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E-Sandesham August, 2010

The Official E-Newsletter of Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty

Eradicating Poverty, Inspiring Community

The Official E-Newsletter of Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty

Persons with
From the CEO’s desk 3
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SERP -- An Introduction 5 PoP Strategy 16

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Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty (SERP) is an autonomous society of

the Department of Rural Development, Government of Andhra Pradesh.

E-Sandesham-Issue I
August, 2010
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From the CEO’s desk... analyze the development issues and

action plans. We intend to reach
out to the world sharing our work
“It always seems impossible until its done.” -- Nelson Mandela to enhance knowledge on poverty
eradication literature and receive
Poverty Eradication is an important der the recently launched National valuable feedback from fellow devel-
milestone and Society for Elimina- Rural Livelihoods Mission (NRLM) opment professionals.
tion of Rural Poverty has taken that of the Ministry of Rural Develop-
SERP categorizes its work areas
arduous journey 10 years ago bring- ment, GOI. All the States under
broadly into Human Development
ing in a new paradigm of develop- NRLM will be establishing sensitive
Value Chain support, Livelihood
ment that emphasized on support mechanisms and bring on
support, and Resources support.
board like-minded NGOs to begin
• Building Community Based Or- In this issue we are focusing on our
this exciting journey.
ganizations (CBOs) of the poor work towards improving the hu-
as an essential prerequisite for man development value chain talk-
It is in this context it was felt nec-
poverty alleviation. ing briefly about our major activities
essary that better coordination and
knowledge sharing among all the in operation to improve the human
• Empowerment of the poor as
states would go a long way in en- development indicators. We also put
the means to poverty eradica-
tion and suring that each state need not go forth our current strategy of bring-
through the arduous learning curve. ing in the most marginalized poor-
• Establishing SERP as the sensi- est of the poor into our development
Hence, it gives me immense pleas-
tive support mechanism to cata- paradigm of empowering them to
ure to bring out the first issue of
lyse the process of social mobi- come out of deep clutches of ex-
SERP newsletter as an honest at-
lisation. treme poverty. The forthcoming is-
tempt to share our learning with the
development fraternity in the coun- sues will focus on familiarizing our
That small step of social mobiliza-
try. reader with the scope of our work in
tion of a few rural poor women into
the livelihoods sector.
an SHG has now grown into a revo-
lution of sorts that is transform- At the time when India celebrates
Continuous learning is an integral
ing village after village in all parts its 63rd Independence Day, and
part of our work and I hope this
of this vast country. The myth that grapples with the question of rich-
newsletter will be a handy source
social mobilization does not work poor divide, which is widening at
for field learning and practical ap-
beyond north of Vindhyas has been an alarming rate, it becomes cru-
proach towards addressing the so-
shattered with rural poor women cial to not just talk but demonstrate
cial evil called poverty, which is an
in Bihar and UP coming together the virtues of ‘Inclusive develop-
affront to human dignity. On the eve
to take control of their lives. SERP ment’. With just 5 years to go for the
of Independence Day along with our
in its own humble way has played a achievement of the MDGs the suc-
celebrations, let us pool in knowl-
part in nurturing the CBOs in these cesses of community driven human
edge and experiences to help the
states. The CBOs of AP and SERP and livelihoods development progr
poor to help themselves …
are poised to play a significant role mmes in states like Kerala, TN, Bi-

in strengthening the CBOs of the har and AP seems to provide the Jai Hind…
poor in the most backward states of light at the end of the tunnel. This

India including the North-East un- monthly newsletter will reflect and
E-Sandesham-Issue I
August, 2010
Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty
-- An Introduction
Poverty is an affront to human dignity, and a cost to the economy
and the polity. Poverty creates vulnerability, dependence and
helplessness. It deprives society of the productive energies of a
substantial segment of its population, contributing to instability
and social unrest.

overty Alleviation has tment of both Andhra Pradesh State development efforts. With ample
been one of the primary government and World Bank to support in terms of resources-both
focus area for develop- carry out their development agenda. financial and quality manpower
ment agencies. Both State Registered as a Society under the along with sufficient autonomy,
and non-State actors have given it Societies (Telangana) Act, SERP is a SERP has emerged as an important
upmost priority in policy. The ef- perfect marriage of the strengths of entity in the poverty eradication ef-
forts towards eradicating poverty State and non-State forts in AP.
and uplifting living standards for
the populace have been an on-going
activity since the beginning of 20th
century. Successive Governments
realised that poverty eradication is
a must for development to happen.

