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E-mail ID:- baladinesh506@gmail.

Mob No : 6385914159 MECHANICAL

To achieve a challenging position and rewarding career in a well established reputed
organization as Mechanical Technician that would offer me and aspiration opportunities for
the organization growth.

DME (Diploma in Mechanical Engineering)

TOTAL: 7 years of experience in oil & gas field.

Company Name Period Position Held

BLACK CAT Nov 2017 to till date Mechanical Technician

Jan 2015 to Oct 2017 Mechanical Technician

Qatar petroleum Nov 2013 to Dec 2014 Mechanical Technician

ONGC Aug 2012 to Sep2013 Mechanical Technician

 Personal survival Technique,
 Fire Prevention fire Fighting
 PTW Training
 H2S Training & SCBA,
 Elementary First Aid
 Helicopter Underwater Escape Training

 Conduct research into the feasibility, design, operation and performance of mechanisms,
components and systems
 Plan and manage projects, and prepare material, cost and timing estimates, reports and design
specifications for machinery and systems
 Design power plants, machines, components, tools, fixtures and equipment
 Analyze dynamics and vibrations of mechanical systems and structures
 Supervise and inspect the installation, modification and commissioning of mechanical systems
at construction sites or in industrial facilities
 Develop maintenance standards, schedules and programs and provide guidance to industrial
maintenance crews
 Investigate mechanical failures or unexpected maintenance problems
 Prepare contract documents and evaluate tenders for industrial construction or maintenance
 Supervise technicians, technologists and other engineers and review and approve designs,
calculations and cost estimates.
 Ensured that all work is carried out in accordance with company safety rules and health and
safety legislation.
 Ensured that all work is carried out in accordance with relevant environmental standards.
 Proper Servicing of all the machinery equipment.
 Maintained work area clean, neat and orderly condition at all times.
 Read, understand and applies information such as tag out procedure, safety rules, job hazard
analysis, Operation and Maintenance instruction and procedure manual.
 Assist operator in daily operation and maintenance of plant.
 Make adjustment or minor repairs such as tightening lacking gland and pipe joints.
 Clean, lubricate, maintain equipment to prevent failure or detrition.
 Cheque equipment and indicator to detect evidence of operating problems and keep informed
operator critical issues which affect production schedule.
 Assist operator to oversee quality and manufacturing steps.
 Work closely with Electrical, Instrumentation and Operation team. Take hourly and Shift
checks of running equipment’s to ensure proper operating levels in all tanks, cooling system, air
system, lube oil levels etc.
Safety system:

Work permit system, Process safety systems, Fire and gas safety systems, Emergency Shut
down Systems, H2S and hydrocarbon sensors, Ultra Violet and Infra Red flame sensors, Nitrogen
purging, Fire water system and pumps, Fusible plug loop, Water deluge system, Isolations, De-
isolations, Sea survival equipments, Lifeboats, and associated life saving equipments, Blow down
pump, Combined feed heater, Reactor, Shell & tube type exchangers, Fin fan coolers, Centrifugal &
Reciprocating pumps, Stripper, Scrubber, Hot oil expansion vessel, Dearator, Hot oil filter, Air
compressor, Nitrogen PSA( Pressure Swing Adsorber),Sphere, Bullet, Circulation pumps, all types of
control valves.

Experience in Valves:

Disassembly, Lapping&Reassembly, In-situ floating/Testing of Safety Valves.

Overhauling, Refurbishing & Calibration of Control Valves.

Overhauling &Servicing of Pneumatic and hydraulic Instruments for Reel wrapping.

Cleaning &Testing of Globe Valves.

Servicing &Testing of Shut off Valves.


Well Experienced In Utility Operations Such As Gas Turbines Generator, Utilities

&Instrument Air Compressor, Centrifugal Pump, Piston Pumps, Water Treatment, Sewage Water and
Effluent Treatment, Cooling Tower.



Date of Birth : 07.03.1992
Age : 26 Years
Gender : Male
Religion : Hindu
Mother tongue : Tamil
Nationality : Indian
Marital Status : Single
Languages : Tamil, English, Malayalam & Hindi.


Passport no : K8979292
Date of expiry : 02.01.2023

I hereby declare that the information and facts stated above are true and complete to the best of my
knowledge and belief.


Place :India J.BALA DINESH