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@ TELM@A eee The following wiring diagrams are for for guidance only and show typical wiring arrangements for minibuses. Wiring arrangements may vary slightly from installation to installation, but, in general, the arrangements will follow the layouts shown in the following diagrams. Diagram 1: General Arrangement for Hydraulic Braking system, using a microswitch operated by the foot~brake pedal. Diagram 2: General Arrangement for Air over Hydraulic or full Air Brake system, using air pressure switches and manifold. Diagram 3: Supplementary diagrams including: Inertia Governor to restrict the level of retardation - only fitted to certain vehicles. Throttle inhibitor to cut off Telma system when the throttle is depressed. Sensamatic Standstill Detector - used on certain early installations. Mechanical Standstill Detector ~ used on certain early installations. RTL 0791 PAGE 26 SECTION 14 WIRING DIAGRAMS 1 WIRING DIAGRAM Relay Box FOOT CONTROL ON HYDRAULIC SYSTEM MECHANICAL OR ELECTRONIC TACKOGRAPH 1236 1234.8 IM + Wy v ‘Stops je JE Dash Lamp mow mw Nicroswitch IRETARDER J 126 36 3A Cut-off Fuse O\0- 0° +0. O\0 Ignition co in T s 2 a} fent-—— © Tachometer le 5 4) |: --4 Hinigenerator Universal Standstilt . Detector le le le le “a mw mw mw art 0791 PAGE 25 VU @ TELMA SECTION 14 WIRING DIAGRAMS 2 WIRING OTAGRAN, FOOT CONTROL ON AIR BRAKE SYSTEM MECHANICAL OR ELECTRONIC TACHOGRAPH Relay Box cut-off NE o gd pressure Mani toid 5A Fu ==0———0\0 Ignition ———__—__—— Test — — ———»_ Tachometer standstill Detector + um Minigenerator mw RETARDER Fuse uw ati 0791 PAGE 26 © TELIMA SECTION 14 WIRING DIAGRAMS 3 INERTIA CORRECTOR Relay 1234 Box Foot switch 1 2 3 ,—— 4 20 0 00 23 4 56 “a THROTTLE INHIBITOR Microswitch Fuse cut-off oe 78 Ignition Standstill Detector SENSANATIC STANDSTILL DETECTOR MECHANICAL STANDSTILL DETECTOR Footswitch Footswitch ‘conmon Common —2 £3 Tache J Ignition AMP oo0000 Connector 1234656 : from rear Mintgenerator, tr Stondstitt = ecachert Le tenition mw mw VS ati 0791 Pace 27