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IEDST 2009 Accepted Paper List

Paper No. Name Paper Title Affiliation


6 Wenlian Wang Application of Field Plate in SLOP-LDMOS University of Electronic Science and Technology
of China,Chengdu, P.R.China
8 G. S. Jayadeva Full analytical charge sheet model with quantum mechanical effects PID823959 IIT Madras
for short channel MOSFETs

12 T. Sreenidhi Thermally Oxidized LPCVD Silicon as Gate Dielectric on GaN IIT Madras

16 Vinayak Mahajan Numerical Investigation of excess RF channel noise in sub-100 nm PID820816 University of Louisiana at Lafayette

17 Pradeep Patalay High-Frequency Noise Measurements on MOSFETs with Channel- PID820783 University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Lengths in Sub-100 nm regime

19 Shubam Dutta Gupta Performance enhancement in Ge pMOSFETs with <100> orientation International Scholar, IMEC, Belgium
fabricated with a Si-compatible process flow

22 V. Ramesh SDG vs ADG with Tied and Independent gate Options in the Indian Instititute of Technology, Roorkee
Subthreshold Logic for Ultra Low Power Applications

30 Mainul Hossain Study of charge density at InxGa1-xN/GaN heterostructure interface PID823835 University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

35 Rathnamala Rao Study of Random Dopant Fluctuation Effects in Fully Depleted Silicon PID823112 IIT Madras
on Insulator MOSFET using Analytical Model

38 Zunchao Li A New Intelligent Model Parameter Extraction Method of SOI Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an, Shaanxi, China

41 Mr. M.K. Hota Characterization of RF Sputter Deposited HfAlOx Dielectrics for MIM PID824913 Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
Capacitor Applications

45 Fahad Ali Usmani Novel Hybrid CMOS and CNFET Inverting Amplifier Design for Area, Aligarh Mulsim University, Aligarh
Power and Performance Optimization

54 Sandhya . C Influence of SiN composition on Program and Erase Characteristics of IIT Bombay
SANOS-type Flash Memories
57 Dr. Vincent Mathew Surface plasmon polaritons in nano-waveguides with semiconductor PID837328 St. Thomas College, Palai, Kerala
guiding layer

60 Hasanali G. Virani Optimization of Hetero Junction n-channel Tunnel FET with High-k IIT Bombay

62 Debashis Panda Non-volatile Unipolar Memristive Switching Mechanism of Pulse Laser PID838649 IIT Kharagpur
Ablated NiO Films

66 Debashis Panda Growth and Optical Properties of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3/ZnO PID840111 IIT Kharagpur

67 Vijay Kr Lamba Quantum Transport in Silicon Double-Gate MOSFET HCTM Kaithal

71 Kalyan Bhattacharyya 20GHz CMOS Distributed Voltage Controlled Oscillators With PID840294 IIT Bombay
Frequency Tuning By MOS Varactors

75 Ravinder S. Dahiya Piezoelectric Polymer Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor Italian Institute of Technology, Italy
(POSFET) Devices for Touch Sensing

76 Santosh Kumar Vishvakarma Analytical Modeling of Double Gate MOSFET using Back Gate PID841614 Unik-University Graduate Center, Norway
Insulator Thickness Variation

77 Srijita Patra Design and Fabrication of Micromachined Tunneling Accelerometers PID841978 IIT Kharagpur
with Micro-g resolution and their comparison

78 Lekshmi.T Compact modeling of SOI-LDMOS including quasi-saturation effect IIT Madras

79 Ramesh R. Navan DC & Transient Circuit Simulation Methodologies for Organic IIT Bombay

84 Dr Sekhar Bhattacharya Novel Low-loss HRS Self-planarised Drop-in Technology for Millimeter PID842154 The Queen’s University of Belfast, United
Wave Applications Kingdom

87 Robin Paul Prakash Modified Surface Potential Based Current Modeling of Thin Silicon BITS Pilani
Channel Double Gate SOI FinFETs

88 G . Sai Saravanan Optimization of pulse reversal electrodeposition with fine grains and PID836271 GAETEC, Hyderabad
low roughness for GaAs RF MEMS structures
94 Jobymol Jacob Physics Based Modeling of Non-Quasi-Static Effects in SiGe-HBTs IIT Madras, Chennai

96 Varun Vaidya Charge Estimation Due to Band Mismatch in CPP GMR PID842622 IIT Madras, Chennai

98 Dr. Vasuda Bhatia Deposition and Functionalization of Thin Films of Carbon Nanotubes PID840262 Amity Institute of Advanced Research and
Using Corona Based Electrostatic Charge Technique and Their Studies- Materials & Devices
Applications for Gas Detection

103 Piyas Samanta Modeling of Hole Generation/Trapping in Ultrathin SiO2 Films during Vidyasagar College for Women, Kolkata
Gate Injection of Electrons in Direct Tunneling Regime

104 Satyadhar Joshi Wireless Sensor Network: Intricate Modeling and Analysis of CNT and SVITS, Indore
MEMS based Sensor Nodes

105 Khamesh Kumar Physics Based Modeling of RF Noise in SiGe HBTs IIT Madras, Chennai

106 Urmimala Roy Hydroxy-phenyl Zn(II) Porphyrin Self-Assembled Monolayer as a IIT Bombay
Diffusion Barrier for Copper-Low k Interconnect Technology

107 Mahadeva Bhat Gate recess structure engineering in MESFETs to achieve higher PID843032 SSPL, Delhi
schottky breakdown voltage for switch MMIC applications

109 Debabrata Maji Characterization of Interface and Oxide Traps in Ge pMOSFETs based PID842303 IIT Bombay
on DCIV Technique

112 Mr. B. Majhi Charge Trapping Behavior of Oxynitride Films on Strained-Si IIT Kharagpur

113 Udit Monga Modeling of Quantum Mechanical Effects in Ultra-Thin Body PID843108 University Graduate Center (UNIK), Norway
Nanoscale Double-Gate FinFET

116 Angada B Sachid Highly Robust Nanoscale Planar Double-Gate MOSFET Device and IIT Bombay
SRAM Cell Immune to Gate-Misalignment and Process Variations

118 K Prashanthi Fabrication and Characterization of Novel Multiferroic Cantilevers for IIT Bombay

125 Amit K Verma Bias dependent scalable signal modeling of pseudomorphic HEMTs BHU