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According to Jose Rizal that ‘The teenagers are the reliance of

our society’. What if the teenagers become the hindrances just like

they’re getting pregnant at the early age, being a spoiled brat , and

they rebel to their parents .What will happen to the sayings of Jose

Rizal ,would it make a sense ?

A teenage , or teen , is a person who falls with in the age of 10

to 19 years old . the word “ teenager” is another word for an

adolescent. The teenage years can be difficult for parents and kids

alike. There’s a combination of hormoral changes , new academic

and social challenges, emotional volativity and shitting family

dynamics can feel overwhelming . In this section you’ll find

information and resources related to some of the hot button issues

of adolescent , including social media , body image sexual activity

, substance use and sleep . Here , too, we explore the mental health

challenges to look out for in teenagers – among then social anxiety

,depression , eating disorders. Self-injury, psychosis and suicidal


Pregnancy, also known as gestation, is the time during

which one or more offspring develop inside a woman . Pregnancy

lasts for about nine months , measured from the date of the

woman’s last menstrual period (LMP).

Teenage pregnancy and childbearing bring substantial

social and economics costs through immediate and long term

impacts on teen parents and their children. Let’s be honest – going

through a teen pregnancy is probably not going to be easy

.Pregnancy and birth are significant contributes to high school

dropout rates among girls. Only about 50% of teen mothers receive

a high school diploma by 22 years of age , whereas approximately

90% of women who do not give birth during adolescent graduate

from high school. Though women are able to give birth as soon as

they begin menstruating , there are some possible risks that are

greater if you are pregnant before the age of 15 or you do not seek

prenatal care .
*Low birth


*High blood pressure / pregnancy - induced hypertension


*A higher rate of infant mortality

*Possible greater risk of cephalopelvic disproportion (the

baby’s head is wider than the pelvic opening ).


1. At what age did you sexually active ?

2. What is current situation with pregnancy ?

3.Do the people around you respect your current situation

at such young age ?


1. To be able to lessen the number of teenagers to become

pregnant at the young age.

2 .To ensure the teenagers have access to the most effective


3. To determine the effects of teenage pregnancy on educational

opportunities for teenage girls.


We will conduct this research in order to determine if there’s

an impact of teenage pregnancy to the Grade 12 curriculum in Dr.

Aurelio Mendoza Memorial Colleges.

This research is beneficial to many specially to those four

categories of people which are parents

PARENTS – To inform the parents about the importance of their

role and their relationship between their daughter.

STUDENTS – To help the students to become open minded and

matured enough to prevent the occurrence of being pregnant at

young age.
TEACHER-To contribute awareness regarding what currently

happen to their students and give them the most contraceptives

about teenage pregnancy.

SCHOOL – It’s conduce them to bring a solution or answer that

can help one of the common problems which is teenage pregnancy

in order to have a proper and right education system.


This study focuses on the impact of teenage pregnancy to the

GRADE -12 curriculum in Dr. Aurelio Mendoza Memorial

Colleges . The respondents are exclusive for selected available

students in the GRADE – 12 Accountancy Business and

Management , Bread and Pastry Production , Computer

Programming , Computer Hardware Services , General Academic

Strand and Humanities and Social Sciences. And the researchers

limited this research in GRADE -12 curriculum selected students

in Dr. Aurelio Mendoza Memorial Colleges of the school year



CONDUCE- The activity of contributing to the fulfillment of a

need to someone / something.

EDUCATION SYSTEM- A field of the study that forming a

teaching style especially for distributing something or serving a

common purpose.

CURRICULUM- A field where students study their choosen

courses or educational program.

TEEANAGE PREGNANCY – A females under the age of 20

where a female can be pregnant / period of being pregnant.



