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1 Use the + / - button to expand / collapse a group
2 Clicking the line can collapse the group too!
3 Use this button to quickly switch the view:
1: Collapses all groups
2: Expand all to compact view
3: Expand all to complete view
4 Groups are tagged too so you know which button which!
5 There are 3 main categories, color coded for easy view
1. Gears
2. Weapons
3. Skill mods
+ System: Fireams and Electronic (not shown)
1 Expand the stash to see your stash space
2 Fill it with what you got
3 The summary page will show you the max attribute
you have. It doesn't need to be from same item (duh)
4 The boxes will automatically color coded for easy glance
of roll quality

5 This one shows how close are you to that god roll
color gradient included for easy glance!
6 SH values already updated !
7 That allegedly godroll value (that image)

8 Will show you the total number of talents you've got

1 Put your AWD bonus here. (It's on AR+LMG group)
2 Put your WD bonus for each weapon type
3 Put the damage you see in game
4 This is supposedly your base damage
5 This is supposedly max base damage (on GS500)
6 And another progress tracker to the godroll with gradient included!
7 This is supposedly the max damage you'll find in game
1 To input precise weapon damage easier, use the reference system
2 Pick a reference weapon (GS500 exotic reccomended)
3 Put that weapon exact damafe in reference field (its in MMR+Rifle page)
4 Equip your reference weapon
5 Use the difference from the card to get the exact weapon damage
without switching and looking at the stat page everytime
6 Easy isn't it!
1 Should be straightforward, just fill what you've got in the boxes
2 For skill mods, no extra stash because you only need 1 best mods for your skills in a focused skill build
3 No progress tracker to max because they all maxed at SP 3000
4 For gear mods, only those two type that worth to collect. No plan to expand it for other types.
5 Use the sorting function for gear mods to pick the best mods for a build
6 No pictures for this section because I'm lazy


1 Put your current stat here
2 Put all visible bonus here (brand bonus, attributes, mods)
3 Showing you the approxmation on base values and total % bonus
4 To change a mod or gaer put the removed stat here (should be one of the entry
from above)
5 And the replacement stat here
6 Showing the total changes
7 And how the final stat will look like (approx)
8 Probably shouldn't change to that!
s in a focused skill build

for other types.

Roll ranges u/Passeri_ https://www.reddit.com/r/thedivision/comments/bp5kiu/updated_ref
Weapon Damage u/spydr101 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vTMyKlW90Q2H3R
Misc stuff u/BestNadeThrower https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1REi6cA7oSzT7h0O9YD6uxA
Base spreadsheet that I copied a lot form (including the base aesthethics) and saving me from manually typing the roll ranges :
u/flakpanther171 https://old.reddit.com/r/thedivision/comments/bvk93v/this_spreadsh
Skill mod max value EP1 patch notes https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/2090270-Patch-Notes-Episod
u/generally-speaking https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uR7jDyVz0QBB4kVqp28IJU8

0.9 8/8/2019 Initial release
Skill mods still incomplete, might be wrong
0.92 8/11/2019 Added more skill mods, still incomplete
Added system fireams and electronics
Added gear calculator
1.0 8/18/2019 Added compact view
anually typing the roll ranges :)




