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= \ KAK TOMB3OBATBCA KAPTOYKAN! NAGLE Is (= MATHMECHMN ' IpTOVeRK supermarket We can buy a lot of goods in the supermarket Na hele) tal S10), (0) =) 5 Oo8 GB Ot a ee ENGLISH ENGLISH OO ea poet Cee OR as Pe ee ers tI 9 Frasaiilzss925 HSITDN3 a SB 5 supermarket market 8) baker’s West bey ole Yama ‘Turn right, the market is over there. Will you go to the baker's? in the supermarket. We have no bread. i ai 2 a GB o- w a OB asicyp ) butcher’s grocer’s dairy products Let's go to the butcher's. I saw her at the grocer’s. You can buy dairy products Towant to buy some meat for dinner. | She was there alone. such as milk, sour cream, yoghurt at the datry. Lal cm [5] ca Ee) i] - = N \ (BR) salesperson, shop window display shopper shop assistant Look at the shop window display! Be polite and attentive Have a talk with a salesperson. There are things that are sold to your shopper. in the shop. ical oo. as| &) o- = \ esate (3) opening hours B® tobe practical Who is the owner of this shop? Do you know the opening hours You should be practical! Twant to complain. of this shop? Don't spend a lot of money! 10 cm) fn] c= om home-knitted \ parka anorak (8) cardigan I don't buy such expensive things — Whose anorak is this? Homeknitted cardigans as parkas, boots, coats by myself. = It’s mine. ‘are coming back. Task my mother to help. (isa cm) 4) ce = = N \ U3) high-heeled shoes U3) tracksuit bottoms (R) waistcoat Buy a pair of high-heeled shoes T like to wear tracksuit bottoms I don't like this waistcoat. for the wedding. at home, I’ to0 tight. 16 oc: 7 o- [8] o- &® bubble gum sticker () to save money Children like to buy bubble gum. — What's your hobby? Henry is saving money collect stickers. fora new car. [19] cm [20 cm fa) oo 4 4 yHunepcam pEmmoK 6ynounas Tosepume nanpaso, Cetbvan eeuucwanl Mu oxen npuotpeemu xodumn @ Guownyro? 401020 mosapoa @ yrusepeame. poinon naxodumen man, Y nae nem xxeba, 1] | 2 E] 7 / / 4 e) / monounpre @) MsacHoii MarasuH Gaxanes MpOAYKTSI Thoitden ¢ nacnoit mazasun. Al ouden ve @ Ganasee. | Bee moaceme xynume nonownwe / A xowy xynume Ona 6oiaa max odua. npodykme, maxue Kax Matoxo, ‘nennozo Maca na 0660. ‘caemana, tiozypm ¢ moaownuom a Ls] ua ——— | = Cc . z Tocuompu na eumpuny Bydv ceocauarae Tlozoeopume ¢ npodasuom. azasuna! 3dece sew, Komoprwe npodawomes 6 mazasune. Wenumameronrin noxynamenen. a] | Ce wacbr paGornt om ral a (oe) ( Zncurpes @) © sure npaxroumm (&) Kino exaderey smozo nazasuna? —— Suacure.au me opena pasomy —»—-“TeBe caedyem Gram Al xowy nowanogameca. smozo Mazasuna? npaxmuwnoa! He mpamy muozo dene2! =) | # f=) fo = anopak. @) / pasanaa mapKa @) (renzan meperanas Kocpra @ AL ne noxynavo maxue dopocue Ha MOJHHH C KalllOul0HOM) Moda na exsanvie wepemanwe seu, Kak napKa, canoe, = Yoa amo xypmxa? ‘xogimer eosopamaemcs. naavmo cana, H npouy many = mo moa. nonowr ane, = = | ia ryan / 06neraiomue wr ~ Ha BBICOKOM KaOyKe (2) mopTst 2) HET @) Kynu napy mygiern | Mue upasumca nocums Mune ne upacumca amom na anicoxan kabiayke na ceadeb. ofixezaroyjue wopms dona. peunem. On caumnom ysxuil 7 Cy | [a] okeBaTenbHas 4 . r @ pesmm«a nakneiixa KONHTS JeHBrH Alem s106am noxynams aceacmmentnnie pest. 7° = Yeo mus yeaenaeusen? =A cobuparo nax.veixu. Tenpra xonum dewsew na woayn0 manny, _ (3) can (3) ctectric can opener UR) peanut butter Open, please, Electric can opener Twant you to try peanut butter. this can of tomato soup. opens different cans automatically. = cm {a} co & oo = rl a UB) food fair () to advertise (A) sptey Do you think the food fair ‘They give away their food for free Hellikes eating spicy food. is worth visiting? to advertise the restaurant. 5 com | (25) c= 27 o- = — \ bagel DS eroemon UR) cream cheese Twant to order a bagel We'd like to try Tiy this cream cheese. It's delicious. a cinnamon raisin bagel. cy os oe 12 cm N fe \ barbecue UB) barbecued pork ribs (8) grilled fish Tiy our barbecue ~ you'll ove it! How much does a whole rack Do you want grilled fish? oT aeunine of barbecued pork vibs cost? | eet deme a om | cm \s c= (yg) salad = re) L®) with smoked chicken | (8) greens (3) yeast Let's order two salads with smoked | Have you bought greens? Bagels are made from flour, water, chicken, salt, yeast, and a little bit of sugar. 4 = ol <= — ‘\ [%) whites vinegar (8) vanitla essence Beat whites until stiff ‘Add vinegar into the mixture. | Tlike vanilla essence to be used | in the cake. [=] cm] cm [ co. = \ os (3) iiwitruie (3) cash register (3) trotiey Cover your cake with fresh fruit eo paiecnreme: Ifyou have a tot of things to buy, such as kiwifruit nf) for aguas take a trolley. m= | [2 o- “ 7 \ 7. konceppnas Ganka Omexpoit, noxcaayiicma, omy Koncepenyro Ganxy c momamneus Cynon. smeKTpH4eckuit KoHcepBHBtii HO Daexmpuvecruit xonceparcecit nom omxpeiaaem pasnee ‘wowcepens aemonamuvecrw. 4 apaxvicopoe Maco A x0, umob me. nonpoboaan ‘apaxucoeoe macao, B 2% mpoayKronas @) 4 x 4 =) apMapKa (%) © pexrammposars = [%) | ocrpsrit &) Toe Aynaeue, cmoum nocemums —,_"Tmobe pernanupooams Exy npacumcn ocmpan eda. npodyemosyro apaapry? ‘peemopan, owu pasdarm cao ed Gecnsamno. Lae a a a 6yomn« A — _ (Caammmot) 1) | sopeme (%) cmmounsritcmp ([&) A xowy saxasame 6y6aur. Mu Go xomexn nonpoboaamy _ Honpotyit smom cansounvai cvip. GGaux c opuneit u usoMom, Brycuo! 28 [29] [30] —, /kapensie caunpte (7) = GapGexxo (@) peopacmmoric (A) xapenan priGa (z) i 7 Cyatoxo cmoum nopyua Kev. . ease ee | ee | | eer e.auaxome0? a canarc Komienpim (7) ez aprurenkom Seen, OBOMLE Apoxccn Alasait saxascen dea carama | Cc RonWeNbiN wrinstENKan Tou xynusa senene? Bydinuicu denarom ua acu, 200%, coau, iposeaceit u neGoasuoeo ranuueemaa caxapa. u [5] 3% Pal fg) ( Bannan wr) Genkn (an4HBIe) (z) ykeye z) accennua ‘% Babeitme Gea Alobasrime 6 caece yrcye. Mne xpasumcs, 0 ofpasoeanus xpenxoti neni. ‘Koe0a 6 mopme ucnaxesyemca sanuasnan secenyus, a [= Vv — TenexKa a) KuBH | scene. (@) (a1 noxyrox) ®) Vihaceme ceoit mopm ceencurcu Hiiasasce, Ecau aan nyscno cderame unoco Ppyrmasu, nanpunep, Rue. ‘emo santamume sa pou, a noKynox, sosamume meaewy. UR) size to change change Have you got another size Let’s go and change this blouse. | Take 50 pence change, please. of that dress? 10s too big for me o cm «[# cm [# o- underwear LE sietiay room (3) basket Where can I buy Go to the fiting wom and try iton, | Put the things into a basket underwear for women? please. aand go to a cashier. « om | o- o- NT =) \ tag CR) shoplifting UR) wallet, purse Before buying, look at the price tag. | Shoplifting is considered Watch your wallet or purse 4 serious crime. in crowded places. [a] a ®) to match something to wrap up short-sleeved shirt You wanted to buy a hat to match | This Tshirt is nice. Wrap it up for | Where's my shortsleued shirt? ‘your new coat. me. Twant to wear it (=) a & cm [# om —~ a ~) \ U3) jewellery DR) cammetics teae,/ined evens All women like to wear jewellery: Do you use any cosmetics? Td like to buy a tube of face and bracelets, broaches, rings, earrings hhand cream. % cm |] om ff os \ hair spray &) lipstick BD to givea tree hand in Do you have any hair spray? Show me that lipstick, please. | My mother gives me a free hand Does it suit me? in choosing my clothes. = cm f=) cm) [@ - —™ (qm) to spend mon to think twice Sq) to do without \ (3) wisdly al (3 Scfore buying (B) (something) spend money wisely ‘My mother thinks twice before Toten spend money on things because Papua buying this or that thing. which I can do without. fer] mm m= [3] = / pasmep Y aac com» apyeoit paamep omoz0 naamea? 