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Rose 1

Becca Rose

Professor Nancy Harris

Elon 101

26 August 2019

Elon Academic Plans

Beginning college is an intimidating experience because old routines are forgotten and

many aspects of new life are unknown. It is easy to become wrapped up in the excitement of

adjusting to changes and forget the purpose of coming to Elon; to learn and be successful

academically. I have specific goals for this year that will keep me focused and advance my


As of now, I am majoring in psychology with a minor in neuroscience. I hope to pursue a

career in research. After Elon I am planning on attending graduate school and eventually want to

receive my PhD. To do this I must stay on track this year. My goals are to receive good grades

and maintain a GPA around at least a 3.6. I also plan on balancing my work efficiently so I am

not procrastinating and still have lots of time to socialize and participate in clubs.

I plan on going into every class with an open mind and a willingness to learn. I am placed

in classes that are relatively unrelated to my major at the moment so I will try to expand my

interests. Next semester I will attempt to be in classes that are more related to neuroscience.

I hope to get good grades, balance my work, and keep an open mind about new subjects

this year. College is a new experience and I am excited to see how the school year unfolds and

aim to stay on track with my goals.