Teenage pregnancy is not like any other common issues

there in the whole world although it seems to be a concern, it does

not seem to bother people that much. Not until they are personally

affected by the issue or until they finally realized that it had been

increasing in number of affected people that it slowly reached an

abnormal stage or the point that it affected too many lives already

and too many aspects of living. Teenage pregnancy is mostly

unplanned , and as a result , people react to the experience

differently . The teenager has to come to terms with the unexpected

demands of being an adult ,and in some cases , she may also have

to deal with disapproval and dissatisfaction shown by significant

others like parents and relatives .

According to Sacleod and Purrheim ( teenage pregnancy as a social

problem that leads to the description of schooling poor obstetric

outcomes ,inadequate mothering poor child outcomes ,relationship

difficulties with relatives partners and peers and demographic

concerns about increasing population numbers.)

Depression is on of problems that results to teenage pregnancy of

the women . According to the psychodynamic theory , depression

as a disorder that can be linked to real or imagined objects loss.

According to Cebu Normal University , Cebu City , Philippines ,

cultural factors refer to culture as the way of lite of the members of

a society , or of groups within a society . It includes how people

dress , their marriage customs and family lite , their patterns of

works , religious ceremonies and leisure pursuits .

The study of Thlers , found that the female adolescents who

were poor students with low educational aspirations were mere

likely to become teenage mothers that were their high achieving

peers ; on the other hand , he also stated some of the causes of

teenage pregnancy such as lack of parental guidance , adolescent

sexual behavior , inadequate knowledge about safe sex ,

exploitation by older men and socio economic factors .

According to Vinlivan etal , lack of educational achievements is

a risk factor not only because of limited career and educational

opportunities but also because of its correlation with a lack of

motivation ambition. The young women who becomes pregnant

sets in motion a series of events that ultimately leads to the disaster

of a teen birth . The pregnant teen becomes statistics and

assumption are made about her character , intelligence and

maturity .

However Atson stated that a strategy can be successful only when

a multi agency tested group informed with representatives that

provide services and work closely with children and young people

. The extent of teen pregnancy in the United States and secondly , a

description of some of the outcomes , effects , and impacts of

teenage and their offspring . The problem continuous to be

significant and to represent challenge to education , health care

providers, and social service support system.



RESEARCH DESIGN. This study is all about qualitative

research because we conduct this research by getting the students

perception that is explained by social interactions and how

efficient this topic to understand the students situation .

RESEARCH LOCALE. The study was conducted in Dr. Aurelio

Mendoza Memorial Colleges the school commits itself to provide

varied opportunities for students to grow socially, culturally and

well – learned . Respect the individuality of the learners / students .

RESEARCH INSTRUMENT. A researcher gather an

information by conducting a survey and making a research

questionaire in order to know what is the perception of the

students in our research topic.

SAMPLING TECHNIQUE. The sampling technique that we will

use in determining our respondents is the non-probability sampling

, to be more specific is availability sampling because we will pick

the available students in the GRADE – 12 curriculum who are easy

to find or locate that willing to establish contact with us .


1. After the presentation and approval of the research proposal , the

researchers proceed to the framing question as instrument for the

data gathering .

2. The instrument was presented to the thesis adviser for checking

ad improvement after incorporating all the corrections and

suggestion for improvement recommended by the thesis adviser

and for the changes of the title , these were finalized and made

ready for the validation stage.

3. After the validation process revision and editing of the

questionnaire , the researchers make a permission letter from

GRADE – 12 curriculum coordinator at Dr. Aurelio Mendoza

Memorial Colleges for the data gathering phase.

4. After the letter approved the researchers ready for the gathering

data in GRADE – 12 curriculum at Dr. Aurelio Mendoza

Memorial Colleges.

5. The coordinator guide the researcher for gathering data or

information base on the impact of teenage pregnancy to the

GRADE – 12 curriculum in Dr. Aurelio Mendoza Memorial



Knowledge of correct use of


Family Economic Teenage

Peer Pressure
Status Pregnancy

Parents/ Guardians

Education level
The concept above shows the independent variable which are;

family economic status , knowledge of current use of condoms ,

peer pressure and parents / guardians educational level have a

higher possibility that can leads to a teenage pregnancy which is

the dependent variable .