4 | nomena Alaaaii noiiden u o6mennem amy | Gays. Ona ane exuxa. [4] 4 cqaya Boxauume 50 newcos cau, noxaayiicma. s apkuee Gerbe Toe 2 s02y xynumy skencKoe Huscree Bese? =) mpuMepounas | Hume a npunepowryo u npumepeme, nowcaayiicma. / wopsmma (npoaysronaz) Tlowoxcu noxynxu a xopsuny udu x xaccupy. TeHHHK Tpexcde ve noxynams, ‘nocwompu na yennur, = ( smrnmmmer pena | Mazasunnan xpasca ceumacmen cofpesnie npecmynaenuen. Ls OyMaxkHuk, (=) KomeneK (a) | Bacxozaarodneix aecmax npucuampueaiime sa caouna Gymacnunanu u Kowenean. a y = MOAXOAUTB K GeMy- i pyOamxKa modo (oo oxenxe) | sasopausare (%) | Pkopormm pyxanom Tos xomena Kynums uaanny, Brea giyndamtea exons: Toe nos pyfaura umoGot ona nodxoduaae Ma0eMY ——-Bagopnume ee nme c xopomru pyxacon? oeony nasemo. AL xovvy ce nadem = = / 4 = / = nparouennocrn (J xocmeraxa 8) | xpesansmma/pyx ( Bee acennuunes arodam nocums — | Tex ucnaarsyeus xarxyro-nudyo ALG xomena xynuums mobi Apazoyennocmu: Gpaciemss, ‘ocmemury? pena daa anya u das pyr. Gpowu, Koasua, cepren. | | s [ss] (=) a ea VA mpegocrasaTp wa jst BosOC ry6nas nomaya (8) cnoGony B Yaac ecmy xaxoii-nubyoe Tloxaacume amy nomads, Moa mama npedocmaeasem tax das aoaoc? noxeaayiicma. une ce06ody @ eiGope odeacde. Ona ne nodxodum? =) [=] o TpatuTp AenErHn ZH ABADI MOAYMatb, (EF) /" QOxOAUTECH Ges =) cymom (2) © mpeagesemnoxynar (8) (Gero-160) (A) Ampary denveu cyan, nomony Mos. mana deaxcdu nodymaem, —_ wacmo mpauy denseu na seu, «amo 2 mpaxmuunuct weroder. peace wea noxynam’s my wa uno ee Gea Komopuix soz) ofoizmuc. i) (ye) to be one’s ® \ favourite pastime to try clothes on to be up with fashion Shopping is my favourite pastime. | Best ofall she likes trying clothes on, | Youll be up with fashion if you buy It’s so interesting! these jeans. @ me [8 -— = FR] tobe the height — FB gmake somebody \ US) of fashion | to go out of fashion wild with jealousy That dress is really the height | This classic suit will never go out Your hat made me of fashion! of fashion. | wild with jealousy. [sr] me [fe = = ira \ \ = \ tobe dressed to kill | (B) to look stylish ©) to rottow fashion John was wearing leather trousers. She will look stylish in this blue It’s very important for me He was dressed to kill! blouse 10 follow fashion. 70 m= 7) = a \ ) (qe) to.turn up in some- EB \ \&) to dress alike (©) thing extravagant (©) to fit somebody Do you hate when people She always turns up This skirt doesn’t fit me at all dress alike? in something extravagant. Tes to short. a mm [ = t id a b uli \ ‘0 spend money on. (qe) to be popular amon; &) to set the trends whatever omen up (B) pine] people : Who usually sets the trends? Does your grandmother spend Do you like these trainers? ‘money on whatever comes up? They are popular among young people. kz] me | mm |* = ms = aaa — a (Gm) to be ful U3) to be half price UB} to look for (M) ofadvertisements Next week these gloves ~ What are you looking for? The newspapers and magazines will be half price. ~ I'm trying to find a present ave full of advertisements. for my wife. 7 mm |) mf) = = \T _ L®} to be well done C3) to be a bargain U3) to be on sale This suit is well done, isn't it? 10s a bargain to buy the dress Cottage cheese isn’t on sale here. at that price, =] oa mL = ‘Ours mo6umem Bpemanpenposox- qaennemM Es Tloxodes no nazasunan — soe avounoe spensnpenposordene. Smo max unmepeco! @) O6bITL THKOM MOBI ‘To naamve dettemaumenono nux Modo. 7 Swrre yOuiicrnenno OeTHIM Alcon Gun oem 6 Koncanme Gproxu. On Gout yOutiemaenno odem! 7 eS) MpuMepsire one y Boawwe ecezo ona ww6um pustepame odexedy. BBIXOAUTh 13 MOABI mom Kaaccuwecxuit Kocmon. nuxoeda ne escidem us mode. a BBIPISeTh CTHIBHO ) + Ona Gydem enzandems cmuasno 6 amoit eonyboit Guyane. Pasig aa c Monoit Bos Gydeme wdmu @ nozy c.w0doi, ecau xynume amu acunces, gacTaBuTS AMO 3aBuOBaTH Toon waanxa sacmasuaa mens duxo saaudosamn meve. crequTS 3a MonOii Jaa mena ouenr easicno caedume sa modoit. openarscs ®) onHaKoBO (J Ti6e ne npacumes, Kozda an0du odeearomes. odunaxovo? / 06xa4arpcs Bo 4TO-TO aKcTpaBaranTHoe Ona ececda obxauaemca 60 Umo-mo sKcmpasacanmnoe. nogXoauTs Komy- ano (06 oxxexc1e) 3ima ro6ica coacent une ne nodxodum. Ona cauwxon xopomxas. 75 © yeranapmmpaTe TpaTaT 7enpra V curs nomynapemn ®@) Mony Ha Bce, ¥TO cpean Moto7exKu monagercs 10, Kimo ofrewno — TeGe npasamen smu xpoccooru? yemanaaausaem mody? ean 6abyuna Onu nonyaaprrs mpamum devseu na sce, ped monodern. 7 a sumo nonademen nod pyxy? / - — |“ - cTouTD (=) r x ( mecrpetp (=) nososuny yenst = (A) earn 8) onaprenussar \) Ha caedyroeit nedene — Umo me uyeur? Tasemvi u aicypnaare necmpam sr neprarmacu =A neimavory navi rena. Gydym cmounes nosoauny yours. 7 nodapor das aoeit mers a Gurre @ XOpomto cqexaHHDIM Smom Kocmram xopowo cucum, we mar au? Gurre Bronte Buizodno xynumy nuamve 3a amy weny. ) Gurr B mpomwxe Bdece ne npodaemca meopoe. ™ i \ to get something to bea perfect fit ® to show the dirt in stock The skirt is a perfect fit. PW buy it. | The coat is white. What trousers Lm afraid itl show the dirt do you have in stock? too quickly. mm ®) mm ff = - i —™ (8) sip (8) passenger U8) luggage Last year I made a trip to Brazil. How many passengers are there Where is your luggage? in the bus? [aul a 2) a 2) = rr re ~ 8) speea 8) airport (6A) railway station Our speed is 600 miles an hour, There is a big airport near our city. Drive as fast as you can to the rail way station! om & 7 i] If) vinderground (9) taxirank 8) advantage How can we get to the nearest Let’s take a taxi What advantages has travelling by train? underground station? Where's the nearest taxi-rank? E os 2 c= il \ \ 8) view (68) booking office (88) to queue up You have a good view of the sea. Where's the booking office? You needn't quewe up at the booking office for tickets. Ce] ic] cm) [) o- Pe ee) \ 8) stranger (8) traffic (88) to prefer Could you help us? a Ted proferto stay at home We are strangers here. nbs fe fa) cm fs) ce ao a Ba wi ~ U8) departure time UA) picturesque EB) to serve People arrive atthe airport R, Bums described the picturesque. Werwere served a light breakfast three hours before departure time nature of Scotland in his poems. during our trip. 6 o- | 7 o- / amers 470-1160 fo 0 xopomto cuers (od onerne) (2) © nauxareca i) { Suamrnme #) 1O6«a xopowo cudum. | Hasso beso, | Kaxuey eae ecms 6poxu Anynawo ee. Bove, wmo ono e anuwun? ‘caUUKOM Gorempo ucnaKaemcs. | nm 7 seams BS) | seccsmnp 8) © Garax (a8) B npowaon 2ody | Cranexo naccascupoe Tae eau Gaza? a esdua 6 Bpasuauro. 6 asmobyce? BE L3| — i —_ 2ke1esHoXopox Brit cmopoem RD (soponope OD (SI w Orono nawevo eopoda Hlincsca eis pam a | Moesxcaime Goan sae waxodumca Goxsuoit agponopm. ax moacno oucmpee do akceresnodopoxcnoz0 aoxsana. ' Ly [2] (a) Merpo crosHKa Takcu npemmynyecrso Kax nas doopamsea Alasaii eosnnen maxeu. _ Kaxue npeuxywecmsa uxeem 0 Gauseaiiweis emanyun Toe naxodumes Cruscaiiuan nymewecmaue na noesie? mempo? ‘cmoanxa maxcu? =] | fe] a me 4 fox) _— sux BD nacca BD crommsoxepemn Yenc npenpacnasi oud xa nope, Tie naxodumen Kacca? Bax ne neyxeno cmosms 6 owpedu 2a Gusemasu, | 10 al 12 4 opoxnoe mpHeancnit Ra) | ee eee (3) ( npexnounrare (Ra) He mozau Got Bos nan nomown? Mune xascemea, umo sdece Al Gut npednoven ocmamsca dona. Moe npuesocue, Cansmoe dopoocnoe deucwenwe. [3] a i an ” oScayKHBaTE, (Ra) Bpema . ormpanzenns (3) scumonnenssit (RX) ogasare na cron (& Jiodu npubwaarom 6 asponopm 3a mpu uaca do erurema. Fel | P, Bepne onucaa sewsonucnyro npupody [omaandun 6 ceoux cmuxax. 