However gradually a realisation set

in that the State has not been very
efficient in managing both Govern-
ance and development programs
and non-state players came into
existence but they had their own
limitations vis-à-vis resources and
external dependence on donors.

Society for Elimination for Rural

Poverty (SERP) was conceived as
a unique organisation. SERP came
into existence on the strong commi-

E-Sandesham-Issue I
August, 2010
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SERP has been able to both evolve

new ideas and effectively scale up.
We have had adequate balance be-
tween being a learning organisation
and an effective implementing agen-
cy for various programs. The most
important one being Indira Kranthi
Patham (IKP). IKP is a community
demand driven rural poverty alle-
viation project aiming to cover all
rural poor households in the state.

The biggest contribution has been

the push it gave to SHG network and

The core philosophy of SERP is that each poor individual has a strong desire
and innate capability to come out of poverty and there exist, among the poor,
many individuals with a strong voluntary spirit of helping others.
‘financial inclusion’. Today AP has Institution building as its primary The SERP model has demonstrated
one of the largest organised SHG focus, it has initiated several income that a proper mix of Government of-
network in the world with more than generating activities covering -both ficials, professional consultants and
1 crore of women actively participat- agricultural and non-agricultural community resource persons can
ing. AP model has been an inspiring sectors. There are several health bring in harmony in development
story for the SHG movement. Under and education programs being run programs. The scale of activities
the aegis of SERP, the SHG-Bank along with many land reforms. reached is a testimony of its effec-
linkage has been a stupendous suc- SERP has taken a holistic approach tiveness in addressing various de-
cess and has resulted in mobilising around its SHG network and even velopmental issues.
more than Twenty five thousand taken up several long term plans ad-
Focusing on ‘all inclusiveness’ for
crores of credit towards these com- dressing inter-generational poverty.
beneficiaries SERP has identified
munity based organisations, most of The focus is empowerment of youth
the remaining gaps and with aggres-
them being Self Help Groups. by providing access to training and
sively adopting a POP strategy hopes
creating jobs. The social develop-
to bring in the marginalised poorest
Over the last 10 years SERP has
ment programs cover all major de-
of the poor into mainstream society
evolved into a multipurpose agency
mographics, with programs ranging
and uplifting their living standards
addressing almost all facets of
from infant care to insurance for
fulfilling its mandate of eradicating
development. Starting from
the elderly.
poverty along with its roots.

E-Sandesham-Issue I
August, 2010
Health and Nutrition - Lakshmi Durga, SPM
the meals are not shared with fam-
Malnutrition is one of the major bar- care, immunizations, growth moni-
riers in overcoming poverty. Mal- toring, distribution of commonly A few community members take
nutrition in childhood is known to used medicines like oral rehydration the lead to establish a Community
have long-term effects on the work powder, and distribution of supple- Kitchen Garden to produce vegeta-
capacity and intellectual perfor- mentary nutrition powder. NDCCs bles to be used in the meals prepared
mance of adults. Women who were are seen as an innovative way to at the NDCC. They focus on nutri-
malnourished as children are more break the cycle of malnutrition. The tional balance growing a variety of
likely to give birth to low birth- NDCCs take a holistic, life-cycle ap- vegetables rich in micronutrients.
weight children and thus there is proach to improve the nutritional There is particular focus on growing
an intergenerational effect of child status of the most vulnerable poor. green leafy vegetables, which are a

Wage loss, loans and curative health

expenditure due to illnesses be-
comes heavy burden on poor house-
holds. The Health and Nutrition
Unit of SERP aims to empower poor
rural women within community-
based organizations to realize their
health services entitlement, im-
prove their nutrition status during
reproductive age and in turn over-
come poverty by reducing their ex-
penditure on health.

