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MIDI implementation chart / keyboard shortcuts (Kimidi needed)
Note: Secondary commands are fully functional, they are just visually taken back, so the important commands
stick out. Middle C (MIDI note number 60) is C3.

Mixer Control (current track)

type # control key-combo (Kimidi required)

Note 0 (C-2) arm track ctrl+A
Note 3 (D#-2) arm ctrl+alt+A
track (exclusive)
Note 10 (A#-2) arm kill (unarm ctrl+shift+A
every track)
Note 11 (B-2) auto-arm track ctrl+shift+alt+A
on selection **
Note 1 (C#-2) solo track ctrl+S
Note 4 (E-2) solo ctrl+alt+S
track (exclusive)
Note 7 (G-2) solo kill (unsolo ctrl+shift+S
every track)
Note 2 (D-2) mute track ctrl+D
Note 5 (F-2) mute ctrl+alt+D
track (exclusive)
Note 8 (G#-2) mute kill (unmute ctrl+shift+D
every track)
Note 9 (A-2) mute flip (mutes ctrl+shift+alt+D
active and
unmutes muted
CC 22 (rel2comp) volume (up/down) ctrl+F / ctrl+V +alt
CC 7 (absolute)
Note 22 (A#-1) volume sweet ctrl+G
spot (-12db)
CC 23 (rel2comp) pan (left/right) ctrl+Z*** / ctrl+C +alt
CC 10 (absolute)
Note 23 (B-1) pan center ctrl+X
CC 24- sends 1- ctrl+1-8 / ctrl+Q-I +alt
31 (rel2comp) 8 (up/down)
CC 12- sends 1- ctrl+shift+1-8 / ctrl+shift+Q-I
19 (absolute) 8 (open/close)
Note 6 (F#-2) switch ctrl+M
Note 60 (C3) rotate input
CC 60 (absolute)
Note 61 (C#3) rotate sub-input
CC 61 (absolute)
Note 63 (D#3) rotate output
type # control key-combo (Kimidi required)
CC 63 (absolute)
Note 64 (E3) rotate sub-output
CC 64 (absolute)
Note 65 (F3) output none
CC 73 (rel2comp) fold/unfold ctrl+shift+UP / ctrl+shift+DOWN
CC 74 (absolute) assign to
Note 91 (G5) assign to cmd+ctrl+A
crossfader A
Note 92 (G#5) assign to cmd+ctrl+B
crossfader B
Note 93 (A5) assign to cmd+ctrl+N
crossfader None
CC 75 (rel2comp) master cmd+ctrl+alt+A / cmd+ctrl+alt+B / cmd+ctrl+alt+N
CC 76 (absolute) crossfader
CC 77 (rel2comp) cue volume
CC 78 (absolute)
CC 80 (rel2comp) master volume
CC 81 (absolute)

Session Control

type # control key-combo (Kimidi required)

CC 84 (rel2comp) navigate scenes / prev/next scene ctrl+UP / ctrl+DOWN
Note 82/83 (A#4/B4)
CC 9 (absolute)
Note 37 (C#1) select first scene ctrl+PAGEUP
Note 39 (D#1) select last scene ctrl+PAGEDOWN
CC 2 (absolute) select scene by value
CC 85 (rel2comp) navigate tracks / prev/next track ctrl+LEFT / ctrl+RIGHT
Note 84/85 (C5/C#5)
CC 11 (absolute)
Note 46 (A#1) select first track ctrl+HOME
Note 47 (B1) select last track ctrl+END
CC 8 (absolute) select track by value
Note 38 (D1) fire selected scene ctrl+RETURN
Note 40 (E1) fire next scene ctrl+alt+UP
Note 36 (C1) fire previous scene ctrl+alt+DOWN
Note 43 (G1) fire selected clipslot alt+RETURN
Note 73 (C#4) toggle play/stop selected clipslot
Note 45 (A1) fire next clipslot alt+UP
Note 41 (F1) fire previous clipslot alt+DOWN
Note 44 (G#1) fire next available/empty clipslot alt+PAGEUP
type # control key-combo (Kimidi required)
Note 42 (F#1) fire previous available/empty clipslot alt+PAGEDOWN
Note 50 (D2) select playing clipslot shift+alt+RETURN
Note 51 (D#2) auto-select playing clip-slot when shift+alt+ENTER
selecting a track (toggle)
Note 48 (C2) stop track (stops any clip playing on that ctrl+shift+RETURN
Note 49 (C#2) stop all tracks (stops all clips playing on ctrl+shift+alt+RETURN
all tracks)

