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Jerome Finley:

Thought Veil
NLP, PERSUASION AND RAPPORT TECHNOLOGIES (rapport is the most important first step
on practicing hypnosis, without it it�s hard if not impossible to proceed, Rapport
is defined as, �a relationship of mutual understanding or trust and agreement
between people.� >> so the techniques taught here of NLP are used to: 1). To
build upon and maintain rapport. 2). To elicit a person?s criteria and use it to
create a change or inspire a decision.), HYPNOSIS DEFINITIONS (a few
of hypnosis 1) hypnosis shows a blend of mental, physical, and EMOTIONAL relaxation
>> 2) a properly hypnotized state the subject experiences an EMOTIONAL DESIRE to
follow suggestions and act the suggested behaviour >> 3) hypnotic state relies on
rapport trust mutual understanding and the ability to follow simple instructions),
HYPNOSIS REDEFINED (hypnosis is the conscious awareness of a subconscious response
>> emotions are called energy in motion, emotion + suggestion = permenant memory,
the suggestions are emotionally charged ideas, it's nearly a must to charge the
suggestion based routines with emotion), BRAINWAVE PATTERNS (in this chapter the
of brainwaves is being disscussed, as we all know BETA is for the wakefulness 21
cps, ALPHA for light relaxation 14 cps, THEATA and DELTA or for deep, deep
with DELTA being total unconsciousness and unresponsevness, while THETA & DELTA are
not practical to be used in performance, and BETA is the state of wakefulness,
ALPHA state is the ideal state for performance, whether mentalism, suggestion, or
hypnosis, this state of mind is sooooooo impoooortant, it's light, and can be
easily, it's good for relaxation, focus and emotional rapport, use it whenever you
do ANYTHING, just let them close their eyes, imagine something or doing anything
relax take few deep breaths and continue, they'll percieve the thind you do
differently, and be more engaged, more relaxed and happier), NATURE OF SUGGESTIONS
are the 17 types of suggestions: 1). direct suggestion: go, do, set stand and so
on, 2). indirect: would you like a chair?! whether you'd like a snack?!, 3).
suggestion: non-verbal, ok sign middle finger and so on, 4). prestige: dr sir
elite, 5). non prestige: a man my uncle, 6). environmental: cold hot weather,
7).conditioned reflex suggestion: salivating nauseating, 8). emotional 9).
Unconscious suggestions: take place when our personal awareness is destabilized.,
10.) Social Suggestions are ideas, beliefs and stigmas that are imbedded into our
culture., 11.) Auto Suggestions, 12.) Hetero Suggestions, 13.) Pre Hypnotic
Suggestions are suggestions we might give a client before undergoing hypnosis or
booking a show, 14.) Post Hypnotic Suggestions are those made AFTER a hypnotic
process, performance or act of suggestibility, 15.) Positive Suggestions, 16.)
Negative Suggestions, 17.) Sexual Suggestions: nd affect most human beings on some
level. Oooooo, Ahhhhhhh, Mmmmmm are sounds that create interest in everybody), HOW
ARE YOU FEELING? + THE STOP SIGN TECHNIQUE (how to monitor your suggestions and
accept or refuse them), 5 LAWS OF SUGGESTIBILITY (REVERSE ACTION, people will
respond to the stronger part of a suggestion if the alternative is weaker, �The
more I
try to pull your hands apart, the tighter they?ll stay stuck together? OR �try to
open your eyes and find them locking down even tighter!?, DELAYED ACTION, same as a

post hypnotic suggestion by creating a mental expectancy in someone else, when �A?
happens �B? happens, LAW OF REPETITION, when a person is told something over and
over again they will start to believe it, LAW OF DOMINANCE, you�re the performer,
you�re the authority, you�re the hypnotist, as Anthony says it over and over again,
LAW OF ASSOCIATION, when something triggers another thing), SEVEN (7) RULES OF THE
MIND (1). All thoughts and ideas cause a physical reaction, remember the effects of

positive and negative thoughts >> 2). What is expected tends to be realized >> 3).
Imagination is more important than knowledge, mind doesn?t know the difference
between what is real and what isn?t, we can �trick? the brain before a show to
believe the common anxiety we feel before the curtain goes up is actually
being afraid and being excited both produce the EXACT SAME physiological results in
our body, Hitler said, �Tell a lie enough times and you will begin to believe it.?
>> 4). Once an idea or suggestion has been ACCEPTED by the subconscious mind it
REMAINS there until replaced by another idea >> 5). Each suggestion acted upon
it easier to accept other new ideas and suggestions, and creates LESS opposition to
successive suggestion, if I can get a participant to feel a coin heating up in
their hand that 1). I can do it again, getting even hotter the next time AND 2).
They will respond well to my future suggestions, taken in steps, same reaction will

happen faster and stronger the next time I give these same suggestions AND that my
future suggestions, Remember that your suggestions can be anything. I am very fond
of repositioning people (take a step back and a few inches to your left...), take a
deep breath and close your eyes for just a moment..., asking people do these
simple, everyday things effectively lowers their resistance to my next suggestions,
once a person responds to 3 or 4 of your suggestions they are effectively doomed,
try to make the subject say yes >> 6). The body can be broken down by the mind if
given an emotionally charged suggestion long enough >> 7). The greater the
effort, the less the subconscious response, the participant MUST get out of their
head � or at least out of their left brain (conscious, thinking, rational, logical)

and into the right brain (imagination, creativity, intuition), greater conscious
effort on part of the participant equals a lesser subconscious response (i.e. less
suggestion based phenomena taking place), Pace, pace, pace, lead! Get your
participant to take a step back (reposition them), take a deep breath, close their
imagine something... and when they have done this and followed your
suggestions...NOW bring back your original suggestion of the coin heating up, their
arm becoming
stiff and rigid, their eyes closing down gently and sealing themselves shut, etc.
Use the MAGIC WORDS, �Expect it to happen, allow it to happen and it WILL happen
easily and naturally!?, �It?s SUBTLE at first, but you WILL feel it!?, all
suggestion takes place on two levels � one mental (fantasy) and one physical
(reality), if
it didn�t work them do it again in their mind reality first then move it to the
physical >> the example below can be applied to all suggestion effects, it�s
master technique to make a suggestion work, Place a coin into a person?s hand (even
better if it is bent prior!) and give them 3 to 5 suggestions they can and WILL
follow: take the coin and close your hand, squeeze tightly, take a deep breath,
close your eyes (all suggestions and pacing leading up to the BIG suggestion coming

WARMER STILL...! You can actually feel that starting to happen, yes?? For the sake
of our example, let?s just say my participant says �NO.? �That?s okay, it takes a
moment for some people and while subtle at first I assure you it WILL happen!?
is expected tends to be realized). Notice how I didn?t stumble, I didn?t falter
even for one second. I?m going to make this work and it?s going to be a miracle! I
continue by saying, �Take another deep breath and allow your eyes to remain closed
for just a moment...that?s perfect. Imagine the coin in your hand NOW. Actually SEE

