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Sec14 Equipment Sec 24 Energy

Sec 3 Sec 8 Process Sec 19

for Distillation, Resources,
Mathematics Control Reactors
Gas Absorption Conversion
Fundamentals of Design of Gas-
Area & Vol. of Residence Time &
Process Dynamics Absorption Fuels
Shapes & Solids Space Velocity
& Control Systems

Differential & Advanced Control Gas Solubility & Heating Value/

Ionic Strength
Integral Calculus System Viscosity Calorific Value

Kinetics for
Packed Tower Terminology
Laplace Transform Unit Ops Control Reactors CSTR &
Design Coals II

Matrix Batch Process Tray Tower

Reactor Kinetics Theoretical O 2
Calculations Control Design

Numerical & Residence Time

Process Number of Stages
Approximate Distribution & Excess O 2
Measurements for Absorption
Methods Mixing

Nuclear Flow Heat Effects in Single Phase

m 3 O2/kg Fuel
Differentation Measurements Gas Absorption Reactors

States of Carbon Telemetering & Typical Effect of Fluid-Solid Combustion of

per no. Of Carbon Transmission Packings on KOH Reactors Solid Fuels

Effectiveness Combustion of
Synthesis Technology for Tray Columns
Factor Liquid Fuels
Process Control
Controllers, Final
Combustion of
Control Elements Flooding Catalytic Reactors
Gaseous Fuels
& Regulators
Noise Control Thermal Energy
Sound Pressure Entrainment Conversion
Level Utilization
Process Control & Fluid-Fluid
Pressure Drop Energy
Plant Safety Reactors

Transition b/w
Reactor Types Energy Recovery
Flow Regimes

Tray Efficiency

Capacity for
Packed Columns
Screw Conveyors

Packing Efficiency

Other Topics

Phase Dispersion

Phase Separation

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Sec 10 Transport Sec 20
Sec 4 Sec 15 Liquid Sec 25 Materials
and Storage of Alternative
Thermodynamics Liquid Extraction of Construction
Fluids Separation Pro
Variables, Density &
PVT for Adiabatic Crystallization Corrosion &
Definitions & Viscosity of Air Definitions
Reversible Process from the Melts Control
Relationships and H2O
Work for Gases Supercritical Fluid
Thermodynamic Desirable Solvent
Capillary Rise during Separation Thermo
Property Relations Properties
Compression Processes

ρ1, ρ2 for Min & Max

Work Adiabatic Kinetic Energy of Alternative Solid- Properties of
Solvent to Feed
Reversible Flowmeters Translation Liquid Separation Materials
Ratio for LLE
Property High & Low
RMS Fans & Solvent Screening
Calculations for Pitot Tubes Doppler Effect Temperature of
Blowers Methods
Gases and Vapors Materials
Redlich-Kwong Velocity-Ratio Power Needed for Liquid ρ, μ, & Geometry of
Eq’n Diagram Fan Interfacial Tension Bonds
Other Property Steel Pipe
Flow Meters Dispersion Ultra- Filtration
Formulations Properties
Basic Calculation Ultrafiltration
Trouton’s Rule for
Orifice Meters Valves Methods & Membrane
Procedures Properties
Flexibility Factor Liquid-Liquid
Continuity E’qn
Venturi Meters & Stress for Pipe Extraction Microfiltration
for Mass Flowrate
Fittings Equipment
Shaft Work for
Pumps & Storage & Process Control
Compressors & Electrodialysis
Compressors Process Vessels Consideration
Liquid-Liquid Selection of
Turbine Efficiency Discharge Head Ka Values Phase Separation Biochemical
Equipment SepaPro
Efficiency Pumps,
Fan, Compressors Velocity Head
& Blowers

Carnot 1 Pump Efficiency

Power Output for

Otto Efficiency

Velocity Formula
for Flow

Char Curve
Phase Rule of
Centrifugal Pump
at 3450rpm
Char Curve
Work Ideal Centrifugal P. at
Various Speed