Device Control

type # control key-combo (Kimidi required)

CC 32 (rel2comp) navigate devices CAPS+LEFT / CAPS+RIGHT
Note 67/68 (G3/G#3)
Note 66 (F#3) select instrument (if available) CAPS+L
Note 69 (A3) toggle device on/off CAPS+O
CC 33-40 (rel2comp) parameter 1-8 CAPS+1-8 / CAPS+Q-I +alt
CC 41-48 (absolute)
Note 52-59 (E2 to B2) parameter 1-8 (reset) CAPS+A-K
Note 71 (B3) parameter bank up
Note 72 (C4) parameter bank down
Note 70 (A#3) parameter bank 0

Global & Arrangement Control

type # control key-combo (Kimidi required)

Note 12 (C-1) toggle metronome ctrl+K
Note 13 (C#-1) back to arrangement F10
Note 14 (D-1) toggle overdub ctrl+O
Note 15 (D#-1) disable overdub ctrl+alt+O
Note 16 (E-1) toggle punch-in ctrl+P
Note 17 (F-1) toggle punch-out ctrl+alt+P
Note 18 (F#-1) toggle loop ctrl+L
Note 19 (G-1) toggle record-mode ctrl+J / F9
CC 86 (rel2comp) tempo control (up/down) ctrl+T / ctrl+shift+T +alt
Note 87/88 (D#5/E5)
CC 20 (absolute)
Note 86 (D5) tap tempo (Live 8) cmd+.
CC 87 (rel2comp) move loop (left/right) ctrl+9 / ctrl+0
CC 88 (rel2comp) move left loop-bracket (left/right) ctrl+shift+9 / ctrl+shift+0
CC 89 (rel2comp) move right loop-bracket (left/right) ctrl+alt+9 / ctrl+alt+0
type # control key-combo (Kimidi required)
Note 24 (C0) play (selection if any else from alt+SPACE
startmarker) / stop
Note 20 (G#-1) play (from startmarker) / stop SPACE
Note 21 (A-1) play (from current position) / pause shift+SPACE
Note 27 (D#0) stop playing
Note 28 (E0) start playing
Note 29 (F0) continue playing
CC 90 (rel2comp) scrub playhead (left/right) ctrl+. / ctrl+,
Note 89/90 (F5/F#5)
Note 80 (G#4) undo cmd+Z
Note 81 (A4) redo cmd+shift+Z
CC 49 (rel2comp) clip launch quantization cmd++ / cmd+-
Note 25 (C#0)
CC 51 (absolute)
CC 50 (rel2comp) MIDI recording quantization cmd+alt++ / cmd+alt+-
Note 26 (D0)
CC 52 (absolute)
CC 79 (rel2comp) fold/unfold automation lane cmd+ctrl+shift+A
Note 94 (A#5)

View Control

type # control key-combo (Kimidi required)

Note 74 (D4) toggle browser on/off cmd+alt+B
Note 75 (D#4) toggle session/arrangement TAB
Note 76 (E4) toggle detail on/off cmd+alt+L
Note 77 (F4) toggle detail clip/device shift+TAB
Note 78 (F#4) toggle detail clip on/off
Note 79 (G4) toggle detail device on/off