One of the highlights of health inter-

ventions is the community managed
Nutrition cum Day Care Centers, or
NDCCs. These NDCCs are owned They focus on nutritional needs of major source of iron helping to re-
and managed by the communities pregnant and lactating women so duce anemia among the pregnant
they serve making them accountable that child malnutrition is prevented and lactating women.
and responsive towards the needs of as soon as pregnancy begins. They
NDCC hosts a Nutrition and Health
beneficiaries. also enroll children below 5 years
Day in convergence with the public
of age so that existing malnutrition
Services provided to women and health service providers two times a
is reversed and the children would
children enrolled in these NDCCs month. The event is attended by the
grow up healthy. They are provided
include health education, antenatal Auxiliary Nurse Midwife from the
two well-balanced meals each day,
Health Department, the Anganwadi
served at the NDCC to ensure that

E-Sandesham-Issue I
August, 2010
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**Hover over the images

to view magnified pictures

consisting of five SHG women.

A common activity is identified at

VO level in order to allow the ben-
eficiaries to generate income us-
ing the NDCC as the activity venue.
Currently, activities such as spice
packaging provide opportunities for
pregnant women to earn Rs. 25- 45
worker from the Department of each day, which reduces the burden
Women Development and Child of loan repayments during enrol-
Welfare, the Health Activist, and the ment at NDCCs. NDCCs have cre-
village Health Committee ated major impact like:

The Goal of Health and Nutrition initiatives is to ensure that all

villages in the project mandals with special focus on POP families to
achieve Millennium Development Goals related to Child and Maternal

• Mean weight gain of 9.0 kg for The successful implementation of

pregnant women NDCCs has shown that the commu-
nity is responsible towards health
• 85% of women received all 3
needs and is willing to participate
ANC check-ups at public health
actively in well- designed initia-
tives addressing their needs. These

• Mean birth weight of 2.9 kg of health and nutrition programmes

newborn are playing a major role in human

development and reducing vulner-
• 90% children received full im- ability of the poor.
munization per schedule

E-Sandesham-Issue I
August, 2010
- Seshukumari Bhupatiraju, RPD

“Children are the world’s

most valuable resource
of a country and its best
hope for the future” –
John F. Kennedy, Presi-
dent of United States of
With a population of 170 million the curriculum developed by various
children between ages 0-6 as per “An entire generation agencies having rich experience in
the 2001 census, India accounts for ECE. The curriculum focuses on the
the largest child population in the of children; free from oral skills such as talking, singing,
world. All-round child development the burden of poverty; reciting the rhymes. Alphabet and
has been a vital part of India’s devel- numbers are introduced through
opmental agenda since Independ- born, educated (elemen- play way method.
ence. tary through secondary, Hallmark of these centres:
Early Childhood Education (ECE):
higher secondary, higher The teacher presents a Public Re-
Education plays a very important port to the parents and the village
role in shaping up a child’s pros-
education) and employed community once every month. Chil-
pects. It involves physical, cogni- gainfully is the vision dren of the school demonstrate and
tive, emotional, social, moral and exhibit their learning attained dur-
various other aspects of develop-
of the education sector ing the preceding month during
ment. Ability in the longer run is within IKP”. this presentation. Monthly public
highly dependent on how the child reporting is expected to strengthen
is nurtured. ECE is considered as a The ECE project of SERP is cur- the accountability process and also
significant input to compensate for rently in 16 mandals across the state foster closer association with the
early environmental deprivations at and plans to expand to 23 new man- community. The salary is paid to the
home by providing a stimulating en- dals during the year 2010-11. More instructor by the community only
vironment to children. ECE centres than 8000 children between the age after it is satisfied about the month’s
play an instrumental role in laying a group of 3–5 years are enrolled in learning outcome achieved by the
proper foundation for Primary Edu- these centres. The instructors follow teacher.

E-Sandesham-Issue I
August, 2010
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Performance of Students admitted under the Corporate

Education scheme:
• 29 students have secured meritorious ranks in the IIT-
JEE exam conducted during April’2010.
• 92% of the students from the 2008–10 batch achieved
first class marks the public examinations held in
• 76% of the students from the 2009–11 batch achieved
first class marks in I Year intermediate examinations
held in March’ 2010.

