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English Remove Class

Bahasa Inggeris Tingkatan Peralihan

Paper 1
Kertas 1

1 hour Satu jam



1. This question paper consists of 40 questions.

Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 40 soalan.
2. Answer all the questions.
Jawab semua soalan.
3. Each question is followed by four alternative answers, A, B, C, or D. For each question, choose
one answer only.
Tiap-tiap soalan diikuti oleh empat jawapan pilihan, iaitu, A, B, C, atau D. Bagi setiap soalan,
pilih satu jawapan sahaja.

Disediakan oleh, Disemak oleh,

____________________ __________________
Section A
Answer all the question that follows

1. A __________ is a large, dark yellow round fruit that grows on the ground.
A. yam C. pumpkin
B. cabbage D. mushroom

2. After bathing, Helmi wiped himself dry with a__________.

A. scarf C. towel
B. dress D. singlet

3. The bride is wearing a gold ring on her _________.

A. toe C. wrist
B. arm D. finger

Question 4
4. We conduct ourselves well in the library by:
A. speaking loudly.
B. talking boisterously.
C. speaking softly.
D. whispering.

Question 5
Study the picture below and answer the question that follows.
5. What is the expression of the man beside?
A. Angry
B. Happy
C. Sad
D. Expressionless

Question 6
Read the notice below and answer the question that follows.

6. MegaTick is most likely to be a/an

A. book stall.
B. furniture stall.
C. electronic stall.
D. bakery stall.
Question 7
Study the chart below and answer the question that follows.

7. Which one of the following statements is false?

A. Tourist arrivals were the lowest in 1992.
B. Tourist arrivals in 1995 were higher than in
C. Tourist arrivals were the highest in 1993.
D. There were no changes in tourist arrivals in
and 1994.

Question 8
Look at the table below and answer the question that follows:

A table showing a group of 100 people randomly surveyed:

8. How many people are over 40 years

A. 22 C. 12
B. 10 D. 18

Question 9

9. The most popular food that most students like is:

A. fried rice.
B. chicken rice.
C. fishball noodles.
D. chicken sandwich.

Question 10
Study the label below and answer the question that follows.
Expiry date:
10. The tuna should be consumed 30.09.2010
A. on 30th September 2010
B. after 30th September 2010
C. from 30th September 2010
D. before 30th September 2010
Section B
Questions 11 – 15
Based on the picture, choose the best answer to fill in the blanks in the passage that follows.

Liana and her friends_____11_____ at the canteen. Some

_____12_____ are queuing up to buy food. There is a lot of food
____13______ the counter. There are also two helpers at the canteen.
Each of them is wearing an apron and a cap. They are__14_____
food. The canteen is clean and ____15______
11. A. is B. are C. was D. were
12. A. men B. students C. workers D. teachers
13. A. at B. under C. across D. behind
14. A. sell B. sells C. sold D. selling
15. A. dirty B. untidy C. hygienic D. unpleasant

Section C
Choose the best answer to complete the sentences below.
Question 16 – 23

16. Sanjay is a ___________ boy. He is only 120 cm tall.

A. short B. weak C. small D. low
17. My grandmother is __________ but healthy.
A. sick B. strong C. old D. short
18. Ai Li is the ___________ girl in the class.
A. pretty B. prettier C. most pretty D. prettiest
19. The woman types letters in an office. She is a ___________.
A. teacher B. clerk C. doctor D. accountant
20. He is fat __________ is able to run fast.
A. and B. or C. but D. because
21. My brother is taller than _______
A. she B. mine C. I D. me
22. My hands were dirty so I washed ____________
A. them B. it C. they D. their
23. Sarah cut her hair yesterday. ____________ is short now.
A. it B. she C. her D. its
Section D
Question 24 – 29
Read the following instruction on how to prepare a pancake. Then, answer the questions that follow.

1. Put the flour into a bowl. Add in the salt.
2. Make a hole in the centre of the flour in the bowl.
3. Break a large egg into the flour.
4. Mix the flour and the egg together with a spoon.
5. Pour in the milk slowly and mix well.
6. If the mixture is too thick, add a little water.
7. Add in the green colouring.
8. Put a little oil into a frying pan.
9. Heat the pan on the stove.
10. Pour in two tablespoonfuls of the mixture into the frying pan
11. When the pancake is cooked, put in on a plate.
12. Put two tablespoonfuls of coconut filling on the pancake and roll neatly.

