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Adversities of Working Student toward Academic Excellence

Alvin A. Palsimon

Kent Lester Anareta

Jannah Marie Miraballes

Grade 11 – Diosdado Banatao

Chapter 1
Background of the Study

Working students are when a student works or holds a part time job in order to subsidize the cost

of education. Some of the people become working students because of the financial problems at

home or the parents of the working students cannot support them enough. However some of the

working students want the extra money to buy their needs and wants in life or they want to have

what other people have just the sake of fitting in. Working while you are while studying different

perspective experience like stress, raging on friends to family and even on other people and you do

not have that much time to relax or rest. (Edison, Thomas A) Sometimes you will even fail your

exams and quizzes because of the lack of time to review because you’re too busy from your work

and sometimes you cannot go to work because of the school works and activities it is though hard

to balance the time of schooling and working. To balance working and studying you must have a

time schedule to do or you must have a daily schedule on what to do on that day and what are the

things you should make or go to. Moreover you should meditate daily to relax and prevent stress

from going to your mind, and you should always think positive and think that everyone will pay

off at the end. Also the benefits of working students you can practice your time management on

things not like other students that do not employ and the addition of having a paycheck. Academic

excellence demonstrated the ability to perform, achieves, and excels in scholastic activities, an

example is when you are first honors or you have the grades on your school. Meaning even if

you’re a working student, it does not mean you cannot have academic excellence in school. It does

not stop you to achieving what you want to do and what you want to be in life even the life of the
working student is hard and stressful it doesn’t mean you cannot have a high grades and always

remember that it will be worth it in the end.

Research Question

This study will help fill the gap in knowledge regarding on the adversities of the working

students through academic excellence and how hard the life of a working student can be.

The specific aims of this study to answer:

1. What are the adversities of working students toward academic excellence?

2. What can be derived from being a working student?

3. What implications can be derived from being a working student?

Literature Review

Studies show that students who work are more confident and possess better time-

management skills than students who are not employed. In addition to offering a paycheck, some

independence and satisfaction, a part-time job can provide both training and experience.


Some of the students who work are independent than the students that are not employed,

because the working students pay their educations by their salary and they manage their time

between work and study. However some of the working students stop their study, because they

cannot manage their own time, and they cannot handle the work and the study. There have so

many problems facing by working students like lack of sleep, schedule of class that`s not
compatible to his/her work, stress, priorities typically when a student/s didn`t choose of what he or

she do first between homework or work.(Edison, Thomas A)

Nowadays the numbers of working students are more than before, because of weak

economy and also poor population. Also they need to work to surpass their whole day, and some

of the students who are a member of a low-income family, they work to help their parents and for

their study. So don`t underestimate the working students, because they do all their best to finish

their study. You are lucky if you have a wealthy family or you don`t need to work for your study

than the students who need to work to go in school and study. Because they did it for their family,

for their future and also for themselves.

Significance of the Study

The study that will be conducted by the researchers will be having more significance that can

benefit by the following:

a. Working students who is reaching academic excellence

b. Families that have a Working student child

c. The Working students

Research Impediments

While the researchers conducting the research there has problems that been encountered. These

are the following:

a. Financial - Researchers does not have enough money.

b. Location – Some location are too far or dangerous.

c. Rejection of participants – The researchers got rejected because of their work.

d. Time – Limited time to interview because they are too busy.



Edison, Thomas A


Chapter 2

Research Methodology

Research Design

The researcher will use phenomenology method to approach a qualitative research that focuses

on the commonality of a lived experience within the particular group. The fundamental goal of the

approach is to arrive at description of the nature of the particular phenomenon (Creswell, 2013).


The researcher used the following criterion to conduct the research, this are the following:

 Should be a working students

 Should be the parents of working students
The correspondence will be the working students because being a working student is not easy.

You will need to have a proper time management and self-discipline, life of working students are so

stressful, because they need to double time to their task needed to submit and finish.

Being a working student is too hard not just like the think of the other people. They think the life

of working students is easy but they wrong. Working students need to rush in working their work or

task because their time cannot finish it.

Data Gathering

We need to do first in our interview is to know the schedule of our respondent, and we can

easily schedule our interview with our respondent. Also in interviewing our respondent we need to

think what they want or what they need to be successful in our communication. When we are

interviewing our respondent, we talk to him or her on where will meet and we offered him or her

to eat at the cafeteria. If he or she accepts our invitation, we will go to the cafeteria. When we are

in the cafeteria, we started talking to him or her and we did not rush the conversation with him or

her. We will do our best to talk to him or her without any boring moments and we assure that our

conversation becomes more exciting and fun to excite our respondent. Because if our respondent

is comfortable with us, he can give the whole information that we need to him or her without two

thinking. Also when we get our information to him/her and our conversation has ended, we will

thank him/her by cooperating and giving the information that we need from him/her.
Trustworthiness and Rigor

We will prove to our respondent that they have a credibility to trust the participants,

dependability, confidentiality and transferability by the correct information that was given to our co-

researchers. We will give the real information that we gathered from our correspondence, and we

will protect the personal information or privacy of the co-researchers.

Ethical Consideration

To our co-researchers, were not force them to agree to our invitation. They have the authority to

disagree or to say no to our invitation, but if they are willing to answer our questions we will assure

them that we protect their privacy or personal information by changing their name.

First we will ask them “If they are willing to be interview and to answer our questions?” they

have a time to think for our invitation. If they agree to our invitation, we give the informed consent

to inform the co-researcher about our topic and we will give them a time to answer our answer and

to express their feelings. Their answer will be noted and recorded and will be the proof of the

researchers that the co-researchers respond to our interview.