7 Has nodaau reexuii sasmpax 40 apenst noesOxu, [e] \ \ (ge) (gg) to visit 88) to arrive in/at Ales pet acquainted (68) ditferent places We arrived in Moscow at about 3 p.m. We got acquainted last summer, What places have you visited yet? We arrived at the village in the evening. 0 cm =) ca o- [RA toask (ff) t follow Fr \ WA) the policeman ER) somebody's advice UR) the right way to You'd better ash the policeman. You should follow his advice. Show me the right way to the hotel “Europe”. = cm) | c= a= (ff) to be on the right aN FR) es 8) way (road) to KA) to go sightseeing to have a good time Am Ion the right way to Trafalgar | They bought souvenirs Thope he will have Square? and then ‘went sightseeing. «a good time in Washington. [2s] cm [2 o- = c= \ = aa \ IB) to he imprensed by (8) means of traveliing ) (8) to go by bus ih were precy The fastest means of travelling 1s comfortable to go there by bus. impressed by the British Museum. is by plane. ED cm | @) cm | [x om Ze Pa \ (88) bus stop (8) bus fare 8) out of order ‘Where's the nearest bus stop? The bus fare is not very high. The lavatory is out of order. f) oa} & cm| =) o- << - GR) experienced N @ \ (8 checkin (68) traveller 9) to weigh and label Seopa eter The passenger next to me Was your luggage weighed at the check-in counter. ‘was an experienced traveller. and labeled yet? (=) cm cm | Ce) om a \ \ (68) noarding pass (9) to pay extra arrival platform Your boarding pass You have to pay extra if your | Areyou sure has a seat number on it luggage weighs more than 20 kilos. it is the arvival platform? = cm ls oc / upuGsiware B (aa) Moc npuduuan ¢ Mooray npubrusumeasno @ 3 uaca dus. Mot npudiru @ depearo aeuepon. [ie] / mosHakomMuTBcs Moi nosnaxosannuce mpouara aemone. 2 B nocemars pasnpie Mecra | Kaxue aecma vu yace nocemuan? 2 cnpammpars mommuelicKoro Bas ayuwe enpocums nasuyeiicxoeo. (Ral ( 6prTp Ha MpaBiIbHOM nyTH K 8 cueqoBaTs copeTy Bax nyseno caedoaam e20 coven. ocMaTpuBath 0CcTO- mIpuMewarenBnocTH (Ra) a mpasnnonssti nyrs [ Tloxascume sie npasuxnyo dopoey x omea «Espona xopomo TIpoBoAUTS BpeMa A npasusvno udy © Onu xynusu cysenuper, a nomon AL naderoev, on xopowo x Thagiasveapexoit naowadu? —gmnpasuauce ocampusam, nposedem apena ¢ Bauuremone, docmonpumewamensnocmu. 25 ar Ea] © 6prre 10% a) / cnocodsr al a) pnevaTienneM or nyTemectsust (Ws exars na aprodyce (AN) Movi Gorn n0d Goran Tlymewecmaosame Gucmpee ecezo Exams myda na asmobyce enevamaenuen camosemom. ydo6in0. ‘om Bpumanexoeo ayses. Ey a] @ apro6ycHan (Ry) “ mxarasampoesa —_(q) (33) ee Ba) “ mrrasenposs a) wepasorer AD Tae naxodumen Gruscaivwan Tlaama sa npoesd xa asmotyce —--—-“Fyaaem we paGomaen, asmobycnan ocmanoexa? ne ovens avicoxan. a 32 | [33 | é Gq) ouprrmpnit (Oouaxbsit) (RQ) nanemunarn al pernerpanns [X8) ( nyremecrsenmm U8 yy wapxuponare (An) Tloxascume eau Sus0me. Cudeowuit padam co mnoit Baw 6azaoe ‘4a emotive pecuempayus. | naccaacup Gor onvumnee ‘yeeainsernun uz ncupenpomeni? (Guisaein) nymewecmaennuxon. H [=] [2] / 5 (Ra) © BHOCHTE AononHH- / KKoropoii Ce a eee ee Ha Bawem nocadownon | Bot Gaaserens enecma Te yaepen, mo noesd Guneme ykasano mecmo. donoanumearnyro naamy, ec npufwaaem x amoit naamgopue? bau Gazax eecum Goace 20 xe. &] | 2 N (ax) (68) departure lomge \ (8) announcement QM) duty-free shop Is there any duty fre shop here? Yow can have a snack Did you hear the announcement | and read a paper to board the plane? | in the departure lounge. a cm [#) cm [#) om (fA) 2 arrive i) \ WN) at the destination (es) longtdistance flight to delay Our plane has arrived Abe aaatds ceri Our flight was delayed at the destination, | on longeistance fights? because of the weather. ] c= (] o- (8) to tana 68) 10 take off 8) non-stop flight What ainport The plane will takeoff in a minute. | Is ita nonstop flight? does our plane land at? 6 cm! 7) 7 \ = a) cm \ (eh) announcer (ea) visa (an) to get off the bus Has the announcer The inspector checked Please called our flight? ay visa and wrote something on it, | tell me when to get off (the bus) o cm | fe) cm | [5] -= i) tegeton ~\ *) y NS (8) the’number ... bus QA) to take a taxi (ea) to be free Get on the number 10 bus | Wemust tae a taxi. Weare late. | Js this taxi fee? and go up the market, (=) mm |) mm [se foo] Gm) to have a look rr {gR) to go in the opposite (tf) around the city (88) to change the bus WA) direction should tke Which bus do T have to change for | Yow should change the bus, to have a look around the city. 10 get to the airport? It’s going in the opposite direction. 38 mm [se me le = Bi ~ B ‘5 to lose the way (8) rush-hour [B8) to go by train Tt seems to me, we've lost our way I's no wonder that the bus rece ieee ‘is overcrowded. It’s the rush-hour. = - = - / Mara3uu Gecnom- v 7 annnoit Topropan sa OMAN AN o6pannenne (aa) Boece ecms Buu moaceme nepexycums Tou civiwaa obeasaenue axoli-nu6yOe wacasun w nowmams easemy oncasins? Gecnowannnoti mopeodsu? @ sate oxcudanua. ~ a 2 mpu6nrrp Ra) 4 aa xMecry nasnayenna AN yaressubrit noner orkaagpwBath (AR) Haw nasem Haan cascanem pub x secmy nasnavenua. Tlodaemes au eda 6 daumensi nosemax? x Guin omaonen usa novode, @ (s] ———__—__—| : _ (er) er) 6Gecnocazounpiit (ea) upusemanrecn (AA) | nsnerare 4) roner [aa Brxaxou asponopmy Camoaem ssemum uepes Do Gecnocadounvett nosem? npusenaumes Kaw camonem? aMunymy. [] @ (a) ia (a) ——— Gal auxrop (Husa (AX) a anro6yca (ay) Atuxmop oBsncua wau peitc? Hucnexmop nposepua moro eusy Toxaayticma, cxascume, xoeda u nanucaa wmomo na net ane guixodume (us aamobyca). = = a A. —_ cecTh (ey) naaprosye Ne... (A) | naar raxen 88 | dare cxasanenne Cadumecs asmotye Mo dass asnme maxcu. Taxcu cao6odno? No 10 w noesacatime do porn. Mu onasdrusaen. | a (Ra) “ mepececrs Gy) “eXaTb BOGparHoM (gy) ocmorpers ropox AA) (nee awrosye QA) anpannenan AR A661 xomex ocwompema coped. Ha xaxoit asmobyc sme nyaeno Baw caedyem nepeceems nepececms, umobet doGpamvca ‘4a dpyeoit aemotye. Smom udem do asponopma? 6 ofpamnom Hanpaaacnuu. s @ a cOursen c nyrn Mue xaacemea, se eBiuauce nym, ‘aac MHK He yduaumearno, ‘umo aamobyc nepenaanen. Yac mux. (aa) e3quTb Ha moesze Bue moaceme noexame myda Ha noesde. \ (8) compartment (88) 10 go by ship (69) to travel by air When I entered the compartment, T think it will take much time Nowdays people mostly travel by air. T saw two passengers there. to go there by ship. a ma! — = a GR \ m@ \ 8 tony over the ocean ) 48) plane (68) notation device Have you ever flown | Travelling by plane is the fastest Your flotation device aver the ocean? and most comfortable. is under the seat | ci = - = ~ on on \ {H8] ) reception clerk \ (2) desk-clerk (2) (receptionist) | GS octer Ifyou want to be awakened The reception clerk receives Ifyou want your luggage aia definite time, the deskclerk new guests and does brought doxin, ask the porter. is at your service. all the necessary formalities. oa) 2 cm| 2) o- = \ bell-boy 2) tift-boy © chambermaia Ifyou want a snack, The lifeboy is in charge The chambermaid ash the belLboy to help. of lifting visitors to all floors. eeps bedrooms in order 4 5 ca! E) o.: = 7 a) 7 fe / nyremectnopars a) xyne (8) prs Ha mapoxoge 110 Bosayxy a) Kosda a sowen @ xyne, | Ayman, nompebyemen anozo B