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Polytechnic University of the Philippines

College of Science, Department of Physical Sciences

Sta. Mesa, Manila
Problem Set I

1. The melting point of ice is 3°Z. The boiling point of water is 67°Z. Convert 30°C to °Z.

2. A copper rod is 1 m long at 20oC. At what temperature will it be shorter by 1.5mm? αCu = 1.7 x 10-5/Co

3. A steel rod undergoes a stretching force of 800 N. Its cross-sectional area is 3.00 cm2. Find the change in
temperature that would elongate the rod by the same amount as the 800-N force does. (Young’s modulus =
2.00 x 10-4 m2, αsteel = 1.1 x 10-5/Co)

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4. How much heat is required to convert 50.0 g of ice at -40°C to steam at 120°C?
(csteam= 0.5 cal/g C°; cice= 0.5 cal/g C°; Lf= 79.7 cal/g; cwater= 1 cal/g C°; Lv= 539 cal/g)

5. A 10.0-g bullet traveling horizontally at 765 m/s passes through a tank containing 18.5 kg of water and
emerges with a speed of 495 m/s. What is the maximum temperature increase that the water could have as
a result of this event?

6. A copper pot with a mass of 0.300 kg contains 0.250 kg of water, and both are at a temperature of 30.0°C.
A 0.125-kg block of iron at 85.0°C is dropped into the pot. Find the final temperature of the system, assuming
no heat loss to the surroundings. (ccopper = 390 J/kg·K; ciron = 390 J/kg·K; cwater = 4.19×103 J/kg·K)

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7. A bar of gold is in thermal contact with a bar of silver of the same length and area. One end (Au) of the
compound bar is maintained at 80.0°C while the opposite end (Ag) is at 30.0°C. When the energy transfer
reaches steady state, what is the temperature at the junction? (kAu = 314 W/m·C°, kAg = 427 W/m·C°)

8. The surface of the Sun has a temperature of about 5 800 K. The radius of the Sun is 6.96 x 108 m. Calculate
the total energy radiated by the Sun each second. Assume that the emissivity of the Sun is 0.977 (σ = 5.67 ×
10-8 W/ m2 ·K4).

9. The speed of sound waves is approximately 340 m/s in air and 1400 m/s in fresh water. What is the change
in the wavelength of a sound wave of frequency 400 Hz when it crosses from air into water?

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10. An ambulance moving at 72 m/s sounds its siren whose frequency is 430 Hz. A car is moving in the same
direction as the ambulance at 20 m/s. What frequency does a person in the car hear (a) as the ambulance
approaches the car? (b) After the ambulance passes the car?

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