it in your mind?s eye. Nod your head for me when you can SEE it. Good. Imagine for
a moment the coin is heating up IN YOUR MIND...feel the sides of the coin and
IMAGINE its surface becoming warmer and warmer, hotter and hotter still until
finally it borders on actually burning up completely. Notice how naturally warm the
becomes IN YOUR HAND AND IN YOUR MIND. Nod your head when you can feel this.?, then
�How hot does the coin FEEL, in your mind?? or �IN YOUR OWN WORDS, how does that
coin feel now??), BELIEF SYSTEMS + BELIEF SYSTEMS CONTINUED (these 2 chapters are
discussing how our believes form and what are the believes of each age group, and
what are the concerns of different ages and sexes, good for general knowledge), THE
NEEDS OF MEN AND WOMEN (this is a really beautiful chapter to know, The basic
needs of a Woman are: 1). Security: mental, emotional and physical 2). Meaningful
conversation: 20,000 words per day 3). Non Sexual Touching: hugs, holding hands,
non-erotic displays of love and affection 4). Romance: cards, flowers, letters,
dating, remembering anniversaries and special occasions, planning a romantic trip
getaway, watching a romantic comedy or �chick flick? when necessary... >> The basic
needs of a Man are: 1). Acknowledgement for his achievements 2). Sexual
fulfilment), BODY LANGUAGE (The Left Brain controls the RIGHT BODY The Right Brain
controls the LEFT BODY, During both trance and waking hypnosis processes, during
performance, persuasion and while using various rapport techniques remember that
�Right is right.? A successful hypnotist desires to work with the client?s right
brain, place my attention during a performance or session on my participant?s right
side FACING ME (client?s left), watch any movement from this are, it tells they're
using their right brain or left body, if not try to make the spectator use the
right brain, by opening a closed posture body), YOUR BRAIN (here Jerome's speaks
how he built a personal relationship with his sbcnscs mind pretending he is a man
that is doing jobs of searching remembering noting and so on, and that can improve
you and can make communication and mind reading or telepathy easier as if you
imagined every person have a man in his mind, and building the proper rapport your
can communicate call or text with them), MIRRORING FOR RAPPORT (The goal of rapport
is to eventually LEAD, to pace it to do as the subject does 'mirroring', to test
leading, pace pace and pace then break the state and do something different, if
your subject follows and begin to mirror you then you established rapport and
to lead, of course I know about mirroring, it's to do exactly or similarly as the
person do on a physical, vocal, and emotional levels 3-5 up to 30 seconds after he
act in a way, you can mirror body language, gestures, breathing and blinking, you
have to observe the person first, mirror micro-expressions as well, pretend it as
I do as You do game, Jerome speaks about himself as a universal mirror for every
person he meets, this approach might be helpful to practice it in a proper way,
blinking and breathing are of huge importance, to mirror the blik simply see when
they blink and copy it 3-5 seconds up to 30 seconds after, to mirror breathing a
idea is to exhale as they speak 'exhale' and inhale as they draw a breath to
continue speaking 'inhale', the mirroring doesn't have to be the exact motion, even
if it
was blinking or breathing, you can mirror their action with another action of
yours, if they move their hand, move your foot, if they breathe tap with your
if they blink scratch your hand, you can also as Jerome suggests when they blink
take a breath, when they breathe blink, during the course you can decide whether
they are visual, auditory, or kinesthetic persons, you can also mirror their words,
use some of their words, also you can as you begin speaking say "so what you're
saying is 'part of their speech', is that what you're saying?", in many ways
rapport is all about getting your subject into a state of agreement with you. This
too is
the secret of suggestion and works wonders in mentalism), MIRRORING STATES OF MIND
& EMOTIONS (again this is on the subject of rapport building by sympathy and
empathy, empathy is to understand how another person is feeling or thinking,
sympathy is yo share feel think like them, they both are needed and of huge
importance to
us as hypnotic mentalists, they can build and deepen out rapport and connection
with others, it starts as observation, then with interaction we can show them how
feel with them, and real mind reading becomes a matter of time, we can read deeply
inside them and they�ll notice that by reading their emotions and ideas, can be
done after physically mirroring the body we mirror the emotions), MERGING WITH THE
MIND OF ANOTHER (this is the process of merging and is done after mirroring, to be
one with your subject, to start feeling what they feel emotionally and physically,
even if negative emotions, you�ll lead them out shortly but continue, to be them
for a while and experience the world from their eyes, see yourself from their eyes,
just imaginary, imagine what they feel, remember when did you fell the same, scan
their body what does it feel to wear what their wear, shirt trouser earring ring
jewellery, be them in all and every aspect for a while, then you�ll know and think
what they think, after this return to your own reality and continue pacing or
leading, this will make you able to empathise and sympathise, and will create a
state of
rapport that is never imagined before, here you�ll lead them into whatever
direction you wish, they�ll feel comfortable and connected to you, and of course
you know
the value and the importance of rapport, it�ll do wonders and make you able to lead
and change), PACING MODALITIES (this chapter contains some info I already know
about different representational systems, but a quick review, VISUAL uses words I
see, clear imagine and so on, when they think the eyes go up and to right or left,
AUDITORY, I know what kind of words, the eyes go just left or right, KINAESTHETIC,
experience feel do act, eyes down and to right, emotional you can reveal them
easily, they empathise with you), ADVANCED PACING AND LEADING (the idea is where
ever you find yourself, it�s better to go back to pacing, is you stuck, confuse,
don�t know what to do next, go back to pacing), YES SETS (is to let the participant
say yes as much as you can, even you can add the compliance instructions thing,
then let him say yes as much, to train his brain to agree with you and consider
your words and actions are true, you can use what ever undeniable true statements
�you�re thinking of a card, you�re saying it over and over again and you can
imagine it written in front of you, and you start to feel relaxed�, or even use the

environment where it�s surly true �you can hear the voice of me, you can notice the
lights, and here you will start to feel good�, this will be used as pacing just
like mirroring and merging, Jerome�s formula for the YES SETS is, Pace, pace, pace,
LEAD = yes, yes, yes, SUGGESTION, Pace, pace, LEAD, LEAD = yes, yes, SUGGESTION,
ALL SUGGESTIONS!), ALWAYS ON MY MIND PART I & II (this is a routine or a technique
by which you can build a good state of rapport rapidly, is to tell the person
you're interacting with 'There?s something unique and interesting about you.', when
asks what, say 'I'm not sure but when I figure out I'll let you know', this will
make all of his attention on you, to be around you try to impress, interact and
with you, they'll try their best to figure wha you meant out, you can continue,
�What I?m getting from you is ?�How I feel when I?m around you is . . .?�The gifts
see in you are?), WIN-WIN RELATIONSHIPS & PERFORMANCES (this is a 4 steps technique
for the same purpose, STEP 1. �On a scale from one to ten where would you rate our
relationship?? 'anything could be asked about instead of the relationship,
performance, action anything', after they answer, STEP 2. �What are you needing
from me to
make this relationship a 10??, STEP 3. �So what you?re saying is . . . (repeat what
they said), is that what you?re saying??, STEP 4. �What you can count on from me
is . . . (A-B-C, these are what they say in step 2 and 3) and THAT is what you can
expect and count on from me for now on.?), A SHORT VERBAL ROUTINE (this is always
in my mind but continue and proceed for the what you sense thing), A RAPPORT
BUILDING TECHNIQUE (another great and good technique that I used very often, when
they tell
you something, what ever they say, you reply, �That?s what I was thinking!? or �I
was just about to say that!? or �I was just thinking that!? or �You must be reading
mind!?, �Hey Jerome, have you heard from Tom lately?? I?ll say, �That?s so weird! I
VALUES (To �elicit criteria? then can be defined as �drawing out, arriving at
and/or deducing the standards by which a person makes a judgment or decision about
something.?, this is to deal with or to treat the person with his own criteria,
Once we know WHY and HOW a person makes decisions we can use their personal
criteria in our trance and persuasion models to affect certain changes, To reject
our ideas, suggestions and methods at this point would be to fight themselves
because we are using THEIR OWN CRITERIA as the foundation and basis for our
process, Eliciting criteria is all about asking the RIGHT QUESTIONS, The most basic

and important question I use during this process is simply, �What?s important about
(fill in the blank).?, (blank) in this case could be a reading, a hypnosis session,

booking a show, going on a date, seeing a certain movie, dining at a certain

restaurant � whatever really, When given their answer I mirror it back to them by
�So what you?re saying is�is that what you?re saying??, I hear what you?re saying
and I know how you feel! It seems like there?s a very sound reason for you getting
What?s important to you about getting some answers at this time??, every time ask
what and why, and mirror their word, untill you reach the very bottom and core idea
and concern about them, it's coming from their heart not mind, you will switch them
from left brained to right brained heart centered, a basic formula for that, The
first time we ask, �What?s important about�?? we get an impulsive, LOGICAL, left
brain response, The second time we ask, �What?s important about�?? we get a non
judgmental, RIGHT BRAIN response, The third time we ask, �What?s important about�??
we elicit a HEART CENTERED/CORE ISSUE response from the client, then you can use
their criteria to build your suggestion, 'as you're feeling peace the coin will
start to bend' or your arm start to stiff or any suggestion and so on, Gain
get your participant to breath and follow your simple instructions. Elicit criteria
and link it to the desired phenomena and experience you are creating. People
don?t want to fight it because doing so destroys whatever they want and wish to
experience in their life), COMING INTO CLARITY (these are questions for pre-
interview better used for hypnotherapy sessions, I don't think I really need them
but will refer to them when needed, in general they are questions about the person,
what is important to them and who different aspects of their life is going on), THE
SWISH PATTERN (this is one of the techniques for verbal pattern interrupt, it's
good way to induce hypnosis and give suggestions >> THE FEEL GOOD EXERCISE, 1).
Think of a time you felt WONDERFUL, it can be any time any where any situation and
type of wonderful feeling they wish to think, relaxation, happiness and so on, 2).
Close your eyes and imagine that time and feeling in vivid detail, here they
re-imagine and re-experience this feeling on every level possible, see the sights
hear the sounds feel the emotions and stimuli smell the scents and tast anything
might be involved with tim feeling and experience, here they can change certain
aspects make them more vivid bigger and brighter, sounds images and so on, they
can add sounds, whatever making them relaxed and happy, add few deep rhythmic
breaths and let them smile gently, you can anchor here, 3). Find out where the
starts and how it moves, if they don't know, �IF YOU DID KNOW what would you say??,
imagine taking control of the feeling and spinning it faster and faster inside
their body, If a positive emotion is to be INCREASED I spin the
feeling/energy/emotion FASTER in the same direction it?s already moving, If a
negative emotion
needs to be dissolved then I simply slow its movement down and start spinning it in
the OPPOSITE direction as it leaves the subject easily and naturally, The breath
is a potent tool with which to direct this �energy? and movements. Breathing faster
and deeper causes the energy to spin faster and stronger, Breathing more shallow
and slowly causes the energy to slow down, they also have to imagine and visualise
the energy while they move, let them give this feeling a colour and direction,
and you control these characters whether by intensify or reduce them, 4). Harvest
the emotions, increase make them faster/slower and so on), THE SWISH FOR
POSITIVE CHANGE (start by thinking of negative emotion and how does it feel, where
did it originate and how does it move, give it a colour direction and intensify it,

