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Bins Emmanuel Ph.

B.E. Electrical and Electronics Engineering binsemmanuel@gmail.com

Career Objective
Embedded Software Architect

Technical Skills
 Expertise in C, C++languages
 Expertise in Linux internals and device drivers
 Ability to understand the Controller Data Sheet
 Ability to understand the Memory Map
 Read/Write registers in Controllers
 Interrupt Handling Skill
 Timing calculations.
 DMA knowledge for latest High speed controllers
 Ability to Port any Linux verities of operating systems
 Ability to configure Raspberry-pi, Beagle-born boards
 Good Understanding on Make
 Hands on Linux command line executions/shell script
 Hands on Wi-Fi, Ethernet, PCI, ESP8266_RTOS_SDK
 Excellent Debugging skills with JTAG
 Hands on IEEE802.11, IEEE802.3
 Hands on I2C, SPI, UART, TCPIP protocols
 Hands on P89V51RD2, PIC16F886, LPC2148, ESP8266 controllers
 Expertise in usage of VIM editor
 Researching potential with
 Asterisk
 Q.921
 Q.931
 LTC5800, TM4C129x SOC’s
Educational Qualification
Qualification Institution Board/ Aggregate YOP
University Percentile
B.E (EEE) CSI College of Engineering, Anna University of 66.20% 2013
Ketti, Tamilnadu. Technology, Chennai.
HSE St Mary’s Higher Secondary Board of Higher 58.67% 2009
School, Edoor, Kerala. Secondary
Examination, Kerala.
SSLC St Thomas High School, General Education 81.97% 2005
Karikkottakari, Kerala. Department, Kerala.

About 2 years of experience in embedded system development
Software Engineer, Caudalfin technologies, Bangalore 560071
(1st Oct 2015 – Now)
 Developed a shell script for checking wiring configuration at end points of PRI cards.
 Modified the Ethernet module of PRI driver for DP83816 instead of AN983
 Participated the PRI driver development for DS26514 instead of DS26521
 Developed a firmware of ESP8266_RTOS_SDK for IOT smart devices
 SDK Platform build and firmware download
 Debugging program
 GPIO control and Factory reset program
 Device AP and Station machine thread program
 Device/App communication interphase program
 Developing a Sniffer firmware for Location Analysis in smarty environment

Technical coordinator, Vector India, Bangalore 560011

(21st Oct 2014 – 1st Apr 2015)
 Coordinated a team of 12 embedded trainees from each 5 batches
 Developed an internet protocol for transferring file between two x86 client through
Raspberry pi server in Linux environment.
 Developed a simple clock application in Beagle-born using external RTC by modifying
Linux I2C device driver.
 Developed a shell program which can capable to run ls; search; cat; echo; exit; cp; mv; grep
commands in Linux environment using c language.
 Programmed LPC2148 for data acquisition on PC using SPI, I2C and UART protocol.
 Programmed LPC2148 for RFID based door opening system using I2C, UART protocol.
 Programmed P89V51RD2 for displaying digital calendar on LCD with time edit function
using I2C protocol.
Academic Project
Name of the project : Radio Frequency based control of stepper motor
Organization : CSI College of Engineering, Ketti
Environment : P89V51RD2, L298N Driver, Hybrid Stepper Motor, Radio
Frequency Module,4x4 Matrix Keypad,16x2 Alphanumeric LCD.
Synopsis : This project was focused on monitoring and controlling of speed
and position of the stepper motor through remote control.

Activities and Achievements

 Pursued Advanced Course in Embedded System at VECTOR INSTITUTE, Bangalore
During April 2014 to October 2014.
 Pursued training on digital electronics concepts at ACE engineering academy, Hyderabad
during April 2013 to February 2014.
Soft skills
 Good communication, analytical, problem solving, debug skills & interpersonal skills with
ability to grasp new concepts quickly and utilize the same in a productive manner.

Personal Profile
Age / Date of Birth : 27 / 28th Jan 1989
Nationality : Indian
Passport No / Expiry of Date : H6173741 / 13th Sep 2019
Languages Known : Malayalam, English
Permanent Address : Poothottal H, Koomanthode P.O, Kannur (DT), Kerala 670704

 Mr. Mahesh Daisy
Director of engineering, CaudalFin Technologies PVT Ltd, Bangalore
Email: dmahesh@caudalfin.com
Phone: +919880306981
 Mr. Prakashchandra Joshi
Placement Manager, Vector India PVT Ltd, Bangalore
Email: joshi@vectorindia.org
Phone: +918762434567


I BINS EMMANUEL hereby declare that all the particulars mentioned above are true to the best of
my knowledge.