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The history was too long to tell but we managed to keep it more simple and shorter

. Cavite mutiny of 1872 was an uprising of Filipino military personnel of Fort San Felipe, the Spanish
arsenal in Cavite, Philippine islands. Our group had the chance to discover that it was also know as a part
of Spanish East Indies on January 20, 1872. Around 200 locally recruited colonial troops and laborers
rose up in the belief that it would elevate to a national uprising. The mutiny was unsuccessful, and
government soldiers executed many of the participants and began to crack down on a burgeoning
Philippines nationalist movement. Many scholars believe that the Cavite Mutiny of 1872 was the
beginning of Filipino nationalism that would eventually lead to the Philippine Revolution of 1896.


Further studies of lexical items in various Philippine literature in English are recommended to continue
the observation, description, and analysis of English usage, language contact, and contact literature in
the Philippines. These studies could focus on the works of one author’s lifetime; or they could include
more authors and their works. Researches may also compare the data gathered in this study to materials
written in earlier or later times.

Researchers could also dig deeper into the role of gender, age, social status, and the manner of depiction
in the texts. Greater concentration can also be given to the social milieu that led to the creation of
Philippine literature in English, particularly drama. As English continues to be widely used in the country
and in the world, studies of this nature would help to further understand the dynamics of the English
language as it comes into contact with other languages.


It all began in 1872 when the discussion rolled and anout the execution of the three priests. Many
filipino wants yo open up the sense of nationalism. Including Dr. Jose P. Rizal. The Gomburza was all
about the three priests and the researchers want to prepare questions about that.

While it is happening the general of spain, named Rafael izquierdo reported it to the spain because they
call filipinos his rebels

Cavite mutiny killed the three important priests in history the Gomburza this is the reason out national
hero Jose P. Rizal wrote a noble regarding about the execution of the three priests.