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Reflection about Education

Education is one of the most important things we have in our society. By means of education we can
acquired knowledge and skills that we need to have when we are going to find a job. A job that can make
our life stable, that can make us a happy person, that can't involve us into trouble, we can achieved all of
this if we have a proper education. We said that our world is constantly changing and developing so it is
very important to educate us to be an intelligent person so we can understand the problems of our
modern society and solve them in a proper way.

What if our modern society cannot provide an education to their people. It can result their society into a
poor society. In the Philippines, their is an economic crisis that we are facing today and it can make this
to produce a high poverty rate. Education in the Philippines is one of the problem in our society. As they
said that education for Filipino people are more previlege right now rather than a right of people. One of
the problem in education today is that their is a shortage of classroom in school, because of this it can
result to our student a bad environment in their studying, they cannot performing, collaborating very
well in the school if they are in the bad environment school so the government must really need to
provide a good environment classroom for our student. And we must remove a government officials who
commit graft and corruption. A government who thinks how they can be rich and they did'nt think what
is good in their society because I believe that the government has a big role in achieving the goal of the
society, and that goal is to produce a people who is highly educated person. But Filipino today must
cooperate, and join the project that the government implemented. Each of us must do our job as a
member of the society. We must think positively that we can build a strong society.

Reflection about Politics

When a group of people live together, they must agree on a set of general principles. Politics is a
mechanism through which people can arrive at those general rules; preserve them; modify them as per
their changing problem. Simply put, it is the process of making decisions that apply to members of a
group . Now people have rival opinions, different wants, competing needs and opposing interests. This
guarantees ‘conflicts’ about the principles under which people live. However, in order to influence these
rules they must work together, cooperate and act as one. Thus, politics is a process of conflict resolution,
in which rival views or competing interests are reconciled with one another by negotiation.

One of the problems of the Philippine Politics is that people have different opinions and different views
about one issues and they are not join together to solve the problems because of that. Another is people
are committing a bad doings that is not acceptable in our society. As a Filipino I think the solution in this
is that we really need to a one nation that have a goal that is to have a better place to live. We must
cooperate to our government and our government must cooperate with us. And we must do good
doings so that we can live peacefully here in our society


Globalisation has profoundly transformed the world. Changes in the economics, politics, and society
have a great impact on our daily lives. Besides the numerous opportunities that globalisation has
brought us, such as increased interconnectedness resulting from advanced communication technology.
In the Philippines, globalization is important on how it works in the economy and the development of
the technology. Globalization helps each country to have a cooperation to help each other and be
united. It works to every people to move and work in a different country as well as the goods of each
country can also be imported and exported to a different country and destination. It helps every nation
to develop a global economy and increase the income of each country. It means that if we are having a
good economy in our country, it will benefit us especially to those family live in the phillippines because
having a good economy can create so many jobs, it can increase employnent that the family must really
need for their daily life, for their daily expenses so that they can live good in the society. But
Globaluzation can have a bad effect in the Filipino Family like for example it can lacking of Filipino Family
traditions and values that most younger Filipino don’t appreciate and they don’t even practice it to their
daily life. They become more familiar with Western mentality than being a pure Filipino. And that is what
happen in our modern society.