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jeffrey r. martin
50 Chelsea Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M6P 1C1│647 - 334 - 1459│jeffmartin005@gmail.com

Intern Architect Education

Creative and detail-oriented Intern Architect with nearly 5 years Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism,
of professional experience, with a demonstrated passion for Carleton University
design, research and architecture. A self-motivated individual Ottawa, Ontario
who has the ability to take initiative and follow-through on a wide Master of Architecture
range of tasks and responsibilities. 2012-2014
Joint Study Program - Carleton University, Aalto University
and NOW Architecture
Professional Experience Helsinki, Finland
Graziani + Corazza Architects Inc. Winter Semester, 2013
Mississauga, Ontario Bachelor of Architectural Studies
February 2017 - Present Major: Design
https://www.gc-architects.com/ 2008-2012
Responsibilities and Duties:
‚‚ Project Manager of Design for several ongoing Skills Profile
residential projects in various stages of development
located throughout the GTA ‚‚ Excellent attention to detail
‚‚ Assist in the design, assembly, coordination and ‚‚ Able to successfully work in a collaborative team setting as
completion of design feasibility, marketing, rezoning and well as individually
SPA documents for issuance to clients, consultants and ‚‚ Excellent verbal and written communication skills
municipal authorities ‚‚ Confident in managing multiple projects simultaneously in a
‚‚ Liaise with clients and senior G+C staff to refine and fast pace environment
improve design concepts using a multidisciplinary approach ‚‚ Commitment to continued training and learning
‚‚ Good working knowledge of the Ontario Building Code and
TCA|Thier + Curran Architects Inc.
other jurisdictional requirements
Hamilton, Ontario
‚‚ Sound knowledge of MS Office, AutoCad, Photoshop,
June 2015 - February 2017
InDesign, Vray and Sketchup
‚‚ Knowledge of Revit (Completed a six week course for Revit
Responsibilities and Duties: Architecture at Leonardo College of Design in Toronto ON,
‚‚ Assisted in the production of working drawings and in September, 2014)
construction details for different scaled commercial, ‚‚ Self motivated and dedicated to seeing projects through to
institutional and residential projects the end
‚‚ Participated in site reviews for various projects under
construction, creating and issuing subsequent reports and
tracking deficiencies Intern in Architecture Program (IAP)
‚‚ Interacted with contractors and tradesmen in order to
resolve conflicts arising on-site during project construction Recording of hours in CERB - Ongoing
‚‚ Assisted in managing projects during construction, ExAC - Completed
completing contract administration and progress billing 2019
‚‚ Worked on schematic design schemes for several large
and small scale projects Admission Course - Completed
‚‚ Prepared measured drawings of existing spaces 2015

+VG Architects | The Ventin Group Ltd. Volunteer & Membership

Brantford, Ontario
December 2014 - June 2015 Carleton University Graduate Student Association (GSA)
https://www.plusvg.com/ Councilor of the Architecture Department
Responsibilities and Duties:
‚‚ Assisted in the production of reports for proposed Society for the Preservation of Paris (On) Architectural Heritage
developments and their potential physical and social 2013-2015
impacts on the surrounding community
‚‚ Assisted in the production of presentation graphics for Online Portfolio
public and committee meetings
‚‚ Managed the office archive and materials library, filing and https://jrmartin-portfolio.weebly.com/
retrieving specific documents based on staff requests