then start to change these characters, then we will deal with it as a new energy,
positive suggestions to intensify and make it radiate all over the body, then let
open their eyes, ask them what is something about you that is absolutely true?! and
we see where their eyes goes, can be anything, any simple info, the area they look
at in the space is the true are, then the next Q what's something that used to be
true but no longer is?!, again watch their eyes, then you ask/force them to imagine
that negative thought and emotion in the area of true, make it as real as possible,
by adding every detail, you point to them where to look the area of true, then
let them change the location of it, by moving it to the area of used to be true,
then dull the colors of the picture, take their intensity, shrink the picture and
it, make the image very small, push the image further and further away, severe the
cord and tie, here the problem no longer present), EFT (not really gonna use it in
performance but may refer to it for theraputic reasons), APPLIED KINESIOLOGY &
MUSCLE TESTING (a technique has a similar principle as muscle reading, not really
RULES FOR SUCCESSFUL PROGRAMMING (speak in the present time, all suggestions, be
positive, be specific, be detailed, and be simple, the more complex the harder the
use exciting and emotional words, affirm activity, continue giving suggestions that
it'll happen, it may be subtle but it's happening, accuracy, be realistic, start
light suggestions to open the door for more suggestions so to negate any
resistance, personalize, symbolise), HIDDEN DIRECTIVES (important things to do with
this and
every language pattern that comes, tonality and infliction + puasing >> When ASKING
A QUESTION and raising our voice and pitch AS we ask the question we capture the
attention of the conscious mind, By LOWERING your voice during the following
command or feedback we psychologically MARK the suggestion and drive it deeply into
subconscious mind, By pausing slightly before delivering the suggestion "in a lower
tone" the conscious mind goes away, an example, �SO WHAT YOU?RE SAYING IS "high
tone/pitch" �"slight pause"� you?re having a really good day today, is that what
you?re saying??, �I?M WONDERING WHETHER "upward tone"�"slight pause"�you?d like to
"BLANK"�??, if you want a yes then you can elevate your eyebrows and shake head
yes, also more suggestions can be added using "AND", I'm wondering ... x and also
PRESUPPOSITIONS (an idea or suggestion we presuppose, As you X ... you may find Y,
AS YOU is the presupposition upper tone, X is the suggestion, Y is the result or
linked to the suggestion, as you upper pause ... lower, as you feel the spoon bend,
as you relax deeply, again can be linked with and, as you ... and as you ... you
may find ... and you can start to ..., may or might lower the resistance and take
create a situation that is repeated inside the mind utill the suggestion is
accepted, it empower the suggestion, and fight resistance, a single bind, the more
X the more
you X, double bind, the more X, the more you Y, x and y being suggestions, a good
idea by Jerome is to use X for pacing and Y for leading, X = sit on chair look at
listen to my voice ...etc, Y = begin to relax, go deeper, feel so ...etc, they can
increase the effect of a suggestion, they can reverse actions, the more the less
so on, remember the upward and downward tone, the more up, suggestion down),
EMBEDDED COMMANDS (a command or suggestion that is embedded naturally into the
it has no specific structure, just a command that is hidden, here are some
formulas, "ONE MAY, daniel, begin to realise the power of suggestion", "YOU CAN,
start to
relax... BECAUSE ...", here when Jerome uses the you can, he mentions also why such
is done, "it's not like I'm saying", "someone once told me", "some people",
"Sooner or later", "can you imagine", "what happens when you ... imagine buying a
new house today?!", "you, like me, can understand the value..." here the suggestion
is you like me, this is done using a language that is similar to the one suggested
so you can command something else, "by 'buy' now ... you've probably", "in your
can be said "in you're mine", sexual sounds also can be used to suggest something
"oooohh, ahhhhhh, mmmmmmmmhh", like "mmmmm. that's a very good question"), DIRTY
TRICKS AND BIG SECRETS (these are some sleights of mouth that is done to confront
someone who is trying to say something negative about you, can refer to it later),
EYE SCANNING FOR RAPPORT & SEDUCTION (a way to build rapport is to scan the
person's eyes, in every direction, let your eyes move all around theirs up down
right left,
it's a way to seduce as well), SOFTENING THE EYES (the example here about a psychic
said to a woman soften your eyes, she felt different, open, and felt vulnrable),
INSTANT VERBAL HYPNOSIS (a way to induce a different state of mind in a person
instantly where you'll become the centre of attention so you can lead, is to tell
go deeply and think of something about you, like the example here "try to give a
nick-name to me" they'll go deep and try to think of and remember you), THOUGHT
(not really a technique I need, it's a way to feel connected to the person by
imagining both of you are inside a big bubble), ENERGETIC WAVE & THINNER (this is a
to give suggestion and test for suggestability, is to tell them when you wave your
hands like this infront of them they gonna feel something happened, they only know
what is it, suggest positive things always, and things that might help in reduce
the resistance), THOUGHT VEIL (this is a technique to significantly reduce the
resistance and increase their compliance, you speak about the cncs and sbcncs minds
and the critical barrier, then you give it the shape of a cloud, they imagine it
it, imagine it starts to dissipate as that they become more connected to you and
your positive suggestions, then when they feel it's lightened to give you a nod,
you replace it with another one that is more connected more receptive, here are the
script: "I prefer to think of this invisible barrier as a THOUGHT VEIL. Intuitively

I see each person?s THOUGHT VEIL as a light, sparkling, wispy, cloudy of energy
which covers your head and drapes across the neck and shoulders. For the power of
suggestion to work effectively for you today let?s take a few moments and
consciously INTEND to dissipate the THOUGHT VEIL for the time being. When we?re
done your
VEIL will naturally reform around you and become even stronger than before. If you
pay REALLY close attention you can almost feel it�almost like a pressure around the

ears, neck and shoulders. Some people can even hear their THOUGHT VEIL ringing very
softly � others notice it emits a dull buzzing sound or quiet hum. You?ll hear it
with your INNER EAR. The next step is to CONSCIOUSLY INTEND for your THOUGHT VEIL
to lighten up and dissipate a bit. It won?t vanish completely, but it WILL lighten
up enough for suggestion, telepathy and positive psychic influence to work for you
perfectly at this time. Give yourself permission to remove the THOUGHT VEIL for the

next few minutes knowing full and well that it WILL return and that you?re in safe,
loving and competent hands until then. Is that okay to know? Good. Mentally command

the THOUGHT VEIL to lighten its grasp on your mind. Imagine your THOUGHT VEIL
dissipating and becoming lighter and lighter with each passing moment. As this
take a few deep breaths to help direct this energy and your intentions � go ahead
now � in and out, and another � in and out � that?s perfect. You?ll know the
VEIL is being removed properly when you can IMAGINE and SENSE that light pressure
you felt around your ears, neck and shoulders becoming lighter and lighter�you?re
able to feel that now, correct? And when you feel in your heart that your own
THOUGHT VEIL has released its grasp and influence over your mind well enough for my
thoughts and suggestions to come through and meet yours at this time, just nod your
head �yes? and we?ll proceed. Now that we?ve effectively dissipated the THOUGHT
VEIL let?s replace it with a warm, soft, glowing, peaceful energy. Just like
before, take a few deep breaths�that?s right. Perfect! Imagine if you will a
beautiful PINK cloud and ethereal ribbons enveloping your mind and body � almost
like a liquid rose quartz connecting our two minds. See this remarkable, sparkling
energy as a gentle, comforting blanket of love and compassion wrapping around your
mind and body and connecting your mind with your heart on every level. This
particular creative visualization and energetic process actually INCREASES your
ability to perceive my thoughts and act upon my positive suggestions for your
By creating this soft cloud of energy all around and within you we can effectively
cause our two minds to merge for a time and become ONE. As this happens we?ll be
able to trade our thoughts back and forth and share our greatest combined energy
and intentions with greater effect. And when you can imagine and feel this energy
growing and wrapping all around you � connecting our two minds � simply raise your
hand to your heart and we?ll proceed."), SUGGESTIBILITY TESTING (Jerome sees that
using suggestibility testing is not really important, because the pacing in the
begining like can you do, set, relax, bring your feet is enough, and also he sees
the test to be used directly as the inductions as no need for more steps which is
logical), THE RISING & FALLING ARM TEST (Now close your eyes and imagine a large
bucket filled with sand is fastened to your LEFT HAND/WRIST and it?s VERY HEAVY
while your RIGHT HAND is tethered to a rope that is gently tugging your hand and
pulling your wrist and arm UPWARDS making it feel LIGHT AS A FEATHER AND QUITE
RELAXED. And as you IMAGINE these objects fastened to your wrists, notice how your
begins to respond to your thoughts and suggestions. The power of the mind is an
incredible thing, evidenced by the fact that your LEFT HAND is now beginning to sag
pull itself down towards the floor while your RIGHT HAND starts lifting higher and
higher into the sky, easily and naturally. Do this now� Up and up and up, higher,
higher and higher your RIGHT HAND lifts into the air. This is the power of your
mind and imagination at work! Your LEFT ARM feels heavier and heavier, heavier and
heavier growing tired and weary from the weight of the sand� >> it's suggested by
him that to show the spectator how to hold his hands as a part of mirroring),
THE PENDULUM TEST (the pendulum swing, I'm familir with, also a good choice), I
skiped all the pendulum things as I'm not really interested in them now, I might
to them later on, but in general pendulums can be thought of as devices that will
reveal the subconscious answer of the participant just like the muscle reading or
muscle testing, first you have to calibrate or define the Yes and No then proceed,
THE STUCK HAND TEST (�I want you to imagine that your hand is STUCK firmly to this
table now� Whatever you wish to imagine is fine�in YOUR MIND perhaps a newly
developed super glue is causing your hand to stick to the table at this time or
there?s a large weight placed on top of your hand pinning it down, making it unable
to move. It could be that your hand was still magnetized and is drawn towards the
table easily and naturally, so strongly in fact that if you TRIED to pick up your
hand and move it, it simply wouldn?t budge. I like to imagine that roots are
extending and growing from my hand and driving themselves deeply into the table top
like a tree. The more you relax the stronger and more firmly your hand becomes
stuck to the table. The more your hand becomes stuck to the table now, the deeper
and more completely you relax because that is how the process of hypnosis works.
As you imagine this happening and form the experience completely in your mind I
want you to try in vain to lift your hand. Notice how completely and powerfully it
remains stuck to the table, unable to lift itself and all of this is done via the
power of suggestion and the unlimited potential of your subconscious mind working
together. You?re doing wonderfully�?), PSYCHOLOGICAL SUGGESTIBILITY TESTS (this
shows that what ever you ask your audience to do is a suggestibility test, whether
appluading, rising their hands, or a 5 psi forces, what ever response you mark as
"those who succeed are perfect candidates" will be true, because you're the
MIND/BODY MAGIC THE MYSTIC HAND LIFT (this is a good exercise and suggestibility
test and a way to pace and lead as well, you clap your hands around the persons
different body parts in a clockwise manner for like 7 times or so, then raise both
of their hands to a 45 degree then push them down, repeat this multiple times to
which one time they�ll raise their hands without your assitance, here you know they
are taking the suggestion), PSYCHOLOGICAL MARKING (a technique that is of top
importance to influence and affect people, is to mark the objects, whether verbally
through the tone pace and other characters of voice, non verbally by taking a deep
breath changing position or doing anything while mentioning the item, physically by
taping changing location and so on, anchoring can be used as well by repeating the
anchor and the mark multiple times, also you can leave some of your items on object
like a chair in chair test for example so it�s marked as yours and so on),
ANCHORING (this is a description about anchoring and how to create one, Elicit an
emotional state in the subject, At the peak of the emotional state set your anchor,