nacmoaimee spens arodu # yauden ma dayx naccarupos. epenents, xmobes dobpanca @ ocHoenom nymewecmsyiom myda napoxodom. ua camoneme. ol a ! - (px) cmacaTesbHbtit (aa) BA) © cavoner pen 0a wererb Hal oKeaHOM Bur xoeda-nuby0v aemanu nad oxeanon? sanacnoii BBIxox Te xaxodumea sanacnoti / Tymewecmeue na camoaeme canoe Bucmpoe u casoe yoobno. | (aa) / Huxony ne novaoseno exodums KaGuHa MMI0TOR Baw cnacamenvnotit ocusem naxodumen nod cudenven. ecto LA y oxna Bate aecmo 23 y oxna. euxod? @ xabury nuomos. Smo cncea. | . / _ _ ecto crroapaecca 11B y npoxona Ra) © oxumax A) | Gopeeponomona) Tae naxodumen mecmo | Kanwmar u eo axunaxe Crvoapiecca npocum IIB y npoxoda? / = croapa (oprnposozumk) Ciroapa u cmoapiecca npedaoncam gam aan uepes nawaca, ®) nopTbe Beau 661 xomume, wmobes aac pasBydusu @ onpederennoe apeus, nopmee x eaunn yeayean. i fo MOCbLIBHDI eS Ecau 6 xomume neperycun, nonpocume noceite1o20 amor na seicome 25 000 dymos. npusemcmeyiom naccarcupoe 1a Gopmy peiica Ne 145 Bpumanexux asuanunuit. BpICOTa Moe aemum ayMHHMCTparop | Adsnnewempamop npruraaem enoes npuesearoux | u evinannsem ace neobxodunwe gopmansnocm. | 2 audyrep @ Augimep omeevaem 3a docmasny nocemumeneit ‘ua ace smaicu ome. /caxon 18 — nae npedraaume Grcvemr. HeKYpsmHXx Moe aecmo Gvito 6 canone dan Hexypamur. nocursmnk (e Ecau eet xomume, umobei eam Gacase omnecan nus, nonpocume nocuanuura. 3 S Topnwinas codepacum xounams @ nopade. = (2) attendant (2) manager (2) resident Where's the attendant? | Ifyou want to complain, The hotel resident must not spoil The floor is dirty. | call for the manager of the hotel. the furniture in the room. a cm ie = = c= (2) arrival card ) accommodation (single room Where's your arvival card? ‘had aoonesnndasion. = Do you have a single room? have you got here? — Unfortunately we don't os | cm [2] oo: (2) double room © suite (©) central heating We have only double rooms now. What's the rate per day fora suite? | Have you got central heating here? 3 cm [4] cm) fe os (2) taundry service 2) electric fire air-conditioning This hotel There are electric fires Airconditioning is necessary also has a laundry service. and radiators in every room. when it is hot in the wom. 6 cm [® cm| Ce] os eS ©) swimming-pool ) tennis court © sattroom Is there an indoor swimmingpool Tsaw him with a young girl There’s also a nice ballroom in the hotel? near the tennis court. (on the ground floor wo cm | ca) = Se) » golf course | (©) binliaras TV lounge = Where is a golf course? Can you play billiards? Let's play! | ~ Where were you? — It’s nearby. -We ‘were watching TV in the TV lounge. (2) cm fe cm | 2 cm (©) night bar hing I So parking lot surname They want to go to the night bar. Id like to put my car What's your surname? Will you join them? in the parking lot. Write it here. ae Cm [2s] cm [| a / —_ eS yOopuunc, | eS VV ynpapisommit, V peveumunil cay2xamnit apexrop 2KHTeNb FOCTHHMNDE | Toe yoopuwr? Tan epasnetit | Beau ev xomume Tlocmonnneit acumen nomanosamce, zocmunuys: ne doanen | Rosoeume dupermopa omeas. nopmume meen 6 Koxname. a | a ‘ xaprouxa I m “ eS mpnOsrrast ©) yaosersa (2) nomep na oxnoro Toe sawa xapmovxa Kaxue y eac sdecs yaosemaa? | = Yoeac ecms uanep na odnoco? npubwmus? -K comanenuno, nem. ae " [2] me) (S) ( uewxpanoe eS HoMep Ha ABOMX Homep-n0Ke oronmrenne a) Y nae maxoxo nanepa Kaxosa cmouocms | Veeac ecme sdecr yeumpassnoe na Deoux ceiiuac. namepa-uonc @ dene? omonsenue? (a) i ® MpHeo 2 cTmpey a / anexrpusecknit / xonauumonuposanne Ss AWHBIX BEILE! kaMuH Bosayxa B omox omese maxsce | Breaaedodseauname » Konduyonupogaraue ocywecmaanemca npuen coms anexmpuvecsuit Kasur oadyxa neobxodUMo, 2 cmupay aurnncx aewel. 6 1 paduemopes. 7 Ko20a 6 Kamname scapno. / 7 = aparexbubrit Ka . . eS Gacceiin TeHHECSH opr = = Tanneparbupii sax =) Eoms au @ omene xpeimsit. AL cridea e20 ¢ monodoit deayuxott — Tae ecm u npexpacnesit naaedmenrsrcit Gacceiin? Kano mennucnozo Kopma. manyesarwnrcit sa a nepoon smaxce. 3) >) zi “romanea 4 canon € Te OM. UIs HTpbI B romE¢p Oumpspa (Komuata oTaprxa) = [ie waxodumea naomadna Bus uepaeme 6 Gurespa? | = Tie ane Gran? das uepes 6 earn? Alasaiime cuepaca! | = Mae compen mesesusop ~ Padon. 4 xonwame omdwxt nountoit Gap On xomam cxodume, 6 nownoi Gap. Tot npucocdunaurca? MecTo (IN CTOAHKH Manan A 6s: xomena nocmasums | awry na cmonve. pasa Kax cama gasnsus? Sanumume sdece. ®) y ©) \ \ \ Christian name f2)| middle nanié nationality Should Twrite my Pardon me, sir, but you have ~ What's your nationality? Christian name here? missed your middle name here. 'm Russian. Ey cm fe ca | & o- (2) date of birth (2) place of birth (@) permanent address I don't remember My place of birth is Moscow. Write down your his date of birth exactly. permanent address, please, a c= 2) = = c= ©) purpose of visit (2) signature (2) passport number — What's the purpose of your visit? Pardon me, but you have forgotten Could you tell us ~ The international congress. to put your signature here. your passport number? =] c= = om LS) c= = Nw = _ 12) post office 2) hotel office (2) information bureau Twant to send a telegram. Af you have any questions, _ Thave some questions. Where's the post office? ‘you can go to the hotel office. Let's go to the information bureau. a cm | Ls = (# c= (A) foreign (currency) TN (S) ~ (2) exchange desk (2) news-stand (©) souvenir shop You can change your roubles Do you want to buy a newspaper? There are a lot of interesting things at the foreign (currency) Here is a newsstand. in the souvenir shop. exchange desk. You can buy some presents here. (s) Cm} lt cm) [) o- S @ @ ) (2) hairdresser’s (2) stationery stall (2) visitor Ab the hairdresser’s you can have ~ Where can I buy some envelopes? | ~ How many visitors do you have? your hair cut, shanpooed and ~Al the stationery stall ~ About a hundred. dressed. 6 cm | [# cm | ES) oo: ‘\ ‘\ sunbathing horse stables request Is there a place for sunbathing? Af you want to ride a horse, A steward brings meals and drinks ‘our horse stables on the guests’ request. are at your disposal, [4] om fe] re Le os / / Ma Mune nyacno nanucame secs co0e uss? nara poxxenust (ron H sn1e10 Mecsaa) Ane noxnso mowno amy e20 promdens. 5) Wexb Hpuesza — Kaxoaa yer aaweeo npuesda? = Meacdynapodvauit xonepecc. - — x Heeunume mena, cap, ‘uo @v1 sBece nponycmutu ceoe omeuecmeo. MecTo poxjrenus Mecmo soeeo poxcdenus. ~ Mocxea. noqMHCh Hoounume, no a sab nocmasums caor0 nodnuce s0ece. Ed / nocrosmoe (2) — Kaxoit 6% nayuonasvnocmu? ~ A poccusnun. HaHonanpnocrs Ey) ®) M€CTOXKUTETBCTBO Sanuwume adpec eameco nocmonnnozo mecmo- acumenvemea, noxaryitema. ©) uoMep macnopTa He mozau Goi 6m naseame nomep oaruezo nacnopma? omenennecnssn [&) ' xowropacress (2 cnpanounce6wpo ©) AA xowy nochams meneepamay. Ecu y ac ecms kaxue-nubyar Ymeun coms necnonxo Te naxodumca sonpocei, ee Moaceme cxodums aonpocos. Aasaiime saiiden omdenenue cansu? 6 Konmopy omean. 