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Pramela Gurung

Technical Object Description


An Optical mouse is an external computer hardware device which is designed for the operation
of a computer. They are called optical, because they take photos, which is optical data. An
Optical mouse is an input pointing device that allows a user to control the motion of a computer
cursor and select objects on the screen by moving and clicking the device. It detects two-
dimensional motion that are sensitive to the surface. The Optical mouse consists of four major
parts, first is the top casing which contains the right-click cover, the left-click cover and the
scroll wheel, second is the bottom casing which contains the small sensor, third is the internal
circuit board, and fourth is the cord and the plug. A simple click on the mouse can be used to
perform specific tasks such as the selection, drag and drop, and other functions that can not be
done with a keyboard.


Top Casing

The top casing of the Optical Mouse 500 is made of hard and curved sheet of plastic that protects
the inside parts of the mouse. The top casing consists of the right-click cover, the left-click cover
and the scroll wheel. The right-click cover and the left-click cover are located at the front side on
the top casing and it is made of a curved piece of plastic. The left-click cover is a mirror image of
the right-click cover. The scroll wheel is located between the right-click cover and the left-click
cover that can be easily used for clicking and scroll up and down. The standard mouse has two
buttons, plus a scroll wheel in the middle which sometimes is a button. But most mice do just
two things: right- and left-click. Left-click is often referred to as “normal-click” or “regular-
click.” Most tasks on a computer can be accomplished solely by using the left mouse button.

Figure 1. Optical Mouse Top Casing(http://igcsecomputerstudiesforyou.blogspot.com)

Bottom Casing

The surface of the bottom casing is flat and it is a hard shell of plastic. The bottom casing
consists of a small sensor. The small sensor detects the mouse movement and controls the motion
of the pointer on the computer screen.

Figure 3. Optical Mouse Bottom Figure 2. Optical Mouse Internal Circuit

Casing Board
(https://www.explainthatstuff.com/digit (http://enggematerial.blogspot.com/2016/
alpens.html) 07/observe-different-types-of-keyboard-

Internal Circuit Board

The internal circuit board is an electronic component made of a copper sheet. It is located inside
the optical mouse and it is protected by the cover of the mouse. When the user makes a clicking
or scrolling the movement, the internal circuit board will collect and translate the information.

Cord and Plug

The cord is a wire sealed by plastic sheath that sends the information from the mouse straight to
the computer. The plug is made of plastic and metal and it is located at the end of the cord. At the
end of the plug is rectangle piece made of metal and its function is to connect the mouse to the


The Optical Mouse is a simple device that is useful in interacting with the computer. It is a
hardware essential for the computer to function. It is easy to use and set-up, professional help is
not necessary for it to be installed properly. An optical mouse is also portable and compact, it can
be used for travel, home, or office tasks. Without the mouse, a computer is considerably more
difficult to navigate. It can also be used for either desktop or laptop computers and is flexible to
any software installed in a computer. The optical mouse can also come in different shapes and
sizes that are suitable for all ages.