keep re-inducing the anchor, TEST the anchor to see that it elicits the desired
emotional state or reaction/response, an example �From now on whenever you feel me
you like this (tap, tap, tap) you?ll begin to see, feel and experience this spoon
becoming hotter and hotter in your mind. Whenever I tap you like this the spoon
becomes warmer and warmer easily and naturally. The more I tap you LIKE THIS (tap,
tap, tap) the hotter the spoon becomes � the hotter the spoon becomes the easier it

bends, twists and melts. Whenever I tap you LIKE THIS (tap, tap, tap) the spoon
automatically gets warmer, easily and naturally�, Ask the subject to recall a time
they felt happy and at peace, Intensify the desired state, SET THE ANCHOR, Test the
anchor), POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE WORDS (these are some words to be changed for more
effective substitutes, You = I, for rapport building, If = As, if means a choice,
as means presupposition which part of is known to be true, But = And, I�m familiar
with this, Try = Do, Opinion = Experience, Help = Assist, Person = Man/Woman,
identity and traits, Hope = Expectancy, Belief, Trust, Faith, Certainty, Uh huh,
Maybe, Might = Yes, Absolutely), I skipped the parts talking about coma, THE FINLEY
HANDSHAKE INDUCTION (�If I could show you how to relax in less than one minute
you?d like that, wouldn?t you??, Great, here?s what I?m going to have you do..., I?
m going to shake your hand four (4) times... ...The first time I shake your hand,
your eyes are going to start to feel heavy. Let them. The second time I shake your
hand, you?re going to want to close your eyes. The third time I shake your hand,
simply allow your eyes to close on down, easily and naturally. The fourth and final
time I shake your hand, continue standing and allow yourself to relax completely.
I?ll stand here to brace you..., Now take a deep breath in through the nose and
exhale slowly through your mouth. Wonderful! Take in another deep breath and hold
and now let it go...perfect! Here we go. Expect it to happen, allow it to happen
and I promise you it will happen easily and naturally...here we go... NOW TAKE THE
Shake hand up and down again while saying, First time your eyes are going to feel
heavy... Second time you?re going to want to close them... Third time, just go
ahead and close your eyes down gently... Fourth and final time simply relaxing
completely now and SLEEP!, Legs frozen and stuck firmly in place, your knees are
locked, standing and sleeping, standing and sleeping, deeply relaxed and listening
closely to the sound of my voice and my instructions. You?re doing perfectly!?,
Take another BIG, deep breath for me and exhale slowly... Each time you relax like
you?ll find yourself relaxing deeper, faster and even more completely, responding
to my ideas and positive suggestions for you and instantly able to re-enter this
state of peace and relaxation whenever I touch your head like this (tap forehead)
and say the word �SLEEP!? I?ll now count to 3 and when I get to three you will open

your eyes feeling wide awake and perfect in every way, better for having realized
the power of your mind through hypnosis today. 1, 2 & 3 � WIDE AWAKE! AND THERE YOU

GO! How do you feel?), THE EZ HYPNOSIS ROUTINE (this is a routine can be done to
any size of audience, the idea is to be the hypnotist and make them believe what
you do
is hypnosis, it's a series of suggestibility tests), THE 5 STAR PSYCHOLOGICAL
OPENER (this is something really fantastic, a powerful routine for rapport,
altering brain waves, and to test suggestibility, the idea you are going to do a
series of psi forces, here is the script >> �In fact I?ve been projecting these
thoughts to various audience members FROM BACKSTAGE for the last 15 minutes. Some
of you might have already begun to pick up on them. This might have taken the form
odd images or random thoughts and feelings entering your mind for no apparent
reason. Now that each of you has learned WHERE these supposedly �random? thoughts
coming from, let?s explore WHY. One at a time I?m going to project five (5) pieces
of information to this group, that is, from my mind to yours, and ALL at a time you

will start to receive them. I want everyone here to play along and keep track of
your answers and progress as we go� A wise man once told me that �Spirit speaks
which simply means that whenever we get one of those gut feelings, intuitive
flashes or impressions THAT?S the thought or feeling we should pay attention to.
thought or feeling we have AFTER that only allows us to second guess ourselves.
While playing the �Psychic Challenge? with me tonight I want you to go with your
thoughts and impressions. Please don?t shout out your answers � keep them to
yourself until the very end. If you think it might help you to receive my thoughts
clearly during the experiment FEEL FREE to close your eyes whenever necessary. To
begin I?d like you all to sit straight up in your seats, hands palms down in your
feet flat on the floor and take a nice, deep breath with me� Good� and another�
�and one more�perfect� The first thought I?m projecting to you now is a simple
(pause)�NOT RED, because many people seem to jump directly on that color and think
of it first�so the NEXT color that comes into your mind, easily and naturally, and
lock it into place. I want you to remember it! And with that basic color in mind
take another deep breath for me�in and out�good. Allow your mind to grow clear and
receptive in preparation for the next thought I?m sending you, which is a TWO DIGIT
NUMBER� Keep in mind this can be ANY two digit number from 99 to 10. Once a number
appears in your mind, lock it into place and remember it�good? �and another deep
breath with me�very good� With this two digit number still locked in your mind,
yourself to think of a THREE LETTER WORD�a three letter word� Don?t choose
something like �and? or �the? � make it a word you can picture, something you can
bearing in mind this is not an �R? rated show�yet� �and another deep breath,
becoming more relaxed, open, centered and intuitive with each and every thought I
send you�
we?re almost there� I?m also projecting a strong human emotion � a strong human
emotion � whatever you wish to feel is fine. If it happens to be a positive emotion

take it within you and allow yourself to FEEL IT deep inside of you. You might also
think of a time when you felt that emotion very strongly�lock that feeling into
place, in your mind� �and just as before, take a nice deep breath with me� �and
finally I want each of you to imagine a simple drawing, a simple drawing� This can
anything you wish, something we could all know and recognize�something like a HEART
or a STICK FIGURE would work perfectly� Do we all have something in mind?
Finish by taking one last deep breath with me now. Continue to focus and
concentrate on the color, number, word, feeling and image each of you are now
holding in your
mind and let?s proceed. �The first thought I was sending to all of you was the
color �BLUE? � the color BLUE� To be completely honest though I also thought of the

color GREEN for a moment � with my deepest apologies. When I realized what I had
done I went back and concentrated on the color BLUE once again and that is the
color I
intended to project to you. If you picked up on the color BLUE, or hell, even if
you picked up on the color GREEN go ahead and raise your hand!? �The next thought I
was projecting to all of you this evening was the number �22?� the number ?22.? If
you happened to pick up on �22? as your number, go ahead and raise your hand now so
can see how many of you got it correct. Keep your hands up! If you were CLOSE
meaning you were only off by one � a 21 or 23 � go ahead and raise your hand as
well so I
can see where you?re at� very good.? �And after the two digit number I asked each
of you to think of a THREE LETTER WORD�a three letter word� The word I was
to each of you this evening was �CAT.? Some of you might have even picked up on
this thought as you entered the theatre (insert venue) this evening and noticed
thoughts and images of felines entering your mind. If you were one of those people
or you got the word �CAT? correctly raise your hand!? �Next we thought of a basic
human emotion and not to be CLICHE � the thought and feeling I was projecting to
each of you this evening was (is) pure, unconditional LOVE� eden ahbez said, �The
greatest thing you?ll ever learn is just to love and be loved; just to love and be
loved�? and with that in mind, LOVE is the emotion I was sending you and intending
that you all receive. If you happened to recall the feeling or experience of love
for yourself or a special place or person close to your heart please raise your
and keep it up for a moment.? �And with this feeling of love in mind and heart I
also asked each of you to imagine a simple drawing�a simple drawing� The image I
focused on and projecting to each of you this evening was a HOUSE�nothing
complex�just your basic house� And please, if you happened to pick up on this image
as well,
raise your hands and keep them up�? �It?s safe to say that nearly EVERYONE here
this evening was able to respond to simple suggestions and instructions to actually

pick up on an unspoken thought. Take a deep breath with me and give yourselves a
big round of applause! Now to the moment of truth! If you correctly picked up on
ONE of
my thoughts and projections this evening, please raise your left hand and keep it
up� If you got two of the five thoughts I sent you raise BOTH of your hands for a
moment and please keep them up so I can see you�don?t put them down yet� If you
happened to get three of the projections correctly will you please stand up for me?

