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S.No Question A B C D Ans

1 1. The cost of fuel transportation is Hydro- Steam Nuclear 90% - 95% B
maximum in........ electric power power
power plant plant

2 Which of these is a ‘working fluid’ in Water Steam Mercury Oxygen A

liquid phase?

3 Which of these is an output of ‘Furnace’? Fuel gas Air Flue gases Water Vapor C
4 What kind of energy output is obtained Heat Sound Electricity Thermal C
from a ‘Steam Power Plant’? energy energy energy

5 What kind of a process does a ‘Steam Adiabatic Cyclic Irreversibl Expansion D

Power Plant’ undergoes? e

6 Water that is fed back to the boiler by the Adsorb Absorb Condense Condensate C
pump is called? ate d

7 The net change in internal energy in a Positive Negative Zero None of the
steam power plant is? mentioned

8 Economizer is used to heat..... Feed Air Flue gases All of the A

water above
9 Space required of a steam power More than Equal to Less than None of the A
station........ diesel diesel diesel above
power power power
station station station
10 Artificial draught is produced by........ Forced fan Induced Induced D
fan and forced All of the
fan above
11 The draught in locomotive boilers is Forced fan Chimney Steam jet Only C
produced by........ locomotive
12 Artificial draught normally designed to Less More Less All of the D
produce........ smoke draught chimney above
13 The pressure at the furnace is minimum in Forced Induced Balanced Natural C
case of....... draught draught draught draught
system system system system
14 Economizer is used to........ Heat air Heat feed Heat flue All of the B
water gases above
15 The value of reheat factor is........ 0.5% to .1.02% to 0.9% to 1.2% to 1.6% B
0.6% 1.06% 0.95%
16 Economiser improves boiler 4% to 5% 1% to 5% 10% to 18% to 20% A
efficiency........ 12%
17 The modern steam turbines are........ mpulse Reaction Impulse- None of the C
turbine turbine reaction above
18 The draught which a chimney produces is Induced Forced Natural Balanced C
called........ draught draught draught draught

19 Fan is located in induced draught........ Near Near At the of Anywhere A

bottom of bottom of chimney
furnace chimney
20 The commercial source of energy.. Fossil Wood, Solar, None of the A
fuels, animal wind, above
hydropow waste, biomass
er, nuclear agricultur
power e waste
21 The non-commercial sources of energy Solar, Wood, Fossil None of the B
are........ wind, animal fuels, above
biomass waste, hydropow
agricultur er, nuclear
e waste power
22 The draught which a chimney produces is Induced Natural Forced Balanced B
called....... draught draught draught draught

23 The main source of production of biogas Human Wet cow Wet all of the D
is........ waste dung livestock above
24 The secondary sources of energy are....... Coal, oil, Wood, Wind, Solar, wind, D
uranium animal biomass, water
. waste, geotherma
agricultur l
e waste
25 . The primary sources of energy are........ Coal, oil, Solar, hydrogen, Wind,biomas A
uranium wind, oxygen,w s,geothermal
water ater
26 In fuel cell, chemical energy is converted Heat Electrical Mechanic None of the
into........ energy energy al energy above B

27 Pipes carrying steam are generally made Cast iron Steel Copper Aluminum B
up of.......
28 Pulverized fuel is used for....... Better Saving Obtaining For economy A
burning fuel fuel
29 Combustible elements in the fuel are........ Carbon,hy Carbon,h Carbon,hy Carbon, A
drogen,sul ydrogen, drogen,as hydrogen
phur nitrogen h
30 Belt conveyer can be used to transport 600 300 900 800 B
coal at inclinations upto ........
31 The maximum length of a screw conveyer 40 meters 30 meters 60 meters 100 meters
is about....... B

32 Load center in a power station is....... Center of Center of Center of None of the C
coal fields maximu gravity of above
m load of electrical
equipmen system
33 Evaporative type of condenser has....... Steam in Water in either a or Both a and b A
pipes pipes b
surrounde surround
d by water ed by

34 Caking coals are those which........ Burn Burn Do not Form lumps D
completel freely foam ash or masses of
y coak
35 Primary air is that air which is used Reduced Increase transport none of the C
to........ the flame the flame and dry above
length length the coal

36 The alternator is used in power plants Electrical Electrical Mechanic Mechanical A

which converts..... Energy energy al Energy Energy into
into into Solar into Nuclear
Mechanica Energy Electrical Energy
l Energy Energy
37 In regenerative cycle feed water is heated Exhaust Heaters Draining All of the C
by........ gas steam above
from the
38 The Da-Lavel impulse turbine is a........ Velocity Simple Pressure Simple single B
compound single componde wheel
ed impulse wheel d impulse reaction
turbine impulse turbine turbine
39 In a power station 'Load Center' Center of Center of Center of Corner of C
means........ maximum coal gravity of power plant
load of fields electrical
equipment system
40 The efficiency of chimney is 20% 90% 10% 65% A

41 Surge tank is for the protection of....... Dam Spillways Penstock Headwork’s C

42 The pressure at the furnaces minimum in forced induced Balanced Natural C

case of........ draught draught draught draught
A. system system system system
B. C.

43 The major heat loss in a steam power Economis Spillways Condenser None of the C
station occurs in....... er above

44 The major heat loss in a staem power Heat Penstock Spillways Condenser D
station occurs in........ chamber
45 The height of chimney in a staem power Flue gases The Control of Corner of B
plant is governed by........ quantity draught pollution power plant
to be

46 A steam power station requires space........ Equal to More More than None of the B
diesel than diesel above
power diesel power
station power station
47 Minimum quantity of fuel is required........ Thermal Nuclear Hydro Diesel power B
power power electric plant
plant plant power
48 Binary vapour cycles are used to........ Increase Increase Increase None of the B
the the the above
performan efficienc efficiency
ce of the y of the of the
condenser plant plant

49 For forced draught system,the function of To To To reduce None of the A

chimney is mainly........ produce discharge the above
draught to gases temperatu
accelerate high up re of the
the in the hot gases
combustio atmosphe discharge
n of fuel re to d