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Professional Design & Enterprises

Office & Plant Address:

272 Northwest Ipil, Marikina Heights,
Marikina City Philippines

Telephone: (632) 933 0584

(632) 3483583
Mobile: 09228204358
Website: www.twoheadsdesign.biz

Founded: 1998

TWO HEADS is a specialty, 'DESIGNER' wooden door manufacturing company based in

Marikina City. Since it started its operations in 1998, the company took on the ideals of
environmental conservation by partially making use of reclaimed woods for its door
products. Reclaimed woods are recycled woods from demolished houses and buildings
that was built from the early 1900's to 1950's which used hardwoods that stood the harsh
of the times .

Local hard woods such as guijo, ipil, narra, molave among others which were once part of
a structural component of a house such as posts, beams, stairs is being re-glorified to
become an artful pattern of doors, designed by Ardel & Juvy Mercado, Two Heads owners,
which redefined the use of door to become an artful component that defines the overall
architecture of the structure it is part of.


TWO HEADS is committed to be of service to the design needs of architects and owners by
coming up with more design patterns and profiles to suit their objectives and at the
same time enhance the aesthetic aspect of the project as it is being developed.


The company, through the years, has developed methods and design to improve its
quality. Two Heads doors, as they come out of the plant meticulously finished, continues
to be the company's pride attributed to the finest craftsmen gathered from the industry's
best, compounded by after-sales services and friendly correspondence by its sales


Two Heads has stepped up in the design, development and manufacturing of furniture
incorporating other components such as steel and glass . As it strive to make the same
impact in making doors, the company's designers continues to develop a distinction which
would be aptly labeled as 'functional art pieces'. Currently, aside from its own designs,
the company fabricates made -to-order pieces conceptualized by the clients themselves,
be it the architect, interior designers and from the owners.

Recently, TWO HEADS launched its series of SEMI-SOLID doors which is a hybrid of solid
frame and hollow core , artfully patterned , and commonly used for interior doors.
Maintaining its quality trade mark, this series has already became popular in condominium
units and medium end residential projects.
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