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A Semi Detailed-Lesson plan

English 9

Jeedy G. Requiso MVHS

I. Learning Competencies

At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to:

 Identify types and features of poetry. EN9WC-If-9.1

 Use literary devices and techniques to craft poetic forms. EN9WC-Ih-3.6
II. Subject Matter:
Topic: “The Ruined City”, Elegiac Poems, and Literary Devices in Poetry (Poetic Devices)
Reference: Phoenix Teachers Wraparound: English Communication Arts and Skills (ECAS) 9
Phoenix: English Communication Arts and Skills (ECAS) 9
DLHTM: DCCM VIII: Legends and Folklore (Maasin City)
Materials: Laptop, TV/projector, and handouts.
III. Procedure
a. Review
The teacher jump starts the lesson the reviewing the learners on figurative languages its types.
b. Presentation of the Lesson Objectives/Topic
c. Activity
The teacher shows images of Maasin City and other cities found in Region 8. Then he asks the following
 What are the images shown in front?
 From the images shown, what do you think is the subject of the poem that we are going to read?

Then the teacher lets students read the elegiac poem the “Ruined City” and instructs the students to
take note on the literary devices found in the poem.

d. Analysis
After reading the poem, the teacher asks the following process questions:
 What is the poem all about?
 What are some reasons for homes or cities to be destroyed?
 Have you experienced any calamities in your home town or city? Can a calamity be caused by the
environment or can it caused by people?
e. Abstraction
The teacher discusses Elegiac Poems and Poetic Devices through asking the students the following guide
 Describe the literary devices found in the poem?
 How are these literary devices used in the poem?
 Why are literary devices important in writing poetry?
 Based on the poem that you have read, give your idea on what are elegiac poems or elegy?

f. Application
The teacher tasks the students to write an Elegiac poems using literary devices through the given
A Semi Detailed-Lesson plan
English 9

“Centuries from now Maasin City have become a Ruined City. You are an Archeologist studying remains of
Maasin. Write an Elegiac poem discussing your mourn and appreciation on how the said ruined city was
once the Religious and Magnificent City it once was. ”

 Content & Relevance- 10 pts.
 Application of Literary Devices - 10 pts.
TOTAL 20 pts.
IV. Evaluation
Identify the letter of the correct answer:
1. These are poems of mourning that follow a specific pattern: grief, praise, and comfort.
a. Epic b. Elegies c. Christian poems
2. The repetition of similar vowels in successive words.
a. Alliteration b. Repetition c. Assonance
3. the ability to form mental pictures of things or events

a. Imagery b. Metaphor c. Theme

4. a characteristic state of feeling
a. Tone b. Mood c. Imagery
5. An understatement, used to lessen the effect of a statement
a. Understatement b. Irony c. Euphemism

V. Assignment:
Research on other Elegiac Poems that you want to share in class.