Primary and Secondary Education: studies where they have been able to To address this gap, SERP has fa-
SERP is supporting the Mandala make the system answer their call. cilitated the admission of 8,000
Mahila Samakhyas (MMS) of Chin- 1143 children working as Child La- meritorious poor candidates during
toor, Kunavaram and V.R.Puram bour have been mainstreamed into the year 2008–09 and 2009–10 in
mandals of Khammam district to the schooling system. private / corporate junior colleges
safeguard Child Rights and facili- Corporate Education for Weaker of repute for two year intermedi-
tate quality improvement in schools Sections: ate course integrated with focused
in tandem with Gram Panchayats, coaching for IIT – JEE / AIEEE /
Higher education constitutes an in-
youth groups and teachers. Capaci- EAMCET*. This is being seen as an
tegral part of the well being of any
ties of the MMS, VO and the SHG inter-generational poverty allevia-
population. Hence, good quality ed-
are built to systematically monitor tion strategy.
ucation at 10+2 (Intermediate) level
schools ensuring sensitivity to poor
is not sufficient and needs to be sup-
students and improvement in qual-
plemented with specialized coach-
ity of education.
ing for appearance at admission
31 Gram Panchayats in these man- tests of professional courses. The
dals have been declared child labour case of good quality education be-
*IIT – JEE / AIEEE / EAMCET are entrance
free. Education Sub-Committee comes impossible for marginalized
tests for Engineering and Medical colleges.
members have been demanding and economically deprived popula-
their rights and there are many case tion due to lack of resources.

E-Sandesham-Issue I
August, 2010
Social Security ment of Andhra Pradesh would
Insurance / Abhaya Hastham also contribute Re.1/- per day for
each contributing member. Being
-- Chinnatataiah, RPD
purely voluntary, Abhaya Hastham
was able to attract 39.43 lakh SHG
With poverty eradication in the 22 members during the year 2009-10
rural districts of Andhra Pradesh as which is approximately 50% of all
the sole agenda, Society for Elimi-
“The Proper method of White Ration Card holders. Out of
nation of Rural Poverty (SERP) has safeguarding old age is these 3.50 lakh SHG women who
been working with the poor to en- clearly through some plan are above 60 years of age are recei-
lighten their lives. Each functional of insurance…for every
area of SERP caters to specific as-
wage earner attempt to
pects that cause the beneficiaries
to exist below the poverty line. Ef-
save enough by himself to
forts have been constantly made provide for his old age is
to empower the poor in every way needlessly costly. The intel-
possible; Education, Employment, ligent course is for him to
Health, Nutrition, Self Sustenance ving an amount of Rs.500/- per
etc. Experience of SERP in the vari-
combine with other wage month on the 1st of every month.
ous anti-poverty programmes and earners to accumulate a Moreover, all the registered mem-
promotion of Self Help groups in common fund out of which bers receive Scheme Certificates as
the last decade tends to highlight the old-age annuities may be well as Individual Financial state-
fact that the poor benefit from the
paid to those who live long ments that help the members keep
Income generating activities only as track of their contribution, Govern-
long as they are capable of partici-
enough to need it” – Henry ment’s co-contribution and the ac-
pating actively in the programmes. Seager, 1910 crued interest after deducting the
member’s and government’s con-
Inability to take part is generally
that ensures financial security, tribution of premium under Micro-
caused by deteriorating health and
SERP has come up with requisite insurance.
physical strength. The reasons are
insurance interventions namely, Dr. Aam Aadmi Bima Yojana (AABY)
several including sickness, mater-
Y.S.R. Abhaya Hastham and Aam is a Group Insurance scheme by
nity, employment injury, old age,
Aadmi Bima Yojana (AABY). the Central and State governments
death and the need for long-term
medical care. Once the families are Dr. Y.S.R Abhaya Hastham is a co- administered by the Life Insurance

deprived of their bread-winner due contributory pension scheme with Corporation of India. Targeted at

to this, they have to face the struggle the primary objective of providing providing benefits to the landless

for survival under severe stress. income security and dignity to the agricultural labourer households,
SHG women who are 60 years and the scheme caters to earning mem-
Keeping in view, the vulnerabilities above. As per the scheme, every bers of rural landless families with
of poor and the need for an initiative SHG member would have to con- agricultural labour as the primary
tribute Re.1/- per day and Govern- livelihood. With equal contribution

