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24/08/2019 Steam Coils and Steam Air Heaters – Delta


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Steam Coils

Steam Coils are used in both industrial and HVAC

applications. Finned tubes are almost always used in steam
coil applications. A steam coil is used to heat air when steam
is available. This type of coil makes use of the latent heat that
is released by the steam when it condenses so it is a very
effective way of heating air.  

Our steam coils are made with heavy walled copper tubes and
headers, and are available with a variety of connection
locations and casing options to meet any mounting
configuration. The Standard Steam coil are suitable for wide
range of heating applications such as preheat, boosters,
reheat, duct heaters, process air & gas and many more.

For replacement steam coils or those needing to fit specific dimensions, our wide range of
coil and tube sizes, fin spacing, and coil connection types allow for a drop-in coil fit. We can
match existing size and performance of coils.


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24/08/2019 Steam Coils and Steam Air Heaters – Delta

 Boiler Air Preheating  Pulp Dryers  Paper Machine Ventilator

 Make-up Air Units  Air Cooled Heat  Air Tempering
Exchangers applications
 Unit Heaters  Space Heaters  Other Dryer applications

Coil Types

Coil Type Other Names Description

Straight  Blast Coil  Straight tubes

Tube  Type S Coil  One or two row
 Type MP Coil  One Pass
 Opposite end connections

U-Tube  Type H Coil  Two row coil with tubes formed in a U shape
coil  Type CH Coil  Two Pass
 Hairpin Coil  Same end connections
 Type LRB

Non-  Type DT Coil  Straight Tubes

freeze Coil  Type ANF  Inner distributing tube to feed steam
Coil  One or two row
 Type BNF  Two Pass
Coil  Same end connections
 Distributor  Incoming steam heats condensate leaving coil to reduce the
Tube Coil risk of freezing

Flex Coil  Uniflex Coil  Tube have an off-setting bend to allow for thermal
 Fexitube Coil expansion
 One or two Row
 One Pass
 Opposite end connections

PFR Coil  Tandem Coil  “Purge First Row” Coil

 The ultimate in freeze protection – designed for applications
with very cold inlet air
 Two Row
 Vertical tubes
 Opposite end connections

Click here (https://www.dropbox.com/s/1yigk25uqlgny0s/Standard%20Steam%20Coil.pdf?dl=0)

to see how a Standard Steam coil works

Click here (https://www.dropbox.com/s/6lbvja5ipuw4nsv/Steam%20Distributing%20Coil.pdf?

dl=0) to see how a Non-freeze (Distributor Tube Type) Steam coil works

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24/08/2019 Steam Coils and Steam Air Heaters – Delta


TUBES: Cooper, 90/10 Copper/Nickel, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, high alloy steels.

FINS: Aluminum, Copper, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, various coatings.

FIN TYPES: Plate Fin, Extruded Fin, Solder Coated, Applied, Weld-on.  Click Here
for a Comparison of Fin Types

Welded or Brazed tube joints

ASME, CRN, N-Stamped

Click here
dl=0) for information on condensate handling and preventing steam coil failures

For a guide to Steam Coil Nomenclature and Terminology click here


For Information Required to Size or Replace a Steam Coil click here


To determine Coil Handing, Click Here


For a Guide to Measuring a Coil, Click Here


Steam Air Heaters

A Steam Air Heater (also referred to as Steam Coil Air Heaters) consists of a frame which houses
one or more steam coils. The frame is installed in ducting and each steam coil is individually
removable from the frame so that they can be cleaned, repaired, or replaced without disturbing the
ducting. A Steam Air Heater is usually applied in applications where there is a large heat load and
multiple steam coils are required to meet the duty. In applications with a large heat load, a bank of
several steam coils is often a better solution than one large steam coil because large steam coils
are susceptible to performance problems due uneven steam distribution and they are difficult to
handle during installation and removal. Any combination of the steam coils listed above can be
use in a steam air heater. 


 Boiler Air Preheater  Recovery Boiler

 Power Boiler  Flue Gas Reheater 
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24/08/2019 Steam Coils and Steam Air Heaters – Delta

 Dryer


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