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Subject: Using of KE4IM Maintain assignment of MM condition types to CO-

PA value fields

I use transaction code Ke4IM to assign MM condition types to CO-PA value

Then I post some purchase orders, goods receipts and invoice receipts, but non
of these postings are displayed in CO-PA reports.

I have executed the following IMG transactions/steps.

1. KE4IM: MM condition types from MM pricing assigned to CO-PA value

2. KEI2: Maintain PA structure FI (assign price difference accts to CO-PA
value fields)
3. OKB9: Enter price difference accounts + activate PA indicator

Which MM processes (purchase, goods receipt, invoice receipt) or transactions

flow to CO-PA?

I'm implementing this in a SAP ECC 6.0 system.

Hello Roy,
Thanks for your reply.
Do you have examples of MM transactions which will flow to CO-PA value fields?
Posting of price differences for example or am I wrong?
I have only experience with assigning SD condition types to CO-PA value fields.
It's the first time using KE4IM and I have assigned all MM condition types used in
MM pricing to CO-PA value fields, but that makes no sense?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Jeffrey,

Your Purchase Price Variance account should flow to CO-PA if it hits your Profit
& Loss account. That is the basic criterion for all accounts - do they hit your
profit? If they only hit the balance sheet they do not belong in CO-PA. The best
person to talk to about this subject is one of your company's accountants who is
responsible for the Profit & Loss account. Ask him what he wants to see in his
CO-PA reports.

SD is the module that feeds CO-PA with most data. For example the VPRS
condition which is most closely related to Cost of Goods Sold (CoGS) and
probably the transport, rebate and discount condition types. It all depends on the
structure of the company and what they want. However, it is good practice to
make sure that your CO-PA result agrees with your FI result (with possible
exception of purely financial transactions such as interest and taxes).

Regards, Roy

Roy Brookes AFA, FInstBA,

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Dear Ray,

Your answer is very good and comprehensive. I like to add one small thing. In case user set up
material master record as direct consumable and user create PO with account assignment "K".
SAP will create financial entry debit to expense GL with combination of cost center at the time
GR. SAP will create both FI and COPA transaction automatically. SAP will pick GL and Cost
Center inform from PO account assignment tab.

Have a nice day.


Nadeem Ahmed