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Carnival of Lost Golems

Inside the room, Adrian saw several brown, clay figures, molded in the shape of a five foot six
man, yet with no distinguishing colors other then brown, moving around without talking. Some were
busy with mechanical tasks like picking up bundles of paper, sweeping the floors, or just hitting others.
Adrian thought this was some silent creature feature movie and he was the minority race. Imagine
being the only person in a land of monsters, he thought. It reminds me of Frankenstein fights the wolf
man, who battles Count Dracula.

“I say,” said a voice in the distance. “You look lost and wanting some popcorn.”

Adrian turned around, expecting to see the Coyote. He was surprised to spot Rumi, who was sitting
upon a chair while the claylike monsters roamed.

“How did you get here—and what are these things?” asked Adrian.

“You sent a mental cry for help and I came, for these things are called golems.”

“And what are golems?” asked Adrian. “Extras for the monster movies?”

“The Jewish mystics created them with letters from the Hebrew alphabet. Unfortunately, when they
killed them off, their essence landed in the dreamtime. Tiny, being a Jewish biker with many bad
deeds, is lost here.”

“Like me?” asked Adrian.

“Come now,” said Rumi. “We just need to find him and bring him back.”

As they walked around, Adrian noticed many golems running carnival acts, just like at the carnivals
he experienced as a kid. The first act he watched was an acrobatic act, where the golems stood on top
of each other’s backs. The formation reminded him of a pyramid, with four in row one, three in row
two, two is row three and one at the top. One of the bottom row golem’s sneezed, and the whole
structure suddenly collapsed.

“What happened?” asked Adrian, looking at Rumi.

“The golem, pretending to be a column, wasn’t very solemn.”

“Oh, I get it,” said Adrian. “The bottom golem sneezed a bit. His partners had no place to sit.”
Cute, but the jokes feel suddenly dropped in.

The next act was a knife-throwing act, where one golem handed another golem a knife and he threw
it at a blindfolded target. Adrian noticed something different about the target, for instead of being the
brown like golems, it looked like a human silhouette and was squirming to avoid the knives. Adrian
watched as the first two knives were thrown and neither one hit the target. The golem positioned the
third knife, just as the target spoke: “Let me out of here.”

“Rumi, that’s Tiny.”

“We need a plan,” responded Rumi, whispering in Adrian’s ear.

Rumi tapped the golem handling the knives on the shoulder and pointed to the knives. The golem,
mistaking Rumi’s tapping for a desire to participate in the game, allowed him to examine the knives.
He took his time, trying to find the perfect knife to throw, thereby allowing Adrian to sneak around and
get behind Tiny.

“Who are you?” asked Tiny.

“I’m trying to rescue you,” replied Adrian.

“Wait!” replied Tiny. “You’re that hoodoo voodoo friend of Doc’s.”

“Same,” replied Adrian, untying Tiny from his makeshift prison. “We can make hoodoo or do
voodoo, but if we stay here, we will be doodoo.”

As soon as Tiny was untied, the golems turned their focus from Rumi examining knifes, unto
Adrian and Tiny, trying to sneak away. A crowd of a dozen golems started chasing Adrian and Tiny,
who circled around to meet Rumi running toward them. With the golems closing in, the men passed a
sign saying house of mirrors and hid inside. The golems entered the House of Mirrors, and their
reflections became distorted caricatures. One had a fat body, the other a thin one, a third had a midget
shape, and a fourth an elongated body. Every golem was busy admiring their reflections, giving the trio
time to hide by some empty mirror frames.

“What’s the plan?” asked Tiny.

“Pretend to imitate their movements,” whispered Adrian.

“Ah!” replied Rumi. “They will think they are seeing their own reflections.” Good idea.

“Craziest thing I ever saw!” replied Tiny.

A golem came over to Adrian and he responded by imitating its movements. First it rubbed its
head, so he responded with head rubbing. The next set of movements included moving the arms and
lets in alternating up and down movements. A second golem went over to Rumi’s mirror frame and
started clapping its hands, which invoked a similar response in Rumi. The golem, pleased, started
jumping up and down and Rumi followed suit. A final golem came over to Tiny and pretended to kiss
his reflection. Tiny, thinking it was a male golem, punched it in the nose and it fell backwards.

“You’re not supposed to punch it!” shouted Adrian.

