaga continues to provide a
wide range of retail products and services to our customer.


Pos Malaysia International (PMI) connecting Malaysia to the world by providing

international postal services that include mail, small packets and parcels through its
international hub and gateway in KLIA.

5.3 Marketing

Marketing can be define as any activity, set of institutions, and processes for
creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for
customers, clients, partners, and society at large. The term developed from the original
meaning which referred literally to going to a market to buy or sell goods or services .

Pos Malaysia Berhad provide a high standard of products and services to their
customers has always been their top priority. They are proud to serve every strata of
society, who demand the very best and value for their money. To fulfil their needs,
Pos Malaysia Berhad have launched of a variety of products and services such as
EziPoz and Flexipack. EziPoz is a platform that enables customers to shop directly
from over 350,000 online merchants in the United States with three simple steps,
while Flexipack is a prepaid envelope or box which helps online enterprises boost
both their sales volume and revenue by enabling them to better manage the delivery
of their products to the clients.

5.4 Finance

The Finance Department manages the finance matters obviously. Before
proceeding with the payments to the account payables, there are staffs under the
Operation Department that need to check all the tax invoices and debit notes received
first. All must be in order and compliance to what have been dealt. Then the invoices
are submitted to the Finance Department to be approved and making payments.

Usually Pos Malaysia Berhad used HSBC Bank as a main current account to
pay their debt. They also use online transfer via HSBC.net other than telegraphic

6.0 What Has Been Learned / Work Experience / Description of Task

I was placed at Finance Department and my vain involvement is Coperate Finance. I
helped Puan Lastri as a senior clerk and En Azlie Johani as a Senior Associates to
Update Daily Bank Balance, email a Daily Payment and Funds Transfer to HSBC
Team, make a placement letter to financial institution, and Posting Clearing using
SAP System

1. Update Daily Bank Balance

2. Email a Daily Payment and Fund Transfer to HSBC Team

Usually after a Banking Department finish their part, the last part is my team to
do worksheet and email this to HSBC Bank as a main current account. The
amount balance is take from Quantum System and SAP System.

3. Make A Placement Letter

Usually if has a surplus as at balance in that day, Pos Malaysia Berhad will
use the money to invest in a Financial Institution. It’s called Short Terms
Money Market. There are a list that Pos Malaysia Berhad currently invest:-
 BIMB Management Berhad
 Muamalat Invest
 Malaysia Building Society Berhad
 Bank Kerjasama Rakyat Malaysia
 Kuwait Finance House
 RHB Islamic
 Hong Leong Islamic

7.0 Relevance courses taken at KPM to the present work

7.1 Information Technology Fundamental (ITE 1013)

Information Technology Fundamentals; one of the subjects that I learned
during my first semester in the college. In this subject, I learn how to fully use the
Microsoft Office tools such as Microsoft Words, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft
Power Point.
During the whole 3 months internship period, I noticed that Pos Malaysia
Berhad uses a lot of Microsoft Excel as it eases their work such as organising,
listing, scheduling and they maintain it for their record. The same went for most of
the tasks I was assigned to.I also learnt to used Microsoft Outlook that it is my first
time I used it. Microsoft Outlook is used for internal only to send or received any
email from other parties.

7.2 Auditing (ACC3573)

This subject was to introduce to students the concepts and principles of
auditing. Emphasis was given to external and statutory auditing where student will
be exposed to the principles of auditing including the collection of evidence, internal
control evaluation, auditing documentation until the issuance of an audit report.
In Pos Malaysia Berhad, there have a Limit of Authority. My team is
responsible to check the document from the subsidiaries or any department when
they want to ask for funds. For example if they ask a fund for RM 300,000.00, there
are certain person only that can approve that funds.
Pos Malaysia Berhad also maintain their Treasury Policy Statement to
operation and capital investment, in a manner that manages the certain risk
inherent in treasury activities. This is one I learn in Auditing course under topic
Internal Control.

7.3 Public Communication Skill (COM 2222)

One of the most useful and very helpful subject that had helped me went
through my internship with ease was this subject; Public Presentation Skills which
I had taken during my third semester.

Along with the name of the subject, it was to expose to the students on
effective communication skills which can be applied to the real world. It was to teach
them on how to build up confidence level to speak in public.
As I at Pos Malaysia Berhad, one of my task is present about Treasury
Policies. I was assigned to summarize the Treasury Policy and present it with fully
English. I was remember all that I study and implement it when I do my

7.4 Accounting Information System (ACC 2543)

Back in semester 4, I taught this subject that revolved around the

accounting system. The students were exposed on how to identify, analyse and
present the basic information functions of four(4) business cycles ; Expenditure,
Revenue, Human Resources and Production cycles, in a correct order.

Of my internship period, I saw how the company was using some of these
cycles just as how I learned it. First is the Expenditure Cycle which involved all
of the company’s expenditure. Each purchase and cash disbursement was
carefully recorded. Pos Malaysia Berhad uses a system called S.A.P. for every
transaction occurs. With the system, they could check if the payments have
been made or not. The system is private and confidential and use for internal

7.5 Fundamental Business English (ENG1012)

The Basic English course taken during my very first semester. The
subject was to teach students the basic of English language. It may seem
unimportant but it actually helps especially now that we are living in a world
where most things are either written or spoken in English. Students should be
taking this subject as serious as other core subjects for all courses taken are all
in English as well.

I have been using English to communicate with all the staff to bring the
good name of college. So that they know our college is compulsory to speak in
English as an intermediate language. I also try to blend in when I have group
discussion to build up self-confident for myself and so I can improve my soft

7.6 Commercial Law (LAW1013)

I had learned this course back when I was in my second semester. It was
important for us to know about the law as what we are learning has so much to
do with the law.

While doing my internship, I learned about the contract they made. In this
course, I was exposed on so many things about the law of contract which can
finally be seen when I did this program. It was an eye opener to me to get to
see the things I have learned being applied to the real working world.

7.7 Financial Accounting

Financial Accounting 1 was to equip students with the foundation of

financial accounting starting from the history of accounting cycle and
preparation of a full set of financial statement.
During my period of internship, I was assigned to prepare the
company’s journal for bank charges from Muamalat bank that was charges
on Pos Malaysia Berhad. The journal is same as I was learn in college. So I
implement it during the internship and that make my work become more
easily. I I was to prepare the journals and they would be checked by Puan
lastri as a senior clerk.

7.8 Taxation (ACC 2613 & ACC 3623)

The subject Malaysian Taxation was one of the core subjects I had
learned during my fourth and fifth semester. It was taught to the students as
a guidance to understand regarding the application of income tax in life.

During my internship, I was assigned to checked a document loan staff

either computer or vehicle loan. Before going further, the staffs who want to
apply loan from Pos Malaysia Berhad must go through some process. Pos
Malaysia Berhad must checked the salary whether the deduction is more than
50% or not. If more than 50%, the staff cannot apply for loan.

7.9 Intriduction to Business (BUS1013)

This course was taken when I was in my second semester. The main
objective of this subject is to provide students the insights into many
organisational aspect of daily lives and vest interest into improving the way
organisations are organised.

It includes the elements of planning, organising, leading and controlling.

The way I saw it, Pos Malaysia Berhad has all these elements and problems
are less likely to occur. They always have a plan before making something
happen. They would go into discussions and make sure objective is achieved.
They also will refer some policies usually use such as Treasury Policy and Limit
of Authority

7.10 Practical Business English ( ENG 1023 )

I took this subject when I was in my second semester. It exposed

students to formal business correspondence. It taught me the ability to search
for data from different sources, to translate data into information and to use such
information in support of arguments.

During my internship programmed, I had to real letters that came in and

make sure to pass them on to the persons concerned. By doing so, I need to
understand the content of those letters in order to be able to inform them.