E-Sandesham-Issue I
August, 2010
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of Rs.100/- per annum each from

Central and State Government, the
members are provided life and dis-
ability cover. The coverage includes
a monetary sum of Rs.30000/- to
the family in case of natural death,
Rs.37500/- in case of partial disabil-
ity due to accident and Rs.75000/-
for death and permanent disability
due to accident. Along with this, the Target
members are entitled to apply for Indicators
an add-on scholarship for their chil- for 2015-
dren who study in the classes IX – 16

With a well-managed web-based

database system (www.aaby.ap.gov.
in), AABY has achieved account-
ability, transparency as well as ef-
fectiveness in its implementation.
A centralized network consisting of
a State Call centre and District level
Call Centres (Bima Service centres)
with qualified professional and in- that all the eligible poor in the state

frastructure such as Computers, In-

‘With a well-managed are encouraged to access these in-

ternet, Scanners and printers is re- web-based database sys- surance schemes. In addition digi-

sponsible for the continuous service tization of all data and issuance of

delivery throughout the year.

tem (www.aaby.ap.gov.in), smart cards carrying member data

Another important node for the suc-

AABY has achieved ac- will bring in transparency and ease
of access for the uneducated.
cessful functioning of AABY is the countability, transparency These initiatives have created sub-
concept of Bima Mitras. In order to
provide quick and quality insurance
as well as effectiveness in stantial social capital reducing the
vulnerability of the poorand mak-
services to the community and en- its implementation.’ ing the community own the pro-
sure people participation, Bima
grammes. The implementation of
Mitras are identified and trained
these schemes has widened the
to report cases of death to the Call
Bima Mitras is a unique initiative scope of insurance coverage and de-
centers and assist the family in dis-
where an appointed commmunity picted that with some help from the
tress with the claims process by co-
person provides immediate assistance Government, insurance benefits can
ordinating the activities.
at the time of distress and later helps be extended to the poor in a viable
with all claim related procedures. The future endeavor is to ensure manner.

E-Sandesham-Issue I
August, 2010
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-- KP Rao, SPA

Food insecurity is a big con-

cern for the poor. Uncertain
work availability and in-
come, poor monsoon season,
floods and droughts can trig-
ger acute food shortages for a
poor household.

During the lean Agricultural

season, many of the rural
poor have barely one meal a
day. The Public Distribution sys- based on the pattern of their earn-
tem (PDS) has its limitations and The Food Security Credit ings. The benefits of this interven
even at best can cover approxi-
is a direct intervention tion are multiple; Firstly it assures
mately one-third of a family food food security, Secondly the VOs
requirements, leaving the margin- to tackle the hunger gap realize benefits of collective action
alized poor depending on the open in rural areas. and microenterprises. Though not
market for the rest of its needs. a substantial employment gen-
ment of SHG members, in terms era tor, it still provides potential
Understanding the importance
of rice and other essential com- for local commerce. It has also
of assuring quality food-items at
modities. This is followed by nego- reduced the menace of hoarders,
a reasonable price to the poor,
tiations and buying better quality middlemen and money-lenders to
food supply on easy credit was
of commodities at bulk from the a great extent.
conceived as a method to ensure
open market.These commodities
food security. The initiative ad- Under this initiative, 11,57,877
are then sold to their members at
dresses both hunger and nutrition families in 1,22,984 SHGs in 8,921
a price lower than the retail out-
deficiency by bringing in balanced VOs were provided food security
food in the supply chain. by March 2010. The performance
Apart from the cut-rate prices, the of most of these VOs has been sat-
The Food Security Credit is a di- SHG members can also purchase isfactory and has resulted in a fi-
rect intervention to tackle the groceries on credit. The amount nancially viable initiative reducing
hunger gap in rural areas. Village can be paid to SHGs and VOs in food shortages and tackling rising
Organizations (VOs) start off by easy and convenient installments prices of food.
estimating the balance require-