24. The flour is put in a

A. hole B. spoon C. pan D. bowl

25. After mixing the flour and egg together, we add in

A. water B. green colouring C. salt D. milk

26. Two tablespoons of the mixture is poured into the

A. cup B. frying pan C. bowl D. spoon

27. When the mixture is too thick, add a little

A. egg B. sugar C. water D. flour

28. Which is the last ingredient to be added into the mixture?

A. Oil B. Milk C. Coconut D. Colouring

29. How many tablespoons of coconut do you put on the pancake?

A. One B. Two C. Three D. Four

Questions 30 – 34
Read the letter below and answer the questions that follow.

110, Jalan Mawar,

Bukit Kerajaan, Kuala
Kangsar, Perak.
8 January 2009.

Dear Sharon,

I like to share with you my enjoyable moment during the holidays. I was at a wedding function held
in a community hall. It was my uncle, Azlan who got married. It was a wonderful wedding ceremony with
elaborate decorations like in a fairy tale.
I was one of the bride-maids. I wore a beautiful dress and had pretty flowers in my hair. During the
‘bersanding’, I was the busiest person entertaining the guests. I was just as busy as a bee. There was a live
band performance. I also helped to distribute ‘bunga telur’ to all the guests. It was the most memorable
The ceremony ended around three in the evening. Everyone was happy and enjoyed themselves. I
hope to send some wedding photos to you as soon as possible.

Your loving friend,


30. Who went to the wedding ceremony?

A Azlan
B Ariani
C Shasha
D Sharon
31. The ceremony was held at the _____________.
A community hall
B community clinic
C community college
D community members

32. What was in the bride-maid’s hair?

A green leaves
B collection of fruits
C fresh vegetables
D pretty flowers

33. In the letter, the phrase as busy as bee means

A miss an opportunity because you are late
B to hope that something will be successful
C moving about quickly doing many things
D thing happens immediately after another thing

34. Why was ‘bunga telur’ given to the guests?

A as souvenir
B as reward
C as keychain
D as stationery

Section E
Question 35 – 37
Read the conversation in Situation A and choose the best meaning for the phrases underlined.

Situation A: Raju was found smoking and is now in the Headmaster’s office.
Headmaster : You are here because you were caught red-handed (35) smoking in the toilet yesterday.
Raju : That is true, sir.
Headmaster :When did you pick up the habit(36), Raju?
Raju : Sir, actually that was my very first time.
Headmaster : Don’t you know that smoking is unhealthy?
Raju :Yes, I do, sir. I never intend to touch a cigarette again for
I dislike the taste of it!
Headmaster : Very well, I’ll let you off the hook(37) this
time. But don’t let me catch you smoking again!
Raju : Thank you, sir. I am most grateful.

35. caught red-handed C. first see a cigarette

A. captured painting while D. stop smoking
B. caught in act of
C. praised 37. let you off the hook
A. punish you
36. pick up the habit B. forgive you
A. learn to smoke C. blame you
B. realize that it is wrong

Questions 38 – 40
Read the conversation in Situation A and choose the best meaning for the phrases that are underlined.

Situation A: It is raining. Two boys are playing basketball court near their
houses. They do not have umbrellas.

Boy A: Oh no! It is raining cats and dogs(38).

Boy B: No big deal. It is more cooling now.
Boy A: But we will get drenched and get a scolding.
Boy B: Don’t worry. I am the apple of my father’s eye(39).
Boy A: Lucky you. I am not in the same boat( 40) as you.
Boy B: Too bad. So, do you wish to continue this game?
Boy A: No. I had better go home now.
38. raining cats and dogs
A. no rain 40. in the same boat
B. a shower only A. same condition
C. raining heavily B. same type of ship
D. dogs are chasing cats C. going out to sea
D. in a restaurant
39. apple of my father’s eye.
A. very ill-treated
B. very well-favoured
C. very juicy

End of Question Paper ~ Good Luck ~

1. C 11. B 21. D 31. A
2. C 12. B 22. A 32. D
3. D 13. A 23. A 33. C
4. C 14. D 24. D 34. A
5. A 15. C 25. D 35. B
6. B 16. A 26. B 36. A
7. C 17. C 27. C 37. B
8. A 18. D 28. D 38. C
9. B 19. B 29. B 39. B
10. D 20. C 30. B 40. A