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Thermo Scientific Niton XL2 x-ray

tube-based x-ray fluorescence (XRF)

analyzers are purpose-built for your
demanding applications. When
speed, accuracy, and reliability
count, our perfect combination of
hardware, software, and direct
industry experience helps meet your
specific analytical requirements.
The Niton XL2 - the practical solution
Thermo Scientific from the pioneer in handheld XRF
instrumentation. Leadership through
Niton XL2XRF Analyzer
excellence in innovation.

T h e rm o S c ie n tific N ito n XL2 a n a ly ze rs p ro vid e you w ith m an y B u ilt f o r th e W a y You W o rk T h e in s tr u m e n t o f C h o ic e

d is tin c t ad v an tag es : The Niton XL2 is the instrum ent of choice
The value choice Thermo Scientific
N iton XL2 analyzer offers high perform ance w hen you require accuracy, precision, and
'*sry e a s y to use - even by n o n -te c h n ic a l p erso n n el
and advanced electronics w h ile ease of use. It is the ideal instrum ent to:
'— H ugged d es ig n fo r re a l-w o r ld in d u s tria l en v iro n m e n ts
m aintaining the point-and-shoot sim plicity • Analyze m etal alloys fo r scrap recycling
• Truly n o n d e s tru c tiv e te s t w ith n e a r in s ta n ta n e o u s re su lts
th a t has been the hallm ark of all of our or final product QC
• From tu rn on to trig g e r p u ll to re su lts in s e co n d s
XRF instrum ents. Sealed against m oisture
• C o n fid e n t a n a ly s is w ith te c h n o lo g y from th e ind u stry le a d e r • Carry out grade control, plant operations,
and dust w ith 100% embedded softw are
and near-mine exploration
tools, these analyzers are lig h tw e ig h t yet
ruggedly bu ilt to w ith sta nd the harshest • Screen electronics and consum er goods
environm ents - in the field or on the shop fo r lead
floor For example, the N iton XL2 is the definitive
Ergonomically designed and featuring tool fo r scrap m etal recycling. It provides
daylight-readable icons, the Niton® XL2 im m ediate nondestructive chem ical analysis
incorporates custom izable menus fo r ease o f alloy m aterials from titan ium to nickel, as
of use, m ulti-language options, and a w e ll as achieving superior perform ance fo r
standard analytical range of more than 25 tram p and trace elem ent analysis. W ith its
elem ents from sulfur to uranium. unparalleled accuracy, you can be confident
th a t the Niton XL2 w o n ’t m isidentify value,
grade, or residuals.

Part of Therm o Fisher Scientific

Product Specifications

Niton XL2 Specifications

W eight 3 lbs 5.8 oz (1.53 kg)

Dim ensions 10.25 x 11 x 4 in. (256 x 275 x 100 mm)

Tube Ag anode 45 kV m axim um , 80 uA m axim um

Detector H igh-perform ance sem iconductor

System Electronics 400 M H z A R M 11 CPU

300 M H z dedicated DSP

80 M H Z ASICS DSP for signal processing

4096 channel M CA

64 M B internal system m e m o ry /128 M B internal user storage

Display Fixed angle color to uch-screen display

Standard A n alytic al Range >25 elem ents from S to U (varies by application)

Data Storage Internal >10,000 readings w ith spectra

Data Transfer USB, Bluetooth™ , and RS-232 serial com m unication

Security Passw ord-protected user security

M ode A lloy M odes : M e ta l Alloy, Electronics Alloy, Precious M e ta ls

(Varies by A pplication) Bulk M odes : M in in g , Soil

Plastic M odes: RoHS Plastics, Toy 8i Consumer Goods Plastics.

The Niton XL2 stands fa r above the com petition, w ith its many
Test A ll™ , Painted Products
standard features and available options. Taking advantage o f the
Custom M odes: Upon request (based on app lication fe asib ility)
standard Thermo S cientific Niton Data Transfer (N DT© ) PC softw a re
Data Entry Touch-screen keyboard
suite to custom ize the instrum ent, you can set user permissions,
User-program m able pick lists
generate custom reports, p rint certificates o f analysis personalized
w ith your ow n company logo, or rem otely monitor, and operate the Optional w ire le s s rem ote barcode reader

instrum ent hands-free from your PC. Integrated USB and Bluetooth™ Standard A ccessories Locking shielded carrying case

com m unications provide direct data transfer to your PC or netw orked Shielded belt holster
storage device, elim inating the cumbersone data synchronization Two 6 -c e ll lithium -ion battery packs
procedures required by PDA-based XRF analyzers. 110/220 VAC battery cha rg e r/ AC adaptor

PC connection cables (USB and RS-232)

Niton XL2 Analyzers N iton Data Transfer (N D T © ) PC softw are

W he th er you need an analyzer fo r m etal alloy analysis, m ining Safety lanyard

operations, or electronics and consum er goods screening, th e value- Check sam ples/standards
choice N iton XL2 provides cost-effective high-speed performance,
Optional Features and Therm o S cientific portable test stand, stationary (bench-top) stand,
point-and-shoot sim plicity, and the cutting-edge technology th at A ccessories m obile test stand
you have come to expect from industry-leading Thermo S cientific
W elding m ask
N iton XRF analyzers.
Soil testing guard

Licensing/Registration Varies by region. Contact your local distributor.

Thermo Scientific Niton XL2 analyzers represent ju s t one o f our
handheld analyzer solutions, which include XRF tools for m etal alloy Com pliance CE, RoHS
identification, lead-based pain t testing, RCRA m etals in soil, toy and
consum er goods screening, RoHS and WEEE com pliance screening,
and m any other analysis needs.

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