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Student Name: Shailendra M. Sharma Evaluator Name: Dhavalsir Trivedi

Student Name: Pravin M. Dabhi Approved Disapproved

Stream: BCA Semester: 6th - D

Evaluator Signature: _________________

Student Profile
Full Name (1) Shailendra Mohanbhai Sharma

(2) Pravin Machhabhai Dabhi

Address (1) Vanand Society, Datar Road, Junagadh

(2) To: chichod

Enrollment No. (1) 00300311109

(2) 003003116575

Stream (1) BCA

(2) BCA

Semester (1) 6th - D

(2) 6th – D

Contact No. (1) 9978509529

(2) 9904912405

Email (1) shaildark123@gmail.com

(2) pravindabhi99@yahoo.in

Evaluator Name Dhavalsir Trivedi

Project Group ID No. BCA_100


Verified By Server Administrator

Project Title,
Project Platform and Project Database Design

Platform C#.NET


Database Design
Database Name Medical


1) User

2) Medicine

3) Transaction
Project Abstract with Project Scope
Medical Store Application is a software to help the Medical Store Owner to manage their

 Features
1. User friendly and Attractive interface

2. Minimum risk of system failure

3. To minimize the workload of the user

4. This software will save the Medicine’s name and Information about Transaction

5. Easy and fast retrieve of data from database

 Scope
 Medical Store software will be developed in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 using C#.NET.
The database use to develop Medical Store Software is Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

 The target user for Medical Store software is the Medical Store Owner.

 Medical Store software is a standalone application and installed into a personal


 The update, delete and insert record function will also be available in Medical Store

 This software is useful for Medical Store Owner only.

Frontend & Backend Tools

Front End Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

Back End Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Other Adobe Photoshop

Project Sitemap
(Link Flow / Control Flow Diagram of the Project)

0 Level Diagram





1 Level Diagram


User Medicine Transactio


Log Out


Methodology / Planning of Project Work

(Pert Chart and Gantt Chart)
Project Evaluation and Review Techniques’ chart is known as PERT chart. It can be both cost and
time management system. Pert is organized by events and activities or tasks. One advantage of PERT is
that it is a scheduling device that also shows graphically what tasks must be completed before beginning
other task and which activity has taken what time.

PERT enables the calculation of a critical path. Each path consists of combinations of activities,
which must be completed. The time and cost associated with each task along a path are calculated and
the path that requires the greatest amount of elapsed time is the critical path. It shows this detail by
displaying various paths.

Database Design Code Database

30-01-2014 20-02-2014

Specification Integrate & Test Finish

02-01-2014 22-03-2014 29-03-2014

Design GUI Part Code GUI

30-01-2014 20-02-2014


02-01-2014 To 25-03-2014

Gantt Chart
Gantt chart is mainly used to allocate resource to activities. The resource allocate to
activities include staff, hardware, and software. Gantt charts are useful for resource planning. A
Gantt charts is special type of bar chart each bar shows an activities. The bar charts are drawn along
the time planned for corresponding activity.
Gantt chart used in software in software project management is actually an enhanced version of
the standard Gantt charts. In the Gantt charts used for software project management, each bar consists
of a white part and a shaded part. The shaded part of the bar shows the length of time by which a task
must be finished.

Jan-02 Jan-30 Feb-20 Mar-22 Mar-25 Mar-29


GUI Part

Database Design

Code GUI Part

Code Database

Integrate and Test

Documentation Finish

Tables and Data Dictionary

Database Name :- Medical
Table Name :- User
Field Name Datatype
Uname Varchar(20)
Upass Varchar(20)

Table Name :- Medicine

Field Name Datatype
Id Int(5)
Medicine_name Varchar(50)
Price Big Int(5)
Is_available Boolean

Table Name :- Transaction

Field Name Datatype
No Autonumber
Name Varchar(50)
Date Date
Total_Bill Big Int(5)

Testing Tools Used

The System Development Life Cycle has many steps. From it one most useful step is testing.
By testing the website we found the error or bug generate in it. Errors can be useful for the project
to be the good and an error-free project.

Testing process contains many types of phases. Testing can also be divided into various
types. During the testing, if the program fails to run as anticipation, then it is called that the error has
been occur during the development of the process.

Testing is a process to find the error and to combine it with the development of the
software. The success of any software is also depends upon the testing process indirectly. Generally,
a skilled software developer gives 45 to 50% of his time only on the testing phase during his work of
software development.

Black – Box Testing

 Equivalence Class Partitioning

 Boundary Value Analysis

White – Box Testing

 Statement coverage
 Branch Coverage
 Condition Coverage
 Path Coverage
 Linearly independent Path
 Data Flow - Based Testing
 Mutation testing

Project Evaluation Report

Date of Task Allocate Remarks Evaluator
Evaluation Signature