6 cnpasounoe Gropo. =) re =] | cy) 8 nynkr o6Mena &) Se) eS BaMOTDI = | rasernprit xuock (2) — xuock cyrenmpon &) Bot sonceme ofsxensime pyre —— Ty xouews xynume sasemy? B xuooKe cysennpos amoe0 e nynKme obsena | Bom easemuiuii xuoex. | twumepecnix sewer. ‘unocmpannoit eaniomet. Tot mooceus xynume sdece ‘necKoaeKo nodapKos. — @ "1 ip = mapuKMaxepcKast (xenrckas) Bnapuxaareposoit 6s woxceme nocmpuvecn, auamotime 108y (3) Knock Kanronapos =) = Toe a mozy xynums necKaasxo Konsepmos? ©) npuesxuii, rocrs ~ Craseo y aac cocmeit? — Oxo comnu. u cenamn nfrowecky. — B xuooxe kanymosapos. =) a ic upHuaTne >) comemmexsam (2 ( yomoman (2) mpocséa (a) Ecmy au sdece mecmo Ecau ave xomume noxamameca =, Osuyuanm nfunocum edy aaa mpunamua connernnex oan? aepxone na aowadu, nae owount x caus yeayean. uw nanumxcu no npocebe zocmeit. N\ = () boarding house @ registration fee (2) to put up at a hotel The boarding house You'll have to pay fifty pence | What hotel do you recommend me was only thirty yards from the sea. as a registration fee. to put up at? ® oe | &) com = (S) : (B) to reserve a room . \ = to register ata hotel | ©) in advance to sign in Have you got your passport 10s necessary to eserve a room Have you signed in yet? to be registered at a hotel? in advance in summer because of alot of tourists. = me [Ss me [#) = fe) [) to cancel ) to fill in \ 2) t0 si (Sy) i (2) i (5 to sign out =) the reservation J an arrival card You're signing out today, Doyou want to cancel Filling in the arrival card, aren't you? the reservation? I missed my name. =] mm [s m= = Se) ay ) to overlook \ (ED to settle a bill (2D) ovens restanrant (=) something You should settle your bill wy eoueans Td like a room overlooking the sea. before leaving. a small restaurant in our town. cS a = (5) to pay by the week U2) to call a bell-boy to press the button @} (by the thew If you want something, The steward will be at your service, | Will you pay by the week call the bellboy. ifyou press the button. ar by the day? a mle) me [@ -= { _ —\ [@) {0 be furnished to work \ to pay in advance (= in modern style (= round-the-clock [sit possible for you We have got TV lounges furnished | There ave lifts working to pay in advance? in modern style on every floor. roundtheclock in the hotel oe me [fe mm [fs = @) a © packed fun (2) to make a fuss (2) to board at a hotel Unfortunately, sir, You needn't make a fuss, sir Our guests usually board wwe are all packed full. Wel try to do something for you. at the hotel. We have a good cooh. (7) m= | me) = fo maHcHoH Hancuon naxodusca acezo sume mara 3a perneTpanmio Bax nyncno 6ydem sanzamume / ocranonureca B oTexe (rocruunne) B xaxon omese as pexomendyeme er rerivbinrcenpodiin 50 nencos sa peewempaxuro. “wwe ocmanooumsen? wo =) ‘ saperucrpupoarscs saGpoumponars porene Yea ecmty nacnopm, umo6 sapeewcmpupocamscn? 2] ocnoGoxurh Homep Bes ocaoboacdaeme nomep ce200ua, we max au? HOMep 3apanee lemon neobxodumo Gpoxuposams wonep sapanee usa Goxwuozo Koneuecmea imypucmes. oP 53 aHny2mposars 3aKa3 Bus xomume aneyauposam» saxas? Pogues CHSTb HOMep Boe yoce cnsnu nomep? , | e) Kaprouxy npuGprrnst Banarnasa kapmoury npubumua, a nponyemur ce0e wx. omsaTutp cueT Baxi cxedyem onaamums cvem eped omeead0n. BbISBaTb TOCHLIbHOTO, Ecau eas wmonubydo wepxkaTb pecropant Moit anda depocum nebonvwott pecmopan 6 nawen eopode. 4 waxkaTb Ha KHOIKY ®) fe Beau ee nancmeme wa Knonxy, / apixonntr OKHAMH Kysa-siGo Al 6s xomea noep, soixodamuit oxnaxu na mope. /” paccumtsipaTpest noHeze15H0 (aocyrouno) nonadobumea, oghuryuanm Gydem x aware Bus Gydeme paccuumeaamsen erisooume noceitenoeo. yeryeam, nonedensno uau nocymouno? =) @) a (G) © oor (S) ~ pasorarn eS onxaunpars pnepex ) — me6xmposannsm (2) xpyrsocyrouno ey 1B CoBpeMeHHOM cTHte But aoaceme onaamanes eneped? Y nae xonname omdvixa na waacdan smacce uetirupooans Bomere ecm augimv, paBomarowue xpyenocymouno, a @ coapemennon cmute. — (A) fs} A eronousreca (a) mecr ner (06 orene) J nogummare mya = (EY pg orene ey K comaaenuw, cap, Hem neobxodumocmu Hawu zocmu o6viwno ‘y mac nem mec, noduusans wy, cep. ‘Mot nocmapaenca umonubydo dun aac cOerame. ‘cmaayiomca ¢ omene. Y nac xopowuii nosap. N \ to board out ) of a hotel residential rates (= transient rates Tsaw a restaurant nearby. ~ Should we pay residential rates? ‘Transient rates are paid Til board out of the hotel. ~ Yes, if'you want to stay by transient guests. for a fortnight. | [70] me fF m= -= G) to count somebody) (%) to take keys (B) tebreak the laws ©) aresident (EY along with somebody | (©) of hospitality If somebody stays for a fortnight You shouldn't take the keys | Ifyou don't want to break the laws data hotel, he is counted a resident. | along with you. of hospitality, you should stay with your relatives or friends. me |) m = _ = z a () to hamper (©) to dial anumber (I to get on nerves Does the arrival of a relative You can dial your order Everything here is getting hamper the hosts in any way? from the telephone in the room. on my nerves ~ the chambermaids, the porters and my neighbours. [es] mm m |) = (>) to cl ie (S) () to confirm (2) bedlinen in time (2 to book a call () the reservation ‘They don't change bedlinen TU try to book a call for you right On arrival at the hotel sie nor. What's your number {g0 to the reception clerk in London? to confirm your reservation. 7 me | &) mm fe) = 5) (a) . (S) to make (=) to pay cash (=) to pay by credit card (5 a telephone call = Will you pay cash? Til pay by credit card. Do you need — | ~ Can I make a call? -No, I won't it right now? ~ Yes, of course. @ me m= [f& = ) administration’s fS) (a) on one’s (©) approval ED pricelist () own responsibility Visitors can stay in the guest’s room | The payment for the hotel Ifyou keep money and jewellery from 8 a.m, till 11 p.m. is made according to the priceslist. in the room of the hotel, ‘with the administration's approval. it is on your own responsibility. 8. mm lf mm [ = Gq) architectural = \ lst) ensemble lit) botanical garden (iit) memorial This city is famous In what part of the city Most of the memorial places Jor its architectural ensembles. is the botanical garden sitiated? dave in the old part of the city co om «=([3) o- / TMTaTbes Bue OTeIA A auen pecmopan nenodasery. A Gydy numameven ane omens. [2] / cata Koro-160 ©) 7 nerormsit xonro- cpouniit rapa ~ Ha cuedyem onaamume Boneocpouncets mapusp? ~ Ala, ecau eve xomume ocmameca na dee neden. 6pars wom Lr mocyTounbiii Tapa Tocymovaueit mapug onaawuearom ‘mpansumrese zocmu. HapymlaTb 3aKOHBI ®) |& TOCTOsHHbIM 2kuTe- cc co6oit rocrenpunmerna JI€M TOCTHHHIUbI | Bam ne cedyem Spams xaww =| Ecau aot we xomume napymams Ecuu enone cemenaesngen 2c ‘Seem omen, SIRNA HE CUE NAST, ‘mo eam caedyem ocmanooumnca ee | dcmeennuxos usu Opyseit. ocmoanacoun aeumenen. — [78 =) ype Ds] | ez e) Ha6parb BS) weiicropaTh ) crecHsTp ©) renecponnprit nomep (EJ na neppsr ) Cmecusem au Kax-mo xosnes | Bui moaveme Ceram saxas Bee sdece deticmeyem npuesd podemecnraxa? 6 MeHSTb BOBpeMa mocTerbHoe Gerbe ‘no menedhony 1a naxepa. // saKasarp Texedpou- HbIit pasronop: une na neers ~ eopnavinese, nocussuur u cocede. 