Thank you! If you successfully received four of my thoughts tonight OR YOU WERE
CLOSE (!) stay standing and raise your left hand high into the air again! And
for you �Master Minds? out there, if you correctly and successfully picked up on
ALL FIVE of my unspoken thoughts and mental projections this evening please stand
raise both of your arms so you can be acknowledged� TOUCH DOWN! LOOK AROUND YOU, MY
FRIENDS! Look at how powerful your minds are and how capable each one of you is of
doing impossible things you?ve never imagined. I?d like to go a bit further with
the most receptive minds out there this evening�?), THE OPENER AS AN INDUCTION (the
here is as they think, project or get each thought of the forces they go deeper and
deeper into relaxation, this is the use of mentalism to induce hypnosis), A SECRET
TO PSYCHOLOGICAL FORCES (a way to make your psi forces appear like they hit 100%,
it's either presented as a way of you trying to project a thought to them or a way
to read their mind, you simply ask did the X flashes in your mind at anytime!, if
for the CAT force, "did the picture of a cat flashed in your mind at all?!"
this is the thougth I was trying to project to you and this is success we are
connected and bla bla"), THE HYPNOTIC BOOK TEST (this is a method for impromptu
book test,
it's a real gem practice it until you perfect it, the process is that each
softcover book has natural breaks on it, these can be accessed by holding the book
with the
left hand, the right index on the right upper corner with the edge to the spectator
right on the end of the first foruth of the finger, or, the back edge on the line
of the distal interphalangeal, don't move your fingers and don't apply much
pressure, just with the help of the thumb, pull the pages toward you they'll riffle
a principle by itself and a mastercalss, this is a way to create a trance state
by performing mentalism as a way to do real mind reading, in addition to that, you
gonna create more mentalism, more revelations, I might find a good way to perform
propless mentalism with this style where the misses will be reduced, the idea is to
let them think of their word, the number of letters, the first letter, middle, last
and with each piece you gonna springboard, think of the number, I feel the month of
August, think of the first letter, a common name, I feel the name of X, with each
revelation you let them go even deeper, and deeper until a full trance is reached
when you reveal the final piece, here you tell them that everything you say gonna
their reality suggestion, then do whatever you want), RELAXATION & VISUALIZATION
(here is a technique of relaxation by breathing, I should focus on the subject of
and visualisation for both induction and deepening, the breathing pattern here is
to let them take cyclical breaths, inhale to the count of 4, hold to 4, exhale to
hold to 4, and do that again, in the book it's suggested to do that 36 times, I
definitely will do it less, as they may induce alkalosis), VISUALIZATION (focus on
idea of visualisation, the light spectrum of colours might be a very good example,
to imagine and see the colours, as they breathe and relax more and more), DIFFERENT

INDUCTIONS (1). fixed gaze, 2). Eye Fascination/Fixation, this can be used as a
reference), VERBAL PATTERN INTERRUPT INDUCTION (this is a very important technique,
to ask the question "what that you are not thinking of right now?!" it's a pattern
interrupt, will cause confusion and must be followed immediately with a command,
go on with your induction), IT?S NOT HYPNOSIS! (this script is important and have
to be used, �What we?re about to do IS DEFINITELY NOT HYPNOSIS, but it IS a bit
HYPNOSIS ONLY in that it results in a very nice, very relaxed semi-hypnotic �trance
like? state. You?ll continue to be very relaxed and feeling REALLY GOOD, open to
the power of suggestion and yet, YOU WON?T BE HYPNOTIZED or placed into a trance of
any kind during this process. In fact, you?ll have your eyes open the entire time,
you?ll be completely conscious and wide awake, alert, focused and perfectly aware
of yourself and your surroundings at all times. We?ll be able to communicate back
and forth exactly like we are right now and still you?ll be able to use ALL of the
stored up mind power and infinite potential within you to experience some really
incredible things. How does that sound? (Affirming acceptance) OR Is that okay?
(Getting permission) Great!?, �If I could just get you to sit up straight in your
chair now, feet flat on the floor, hands palm down in your lap and take a deep
breath as you listen to the sound of my voice and my simple instructions �
NOT to become hypnotized or go into a deep state of trance at this time because
here?s what?s going to happen� In a moment, NOT YET, I?m going to snap my fingers
so (SNAP) and when I do that some phenomenal physical effects will begin to take
place as a feeling of warmth, peace and relaxation will start to wash over your
and wash over your body causing you to FEEL REALLY GOOD. It may or may not be
subtle at first, but you WILL feel it! And as you imagine that warm, peaceful
washing over you, I just want you to take a deep breath, look right at me and say,
�I feel great.? When you say those powerful, magic words �I feel great? that will
trigger your unconscious mind to generate additional positive thoughts, feelings
and attitudes within you so you can start to feel even better! And as this happens,

whenever you say �I feel great? YOU WILL FEEL GREAT and that will be MY CUE to go
ahead and snap my fingers again (SNAP), only this time when I do that feeling of
warmth and peace and relaxation is going to DOUBLE in strength and intensity�and
immediately you?ll begin to FEEL EVEN BETTER than you did before...and just like
before I?ll want you to look directly at me and say, �I feel great? as that feeling
continues to double and double in strength and intensity. Once again that will be
my cue to go ahead and snap my fingers ONCE more (SNAP), only THIS TIME you?ll
notice that warm, peaceful feeling TRIPLES in strength and intensity, and at that
you?ll notice that you REALLY FEEL AMAZING, and that you?re FEELING REALLY, REALLY
GOOD all of a sudden! And again, you?ll just look at me and say, �I feel great? so
we can continue with our experience together and allow you to AMAZE YOURSELF with
your newly discovered gifts and abilities. Is that okay? (Permission!) Are you
Good. OR And you?re not hypnotized right now are you? Wonderful. I didn?t think so!
Just nod your head when you?re ready to proceed.? �Simply imagine that incredibly
warm feeling of peace and relaxation washing over you now�and then you?ll know what
to do�?, As my client looks at me and says, �I feel great? I mirror that statement
and confirm the state back to them with, �So what you?re saying is, you feel
great�is that what you?re saying?? to which they will AGREE! When they agree to the
mirroring pattern and say YES to �So what you?re saying is�?? I simply respond
with, �Wonderful�continue to enjoy that warm, peaceful feeling now and just look at
(SNAP)�as you allow that feeling of peace and relaxation to DOUBLE in strength and
intensity�you know what to do...? �And just like that, notice how your feeling of
peace and relaxation TRIPLES now, easily and naturally�?,, the psi force version is
you let them think of the 5 opener or any psi force instead of snap), THE HEARTBEAT

later), THE INSTANT, INSTANT INDUCTION (a brilliant idea that is simple to do, give
3 steps suggestion or yes sets, command to sleep, follow the formal induction),
STAGE SHOW INDUCTIONS (this a script for a stage induction, within it is a
test >> �I?d like each of you to take a deep breath for me now and simply choose a
spot on the wall or ceiling to focus your attention on for the next few moments.
spot you can find will do, just look at one, choose it and begin to stare at it now
as you listen closely to the sound of my voice. The more willing and able you are
to follow my simple instructions this evening the easier it will be for you to
experience a very profound and relaxing trance at this time. Most people find they
enter an incredibly deep state of hypnosis easily and naturally AND very, very
quickly�and as you follow my simple instructions this evening I guarantee those of
who wish to be hypnotized WILL be hypnotized. This is easy.?.. �And now as you
CONTINUE to focus on that spot simply clasp your hands in front of you by pressing
palms together, interlocking your fingers and holding your hands at chest level� as
you take a few deep breaths and focus on your hands now while your grip becomes
tighter and tighter with your thoughts� Use your mind to IMAGINE your hands
becoming stuck, glued, bound and locked together NOW, so that with every word I
speak at
this time your hands become even more stuck together, locked firmly into place,
bound tighter and tighter with each passing moment. This is easy! You can do this�
Take a deep breath NOW and allow your eyes to close as you will, intend, force,
imagine and desire for your hands to become even tighter and more tightly pressed
together � stuck, glued, bound and locked perfectly in place.? .. �In a moment when
I touch your hands allow them to become even 10 times more stuck together, tighter
and tighter, pushed, squeezed, glued and locked even more tightly together now,
becoming stronger and stronger with each passing moment�? ... �In a moment I?m
going to
TRY to pull your hands apart and the more I try to pull your hands apart the
tighter and tighter they become. The more I TRY to pull your hands apart the
tighter and
more stuck together they can become BECAUSE this is how powerful your mind and
thoughts really are! Listening to the sound of my voice and my simple instructions
CAUSES your hands to become even more tightly secured, locked together and bound in
place very quickly now. Expect it to happen, allow it to happen and I personally
guarantee that HYPNOSIS WILL HAPPEN FOR YOU THIS EVENING easily and naturally.? ...
�In a moment I?m going to try to pull your hands apart and the more I try to pull
your hands apart the more you?ll simply focus on keeping them stuck tighter and
tighter together in place. Again, in a moment when I try to pull your hands apart
continue to focus your thoughts and energy on these hands being so tightly stuck
together, glued, bound and locked in place that it makes it IMPOSSIBLE for me or
anyone else to pull those hands apart� And realize that because your mind and your
thoughts are so powerful that even just trying to pull your hands apart right now
naturally causes them to become stuck even tighter and tighter in place with each
passing moment.? ... �I?d like to thank everyone on stage this evening, you?re all
doing great! You?ve already proven yourselves to be remarkable and capable subjects
for hypnosis this evening and we?re going to have a lot of fun together.
LISTEN CLOSELY� In a moment when I touch you AND ONLY WHEN I TOUCH YOU, allow your
hands to fall loose, limp and relaxed to your sides as your mind and body enters a
deep state of peace and relaxation� Much LOUDER NOW� �IN A MOMENT WHEN I TOUCH YOU
AND ONLY WHEN I TOUCH YOU your hands will fall loose, limp and relaxed to your
as your mind and body enters a deep state of hypnosis and complete relaxation here
this evening� Expect it to happen, allow it to happen and it WILL happen for you
tonight easily and naturally�this is easy�!? ...), TELEPATHY IN ACTION MY WAY (what
is added by Jerome is to use suggestibility tests + you tell them that you're
to connect to each other and they're trying to get your mental impressions, so they
do what you think you want them to do and you say this loud without hiding

