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IN THE MUNICIPAL COURT OF THE CITY OF JACKSON HINDS COUNTY ~ STATE OF MISSISSIPPI WARRANT NO, 19037468 02 Gitation Case No.: 19037468, ‘To Any Lawful Officer of the State of Mississippi: This is to command you to forthwith take the body of: TYRONE J JERNIGAN 3507 WHEATLEY STREET JACKSON, Ms 39212 Race/Sex: MALE, 6 ft. 1in. Date of Birth hm 1972 SSN: RRR Driver's License Numbé And bring said person before the Municipal Judge of the aforesaid court without unnecessary delay to answer to a charge of CONTEMPT OF COURTUUDGE). FOUND GUILTY IN CONTEMPT OF COURT ON JUNE 11,2019. THE DEFENDANT FAILED TO APPEAR FOR AHEARING REGARDING TERMS OF HIS RELEASE ON MARCH 19, 2019. SSN: 437-15-0060 DOB: 5/23/1972 IF ARRESTED HOLD IN JAIL TO SEE JUDGE REYNOLDS: Witness my hand this the the 17th day of June, 2019. Warrant Served: (Date/Time) Name of Officer Serving Warrant: