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The Deputy Commissioner /Registrar Firm,


Subject: Registration of firm as Constructor/Operator

Dear Sir,

We the partners are established a firm in the name of “SAT Engineering and
constructions” and general order supplier company at Skardu, particulars whereof is given
as under.

1. Name of firm: “SAT Engineering and Constructions”

2. Name of partners: a. Mr. Engr. Ali Shahzad

b. Mr. Engr. Arif Hussain

c. Mr. Engr. Tahir Ali

3. Address: Office # 101 Muttahida plaza opposite Girls Degree

College Skardu

It is therefore, humbly requested that the firm mentioned above may kindly be registered
under the registration act 1973.

If a firm with name requested above is already registered, either of the following names may
be considered as an alternate for registration, which will be acceptable to us.

a. First Choice: M/s Right angle Associates.

b. Second Choice: M/s Qasimy & Friends Associates.

Dated: 25 July, 2019

Yours faithfully,
Mr. Engr. Ali Shahzad:

Mr. Engr. Arif Hussain:

Mr. Engr. Tahir Ali:

Deed of partnership

This deed of made this 25 July 2019 among Ali Shahzad ( 1st partner) S/o Ghulam Muhammad
resident of Kamango Tehsil and District Kharmang holding CNIC No 71101-6312486-7, Arif
Hussain ( 2nd partner ) S/o Hassan Ali Resident of Keris Tehsil and District Khaplu holding CNIC
No 71301-4387803-3 and Tahir Ali ( 3rd Partner ) S/o Nisar Ali resident of satellite Town Tehsil
and District Skardu holding CNIC No 71301-7480799-9.

Establishment of firm namely “SAT Engineering and constructions” to arranged and carry on
business such as traveling, tourism consultancy and constructions of infrastructure and buildings
and general order supplier both in private and government sectors and other business if fit for the

The remaining terms and conditions and other business of the firm will be as under.

1. Name of the firm: “SAT Engineering and constructions”

2. Commencement: 25 July, 2019
3. Place of business: The business shall be carry out in Skardu and Sub
Business place will be determined after when
required anywhere in Pakistan or abroad.
4. Head Office: Office # 101 Muttahida plaza opposite Girls
Degree College Skardu
5. Nature of Business: Consultancy, Construction and General Order
6. Terms of Business: Partnership shall commence on 25th July 2019
and shall continue till the will of partners.
7. Capital amount: The initial capital amount will be Rs: 200 000/-
(Two hundred thousands)
8. Management: Mr. Engr. Ali Shahzad “CEO”
Mr. Engr. Arif Hussain “Managing Director” of firm
and shall open and operate bank account and sign
the same when required.
9. Loan of Business: For running of business, if required loan will be
taken from any scheduled bank and until final
repayment of such loan no partner shall retire from
the partnership.

10. Bank deposits: An account with the business title will be opened at
any schedule bank in Skardu and will be operated
jointly with each partner’s sign.
11. Arbitration: The disputes and questions in connection with the
partnership business of this deed between the
partners or their legal representatives whether
decedent or after the partnership shall be referred
to the arbitration of three arbitrators one to be
appointed by each partner and in case of their
disagreement an umpire will be appointed by the
arbitrators for settlement of their partnership
business dispute.

12. Period of partnership: The period of this partnership will be for five(05)
years and will of parties in witness whereof the
partners here by have set their hands on 25 th July
2019, in presence of attesting authority.

13. Appointment of heir: The partners will remain partners in the business
from the date of this deed, for the above
mentioned period if they shall so long live but
subject to the provision for determination herein
after contained. That in the absence or death of
any managing partner, the partnership sell and/or
mortgage his share or interest, but such partner
before selling and/or mortgaging it to outside
partner shall make the offer to other partner first,
who shall have the first option to purchase the
share at a valuation to be made by the recognized
accountant/ auditor appointed by the partner for
the purpose thereof, all partner shall nominate
there heir(s) and registered.

14. Any partner may retire from the partnership on
giving to the other partners not less than six (6)
calendar months prior notice in writing intention to
do and on expiration of such notice, the partner
shall deemed retired from the partnership.
However such retiring partner after giving notice of
retirement to other partners during the continuance
of the notice period shall not entitled to carry on be
interested directly and/or indirectly in any other
business competing or in any way interfering with
the business of the partnership within and/or in the
name “SAT Engineering and constructions”
from the site of the business premises. In case of
retirement of any partner the profit shall be
calculated on the day of retirement. The retired
partner shall not claim for any profit or assets of
the business in the future.
Signature of partners
1. Mr. Engr. Ali Shahzad:
2. Mr. Engr. Arif Hussain:
3. Mr. Engr. Tahir Ali:

Signature of Witness
1. Mr. Muhammad Yousuf S/o Muhammad Hussain:
CNIC No: 71101-9596398-1

2. Mr. Amjad Ali S/o Muhammad Ali :

CNIC No: 71105-0344607-1

We masers Ali Shahzad s/o Ghulam Muhammad resident of Ali Abad Kamango district

Kharmang, Arif hussain S/O Hassan Ali resident of Keris district Khaplu and Tahir Ali S/O

Nisar Ali resident of satellite town district Skardu do hereby solemnly affirm on oath as


 That there is no litigation in the Court or any other department (i.e. Public / Private) against

the firm

 That we shall always abide by the rules and regulations directed by the registrar firm.

 That the contents of the above mentioned affidavit and partnership deed are true to the best

of our knowledge, belief and information and nothing has been concealed by us.


4. Mr. Engr. Ali Shahzad:

CNIC NO: 71101-63124867
5. Mr. Engr. Arif Hussain:
CNIC NO: 71301-4387803-3
6. Mr. Engr. Tahir Ali:
CNIC NO: 71301-7480799-9