Anthony Jacquin:
The Trilby Connection:
Approach (when walking on to approach anyone you want to hypnotize, or when you
introduce yourself as a hypnotist remember theses things: 1) people are
they can take on ideas, proceed as if you're an expert, 2) The higher the emotionl
engagement and excitment of the subject, the more suggestible and less critical he
will be, and attention should be on you, 3) give complement, 4) ask a question,
have you ever been hypnotized?!, have you ever imagined what is it like to be hyp,
5) choose people who look fascinated and interested and focusing with you, the
important thing is they can hear you no matter who noisy the envirnment),
Set UP ( 1) get them in a perfectly comfortable position, would you, can you, 2)
test for compliance, 3) remove any misunderstanding, they're not gonna sleep,
not gonna lose control, they're in full control, they're not gonna do ridiculous
things), Set Piece (although they're in theirsleves can be used as inductions,
mainly used as a bridge between the conversation/intro and the actual induction,
it's a chance to gian confidence, observe the subject), Magnetic Fingers (would you
place your hand infront of you, can you close them nice and tight together, bend
your elbows like you're doing a prayer, extend your first fingers 1 inch from each
other and focus on the gap between them because in a moemnt they will touch just
like 2 magnets, and you see they're already starting to twitch, and when your
touch it's a nice signal, just close your eyes, and when your eyes are closed take
a nice deep breath in, as you breathe out just allow your hands drift down >> the
language is, would you do that, can you do, would you, would you, now stare in the
gap between your fingers 'a direct command', because in a moment they gonna come
together and touch 'stated as a fact', you can see them getting close 'this is
pacing, and it's saying exactly what is going on that person experience', when you
the fingers are really close to each other 'and when they touch you can allow your
eyes to close' you attached them to your next command), Eye Look 'Calof' (are left
handed or right handed?! I'd like you to take your right/left 'domenant' index
pointing down like this, and keep it above your head the whole time around an inch
your hairline, close your eyes for me, and with your eyes closed I want you to
imagine rolling your eye back as you're looking through your skull, through where
finger is, and when you seeing their like this spot or colour, keep your eyes fixed
on that spot, and as you keep your eyes fixed and as I talk to you you'll find your
eyes are stuck together, and when you keep your eyes on that spot you can try to
open them and you'll find them completely stuck and it's a strange feeling, you can
stop trying and just relax >> this has physiologic reason, it's hard to open the
eyes while in this position, then say stop trying and relax your eyes, and as you
your eyes you can allow this relaxation to move down to your body, you can add to
it is to let their finger stick to their skulls as well), Eye Look 'Elman' (look at

me and when you're ready take a nice deep breath in, and as you breath out allow
your eyes to close, I want you to concentrate on your eyes, and I want you to
that every muscle and nerve fiber in your eyes is so relaxed, they just wont work,
I want you to actively pretend and imagine your eye are so relaxed, every tiny
muscle and nerve fiber, in and around your eyes are so relaxed, they just wont
work, if you would hold on to that relaxation, so when they are that relaxed I want
to hold on that relaxation, and just test them, I know it's a strange feeling, you
can stop testing now and just relax >> just pretend and imagine, this is Elman's
language, pretend gonna fire up the creative part of mind, using the imagination,
it's in itself is a suggestion, and when they're relaxed I want you to hold on that

relaxation and test them 'this is a new addition'), The Stiff Arm (you said you're
a right handed right?! so can I borrow your left arm, I want you to make a tight
fist with this hand, as tight as you can, keep your eyes there 'to a point on the
back of their hand', fixed on one spot, and take a deep breath in, and as you
out just close your eyes, and concentrate on that fist making it as tight as you
can, imagine it right from your shoulder, through your triceps, into your forearm,
getting stiffer and stiffer, your forearm getting tighter and tighter, your triceps
stiffer and stiffer, your wrist like one solid unit, concentrate on that idea
you have a steal bar runing from here 'touch the shoulder', to here 'the wrist',
you find when you try to bend your arm you find it stuck stiff and rigid, put some
effort and try to bend it I know it's a strange feeling, and when I touch it you
can relax your arm, open your eyes and you're ready for your next instruction >> so
steps are to ask them to do something, then asking them to imagine that something,
then telling them it's like this, you can poke or gently hit their arm on multiple
points to let them stiff more and more, remind them to keep it stiff), Card Drop
'Calof' (you're right handed or left handed, take this card and hold on the corner
it, as tight as you can between your thumb and index 'and flex their wrist as
possible', and I want you to look at this corner 'the opposite one to the one they
holding', as if you are interested in this corner, keep staring keep looking, as
you look at it I want you to repeat in your mind, I'm going to drop this, I'm going
drop this, and close your eyes, and keep picturing the corner while repeating the
exact phrase again and again, I'm going to drop this, I'm going to drop this, and
you keep repeating this in your mind you'll notice it's interesting to find that
your fingers are stuck to the card, you cannot drop the card as your fingers are
to the card, even if you try to drop it, you'll find the harder you try to drop the
card the more you fingers are stuck to that card, it's a wierd feeling, when I
my fingers of course you can drop it and let it go >> if they drop it, then
fantastic, they're accepting your suggestion!, the original suggestion is that
they're telling
theirselves I'm not gonna drop it, then the hypnotist take advantage of this), the
minutes 40 - 50 are live demo and they are highly important to be watched again and
again (feedback, as you're speaking you can increase the intensity of your voice),
a little tangent (to pace and lead, pace is telling them what is happening, and
leading them to where you want), The Handshake Induction 'Bandler' (you know its
pattern interupt, extend your right hand as if you're shaking, then as they go to
take their right hand with your left, just look at your hand, look at the lines and
focus on one spot, as that hand moves toward your face your eyes will start to
focus, and as you become aware about your eyes just close your eyes, and sleep
'gentle touch on the back of their head to signal to them to let go and relax',
relax deeper and deeper, this arm can drift down and as it drifts you can relax
into a comfortable state, and as I say 1 you gonna wake up in the perfect state for

learning), Triple Handshake Induction 'Elman' (shake their hands to hold their
hand, then keep holding their hand and say, look right here underneath of my eye,
your eyes fixed right there, in a moment I'm gonna shake your hand three times, the
first time I shake your hands your eyes are gonna feel tight, the second time I
shake your hands your eyes will close but try keeping them on that spot, the third
time I shake you're going to deep sleep of hypnosis, so yes keep your focus on that
eye, here I shake your hand one, your eyes are tight, here two your eyes are
heavier and heavier, 3 'as you're doing this shake bring your other hand in front
of their
faces in a down sweeping motion with a snap and continue' close your eyes and sleep
deeper and deeper, sinking floating and drifting into a deep and nice state of
relaxation, a good trick is as you speak to them before the actual shakes you can
gently shake their hand in an unnoticed motion that is in rhythm with the breathing
pattern, this will make their mind more ready and accepting), Ambigous Touch
Handshake Induction 'Erickson' (keep holding their hand, just keep your eyes fixed
just look at here, pause, thats right, take a deep breath in 'as you say this start
relaxing your holding hand and with your other hand soppurt theirs to remain still
in the same position', as you breathe out just close your eyes and relax thats
right, you'll go deeper and deeper more relax sinking floating drifting, and I'm
count 3 to 1, as I count your hand can drop down, and as it drops down and the
muscles relax you can do the same thing drop down in inside into a comfortable
state and
relax, 3 thats right, and all the way down just relax >> the idea is the mind is
not expecting to shake and keep holding, it expects to shake and disengage, and as
speek they gonna forget their hand in that position), The Rehersal Induction (are
left handed or right handed?!, in a moment I'm gonna show you how to go into
I want you to have complete control over this, whats gonna happen is this, I'm
gonna take out your wrist, I'm gonna lift it up, and when it go about here
'shoulder hight'
that will be the point where you go into hypnosis, I push it down again and you'll
be back in normal way again, so I'm gonna do this many times, you'll notice when
hand reach certain point you gonna feel some sensation, your eye gonna feel
heavier, and they wanna close, and I'll push it down so you'll be back into the
so I wanna you to get the sensation and the feeling for this when it gets up to
that point, thats right, you'll feel your eyes gonna be heavier that will be the
where your eyes gonna close, and it'll be hanging their as if it's held by a wire,
and when I push it down you be back again, now I'm gonna lift it up, to a certain
point, your eyes close, and you relaxed, and go down again, thats right, again I'm
gonna lift your hands, and your hands feels lighter this time, your eyes are closed
your hand gonna be hanging their on a wire for a while just relax and go deeper and
deeper and deeper to the sleep, not really a sleep but deep relaxation of your
nervous system and letting go, I'm gonna push your hand down and you gonna be wide
awake full awarness and full alert >> each rehersal you add some steps, once you
their hand go by itself, continue with the actual induction part), Deepening (right
after the word sleep, a gentle tap on the back of the head to let their head fall
down, deeper deeper deeper down >> the ways of deepening, 1. direct command, go
deeper, go the deepest level of hypnosis, 2 times deeper, 10 times deeper, 2. link
you're doing to go deeper or what they doing, in the hand shake induction "I'm
gonna touch the back of your hand as I touch it it gonna fall down and you as well
go deeper and as twice as relaxed", as I touch you, as I rock your shoulder, you're
gonna relax and go deeper and deeper, 3. count down, as I count 5-1 you'll find
yourself going deeper with each number twice as relaxed, 4. loops, as you breathe,
with every beat of your heart, with every sound/word you hear from me, every
sound, everything can be linked, 5. pace and lead, see any naturally occuring
response from them, then lead it to the desired outcome, if their head starts to
fall by itself, just tell them as your head is moving down to a comfortable
position you gonna go deeper and deeper, the eyes flick as well as your eyes
you're going deeper and deeper >> here it's important to give them positive
suggestions, they'll love hypnosis and love being hypnotised again by you),
Fractionation &
Demonistration (here the subject of fractionation is brought which means you induce
hypnosis, wake them up, re-induce, wake, induce and so on, this gonna put them in
further deeper state of hypnosis >> a possible script after inducing, now as I say
the word eyes open you gonna open your eyes and look at my finger, and when I say
that a signal to close your eyes and go 2 times deeper, nod your head if you
understand, he did it 3 times and because his subject seems to be went really deep
in the
3rd time, so here he says, I'm gonna do this one more time and as I do it you're
gonna be in a profound state of hypnosis, you'll enjoy, another thing, from this
forward when I say the word sleep or deeper sleep with the intention to hypnotise
you, you will immediately return to this profound deep state of hypnosis >> here he

gave some suggestions and demos, the most important suggestion and the first one to
be given is, everything I say will immediately be your reality, no matter how
or silly it is, it'll be your reality, nod your head if you understand, the luagh,
the important thing is that keeps repeating and keeps leading when he sees the
fingers are beggining to twitch he brought
attention to them and said as they start to twitch it'll feel lighter and lighter
and so on, the statue suggestion, 2 useful questions are asked here, try to left
if you're trying so nod your head that you understand, if you're certain you cannot
left it nod your head, for which he nodded 2 times, another really great thing,
I'm gonna ask you to open your eyes and you gonna deeper in hypnosis, open your
eyes and go even deeper, the amnesia suggestion at the end >> Breakdown, notice
important here is when he says the portion of when I say eyes open, he didn't say
you gonna wake up and close your eyes again, instead just, you gonna look at my
and so on), Wake Up (make sure you negate all the silly suggestions, and bring them
up fully refreshed happy and alert not drowsy, a proper wake up is very important
for the subjects safety).

Vol. 2:
Demonstrations and routines
Amnesia (after you induce a deep level of hypnosis you can test by telling him,
when you're in that deep state of hypnosis, your sbcnscs will start to twitch your
left them to show me that you're in a deep state, everything I say will be your
reality, you'll know what I say you know, you'll see what I say you see, you'll
what I'll say you believe, when I say 1 2 wide awake from this point on you'll open
your eyes and be ready to respond to the suggestion I gonna give, and when I say
word sleep you'll immediatly go to this state going twice as deeply as before, in a
moment when I say 1 2 wide awake you'll open your eyes and believe everything is
back to normal, but you won't be able to remember your own name, just for time
it'll be gone it'll be rubbed out of your mind, completely rubbed out of your mind
for the time, the harder you try to remember it or recall it the more difficult
it'll become, it'll be ridiculous to you, it'll seem hillarious to you but you wont
able to remember your name, nod your head if you understand, 1 2 wide awake, and
test for the result >> here after re-hyp he gave a suggestion to change his name to

Jenny, then continued to give another suggestion >> when you give a suggestion like
the amnesia try to cover every angle, it'll be gone, it'll rubbed, it'll be wiped
out, also say the phrase just for the time you'll find that funny and you lauge, so
they don't say in their mind ,NO but I need to remember so and so), The Numbers
suggestion (this time when I tell you 1 2 wide awake you'll no longer be able to
count, this is as if numbers don't mean great deal to you, you know what the
are you can name the numbers, but if I ask you to count or sum you'll come up with
random number, and that will seem completely normal to you, but that's all you can
do), Hallucinations (in a moment when I say 1 2 wide awak you'll open your eyes,
but you'll now believe that Sarra Cave and I now growns devils horns, this gonna
you out you will not gonna leave your chair, because as you look at them, as you
want to talk about them they gonna grow, after testing and waking, they re-hyp,
everything I say now become your reality, when I say the word 1 2 wide awake you'll
no longer be able to see me or my clothes, I'll be totally invisible to you, I'll
be gone, you'll believe I left the building, again this is gonna freak you out
completely, you'll not leave the chair you'll not leave the room, again test, re-
I will be totally visible to you, and every single thing I will say will become
your reality, here he awake him, gave him the can and suggest he cannot lift it as
too heavy and getting heavier and heavier and stuck to his leg, when this is done
his hand will stuck to it and now he can lift it, then changed to the biggest
balloon in the world), LIE & TRUTH (next time I say 1 2 wide awake you're going to
be a lier, a bullshitter the biggest lier, a compulsive lier, every lie that you
will be bigger than the last, you'll be totally straight faced, you'll believe what
you say, because you're a compulsive lier, test, re-hyp, then when I wake you up
this time you'll be a truth teller, you'll only say the truth the whole truth
nothing but the truth, the only words that are coming out of your mouth will be,
true, you cannot speak non-true), Thieft (as hypnotise him he took something from
his breast pocket, then he gave the suggestion of watch being so tight and the only
way to be comfort is to remove it and forget about it, then the suggestion when you
open your eyes everything in you pocket will belong to me, you borrowed them one
week ago and it's time to give them back).

The Manchurian Approach:

Upload Asi Winds stuff T&T again and others + Derren Brown's + Nefesch + learn
Nefesch things for walk around tricks + remember Naruto's rikudu's episodes

Peter Turner:
Vol.11 hypno-effects
the idea that hypnosis is in fact is suggestion, not the other way, when you say
sleep, deeper, trance they are suggestions and not just pre-requisites to the
suggestion, �No phenomenon whatever can be produced in hypnosis that cannot be
to lesser degrees by suggestions given in the normal waking condition.�, EXPECTANCY

Igor Ledochowski:
Power of Conversational Hypnosis
CD 1
The 4 stage hypnotic protocol (the ABS formula, stage 1 absorb attention, make
yourself the center of attention for the person you're going to hypnotise, stage 2
the critical factor, I'm familiar with such things, just don't let any NO come to
their mind, stage 3 activate an unconscious response, one good example of them are,
emotional responses, more emotion less reasoning, stage 4 lead the unconscious to
desired outcome, these 4 stages are all what is needed for effective traditional or
conversational hypnosis), Example 1 (he gave here an example of conversational
hypnosis, here are some points that he mentioned in the breakdown, first yes-set,
embedded command, here "it's not right that you shouldn't FEEL GOOD everytime you
do that", are suggestions or messages within the message, then distraction
or seeding suggestions, you plant an idea and seed it to take root, by repeating
and re-implanting, metaphors, confusion, this is used to distract the cnscs mind so
the uncnscs is on the surface), Example 2 (the decision criteria, you make a mental
checklist for them and tick every single point, power words, now immediately
Exercises (some good exercises here to follow, 1 try to spot the signs that people
are in or out of a trance, see when someone is focused or engaged, how they're
to everyone else?!, 2 try to absorb and maintain attention as long as possible, see
how it's done and what is better to do)

CD 2
The 6 most common mistakes in building rapport (1. being too nice, the solution, Be
nice only to the extent that it�s not interfering with the process of communicating

feelings and ideas with the other person, 2. trying too hard, this might break the
rapport, instead try the short-cuts or "instatn rapport techniques", 3. wanting
something from someone else too much, here comes the fractionation, build rapport
and back off, build, back off, and build, and back off and so on, 4. lack of
interest, whatever person you're dealing with show respect and interest to them,
and there is something called the track back, which is different from the active
listening, it's basically the exact same as Jerome's mirroring their words, 5. play
the wrong role, I didn't see the real value here so skip, 6. building deep rapport
instead of wide rapport, a wide rapport is a rapport that is built and maintained
whenever you meet that person no matter what the environment you're in, deep
can only be confined to specific are or working place or so, but wide rapport is
much much more effective), Hypnotic rapport (a way to build a natural and almost
rapport is to build a hypnotic rapport, the example here about a person thinking of
someone they really connected to or love, see what kind of feelings they have
that person and then try to imagine sending that feeling toward that person, this
is similar to Jerome's merging), Rapport hooks (this is a method where you make
try to build rapport with you, it's a powerful technique that can build good
rapport, and you can do this by saying something where you make people want to ask
you more
questions, like telling incomplete info, so they have to ask), Trance signals
(pupil dilation, according the lighting of the room, mostly there will be dilation,

slowing down of the pulse, or fasting as well can be a sign sometimes, you can
notice that on the neck or the ankle, change in the pattern of breathing, most
likely a
slow down, sometimes a fast breathing according the suggestion or something you're
saying, facial features begin to smooth out and be symmetrical, a sign that they're
relaxing, attention is absorbed, their attention is fixed, change in people�s blink
reflex more to be slower, might be faster and might even be stoped, change in the
swallowing mechanism, immobility of movement, involuntary muscle twitches, changes
in skin colour, or skin tone itself, as more, or sometimes less blood that
out from the skin the skin colour might change as people enter different state of
mind, voices will also change, slower, sometimes will stop speaking, an increase in

passive responses, less argumentative, more agreeable, and more passive, more
willing to follow), Exercises (practice the Instant Rapport technique, the emotion
method, practice this heightened state of awareness, signal reading system, this is
to watch people and try to read them, what they work, where are they from, what
like, dislike, how they behave, and so on)

CD 3
Directionalised Language (you want to induce an altered state of mind, this is done
when people are focused on certain ideas or thoughts to the exclusion of others,
what you focus on exclusively becomes real, first thing you have to do is, to grab
someones attention and focus it), A smooth flow of ideas (the first step in
a conversational trance is to create an unbroken flow of ideas, this is done by,
verbal agreement "yes sets", plausibility, as the person enters trance less
ideas can more easily be accepted, which means you have to begin with the most
plausible ideas first, piggy back suggestions, where you build a suggestion over
over another, and so on, linguistic bridges or conjunctions, they're the cement
that binds info together, and allows you to move from one idea to another
seamlessly and
fluidly, they are 4 words of power, As, And, Because, Which Means), Breakdown of
the hypnotic example (4 words of power) (here an example on the 4 words was shown,
used repetition over and over again of the same ideas and the same suggestions
which were just 3 simple ideas, relax, feel comfort, and learn, so Principle 1:
Repetition Of Hypnotic Themes, this is done using the 4 words repeated again and
again, Principle 2: Priming Unconscious Responses, the response have to be
or primed to something inside the mind, a feeling an image and so on, you can use
it in a way let them know how they access it their own way, Principle 3: Tonality &

Rhythm, will be discussed later, Principle 4: Piggy Back Suggestions, you can piggy
back things that are already happening or things that you want to suggest,
Principle 5: The Yes Set), The performance element in hypnosis (this is basically
the way to perform or to speak, the basic structure is PayPeeToVaRy, with some
additional points, Performance Principle 1: Go First, is to builf a state of mind
that is similar to what you want to say, if you want tor relax someone, be relaxed
think of a scene or so, if you want to awake be alert, Performance Principle 2:
Squeeze The Meaning, give your voice the same tone of the word you�re saying,
sleeeep, WIDE AWAKE, Performance Principle 3: Emphasis, the T of Tovary,
Performance Principle 4: Rhythm & Tone, Performance Principle 5: Develop A Trance
develop the paternal sleep voice and the fresh wake up voice, Performance Principle
6: The 3 Tonalities, upward Q, straight statement, and downward command), Exercise
(go and read the Erickson's cards, and study them), Exercise 2 (a very very very
extremely important exercise, and a one that I want to keep practicing, is to start

making hypnotic phrases using the themes of, relaxation comfort and learning, using
the 4 power words, as, and, because, and means), Exercise 3 (the same as ex 2 but
this time use the linguistic bridges that are found on the back of the book, this
time try to cut, shuffle them, and pick one at random, and start build your own
inductions, these 2 exercises are really important), Exercise 4 (now take all the
inductions you built and build them in an everyday type of conversation, whatever
your career is), Exercise 5+6 (are about tonality and command and questions
important), Exercise 7 (is to put everything together! take all what you've learned
on this
CD, build and record the inductions, lesten to them and see what you feel, highly
powerful and recommeded), Exercise 8 (start doing what you learned with people,
engage it to your conversation), Exercises 2,3,4,7,8 are the most important and are
a must to be practiced).

CD 4
Power tactics (High Status, Calm Movements, Use Of Space, Expose Vulnerable Parts
throat belly and groin, Steady Eye Contact, Power Tactic 2: The Consistency
Demonstrate Authority do what you do, do mentalism, do magic, do hypnosis by doing
suggestibility tests, remember also the agreement tactics, the plausibility and
piggy-backing suggestion, to piggy back a suggestion is to use something that they
will agree with, perhaps a compliment or a yes-set statement and attach a
to it), Persistence tactics (these tactics used to effectively implant the hypnotic
suggestion, Persistence Tactic 1: The Hypnotic Triple, repetition creates
reinforcement, which creates the reality at the end, so repetition is the first
key, Persistence Tactic 2: Seeding Hypnotic Ideas, is to put the seed suggestion
and keep
nurturing it every now and then, keep visiting in an indirect way, Persistence
Tactic 3: The Law Of Successive Approximations, more or less like the piggy back,
is to
give one shot of a suggestion a time, and take them one step further each time,
Persistence Tactic 4: The Law Of Compounding Effect, for each accepted suggestion,
person becomes further more suggestible each time like the yes-set), Exercise 1
(eye contact), Exercise 2+3 (meditation that need to be done later every now and
Exercise 4 (try to agree with every thing), Exercise 5 (agree with what you
actually agree, and once you disagree do no reaction both enternally and
Exercise 6 (in a hypnotic, casual manner, repeat your instruction in different ways
so they attach more), Exercise 7 (give orders in a casual indirect way), Exercise 8
(seed an idea and keep visiting it every now and then during the conversation).

Bonus CD 1
Stealth tactic 1 (the law of the reverse action, the more someone tries the less he
will succeed, the more conscious effort the easier to fail to resist, The hypnotic
challenge is basically where you ask someone to try to resist you in some way. And
notice how they fail. Typically the way a classical hypnotist will do this is he�ll

do some kind of suggestibility test, for example the hand clasp test, or the finger
vice, or the body sway test, �Try as hard as you can to open your hands and you�ll
find that you cannot. Try hard, and the harder you try the tighter those hands will
squeeze together.�, the secret to these suggestions is the word "try"), Stealth
tactic 2 (redirect resistance, is to give them something they can consciously
resist, while in the mean time you sneak another thing into their unconscious mind
them knowing anything is happening, when someone wat to buy a car from you, you
tell them "you have red and green but you think red is good for them" here if they
that red is no right for them and they want blue, here they accepted the idea of
buying a car, and just resisted the colour), Stealth tactic 3 (refocus attention,
idea, change the topic to something else, revisit the suggestion over and over
again, distract them and now it's their own idea as they have no conscious
awareness of it,
this can be done by changing the topic, confusion, and overload with a lot of
unnecissary details), Implication (simply to imply something without acctually
it, by implying directives, by building expectations), presuppositions (are things
you suppose to be true, �Luckily, today there are chairs at the back of the room.�,
this means there is a front for this room, and some other day the chairs weren't
there, within presup are some words patterns like the awareness words, I see,
know, understand, time & timed sequences, begin, start, first, last, since, all,
time, continue, using presup 3 times in a row can confuse or overload the conscious
the adverbs, luckily, finally, quickly, happily), binds & double binds (a form of
presup that make someone choose something that is a must, or leave them with the
of choice, do you want the red card or the blue card?! no matter what he will take
a card, sign with this pen or that?!, use the word OR, you want to go to the bed at
eight or eight fifteen, which do you prefer?!), Exercise 1 (the reverse law, ask
someone to catch a ball you gonna throw and stress on how important they to catch
Exercise 2 (distraction, speak about something and keep changing the topic remember
the soft and hard loops, soft is to divert the conversation, hard is to just go for
another topic), Exercise 3 (this is to overload the cnscs mind, just start
mentioning some unrelated and meaningless info), Exercise 5+6 (is to use
presuppositions as
much as you can in your language, they are the words of awarness, time).

CD 5
The access state principle (ASP) (to presuade or change someone's mind, you have to
change his mood first, each state is like a room that certain skills, knowledge,
and info are stored in, so you have to induce the state in which the thing you want
to achieve is there), Emotional triggers (these are the things that is implanted in
the mind and will stimulate certain feelings, emotions, so to implant a triger,
remember the ABS formula, then Condition 1: Access A Clear State, if you want them
focus, focus yourself to be happy do as well, excited you too, Condition 2: Set A
Trigger, this can be a movement, a touch, a word or anything, Condition 3:
Condition The
Trigger, by few repetitions, Condition 4: Test The Trigger, change the topic and
triger, if they accessed the same state you're done), How to set an emotional
(again this is a review, Step 1: Use The 4 Stage Protocol, Step 2: Induce A State,
Step 3: Intensify The State, Step 4: Associate State To Your Emotional Trigger),