“What should I do to a homogolem?” asked Tiny.

Adrian looked around and saw the carnival background, and his mind was filled with childhood
images of riding the merry-go-round, and these thoughts prompted his next question. “Why is this
layout like a carnival?”

“The golems extracted the image from Tiny’s brain,” replied Rumi. “It was probably the last thought
he had before entering a coma state.” Why would Tiny think of a carnival?
Adrian came on a set of boats with oars, a tunnel, and a sign reading Tunnel of Love. Adrian and
Rumi jumped into the boat, but Tiny stood on shore.

“Join us in the Tunnel of Love,” said Adrian.

“No way!” said Tiny. “I’m not joining a bunch of guys in the Tunnel of Love.”

“Fine!” said Rumi, starting to push the boat away, “either party in the Tunnel of Love with the good
old boys or grab a golem to go.”

It didn’t take long for Tiny to weigh his options. He pushed the boat off and the three rode the
currents, entering the tunnel, only to be followed by a boat of six golems. Rumi keep looking forward
while Adrian and Tiny looked behind, trying to see the outline of golems in an enclave of darkness. All
they spotted were red, glowing eyes, which lit up in the dark tunnel. The golem boat looked like an
ancient, Greek monster with twelve glowing eyes.

“Great!” said Tiny, “now we’re being chased by Merlin’s pet dragon.”

“Or a twelve eyed Lovecraft reject,” replied Adrian, trying to alleviate tensions. Let the reader

“Oh, grandma, what big eyes you have,” responding Rumi, causing the other two to bellow out in

There was a light in the horizon and Adrian started wondering [I have a hard time believing his
thoughts would drift in the middle of all this]. Here I am, being chased by the twelve-eyed, Lovecraft
reject. Here I come to find Tiny’s soul, save him from his coma state, and where do I end up?
Tracking through a goofy maze of perverted thoughts and darkness, only to end up in a carnival of
golems – misfits created by some Jewish mystics with too much time on their hands. And how do we
find our way back? It’s not like the golems have a road map they can loan us. As they approached the
tunnel end, a voice started singing in the distance.

“There was a maid, who lost her way,

But she heard a fellow singing.

Will I find my Barbara Allen this day? I don’t believe that I have hope for them now!

I’m sure the golems are grinning.”

“Do you hear that horrible singing?” asked Tiny, as they reached shore.

“It’s Adrian’s friend,” said Rumi. “He’s singing our way out. Follow that voice.”

The three got out of the boat and started running toward the voice, followed by the golems.

“I found two doors to enter in,

One is a room that’s for me.
The other is a tiny aid,
For Barbara Allen serves tea.”

The three came upon two doors, with the golems seconds behind, with Adrian noticing one door
said highway and the other said low way.

“I got it!” said Rumi, jumping though the door labeled low way.

“Well!” Said Adrian, pushing Tiny through and following behind, as Adrian noticed the door sealed
itself from the golems followed. “You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out our ticket home,
and he started to sing.”

“You take the highway,

And I’ll take the low way,
And I’ll be in Scotland before ye.”

The next feel seconds found Adrian drifting with Tiny through streams of light. Tiny arrived back
into his coma body shell and Adrian opened his eyes, only to see Ann, Bubbles and all the monitors
lighting up on Tiny’s bed. Adrian felt tired and looked into Ann’s eyes.

“It looks like you succeeded,” said Ann. “What was it like?”

“Mazes, carnivals and golems,” responded Adrian, putting his arm in Ann’s and looking into the baby
carriage – to ensure Bubbles was behaving herself.

The nurse came in as the couple, together with their unusual baby, made their way to the elevator.
Once outside, they went over to Ann’s car and she started it up. Adrian held Bubbles and sat in the
passenger seat, while Ann opened a Tootsie Roll, passing one to Adrian “What do you mean by
mazes, golems, and carnivals?” Asked Ann.

“Well, it’s a long story. In the dreamtime, Tiny’s dark past and history manifested itself as a maze.
Coyote helped me through, but Tiny’s soul is really Jewish. He got lost in some realm where golems,
creatures created by Jewish mystics, held him captive. Tiny’s mind turned dreamtime into a carnival,
but I was able to save him, with some help from Rumi and Coyote.”

“Sounds complicated,” said Ann. “Let’s save it to later and get back to Doc’s place.”

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