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Pag. 17 Ex. 1
A or an?
1.an 7.a 13.a
2.a 8. a 14.an
3.an 9.a 15.a
4.a 10.a 16.a
5.a 11.an 17.a
6.an 12.a 18.a

Pag.17 Ex. 1
A, an or one?
1.One 4.one 7.a
2.a 5.a 8.a
3.an 6.one 9.one

Pag.18 Ex.1
B. Is a doctor G. Is a photographer L. Is a butcher
C. Is a teacher H. Is a secretary M. Is a mechanic
D. Is a scientist I. N. Is a cook
E. Is a musician J. Is a hairdresser O. Is a gradner
F.Is a painter K. Is an electrician P. Is a lorry driver

Pag.19 Ex.2
A curtain is a thing that you put across a window.
A dictionary is a thing used for finding the meanings of words.
A dentist is a person who helps people to keep their teeth healthy.
A lawyer is a person who helps people with legal problems.
A mechanic is a person who services and repairs cars.
A tap is a thing that water comes out of.
A teacher is a person who helps people to learn things.
A telephone is a thing used for talking to people who are far away.

Pag.20 Ex.1
A.He’s got a long nose and a small mouth.
B.She’s got a large smile and a round face.
C.He’s got a long neck and a small beard.
D.She’s got an oval face .
E.She’s got a small nose and a big mouth.
F.He’s got a long beard.
G.He’s got a short beard and a round face.
H.She’s got a loud voice and a big mouth.
I.He’s got a long nouse an a big moustache.
J.She’s got an oval face and a small mouth.
K.He’s got a large smile and a small moustache.
L.He’s got a long beard.
Pag.21 Ex.1
1.the 6.the/the
2.the 7.the/the
3.a 8.a/a/the/the
4.a 9.the
5.the/the 10.the
Pag.21 Ex.2
1.the 4.the 7.the 10.the
2.the 5.a 8.A 11.the
3.an 6.the 9.a 12.the

Pag.22 Ex.1
1.- 6.the
2.- 7.the
3.- 8.the
4.- 9.the
5.- 10.-

Pag.23 Ex 3
1.the wheel 5.the ballpoint pen
2.the novel 6.the fax machine
3.to school 7.the whale
4.he violin 8.the x-ray machine

Pag.24 Ex.1
1.to town/on foot/by car
3.to school
4. for Christmas/at home
5.in the evening/at night
6.at university/in hospital

Pag.24 Ex.2
“He is from Texas”
Pag.25 Ex.3
B.I met the King at dinner in Oxford Prison.
C.Paul went home with the car.
D.Anna goes to college in Sydney by bus.
E. We all met at Boston Airport.
F.It’s easy to get to Oxford station by foot.
G.Anna flew to the Hague from Ottawa Airport.
H.All of us went to Oxford Town Hall on foot.
I.Anna flew a plane from Stirling to Lake Huron.
J.I saw Paul at dinner in Stirling yesterday.
K.The King has just come home from Sydney.
L.Can you go by train from the Alps to the North Sea.

Pag.26 Ex.1
1.A/a/the 9.- /a/- 17.the/the
2.A/the 10.-/-/-/a 18.a/a
3.-/-/the 11.-/the 19.a/the
4.An/a/the 12. – 20.a/a
5.An/a 13. -/a/a 21.a/an/the
6.An/the 14.a/the 22.a/an
7.-/the 15.a/the/the 23. - / -
8.-/a 16.an/a

Pag.27 Ex.2
1.(B) -/a
2.(D) the
3.(C) -/-/-/-/-
4.(A) the/a/an/-/a