Model Variant Damage

Model Variant Damage

MMR + Rifle
Model Variant Damage

SMG + Shotgun
Model Variant Damage

Max in % to Max in % to % to % to % to % to
Max Roll Max Roll
Stash Max Stash Max Max Max Max Max
Mask - 0 Backpack - 0 Weapons* AWD Reference*: Nemesis Reference*: Liberty
CHC 11 % AWD 14.5 % AR MMR SMG Pistol
DtE 55 % CHC 20 % ACR ACR SCAR SOCOM Mk20 SSR SMG-9 Converted SMG-9 Px4 Px4 Storm Type F
HP 30,492 CHD 20 % ACR-E M700 M700 Carbon Converted SMG-9 A2 Px4 Storm Type T
HP% 14 % HP 53,310 F2000 F2000 M700 Tactical MP5 MP5A2 FNX45 X-45
HoK 15,246 HP% 24 % AUG AUG A3-CQC Model 700 MP5-N X-45 Tactical
HZP 55 % Armor 41,007 AK-47 AK-M SVD Paratrooper SVD MP5 ST M9 Military M9
SH 33 % Armor% 28.5 % Military AK-M Surplus SVD PP-19 PP-19 Officer's M9 A1
SP 548 SH 57 % Black Market AK-M SRS Covert SRS Enhanced PP-19 Desert Eagle D50
SP 958 FAL FAL SRS A1 AUG AUG A3 Para XS M1911 M1911
FAL SA-58 M44 Classic M44 Carbine Enhanced AUG A3P M45A1
Famas FAMAS 2010 Hunting M44 Tactical AUG A3P Tactical M1911
G36 Military G36 Custom M44 Vector Tactical Vector SBR 9mm PF45 First Wave PF45
Chest - 0 Gloves - 0 G36 C DSR-1 SR-1 Vector SBR 9mm Custom PF45
AWD 18 % CHC 8% G36 Enhanced Vector SBR .45 ACP 93R 93R
CHC 24 % WD(AR) 12 % M4 Police M4 Rifle MP7 MP7 Rhino Snubnosed Diceros
CHD 24 % WD(LMG) 12 % Carbine 7 ACR ACR SS T821 Black Market T821 Diceros
HSD 28 % WD(SMG) 12 % POF416 Military P416 M16 M16A2 Police T821 Magnum 586 Magnum
HP 67,491 WD(SG) 12 % Custom P416 G3 M1A Classic M1A UMP-45 Police UMP-45 Police 686 Magnum
HP% 30.5 % WD(MMR) 12 % MK16 Mk16 Socom M1A Tactical UMP-45
Armor 51,923 WD(Pistol) 12 % SOCOM Mk16 M1A CQB Thompson M1928
Armor% 36.5 % WD(Rifle) 12 % Tactical Mk 16 M4 M4 Tommy Gun Double Barrel Double Barrel Sawed Off
SP 1,213 HP 21,640 TAR21 CTAR-21 LVOA-C P90 P90
HP% 9.5 % MDR Urban MDR MPX MPX
A-Regen 3,607 LMG Scar Military MK17
HZP 39 % HK121 MG5 Police MK17 Shotgun
SP 389 Infantry MG5 SIG SIG 716 AA12 ACS-12
KAC Stoner LAMG SIG 716 CQB SASG-12 Black Market SASG-12 S
M249 M249 B UMP USC .45 ACP SASG-12
Holster - 0 Kneepad - 0 Tactical M249 Para Winchester 1886 Tactical SASG-12 K
CHC 16.5 % CHC 9% Military MK46 Super 90 Marine Super 90
CHD 16.5 % HP 25,138 M60 Classic M60 Super 90
HP 45,536 Armor 19,337 Military M60 E4 Tactical Super 90 SBS
HP% 20.5 % Armor% 13.5 % Black Market M60 E6 Double Barrel Double Barrel Shotgun
AoK 22,768 A-Regen 4,190 RPK Classic RPK-74 M870 Custom M870 MCS
HoK 22,768 SH 27 % Military RPK-74 M870 Express
SH 49 % SP 452 Black Market RPK-74 Military M870
SP 819 SA80 Military L86 LSW Spas-12 SPAS-12
Custom L86 A2

* If equipped weapon has UNHINGED, REMOVE 20% from AWD
* To check weapon with UNHINGED, ADD extra 20% WD to LMG
Gear Stat Calculator*
Current Stat Base Value (approx) % Bonus
Armor 0 0.0%
Health 0 0.0%
SP 0 0.0%

Brand Set Mask Backpack Chest Glove Holster Kneepad







* This calculator is to approximate the changes to Armor, Health, and SP if you want to chan
equipping mod menu or equippingthe mods to a different gear
* Input your current total stat on the top. Then input your Armor, Health, and SP bonuses in
* In Removed section, put what bonuses you want to change (should be same value from o
Feel free to change more than 1 item if you want to.
* In Added section, put the bonuses you going to change into. If it's a gear, don't forget to pu
(visible under the gear stat box under it's armor when you selected it. Don't worry, the box
* The changes box should summarize the bonuses change
* The new stat box should tell you the approximation result of the changes. There might be
New Stat (approx) Base Value (approx) % Bonus
0 +0 0 0.0%
0 +0 0 0.0%
0 +0 0 0.0%


Added Changes
Armor +0
%Armor 0.0%

Health +0
%Health 0.0%

SP +0
%SP 0.0%

and SP if you want to change a gear the mods equipped without repeatedy going out from

Health, and SP bonuses in corresponding boxes

ould be same value from one of the current stats you put above).

t's a gear, don't forget to put the armor difference from current gear as one of the added armor value
ted it. Don't worry, the box can handle negative value

changes. There might be a difference from when you actually changed it in game but it should be minimal.
be minimal.