Work, Enthalpy,
Pump Selection
Entropy Relation

Energy Balance Performance

for Steady State Curve Range for
Flow Impeller Pumps
Multistage Affinity Law for
Compression Homologous
Work Pump

SEC. 9 Process Char Curve of

Economics Axial Flow Pumps

Char Curve of

Pump Problems

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Sec 11 Heat Sec 16 Sec 21 Solid
Sec 5 Heat and
Transfer Adsorption and Solid Operation INDEX 1
Mass Transfer
Equipment Ion Exchange & Processing
Overall Heat Particle Size Control & Design
Conduction Transfer Design Concepts Analysis Methods of Granulation A
Coefficient & Equipment Processes
Temperature Classification of Size Enlargement
Equation for Hr Profiles for Fluid Sorptive Particle Shape Equipment & BC
Flow Separation Practice
Methods of Simulation of
Thermal Design of Particle Size
Convection Analysis of Fixed Granulation D
Condensers Measurement
Bed Transition Processes

H for Convection Thermal Design of Adsorbents & ion

Nu=hD/k Evaporators Exchangers
Solids Handling E

Radiation Fouling & Scaling Properties of Screening F
Frequency Evaporative
Wave Number cooling- drying Porosity Moh’s Scale G
Wave Length Ratio

Kirchoff’s Law for TEMA Style Heat Sorption

Radiation Exchanger Equilibrium
Solids Mixing H

Air Cooled Heat
Radiation Properties of Ion- Size Reduction IJK

Total Emissivity of Heat Exchangers Conservation

Various Surfaces for Solid Equations
Energy Laws LM

Radiation w/ View Thermal Rate & Dispersion

Factor Insulation Factors
Work Indices NOP

Mass Transfer
Simulation of
Mass Transfer Air Conditioning Coefficient
Grinding Process

Impact & Roller

Diffusion Refrigeration Rate Equations

Rule of Thumb for Fluid Energy or
Diagram Batch Adsorption T
Diffusivities Jet Mill

Correlation of Fixed Bed Wet/Dry Grinding UVW

Cryogenic Process
Diffusivity Transition Media Mills XYZ

Height of Process Critical Speed for

Packings (NTU) Equipment Ball Mills

Mass Transfer Work for

Crushing &
Coeff/Corr Separation & Process Cycles
Grinding Practice
Wetted Column Purification
Coal, Coke &
Insulation Other Carbon

Evaporators Size Enlargement

BPR of Aqueous
Size Reduction

Size Enlargement
Methods & Apps

Rate Process &

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Sec 6 Fluid and Sec 12 Evap Sec 17 Gas Solids Sec 22
Particle Cooling & Solids Operations and Waste
Dynamics Drying Equipment Management
Shear Stress for Fluidized Bed Viscosity of
Definitions &
Fluid Systems Liquids
Inter Conversion

Antoine’s Uses of Fluidized

Bernoulli’s Eq’n Flotation
Equation Beds

Psychrometry Gas-Solids Capital Recovery

Mass Balance
Chart Separations Factor

Determination of
Fanning Friction Particle
Moist Air Filtration
Factor Measurements
Calc. Methods for
Entry Length Humidity Tyler Screens Lagoons for VCM
Average Velocity Particle Size
Cooling Tower Treatment
of Pipes Analysis

Equivalent Dust Collection

Drying Stripping
Diameter Equipment

Frictional Losses Req’d Cyclone

in Pipeline Terminology Length Func. of Dulong’s Equation
Elements Area
K for Valves & Relation Between
Cyclone Efficiency Factors & Math
Fittings Wet & Dry Basis

Solids Drying Collection Derived Units of

Mach Number
Equipment Efficiency SI

Fluid Mixing
Classification of Common
(Agitation, Stirred
Drying Equipment Conversions
Classification of Common Units
Dryer based on and Conversion
Feed Factors
Drying Time
Gas Law
Drag Coefficient (Constant Rate &
Falling Rate)
Calculation of Key
Specific Gravity
Flow of Solids Dimensions for
Contact Dryers