8.0 Attraction With Others

8.1 Interview with Executive Level Staff (Vice President 1)

Hafiz :
Sorry to have interrupt you En.Rizal, I need to interview you as
part of my industrial training requirement. If you don’t mind, may
I know some of your personal details like your full name, age,
your position at this company and your educational background?

En. Rizal : Oh, yes sure. The name given is Muhammad Rizal bin Abd
Kudus,45 years old. I actually graduated my Diploma in
Accountancy from UITM Shah Alam. Furthered my degree in
Accountancy and Master from University Malaya in Statistic.I am
currently Vice President 1, Corperate Finance

Hafiz : Now, could you tell me what exactly the main business here is in
Pos Malaysia Berhad?

En. Rizal : Well Hafiz, as you can see the name itself is Pos thus our main
business here is Postal Services. The organisation was
restructured in 1992 from being a governmental owned
Malaysian Postal Services Department or Jabatan
Perkhidmatan Pos Malaysia into a business corporation.

Hafiz : Okay. Now I’m going to ask on the environment here. So how’s
your relationship with everyone here? Ever been in any disputes
between your colleagues, maybe?

En. Rizal : Fortunately there has never been any disputes or arguments
between me and everyone here. Alhamdulillah for that. But
throughout my years of working here, there hasn’t been any
huge arguments between the staffs. Well of course as a normal

company filled with normal human beings, slight objections or
miscommunications could happen. That obviously happens in
every company exists. But everyone here is really chill and fun
so working with them is not a problem.

Hafiz : Glad to know that everybody’s on a good term here. Because I

am actually agreeing with you En. Rizal. The moment I stepped
into this company, everybody was being friendly. It came to my
surprise that the environment here is almost family-like. Ok, now
moving on to the last part. Would you care to tell me what your
hope is for the company?

En. Rizal : I’m happy that you find our place really comforting. That’s good
to know. Oh, my hope would be that our company will be better
in the future and always have this family-like working
environment so that everyone will be stress free to do their work.

Hafiz : Well I surely hope so too! Thank you so much En. Rizal for taking
your time for this mini interview.

En. Rizal : Not a problem at all.

8.1.2 Interview with Supporting Staff (Senior Associate)

Hafiz :
Hi En Faiza Rizal. Is it okay with you if I take some of your time
to ask you a few questions? It’s a part of my industrial training

En Faiza : Oh sure, of course.


Hafiz : First, I would like to know your full name, age and maybe you
can tell me on how you got to work here.

En Faiza : My name is Faiza Rizal Bin Anual. I’m 29 years old, happily
Rizal married.Well, long story, I got the opportunity to be interviewed
for this company right after I graduated from UiTM in Finance.I
am waiting for 6 month to get this vacancy. Out of many
candidates, I was selected to be a part of this company. The
position I am currently holding is the Senior Associate Corperate

Hafiz : Now, could you tell me who do you always assist in the matters
of Investment?

En Faiza : Guess I was fortunate enough. Oh, that would be Puan Lastri. I
Rizal am currently assisting him in the preparation of documentation.
She is a really a good person to be working with.

Hafiz : Besides Puan Lastri, how does it feel to be working here with
other staffs?

En Faiza : . Oh, the environment here is very comforting. We are trying to

Rizal make it as a stress free workplace. But there’s no such thing as

a no-stress kind of work. But at least it doesn’t make us feel like
we’re suffocating with work when we enjoy it.

Hafiz : Couldn’t agree more. Okay En Faiza Rizal, thank you for making
time for me. I really appreciate it.

En Faiza : You’re most welcome.


8.2 Role Model in Pos Malaysia Berhad

Being intern in this company, I actually observe staff there. My observation is

focus on someone and I decide to take his as my role model. The person that I said
is En Muhamad Rizal Bin Abd Kudus, 45 years old. His position at Pos Malaysia
Berhad is Vice President 1, Corporate Finance. He has a lot of work due to his
position but what I totally impressed is he can handle workload very well and What
really amazes me is that he is also taking her ACCA in the amidst of all that He also
put 100% commitment to his work and it absolutely amazing. He just finish his Master
at University Malaya in course Statistic last year.