78 - TOATREPANTh saKas (6pous) Ova we mensvom | Anonexmaroce saxasam TIpudwe 6 omens, nocmeavnoe Geave 6oapenst. | paseosop mpamo ceivuac. udume Kk adaunucmpamopy, Kaxoit y ac wonep mesegiona umo6e1 nodmeepoume =a @ Moudone? | eeoit saxas. marae (&) “ naarnre no xpeamr- (5) (/ wossonmTe =) anion () "fol xaprosne (2) © (no renespony) te) — Boe Gydeme naamume Al 6ydy naamums | =Moey a noseouume? manu? no xpedumuoti Kapmouxe. ~ Ala, xonewno. Hem. Ona nyoena eau npano ceieuac? a 8 [54] paspemenue 6) 4 . (a) Ha CBOIO e) aymunncrpagun = (E)—mpeiicxypanr orsercrsennocrs (@) Tlocemumenu aozym ocmacamuc. _- Onaama sa npeGweanue Ecau ov xpanume denseu zocmax ¢ 8 ympa do 11 sexepa @ omeae npouscodumen w dpacowennocmu @ Hamepe ¢ paspewenua adnancucmpayun. cozaacno npeiiexypanmy. omeas, mo smo na eawel z # omaememeennocm. = | | 2 ee IY = apxntextypHbrit (a ancam6me at Gorammueckuit can | a = Smom eopod snauenum B axoit wacmu zopoda Barsumnnemso caounu aprumermypnoct pacnonoacen nawamnuxos naxodumen ancanGagn. omanuneceutt cad? 4 cmapoit wacmu eopoda. castle = When was that castle built? = In the 15th century. @ cempte You wouldn't believe ut this temple is made of marble. @) cathedral | Twas impressed by the beauty of that cathedral. ‘ G) cm [2] a. ~ — ) chapet (at) cemetery (ii) tomb The chapel is surrounded In the forest there was a memorial There you can see the tombs by a forest on one side cemetery. of difjerent British kings and by a lake on the other. and queens. GJ o- o- oo. — | (i) pains palace (@) gountain The rains of Acropolis built In what century The architectural ensemble in the 5th century B.C. ‘was the Winter Palace built? is crowned by two fountains attract thousands of visitors. Hs fm) cm [el] o- = \ lit) fortress (Wit) exhibits ofamuseum | iil) archaeological find This fortress has both artistic Pictures and sculptures are usually Archaeological finds and historical value. the exhibits of a museum. tell us about our history 8 cm fe cm fs o- @® stutfed animal sarcophagus (a) chain armour Stuffed animals are usually This sarcophagus is made ‘These chain armours displayed in the Science Museum, of bronze, isn'til? are the exhibits aaven't they? of the Historical Museum. Le] om | &) cm [a8] i] = NS Gt) netmet (Hit) spear (@) jewellery What is this helmet made of? Spears and spear heads He often presents her with jewellery are on view in the Military Museum. Le] ce |# cm | 2 o- @) pottery (Ht) manuscript mumeny “Ancient pottery is displayed Where were The mummy of the ancient King in the Geological Museum. those manuscripts found? of Egypt was found not long ago. Tal ro & cm! [] o- V Z cobop Sauk @ © xpaw Gl) 6 (apeapamnni) ~ Koeda Goa nocmpoen amom Th ne nosepumr, | A G0 noparcen saox? ‘No 9mom xpan cdenan | xpacomoit smozo co6opa. -B XV exe. ua Mpanopa. a i @ xeon BD) ( sexansume (8) rasrposne, worse [al Yacoans oxpyacena secom Menopuanenoe xaadburye Tia ov aooceme yeudems © odnoit cmopon u osepoaxt naxodusoce @ 2ec). Moguas paaawuriux peo. Spumanexux xoposeii u xopasea. ka] 8 Ge pynner (ax) ABopen it) pouran re Pyuns: Axponasa, nocmpoennozco —-B kaxom aexe Gon nocmpoen Apxumexmypnouit ancanéns @ Vaexe do naweti apr, Susnuit daopey? eenuaom dea gonmana. npuesexarom meses iad [2] ® @ a =) “ apxeonormueckan xpenvers 8 © sconouarnsnyoen (i) [ thkona a Sma xpenocms uweem Seanminan sepia Apxearoewveckue naxodeu ax xyomwecmaennyro, OG uno aansiomcn xapmunrs pacexassiearom max u ucmopunecryio wexnocms ‘u cxynenmype 0 naweit uemopur. Cs] « Gs] ayteno (tf capxocpar 8) | comayra Uyuera ofeuno ewcmassmomen Smom caprogfae cdexan Dinu woawayeu — axcnonames 6 Haysnon ase, ne max au? tua pone, ne max au? Hemoprvecxoeo ysea. mem His-we20 cBeaan smom wen? LEME AbIE HAC, (i KepamuKa a) Cmapunnan xepanuxa avscmaeaena @ Reoaoeuneexon sysee. 4 Kone Konvs u naxonewusu ‘om xonuit auicmaaaenios 6 Mysee opyneus. pykomucp Te Guu navidens amu pyxonucu? aparoyensocru, loBexmpHBIe waqemnst Ou uacmo dapum eit dpazoyennocmu, Hedaeno Go.aa naiidena syns Apeaneso eounemckozo wapa. MyMHs @ ‘There are a lot of ancient icon clay Gan you believe 8) granite | The tombs were made of granite, Russian icons in the church. that this vase is made of clay? weren't they? P=] cm [es o- a: (Hi) porcelain (Hit) ivory (iit) architect Do you like the Chinese porcelain? | This dish is very expensive, = Who isthe architect ~Tadore it! itis made of ivory. of Westminster Abbey? =I don't remember. 28 co. cm) o- ~ \ (Wit) guide (iit) sightseer ltt) antique . . According to an antique legend, once Hil I'm your guide, Many sightseers were impressed the soldiers of the famous Roman My name is Dorothy. by the magnificence general, Agrippa, met a young girl of old buildings. canying water from a spring. ED cm fz oa | &) ao: —* 8 \ (iit) medieval (Hit) majestic (iil) unsurpassed Laud This dx cr enattonwnsltonetie That majestic palace is an example ‘The unsurpassed Pyramids of Giza of the 14th century of the harmonious combination of | were built as tombs for the ancient Indian culture and foreign influence. Kings of Egypt u ca | cm [ss i] ans ) gotni (a ‘ unique &) gothic (style) & baroque (style) The ruins of Stonehenge are unique | I think this magnificent building — What style is it? and attract thousands of visitors. is the best example =I think it’s baroque. of the gothic style Ea cm [se cm [39] oc: Wit) facade (Hit) elie (iat) column The facade of the house We display his personal things Itis an example of the classical is decorated with flowers. and other relics. several columns support «a pediment with two sculptures. 0 ca [4 ) cm [2] o- cupola (iit) route (iit) arch Russian churches are famous The route I'l suggest may be done Columns, cupolas and arches for their cupolas. only in a car are not characteristic of modern buildings. ny om [# ca is i] / a sma rp B yepreu naxodumea wnoeo Moxcews nosepums, | Hadepotun Gouru cdenanse cmapunneax pycerux uxon. ‘wmo ama asa cenana | us panama, we max au? us anunn? | Ea] | ) 4 wm V = capop ) © cnonosanxocr, — ‘{il) | apeerexrop (aa) = Te6e npasumen | 3mo Gar0d0 overs dopocoe, = Kino apxumermop rumaiiceuis Gappop? | ono cBdeaano us cxonosoii xocmu. ——_Becmaunemepexoeo AGGamcmaa? A ez0 ob0xa0! ~A ne nomnw, 28 30 / —_ Y _ rm (a) * a ypuer (iat) © anrwenaweit a Cozaacno anmuunoit rezende, 00- Tipuaem! 51 eaw eu. Mnoeue mypucmst Guana acd coadam suamenumoco ‘Meus. soaym JTopomu. nopamenvi genuxonenuen puncxozo eenepana Aepunnes ‘cmapeix sdanuit. facmpemusu deayuy, necwy%0 7 Ca] | 2 wuomowe —; = % = cpeaesconnit (Lil) [ semruecrsenmnit il) © nenpensoiizennnit EM) ‘Hocuompume! mom seauvecmeennwit deopey Henpesaoiidennwe nupanudes Smo cpeduesexoeruti samor aaasemca 2apmonwenran Tus Goiau nocmpoeries XIV eexa. ‘couemanuen unduticxoit ax epoGnuyse daa dpeanux xyanmyper u unocmpannozo xoposeti Eeunma, # mip # yuexansaetii (@t) rormuecmii (crams) Ul) ( (crn) 6apoxxo [all Pyunae Coynxendoe | A Aymaio, umo amo eeawne. — Kaxoii amo cmuas? yuurkavnen u npuaserariom ‘Cmaennoe sdanue ~ ayaucuii =A dyaa, smo Gaporxo. ‘meicnu mypucmos. obpasey zomuuecko20 cmuas. 7 | = = a @) pemnns Wt) cononna (a Pacad dona yxpawen ysemasu. Mot ovicmasnnen e2o aun | mo ofpasey KaaccunecKoco eu u Opyeue penuneuu. | emuaa: neckonsxo xoxoun noddepacusarom iponmon z [a] cto ogstIMMypane, \~ =) Kynox lit)” apmpyr apKa | Pycexue yepreu suanenumes Maprupym, xomopeeit Kanone, xynoaa w apeu caoustu rynasan. a npedony, ne aasvomen xapaxmepuisu moacem Grime ocyiyecmaen. Ana cogpenenncoix sdaruii. moasKo Ha asmomobuse. “4 spire Spires are characteristic of the Gothic styl, aren't they? skyscraper Some people think skyscrapers spoil the views of the old cities. disharmony Some people are afraid of disharmony, they say skyscrapers block the view of a traditional city. \ i « cm | #7) cm | [#) o- a) \ @ to dothe sights/ fi) 7 fia one aagat &’ miracle staircase C to go sightseeing ‘Many architects and engineers t toprvent the Halian anthitectural | The granite staircase leads Doing th sighs was inpresed nivale, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, | the centre ofthe square. dy the numerous historical places. fiom falling. = cm) ls a = (qm) to do the town (ia) (ait) (the museum) [lit] to make a tour of to be famous for — Are you going to do the town Making a tour of London ~ What is the Fiffel tower famous for? today? ‘we were greatly impressed = Is the highest and the most — Yes, Lam. by its museums. beautiful tower in Europe. mm [8 m= lf = Gm) to be peculiar tof \ Gay (qq) to be erected it) to be characteristic of [Zil) to be on display (lil) after the design of = Is it peculiar to the 14th century? | - What is on display today? The British museum was erected = No, it isn’t. think it’s the 16th "= We have a rare collection ‘after the design of the architect century. of pictures and sculptures today. Sir Robert Smirke. 