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Sec 18 Liquid Sec 2 Physical
Sec 7 Reaction Sec 13 Sec 23 Process Specific Heats of μ of Liquids Using
Solid Operations and Chemical
Kinetics Distillation Safety Pure Compounds Calculator
and Equipment Data
Introduction to Elements and Vapor Thermal
Reaction Kinetics Introduction to Process Safety Heat Capacity
Distillation Filter Aids Inorganic Conductivity of
Basic Concepts Fluid Mixing Intro Calculator
Operations Compounds Substances
Law of Mass Hazardous Thermal
Thermodynamic Filtration Organic
action & Effect of Mixing Equipment Materials & C P/C V Ratio Conductivity of
Data Equipment Compounds
Temp Conditions Liquids
Selection of Transport
Impeller Reynolds Chemical PVAP of Pure
Ideal Reactors Relative Volatility Filtration Heat of Formation Properties
Number Reactivity Substances
Equipment (1)(1atm) (K,Pr,μ)
Equilibrium Relation for
Michaelis- PVAP of Inorganic Heat of Prandtl Number
Curves for Geometrically Centrifuges Toxicity
Menten & Organic Liquids Combustion of Air
Distillation Similar Impellers
Michaelis w/ Thermophysical
D’ Preistier Chart Liquid-Liquid Yield Stress for
Substrate Other Hazards PVAP Calculator Heat of Solution Properties of
for K Values Contacting Centrifugal Cakes
Inhibition Liquids
Nernst for Mixing of Viscous Inherently Safer
Single Stage Eq. Filtration Rate for PVAP of Inorganic Thermodynamic
Electro-Chemical Fluids, Paste, and Design & Other
Flash Calculations Centrifuges Compounds Properties Diffusivities
Cells Dough Principles
λ of Bldg. and
Equations for Rate Process Safety PVAP of Organic Thermodynamic
Relative Volatility Power Number 2 Expression Insulating
of Reaction Analysis Compounds Properties of Air
Power Numbers Safety Equipment Prediction &
Arrhenius Eq’n for McCabe- Thiele Selection of Solid- P-H Diagram of
for Anchor Process, Design & PVAP of Solutions Correlation of
Activation Energy Method Liquid Separation Air
Impellers Operation Physical
Thermal Properties
Crystallization Required Relief Water-Vapor P-H Diagram of
Half-Life Conditions for Critical Properties
from Solution Rate Content of Gases NH3
Feed Line Eq’n Storage &
Phase Diagram Densities of Pure Liquid-Vapor Eq. Normal Boiling &
(Slope & y- Handling of
for MgSO 4-H2O Substances Data for Ar-N 2-O2 Melting Pt.
intercept) Haz’ds Materials
Phase Diagram ρ Aqueous T-S Diagram for Radius of
Underwood for
Nmin for KCl-NaCl-H2O Inorganic Sol’ns CO Gyration

Simulation of
Yield from ρ Aqueous H-Concentration
Distillation Vapor Pressure
Crystallization Organic Sol’ns Diagram for EtOH
Yield from ρ of
Azeotropic H-Concentration
Evaporative Miscellaneous Antoine Equation
Distillation Diagram for HCl
Cooling Materials
Relative Polarities
Growth Rates for P-H Diagram for Enthalpy of
of Functional Solubilities
Industrial Crystals Nitrogen Formation
Distillation Temps Crystallization Solubility Data Enthalpy of
of Oil Products Equipment Diagram for
Air-NH3 Vaporization

Thermal Enthalpy of
Batch Distillation Leaching
Expansion Steam Tables Fusion

Leaching Ideal Joule-Thomson Enthalpy of

Stages Effect Surface Tension Sublimation

Gravity Transport
Critical Constants Heat Capacity
Sedimentation Properties

Compression μ of Substances
Zone Volume Compressibilities Density
Using Calculator

Filtration Latent Heats Viscosity

Rate of Filtration Flammability Surface Tensions

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