Even though he is a little bit clumsy but he did well in all his work. All his
work done before a date line. He was work at Pos Malaysia Berhad for 10 years. He
know all the work happen in Finance Department. He like a ‘library’ to the staff
because every single work that have in Finance he know. Even though his position is
quite high, but the relationship between his and other staff is good. He so generous
because always treat his team for breakfast and lunch.

He is determination and strong will had made me look up to him. Even when
the things goes wrong or he was put in blame, he would not go frantic and be mad
but he would think of how it had happened and try to find the solution instead. One
more thing that makes him my choice of role model is he speaks his mind out when it
is needed. If he thinks something is right, he would stand firm with his option.

9.0 Recommendation / Suggestion

It is good for the fresh graduates to gain knowledge and experience in any
company. Accounting is part of a professional job which has to be patience
and have to gain more knowledge to be an efficient and effective accountant in the
future undertaking. For the staff in the well establish company, I think that they should
accept the trainee’s opinion. Not all the time, the trainees can make a mistake.
Let them to learn from the mistakes that they have done.

The concerned immediate supervisor remain busy and at some time I found
we are less guided and concerned. It is fearing and difficult to handle the workload
without experience and the proper guides. Thus, I fell the guide have ro be more
receptive to the quest of the internship student

The Training Industry is a really a great experienced to the student. It gives us

an opportunity to make ourselves prepared to go into the working field. Since the
technological world is fast and ever changing I found the programmed is short and I
would like to recommend it to be more than usual.

9.1 Benefit

Every program has its own benefits or things that are advantageous for us.
Industrial Training is a program that clearly has many benefits to the interns. First of
all students all have their educational experience in common. What stands out to
employers is those students who also have work experiences by the time they
graduate. This automatically makes them more marketable; as they may require less
training and are assumed to be able to handle more responsibilities. In addition to the
specialized skills of your field, transferable skills are generally required at any job,
e.g. communication/interpersonal skills, computer proficiency, and team work.

Next, this program prepares the students to be physically and mentally ready
to face the challenges of real life. How they handle the stress, the various attitude of
people, disagreements of opinions and others. They should have been all ready to be
facing the reality.

Polishing the soft skills is actually another one benefit that the industrial
training has to offer. As we can see, most students nowadays are prone to be
academically good but their soft skills are not in par with their grades. By going through
this program, students will be more exposed oh how to approach and communicate
with people.

Besides all mentioned above, the program’s advantage is about respect as

well. Being in an environment filled with different range of age and positions, that is
where the respect part comes in. They should know that respecting people is really
important as it reflects the person you are. No matter how old or what position one is
holding, learn to respect them for you will be respected as well.

10.0 Conclusion

It was a complete useful experience working at Pos Malaysia Berhad. The

friendly welcoming staff and the space they have create for a intership student
allowed me with full opportunities to learn and know myself as a worker. This
experience brought out my strength and also the areas I need to make up. It added
more confidence to my professional approach build a stronger positive attitude and
taught me how to work in a team as a player. The primary objective of an internship
is to gather a real life experience and put their theoretical knowledge in practice. This
is my first real experience work in well-established company. I was quite nervous
about it. During my 3 month of training I have developed a lot of confidence and
courage in this industry.

My experience at Pos Malaysia Berhad was highly educative one. I worked in

Corporate Finance department and do a lot of task. It does not matter to me because
I takes it as a challenge to myself to improve myself. I get to learnt many things which
will be helpful for me in future

I also learn the values and importance of this industry and experience that this
is much superior field that most of the other field during my training. As a human
being, I noticed many changes in my attitudes. I am more confident and more likely to
do any work now.

During my training, I thoroughly enjoyed the challenges that came along every
single day. I learned that this is just the beginning o the road and I have travel a long
distance to be a successful person in this field. But I must say that this experience
will prove an objective in my career as a successful accountant.