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Volume 3/9 - 2014


Art of Leadership
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The synonym of modern India

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Nearly a century of history

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Driven by innovation
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ARTICLES | Steel IndustryViraj Profiles

The synonym of modern India

FACT BOX ndia. The country of magic and endless opportunities, the promised land, of which sailors from
the West dreamed for centuries. Nowadays the Republic of India is one of the fastest-growing
economies. a global superpower known for its telecommunication, automotive, IT and phar-
maceutical industries. India magnetizes foreign investors and the country’s largest city, Mumbai, is
one of the world’s top ten centers of commerce in terms of global financial flow, generating 5% of
India’s GDP. It is also the headquarters of one of the most important Indian companies, Viraj Profiles
Ltd., the second largest manufacturer of stainless steel long products in the world and number one
in stainless steel flanges. I have interviewed Mrs. Renu Kochhar, Managing Director, Viraj Profiles
who also heads the sales and marketing department of the company and Mr Neeraj Raja Kochhar,
Viraj Profiles Ltd
CMD, Viraj Profiles, to analyze the secret of success of a young and vibrant organization, which
has become the synonym of modern, rapidly developing India. If we could understand the unique
CMD: model of business activity of Viraj Profiles Ltd., we’d see the future of the Indian subcontinent…
Mr Neeraj Raja Kochhar
24 years of constant development sil-grade steel for the domestic market
Viraj Profiles Ltd. Is indeed a very young but it always kept its eye on the interna-
Steel Industry
company, but it doesn’t mean that it tional market which was growing signifi-
ESTABLISHED: is also an inexperienced one. It’s truly cantly. To make an international expan-
1991 amazing that an organization founded sion a possibility, in 1995 Viraj started
just 24 years ago achieved such a re- increasing its production capacity, di-
EMPLOYEES: markable position in the global market. versifying its product grades and prod-
9000 At the beginning of its business activ- uct range, and enhancing its production
ity, Viraj was a workplace for less than processes. With what started as a small
TURNOVER: 150 Employees and in 1991 started its induction furnace to manufacture uten-
1.5 Billion USD
first melting shop in the industrial area sil grade steel for domestic markets,
of Tarapur near Mumbai. Initially the Viraj Profiles Ltd. has now transformed
www.viraj.com company started manufacturing uten- into the world’s second largest stainless

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steel manufacturer with a capacity of smoothly for over two decades and left
528,000 tonnes per annum and a human no stone unturned in order to establish
resource strength of more than 9,000 one of the largest stainless steel con-
Employees and with an annual turnover glomerates of India.
of over US $ 1.5 billion. Today the com-
pany marks its strong presence amongst The silent, transparent and healthy giant
global competitors, with Viraj’s products It’s all about trust. This one, short sen-
exported to more than 1300 Customers tence can be considered as a motto and
in over 90 countries worldwide spread guideline to every business act, under-
across six continents. Viraj is also one of taken by Viraj Profiles Ltd. Can you im-
the largest exporters of Stainless Steel agine, how hard it is to maintain healthy
Long products in India. The organiza- business relation with more than 1300
tion’s highest quality products are well Customers around the world? To do so,
known among entrepreneurs working you need to be patient, professional,
in steel, defence, construction & struc- flexible and prepared for every pos-
tural buildings, power, petrochemical sible task and you have to stay like this
and marine industries. The question is, for years to build great reputation in
how is it possible to achieve such a tre- your corporate environment. “Building
mendous success in just more than two trust is not a one-time deal; you have to
decades? I’ll try to find the answer to prove yourself every time the customer
that question with the help of Mrs. and uses your product. Trust-building and
Mr. Kochhar who have sailed the ship so maintenance take vigilance and sus-