55 me = = (ij) t© Possess a collec- (qq) t© date back to the 7 (lit) tion of materialson LH) century B.C./A.D. ‘to commemorate Does this museum possess Acropolis dates back to the 5th cen- | This memorial stands here rich collection of materials tury B.C. t0 commemorate Mary, ‘on the playwright? Queen of Scots. #8 mm | mm [o = ake i hi ; \ an fq) to make an entry (qu) to have . li) in the visitors’ book | (G88) “educational value & to be a handy thing = Will you make an entry = Do museums have | think that guidebook in the visitors’ book? ‘any educational value? is a handy thing for visitors. = With pleasure. =I think, they do. | [=] m [@ ma & = = Gon) \ Ge to see [Hit] to serve asaguide | ill) tobe connected with iil) in the first place Can you serve as a guide What historical places in London What should I see in your town for a group of foreign visitors which are connected with Admiral in the first place? ‘wishing to do the town? ‘Nelson do you know? [a] ml & me [eo et a mma (iil) neGocKpes (iit) nerapmonus (a) ‘Hnuswu seansomcn xapaxmep- —-—-Heromopwe.sodu cuumarom, —«—Heomopue sr0du Gonmes ene daa comuuecko2o cms, -umo neGocxpe6st nopmam eud duceapaonuu, onu zosopam, we man ae? capex 2opodoe. umo nebocx peo. saxpriearom ral = ud mpaduyuonoeo eopoda, fa ocMarpunarh XOCTO- (jg ayo i | necrHuna (at) IpuMeuarespHocTH Mnoeue apsumermopes u unsee ee ee | Fpieimeies seceivartn wee Ocnampusas docmonpunena- pee x wenmpy naomadu, measnocmu, & Gor nopacren snexoe yoo, Tusancxyro Gaur, “jnuocowntcaenneoene ayes ca ea omopreueckusce mecman. ocmarpupatE >) “ conepmtmrs typHe ropoxt (My3eii) {iil} © (noesanxy, oxeKypemto) @ Gere suamenurom iil = Tot cobupacures ocmampusamr Cosepuan axcxypeur | — Yen suamenuma 20pod ceeodna? no Jondony, wei Foun cuasno iigharson Sauein? -Ala. nopaacenol mysersu 2opoda. — Imo caman evicoKan u caman 2 xpacusaa Gauna @ Espone, Gprrs cpoiicrnertEm/ @) 4 Gnrre coopyxemniM (i) XapakTepHEIM [UIs oKcHoumponarscst (nocrpoennsm) = Et) Ho mpoexry = Cooitemaenno au smo |= Yo axcnonupyemca cezodua? dan XIV aexa? = Ceeodus y nac pedxan Bpumanexuit wyseit Gus nocmpoen — Hem, A dynavo, amo XVI 6ex. Kaueryus Kapmur u cryaonmyp. ‘no npoexmy apxumexmopa copa eq ae) | PeOcma Compra ea oSnazars Komexmmeli a “ oTHOCHTECAK... yeexoseaurs, = Marepuaton, (ef oerrco uamck spe Gil) ( YeeKonener a) orHocsmaxes K namieii 9ppt | mom nassmnur cmoum s0ec>, Smom myseit oGaadaem Goeamoii Axponoar omnocumca ‘wmoSuL NowmUM naMam atexuueii Mamepuanos, omno- « Vasexy 0 naweit apr. Mapu, xoparees: Hlomaandun. cagusca x Opanamypey? cyenaTs 3amHch B KHHre nloceTHTeseli Mert o6pasona- | reIbHyIO HeHHOCTS @ p yaoGnas nem — Buu cdenaeme sanucsexnuce — | _ Hyeoman.nyaeu vaxyrontyds 7 d)sao, mo nymesodumene ~ nocemumenei:? panei rie det Oodhan eeu dan sxcxypeanmos. = Cydoearsemeuen. ops aa «] a [=] (2) | cays yeujere, suena [ ure cossanmme GH) ( Pngaye osepen [el Moaces nopaGomams eudox. Kaxue wemopuvecrue secma | Ymo 6 cawen zopode 5 donseen daa epynnse unoompannecx a Hondone, ceasanne nocaompents @ nepeyio ovepeds? akexypeanmos, acexarourex ¢ Adwupanon Heavconon, ‘ocmompemy eopod? | mot snaeu? [) | % fo = (ime) t° have | . to pick (im) *° be amazed. a general impression out something as (lit) with something the most impressive Ifyou want to have a general Twas amazed with the fountain impression of our city, Tharily know what monuments which crowned the ensemble. can help you. to pick out as the most impressive. (] mm [fe m= = (qm) to make a valuable (gg) to attract one’s (iz) the feeling of comple part of the exhibits <= attention © tion and perfection The manuscripts make I'd like to attract your attention St Paul’s Cathedral gives a valuable part of the exhibits. to the facade of the museum. the visitor the feeling of completion and perfection. [mo] mm mm (7) = (qq) to remain (qa) to be \ (i) unforgettable view (ii) 2 brilliant example Ut) destroyed by fire The castle is surrounded by a forest Notre Dame de Paris still remains The building that makes an unforgettable view. a brilliant example of early Gothics. | was destroyed by fire in 1834. [3] me mm «IB -= Rea ——_ to escape (jm) to mark (iam) to feel . \ destruction C° victories in wars C the pulse of history The House of Lords Most of the Egyptian pyramids | In the Tower of London escaped destruction in 1941. were erected to mark important wwe can feel the pulse victories in wars, of English history. Ce] mm am = Fes irtw havea clement valle (>) to make an adverti- faq) to give a short (iat) erage the heey [Hit Sement of a tour (i) commentary on Can It’s Westminster Abbey. Now we Can you make an advertisement you give a short commentary have a chance to walk through the | of @ tour around the city? on any wellknown place Histor of England of interest in the city? [7] m= ©) me [] = =e (qq) to take a camera to be the symbol (i) Sometody company | “Mt with somebody of wealth and luxury Would you like to keep me Most travellers take a camera with ‘The West End is the richest woneer them and take pictures part of London, it’s the symbol of everything that interests them. of wealth and luxury. [s2) = = me = 9 SR 2 UX) client (X) barber UX) to repair the shoes How many clients a day ‘The barber's is next to the hotel. Where can I have my shoes do you have? repaired? 1 cm (2) oo: | o- “ uners oGmee Brevarienue (a pI mb XOWEULD UMEM OFiuee anewamenue 0 nawen zopode, A Mozy mee NoMor., 17 caadipsars sericoatis won camoe piewarasiomee/ nptpasnrebHoe Bpad au a sna, xaxue naman nuKu ewOpame kax camue ane- / nopasurnes/ymu- BHTBCs YeMy-1160 A.Gu.1 nopaseen foumanon, Komopuiit eenuan ancanbar. amuse /orpasu- [7] mensne | Gnrrs yeHHOI (i=) / mpmaets (im) VY omymrenme @ wacroio axcnonaron iif) — she-1n60 puumanne ) — sanepmennocru | wcoBepmrenctsa Pywonucu aeanomen A Gus xomen npusacns ‘geno wacmano sxenonamee, awe enusanue x diacady xysen. Coop Ceamozo Hasna daem no- cemumeno ouywenue saaepuen- — | moc w covepuencme. 7 7 cen, GH) ((2eramDeH muna gay Gores paopy- a nesaduiaemprit nua CO umes /6nectamue (lil) menor noxapow sano mpumepom | ZaMox oxpyowcen reco, Bdanue Giro paspymeno ‘umo deaaem eud wesabweaensia. Cobop Hapucrcennts Gosoxcemepus noaapom @ 1834 zody. ece ewe ocmaemca Grecmanun [a] | mPtepan panne eomun. __ | eam Gm) “ oTmewar» omynrars paspymennst n06expb1 B Boiinax nyapc ncropan 3danwe naramss aopdos Bansuuncmeo eeunemexux Baondoucxon Tayape usbemaao paspyuenun nupannd Goa coopyarens, Mol ouyiyaen nyace @ 1941 zody. ‘umo6ot ommemume eaatcneste tucmopuu Anzu. nobedn 6 eoiinax. Ce] 7 HMeTE BOSMO2K- (im) ( caeraT pewramy (i) “1 ath KparKnit (ima) nocrs conepnuts =) oxcxypeun/noeaaxn WY) — Kommerrapmito «= 9KCKYpC B HcTOpHIO Imo Becmauncmeperoe abibam- cmeo, Celivac ates ween 6oamor- nocme cosepuurims aKcKYpe | Buu wooreme cdesam peraary | axexypeu no 2opody? Bui moxceme Dams «pam wommenmapuil 0 Kaxoit-2u6o usceemnoii. docmonpumevamettr ‘nocmu eopoda? 