E-Sandesham-Issue I
August, 2010
General objectives of the Gender Programme
Gender • To achieve intra family equity among SHG members’ families
-- Jamuna P, SPM
• To ensure that basic rights of all SHG women are not violated
Women Empowerment can go a
long way in making equitable de- • To build a safe environment for women in their own surround-
velopment a reality. The ability of ings
women to have access and control
over assets, incomes and various
• To enhance the women’s capacities in decision making at dif-
other services available at village ferent levels, their control over assets and their free mobility
and individual level has been the
• Reduction in domestic violence and child labour; No child mar-
basic outline of SERP’s Gender
riages and 100% education of children among SHG families.
strategy. The Gender Program
helps women to increase their un-
derstanding of intra-family equity
selected and trained on universali- 376 of them were sent for exposure
issues, decision making levels,
zation of social agenda in 2008-09. visit to DDS and call centers at San-
free mobility, and the necessity of
These Gender CRPs started work- ga Reddy.
building a safe environment.
ing in 120 mandals of nine districts
To bring in better coverage of Gen-
To address the violence against where female infanticides and
der CRP strategy, it has been ex-
women in the private and public trafficking were the main issues.
tended to NPM* cluster of villages.
spheres, female infanticide, child In addition to these, 6 mandals in
In the first phase NPM villages
marriages, girl education, preven- Adilabad were taken for implemen-
in 36 mandals were covered and
tion of HIV-AIDS, equal wages, tation.
farmers were given inputs on the
human trafficking and alcohol con-
As a part of CRP training, 840 pro- social agenda.
sumption, a model social agenda
spective ICRPs were selected and Giving due importance to check
has been evolved.

The Gender strategy started off

CRP Training Gender Fund
in 208 mandals in the districts of
Krishna, Guntur, West Godavari
and Prakasam with the establish- Salient Points **Hover over
ment of Social Action Committees of Activity the boxes to
(SACs) at VO and MS level. The gen- Progress During view statistics
der awareness empowered women FY 2009-10
to resolve family disputes and do-
mestic violence cases through im-
proved negotiation skills and the Child Marriages Adolescent Girls
strength of SHGs. To extend the
gender strategy to other districts,
640 gender CRPs were

E-Sandesham-Issue I
August, 2010
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the menace of child marriages in district, all VOSACs and Mandal
Chitoor district, 15 mandals were SACs have been working against
kin Disposal Bins were constructed
covered with the stop child mar- trafficking in coordination with
in coordination with Panchayats
riages campaign. Rallies were ICDS* and local NGOs.
with the cooperation of men in the
conducted in every village and
To curb the meance of abandon- community.
Panchayats were made to spread
ment of girl children, mandal SACs
awareness about the law. Gender The Gender based initiatives have
have been working in indentified
CRPs counseled parents and girls had an encouraging acceptance
mandals in Nalgonda. Round the
to stay away from child marriages. from the beneficiaries resulting in
clock monitoring of the cradle sys-
46 child marriages were stopped an amount of Rs. 69.74 lakhs col-
tem and parent counseling is being
in villages and related issues were lected as gender fund from the SHG
done apart from the several discus-
discussed with the village heads members. This fund is being used
sions by SPMU and Gramya re-
and community.Identified married to sustain their Family counseling
source centers with the SHG wom-
Children were sent to school. centers and to create a sense of in-
volvement among the members in
Special focus has been given to ad-
In order to facilitate proper imple- gender related activities.
dress trafficking issues. Girl chil-
mentation 5630 VOs have identi-
dren were trained and village level
fied gender point persons in all *ICDS – Integrated Child Development
watch committees were formed
SHGs and made them responsible Scheme
to stop trafficking. The excessive
for implementing the gender agen- NPM – Non Pesticide Management
liqour consumption in Warangal
da. Gender Forums have also been
and Khammam has led to several
formed that maintain VO Gender
deaths turning young women to
books in which all activities related
widows and making them prone to
to gender in their village are writ-
be deceived by traffickers. To pre-
vent this, steps have been taken to
Realising the importance of
identify such women and link them
personal safety and hygiene,
to the existing schemes. Apart from
5878 adolescent girl groups
this, a Workshop with 100 women
were formed and 74040 girls
who were trafficked was conducted
were trained with related
in Anantapur district. In Guntur
modules. 300 Sanitary nap-