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tained effort. Once you have it, you can’t to them and cutting-edge technologi-
rest on your laurels. In a way, trust is an cal equipment Viraj can be what it is – a
absolutely essential part of sales, as well global leader in its area of business in-
as business in general.” says Mrs. Renu terest. Viraj is focusing on technological
Kochhar. Viraj’s success is a direct result investments and obtaining the most ef-
of the company’s management phi- ficient equipment. It’s important to men-
losophy, clear vision of development, tion that the company has a new sec-
proper hierarchy of values. Viraj boasts tion rolling mill. It is one of its kind and
of the ability to offer the right product no other manufacturer in India has this
to the right customers at right prices, kind of fully automatic set up. The annu-
suited to the market needs, repeatable al production capacity of this mill would
world class quality products, desire to be around 180,000 tons per annum and
constantly improve the technology and it will further add to the company’s ca-
optimize production and management pacity significantly. The company’s Steel
processes, and putting strong emphasis Melting Shop is well equipped with five
on Customer relationship management. induction furnaces, two AOD converters,
Consistency in action, care for the needs two continuous billet casters and has
of Customers, stringent possible stand- melting capacity of 528,000 tons per an-
ards. Viraj knows how to execute this num. Viraj boasts a huge product offer,
policy in practice, still, that would be including Austenitic grade of Fasteners,
just a catchy advertising slogan without nuts, bolts, screws in various types and
the right team of perfectly prepared and size range. We produce Equal & Unequal
trained Employees. “At present we have Angles, Taper & Non-Taper Channel,
workforce of around 9000 employees Cold Drawn, Hot Rolled Flats, Polished &
working at different levels. At Viraj, each Hairline Angles, Flats, S-Beams, Tee Bars
individual is responsible for their duties and different shapes of flanges in size
and empowered to do the right thing. ranging from 0.5” to 36”. In addition to
Passion, ownership and transparency this, the organization also manufactures
are the backbone of our work culture. cold drawn bars, peeled and polished
From the moment of their Induction, bars, rolled bars, forged bars in various
all Virajians are introduced to our way shapes such as round, hexagon, square
of business and everyone plays a vital and in various size ranging from dia 3
role in making us a great place to work mm to 600 mm. What’s more impor-
at. Continuous training and mentoring tant, the company puts human first and
programmes conducted at Viraj makes revenues second. Healthy principles in
us one of the most preferred employ- business pay off and this is how every
ers in our industry” – says Mr. Kochhar company in the world should project its
and now we know that Viraj promotes future development.
probably the most effective HR policy
in the world, if the company was able How to keep your zest?
to increase employment from 150 to Global leaders can’t rest on their laurels,
9000 Employees in 24 years. It is thanks for the have a huge responsibility for the

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and management philosophy, is how
the company, which develops so rap-
idly, manages to keep its zest. When you
are best at something, you slowly lose
momentum and motivation. What you
need is a change, something new that
will catch your attention, help you to
find the need to compete again, expand
farther, do more. It appears that the
company from India finds pride in stay-
ing on top. The company’s vision is “to
be counted amongst the most respect-
ed and preferred enterprises globally.”
That desire has already become truth
but that does not make the organiza-
tion to change its vision. When I ask Mr.
Kochhar, what is he most proud of, when
it comes to Viraj, he says: “We are proud
of our organizational values, strong fo-
cus towards customer satisfaction and
future of thousands of Employees and the use of eco-friendly recyclable mate- the commitment towards maintaining
the world itself. Only companies, char- rials. We recognize that use of recycled the superior quality and our zest for
acterized with the highest possible level scrap supports waste management, technological upgradation.” Everlasting
of business acumen are ready to take conserves natural resources and reduc- zest and fair approach to other human
this responsibility and Viraj Profiles Ltd. es energy usage. Without compromising beings – Employees, business partners,
Is one of them. 95% of the company’s on quality, we have put system in place customers. This is what makes Viraj a
products are being exported abroad, wherein we use waste product of one true role model in the world, in which
which means that the company has to process as the raw material for another most of companies simply count their
cooperate with Customers representing process. The main area where we con- money…
different cultures and mentalities. Viraj tribute with recycled material is in our
walks the path of success, because the melt shop, wherein we import Industrial Written by Jacek Głowacki
organization from India understands and Domestic recycled scrap from vari-
that a leader has to set global trends, ous countries in order to produce qual-
but also react to ever changing needs of ity Stainless Steel material” – explains
Customers. For example, every modern Mr Kochhar. When it comes to CSR, it’s
company has to think of protecting the important to mention that the company
environment and act according to the is quite active on this side. For exam-
rules of Corporate Social Responsibility. ple, Viraj has established a world class
Is Viraj prepared to face contemporary school for the students from nursery to
challenges? “Viraj is going Eco-friendly 8th class. Viraj doesn’t forget about any-
by focusing on Energy efficiency in its thing… What amazes me most, when I
factories and production processes with analyze Viraj’s history, current activity

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