4 ucmopuro Anzauu. [] | (=) | [a] — “ Spar c co6olt (im) 6pITb CuMBO.10M Go- ———a | | ree Wt) “ farersaupocxomm (i nanmo Komym60 il) Bawsuunemao nymewecm- Becm-sud~ camaa Gocamas ee ssennaccos Bepym ¢ coboit gromo- acm MToudona, amo cunso 4 ° annapam u spomoepagiupyrom Gozamemsa u pocxout, ace, emo wx saunmepecyem. | 2 fo KIMeHT, 3aKa3anK &) Cyastoxo y ac xauenmon @ dere? 7 cKoit WapuKMaxep & Myoeexan napuxsaxeporan naxodumen padom ¢ omesen. peMonrupozars va] yban (x) Tde.n mocy ompenonmuposams coou mygiau? N &) &) shoemaker UX) tailor photographer = What is your father? Ask the tailor to shorten The photographer's = He's a shoemaker. ‘your trousers. is in the neighbouring house. 4 com cm fe) om UX] hairstyle ne WX) repairman Do you like this hairstyle? Mr Bonn is a good watchmaker, ‘My brother wants to become @ repairman. eq ag aa | om (X) manicurist to mend to press Isit difficult to be a manicurist? Tean mend these shoes, si. 1 el cia Pols gee ae 10 cm!) [*) cm [2] o- (x) to sew ess to dye [x] to darn ‘She reads books or seus She wants to have her hair Heimttinasicss aaraes in the evenings. dyed red. 4s soon as possible 8 cm [# o- ca a = a \ (X) to alter WX) to lengthen to shorten You need your coat altered. T think he should have Do you want your dress his trousers lengthened. orient os! & cm fe os Ng a ~ to turn (X) to dress one’s hair X) to cut ‘She has turned her coat this week. Where can I have my hair dressed? Pd like my hair cut. 18 cm [eo cm [| oo! UX) to shave (X) to shampoo X) to repair Do you want to be shaved? |= What can I do for you? He wants to have his boots = like to have my hair repaired. shampooed. 2 cm [| os) 7 / / iF cance X) © nopraoii BY | gororpap (X) = Kino meoit omey, no npodhieccuu? Tlonpocu nopmnoeo yropomums Pomoamense naxodumen On canoacnux. Gproxu, @ coceduen Gane. a 7 | 7 - 63 ¢acon upwseckn —— Macrep lo pemoury Tebe npaewmen ama npueexat Ricnoon Bice Moit Gpam xovem cman xopoueuit wacoswur. wl macmepo no pesconmy. / Manmxxopmra Tpyw0 Goines manrexropweit? 0 TINTS, HpHMIHBATS Ona wumaem xnwew cuore, noweners [%) A nozy nowwcums ama mys, c2p. kpacurs (onekny, Box0ce!) i) Ona xouem erixpacum eanocr | 6 poocuit ysem. | | rraquTp A nowy u erteraaey ‘eau xocmion, cap. mronaTp A xowy Kar momcno Gricmpee tu urem no aevepax. sawmonams amu Hock 2 a os] / 5) VA mepexenpisath YRTMEITE J yxopaumpars Bawe nawmo | Haymaro, «no ey ny2en0 Xomume au ox yropomums yaicno nepedeaams. yararcums Gproxu. rane? 16 7 [18] 2 Vy mpwsecninare 52 nepemyosbivars Koro-1160, crpuss nexaTb mpu4ecky Ona nepeauyeeaaa | A644 xomex nocmprsiecs. coe naasmo na smoit nedene. 7° Toe x mozy Ceram npruvecry? x) 6purnca, 6pure Bus xomume nodpumeca? MbITb ro0By 7 (nramnyrem) = Yen ozy nomoun? — Al Get xoMEA NOMBIMd BaLOCEL mannynen. peMoHTHpoBaTE On xowem, mobs ewy ompenonmuposastu canoeu. \ ) totap X) to heel ©) to take photo We have tapped your shoes, sir. Twant my shoes to be heeled. You should go to the photographer's to take photo. cs cm 1% ce |7 o- LX) to develop J to print (X} to enlarge Gould you develop this film Do you want these films Ask the photographer to enlarge while I wait? to be printed? the picture of your mother. - o- o- i ae \ (X) hairdo wave — What hairdo fits you best of all? What wave do you prefer? You use an electrical razor, don't you? a cm [2 om | =] = eae a \ (%) powder &%) totion 6) saray What can I do for you, madam? | Do you use lotion after a shave? What spray did you use after ~ Pouvder and cream, please. noha? aa ca cm Cs] = LX) snapshot AS) film US) full face ‘Twant several snapshots = What film do you need? He wanted eight snapshots of different kinds. ~ Coloured. in full face. a cm} C=] aa) o- (X) in profile LX) tinen UX) to iron How would you like to be taken: | You should change your linen Where can I have my linen in profile or in full face? every week, ‘washed and ironed? [a2] os \ % scissors Tale these scissors and cut the ribbon. [s] o- / S 4 yo mposBasTp crasure nadoiixa =X)” wa6usarn xa6ayen (OX) cummareca (x) Mu nocmaguau naboiinu AL xowy, umobs naGuau Kabaynu ‘Te6e caedyem cxodums ua eau mysinu, cap a mouse mypanx. esfomozpaguposcnca. 3 | a (5A) ;eIMAHBaTh (—-) (X} © neuarare XI) °C pororpadaa) =X) He nozau 60 avs nponsums amy naenxy, noxa 5 9cdy? Bus xomume omnevamam om naenxu? | Tlonpocu gomoepagia yacsruscum Giomo maoelt mart 5 2 mpyecka saBuBKa (X) Gpurna (x) Kaxan npuveea Kaxyvo sasuoxy Bu nonayemecs ‘nodxodum mebe Goxswe eceeo? eu npednowumaeme? suexmpoopumeoit, ne max su? a (@ | B) a) » 5 \ to wear whiskers/ ® \ to put a patch a beard/moustache to wear braids Tean't fut a patch on such = Did he wear ‘To wear braids is suitable anew jacket, sir whiskers/a beard/moustache? for a schoolgirl. =I don't remember, si. me 8 mm [) = / / YZ creo mast pysmerx sacon (X) { noamerka &) | poset sarnceny (eel Pesstaccen cue | || Bementnerepmccenigtion | (ex pu coarse ‘na “acax. ‘nodmemnu na moux mygiaax? | eonoce.? C npobopom? [] fe] | (#] / Vv mK nepenrerars nactpannars ——-«(&X)-* URennes () [ sso nema — &) A nacmporo sauu uaces Cxodu x nepenaemunry | Axow ewaccmu namna 6 21060M cayuae, cap. u nonpocu sanooo | na moeit pyauxe, nepenaecmu smy xnuey. [] = [=] : R) ee)“ & Gers nomsrsm =X) omputnarnes XS) — Cromxoe mens? — [) mom nudsax aece nomam. Tlocwompu! AL xowy, wmobe yoaunuau Ezo nyncno noznadums. Smu nycosunrs omopsanucr. Mou Gproxu, Cxonxo c. mens? ] &) &) & a ——— a Tu Guuaa xooda-nudyde Bau. xocmion nyoncdaemen _ Braxoii yeem ev xomume 4 catone xpacomn? paais aeears noxpacum oaoces? 55 y } a om —— ag ( amumnea a geneenmare, GR) / (eMarepinn oe Axo sevecams earocu nasad, FEM Maamve cen, 20 y3e0 Ean exc nopeana, yaaa, ¢ nyacw0 saumonants. = i=l fe] - (2) © HocuTD BA ~ amar (%) [ Humnte/xopornne (X) { ocrasurcxen (4) Bomocet Tear us xaonxa | | Smo namno nessa eweccmu aeeKo aunsoom. Toon dour ace ewe nocum Ges caeda, Annee /xopomue eonoces. a | ] HocuTh GakenGap- (7) mocTapnte samiarky [ mer/Gopony/yeot (x) HOCHTS Kocbr &) JA ne Mozy nocmacums sanaamey —— ~ Ynevo Gouau Ixaxsnuye udym xocse a maxoit noses nudacar, cap. anenBapoe/opoda/you? | =A ne nomno, cop. = =) ra to be frayed sleeves of your jacket are frayed. to have a credit card = Do you have a credit card? ~ Noi, but I'm going to. 5 to have a bank account &) Ihave a bank account from which I get money by writing a cheque. to write the name of the recipient Write the name of the recipient in a moneyorder form. [x] \ to buy/to sell on credit Do you buy/sell cars on credit? \ ® & to pay the bill You have some bills to be paid. 70 me 7) = = (5a to have aletter/ NG \ to receive letters \N) parcel registered (X] sender’s address Do you like to receive letters? Does it take much time | Fee received a letter to have a letter/pareelmgistered? | without a sender's addres | fe] m= m is = a = isa ~ CX) hand-writing UX) to be signed 2) surfacexsail. Can you recognize The letter was signed “Nick”. What isthe difference the handwriting? between surface mail and airmail? Te] m= 7 m= [we = (52) re (<2) private (A) \ (X) maiting code [X) Eorrespondence (X) post office number Don't forget to write A person’s correspondence The mailing code includes the mailing code, is usually private. the index number and the post office number. 79 m= [8] = ay = (A te tai (

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