E-Sandesham-Issue I
August, 2010
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Persons with
Disability (PwDs) king and line activities. In its role
of implementing agency, SERP has
resulted in building a capital base of
Rs 158 crore. The assessment, treat-
-- Sudhakar Reddy, RPD improved capacities of PwDs to ac- ment and rehabilitation services
cess and avail various entitlements cover 95% of the SHG members.
and services offered by the govern-
People with disabilities need due Lastly in order to bring in better
recognition and active participation convergence and transparency,
in mainstream society. It needs to The disability interventions are be- SERP has introduced Software for
be inculcated that they are entitled ing implemented in 128 Project Assessment of Disability for Access
to a normal and respectable life. mandals in the State. The prime Rehabilitation and Empowerment
Disabled people or rather differ nt- Objective of the Project is to evolve (SADAREM). This involves the as-
ly-abled people, are second to none a model of institutional relationship sessment of Persons with Disabili-
between Community Based Organi- ties (both new as well as existing)
zations (CBOs) of Persons with Dis- and recording the percentage of dis-
abilities and various Government ability. The assessment will be done
and Non-government stakeholders. phase wise and initially will cover
These can be used as resource man- persons getting disabled pensions,
dals to replicate the same through- followed by Widow and Weavers
out the State. pensions and those who do not re-
ceive any pension at all.
when it comes to showcasing their Since Differently-abled people need
talents. All they need is a conducive support at several levels, SERP has Under social security pensions
and sensitive environment to realize taken a holistic approach in under- granted by the Government, over
their potential. taking several interventions cen- 8.38 lakhs PwDs will be covered un-
tered around firstly there Social mo- der first phase. Further the data
Aimed at addressing the needs of
bilization and building institutional
differently-abled people, SERP has
support. Secondly several livelihood
initiated a project to train physically
support programs are planned for
challenged persons to make them
them supplemented with Commu-
job-ready and ensure inclusive em-
nity based Assessment, Treatment
ployment for them. In addition to
and Rehabilitation services. The
enhancing livelihood opportunities
nature of interventions warrants
with proper training, SERP strives
that there is adequate convergence
to ensure optimum utilization of
with line departments particularly generated through SADAREM will
residual abilities by PwDs. Several
Health and Education departments. be useful to know various needs of
programmes to improve the quality
PwDs for providing rehabilitation
of life for PwDs and their families There has been extensive coverage
services to them simultaneously.
have been initiated. of these schemes. As of June, 2010
SERP is also hopeful of establishing
around 24,505 SHGs of PwDs hav-
As an organization SERP is sensi- best practices to assess and extend
ing 223081 members have been
tized towards needs of PwDs and requisite support to PwDs in a sen-
formed. The livelihood support have
factors their concerns in Policy ma- sitive manner.

E-Sandesham-Issue I
August, 2010
PoP Strategy unity Managed Sustainable Ag-
riculture), one of the livelihood
programmes of SERP provided a
-- Senthil Rajan, YP
breakthrough by addressing poverty
through converting the small and
The last mile of a marathon is often last decade, we have realised that
unproductive lands into sustainable
the most challenging and crucial the poorest of the poor were unable
and viable productive assets. This
distance to be covered for a success- to benefit to the desired extent from
initiative has proven successful with
ful finish. Similarly in the process of the Self Help and Common Interest
hundreds of landless farmers who,
eradicating poverty it is elemental approach and lacked the minimum
provided with a meagre ½ acre of
to reach out to those at the ‘bottom wherewithal to access all the income
land on lease have been able to gen-
most of the pyramid’. In an effort to generating support programs being
erate better earnings than before.
be true to our vision as an organi- initiated by various developmental
sation there has been a significant agencies including SERP. Taking the lead given by CMSA, the
effort to identify the most vulner- idea of PoP Strategy evolved with
Though Institutions of the Poor
able groups, the poorest sections converging different livelihood pro-
have been built and strengthened,
whose ‘needs’ need to be specially grammes along with the various hu-
a closer observation of their perfor-
understood and addressed. Under man development components im-
mance depicts that their outreach to
the prevailing socio-economic con- plemented by SERP. It also involved
the Poorest of the Poor households
ditions, these people have remained looking beyond the black box i.e.,
still needs to be improved and it re-
neglected. SHGs to focus on the PoP household
quires a concentrated and focused
Since its inception, Indira Kran- attention on suchhouseholds. and tracking the progress made by
thi Pratham (IKP) has been put- each household in all key aspects.
The poorest of the poor (PoP) fami-
ting continuous and diligent effort
lies have poor productive assets or Thus became the objective of the
to achieve its goal of eliminating
no assets at all and the community PoP strategy that “Every poorest of
poverty in all its forms through
based organisations failed to ad- poor family in the state should earn
strengthening of community based
dress their issues leaving them in an income of Rs.1,00,000 per an-
organizations at grass roots.
the lurch of abject poverty. The most num
The programme can be termed
successful as more than one crore vulnerable predominantly be-
women have got organized into over long to the Scheduled Castes Where the poor participate as
9 lakh groups during the last ten and Tribes compounding the subjects and not as objects of
years and are deriving benefits from challenge of providing ben-
various programmes. efits to the PoP families. These the development process, it is
SERP, while implementing IKP has families are either depend- possible to generate growth,
ent on the primary sector or
created an eco-system where multi-
working as menial labour, and
human development and equity,
ple opportunities have been made
available for the rural households to hence heavily dependent on not as mutually exclusive trade-
the vagaries of nature.
access and come out of poverty. offs but as complementary
In this context, CMSA (Comm-
Evaluating our evolution over the
elements in the same process.
E-Sandesham-Issue I
August, 2010
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and a significant improvement in
human development indicators with The objective of the PoP parent functionary department
3 years of intensive handholding strategy is that “Every poorest communicating all the decisions
support”. of poor family in the state and discussions that have happened
should earn an income of The cell members update them-
For the current financial year, the
Rs.1,00,000 per annum and a selves on other components too in
PoP strategy is being implemented
order to have an overall perspective
in around 3200 PoP Gram Panchay- significant improvement in
about the strategy. In addition, each
ats in 337 mandals where CMSA human development indicators cell member will be responsible for
programme is functional. The start- with 3 years of intensive hand a district so as to provide the hand-
ing point is the identification of PoP holding support”. holding support to the PoP CCs and
households in the selected panchay-
the district PoP cell. The major re-
ats. For identification purpose, the at village level.
sponsibility of the PoP cell involves
support of EGS CRPs has been tak-
At mandal level, one Project staff monitoring the implementation of
en. Till June 2010, around 5.4 lakh
(PoP CC) has been kept in charge PoP strategy in the districts and im-
SC & ST households were identified
exclusively for the implementa- parting the training to the PoP staff
from 3100 panchayats.
tion of PoP strategy. The necessary in-charge as required.
To provide the required handhold- handholding for the PoP CAs will
In order to track every PoP
ing support to these identified be provided by the PoP CCs and the
household,a detailed multi-dimen-
households, a community activist progress made by them will be mon-
sional baseline survey of PoP house-
(PoP CA) has been selected from itored on a day-to-day basis through
holds is being carried out for a bet-
one among them. For every 100 PoP a Decision support system.
ter understanding of the aspects to
households or a remote habitation
The PoP strategy has holistic ap- be addressed in the PoP strategy.
having at least 20 PoP households,
proach and cuts across various This collected baseline will be up-
a PoP CA was selected. The selected
programmes of SERP being imple- dated periodically through PoP CA
PoP CAs will play a pivotal role in
men-ted. It tracks each of these pro- which will be the basis for rollingout
the implementation of PoP strategy
grammes, its implementation and the Decision Support System.
benefits for a POP household.
SERP aspires to play a major role
This necessitated having a plat- in facilitating the attainment of the
form wherein all the components Millennium Development Goal of
would be discussed and planned halving the number of people living
for effective convergence to take in poverty by 2015. At the same time
place at SPMU level resulting in the it will ensure that the most desti-
emergence of SPMU PoP cell in the tute group benefits from all poverty
month of April 2010. The cell has eradication efforts to the maximum.
representation from all the compo-
nents of SERP with the Additional
EGS – Employment Guarantee Scheme
CEO as its Head.

Each PoP cell member acts as a SPMU – State Project Management Unit

bridge between the PoP cell and the

E-Sandesham-Issue I
August, 2010
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