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Email: maheshamit92@gmail.


Amit Maheshwari Contact No. :8433139340

LinkedIn: https: amitmaheshwari-8b9427b1
Professional Summary:

A challenging position in data science and machine learning, providing an effective and efficient solution
that assists organizations in getting finest solutions to the business problems hence increase
productivity and delight customers as well as enhance my data science skills.

Technical Skills:

• Machine Learning:
o Supervised Learning: Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Naïve Bayes’, Decision
Trees, Random Forests (Bagging), Boosting
o Unsupervised: Clustering, Dimension Reduction (PCA, Self-organizing maps, Multi-
dimensional scaling)
o Validation: K-Fold Cross Validation, ROC, Confusion Matrix, F-score, Precision, Recall.
o Natural Language Processing: Word-2-vec
o Probability and Statistics: Distributions, Correlation Analysis, Hypothesis Testing,
o Time Series Analysis: ARMA and ARIMA Model, AD Fuller Test
• Deep Learning: Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN),
Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN), LSTM, Auto Encoders.
• Visualization: Tableau, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Plotly, D3. Js (Basic)
• Libraries: Pandas, NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib, NLTK, Scikit-learn, Keras, TensorFlow.
Working Tools:
Python, Advanced Excel, SAS (JMP Tool), SQL, MongoDB

Major Project:
o Mobile Phone Activity: - Developed a Model to identify the behavior of each grid(Area is
composed of 10000 square telecom grid of 235*235 meter) in terms of Internet uses, peak
time, SMS peak time etc in order to assign respective bandwidth to each channel.
o Voice Analytics Project: - predict customers complaints/escalation
o Country by Country Report (CBCR): - To provide a template for Multinational Enterprises
(MNEs) to report annually and for each tax jurisdiction in which they do business the
information set out therein. Identify Risky MNEs and the Jurisdiction.
 Identify the Cats and Dogs using CNN with 91 % accuracy.
 Santander Value Prediction Challenge using LightGBM.
 Google Stock Price Predictions using LSTM.
 Movie Recommendation system using Stacked Auto encoders.
o Certified in Data Scientist course from Analytics Lab
o Certification in Deep Learning Course from Udemy Online course.
Work Experience

Current Employee- Karvy Data Management Systems PVT LTD (Jr. Data Scientist)

Deputed at Directorate General of Income Tax (Risk Assessment)

Job Responsibilities: -

 Applied broad knowledge of internal tax policies and practices, risk assessment methodologies
and current laws and regulations in order to facilitate the Government’s Risk Assessment
 Risk profiling and prioritization for multiple projects like Suspicious Transaction Reports (STR),
NON-PAN (AIR) Data and Foreign Account Tax Compliance (FATCA),
ITR-6 project and Agriculture project.
 Use Interact to automatically creates User Interface (UI) controls for exploring code and data
 Use MongoDB to store and Query on large number of JSON files.
 Build Self Organizing Maps (SOM) to Project Multi-Dimensional Data to 2-D space to identify
Risky Tax Jurisdiction.
 Use Tkinter to provide controls, like buttons, labels and text boxes in project GUI application.

Previous Employee Cemtics Solutions PVT LTD (Data Analyst)

 Data Cleansing, Presenting the Analysis and insights to client in weekly calls and enhanced the
analysis and Insights generation based on Change Request.
 Implemented demand forecasting models which improved upon forecast accuracy and reduced
supply chain inefficiencies
 Mentored sophisticated organizations on large scale data and analytics using advanced
statistical and machine learning models.
 Parameter Inconsistency and optimization.

Previous Employee Aerial Telecom India LTD

 Analysis of KPIs Accessibility Integrity, Mobility, LTE network launch and cluster optimization,
planning of RF parameter, making field level changes, troubleshooting with Handover problem,
tuning parameters.

Previous Employee GCB Services LLC

• Performing LTE Pre launch and post launch Network Optimization (SCFT and Cluster Level) for
Verizon wireless.


2010-2014: G L Bajaj Institute of Tech. and Management (UPTU)/ B-Tech (77%)

2009-2010: Kids Corner Happy IC/ H.S.C. (75)
2007-2008: Kids Corner Happy IC/ S.S.C(70)

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