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Statement of Purpose

Dear Internship Coordinator

I am interested in the subject chimney structure from L&T internship program because it will
give me invaluable experience in world affairs and structural consultancy that will benefit me as
I want to pursue a career in the Powerplant industries. I also believe that my experience and
skills will be an asset to L&T during my internship.

I will be modeling the structure on STAAD PRO and for analysis purpose the temperature effect,
dynamic loads (wind and seismic) and resonance effect of stack this would be done. Double wall
self supported steel stack are generally two stack with insulation. This kind of stack is generally
for refineries industry where temperature of gas is very high. As to reduce the effect of
temperature and stresses hence double walls are provided. Its design and analysis would be done
as per IS 6533 (Part 1 and 2). This type of stack can be installed where outer gas is very high. So
by using this we can maintain and reduce the maintenance cost.

I completed my undergraduate education at the Charusat University, graduating first class with
distinction with a Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering. I have been twice interned at
Cube Construction Engineering Limited analyzing the work Mukhya Mantri Gruh Yojana
residential at Gotri, Vadodara. The first was for intensive basics practices at construction site,
while the second was to carry out an independent research project which I compared the work
for construction process. I learned how to research a subject in a comprehensive way. This same
skill would be an asset as I assist in constructing intelligence analyses with L&T.

I am currently a Masters candidate at the Charusat University, Changa, where I am studying

Advanced Structure. This has given me a great deal of knowledge in modern global affairs and
international relations, in addition to background knowledge of the industry particularly. In
particular, I have seen work done on double wall self supported chimney. This has given me a
sense of where powerplant could use this kind of structure likely heading in the future.

Outside of the classroom, I have been a leader in my community. At the Charusat, I was student
head of the Central Council, an organization that advises the University administration on
student life issues and organizes the technical and non technical events for welfare of
University. This role required me to work with community members in a constructive fashion
and plan with them in mind. For example, I served as the student head of department committee
that formulated and instituted a plan to create commencement for first year students and
organized as well as coordinated the state level quiz civil competition at the University, in order
to benefit those who may not feel comfortable in academics. In doing so, we needed to account
for the concerns of first year students, administrators, and many other groups. This has given
me a great deal of proficiency both in working with technology and in interacting with people
very different from myself. The organizational and technical skills that I have acquired from
these experiences have given me a great deal of self motivation and leadership skill. In L&T’s
fast paced environment of daily analysis, these skills will keep me focused on producing the
best work possible.
In sum, I believe that my education and leadership experiences would benefit L&T
considerably were I to be selected for an internship. At the same time, interning at L&T would
jumpstart my career in the public sector and prepares me for possible private sector work. I
hope to discuss this exciting opportunity with you further.