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6 main topic areas: (describing task)

Describe a person
Describing your “favorites” a place
an object
an event
an activity
your favorites

Describe your favorite…

what, when, where, who, how, why?
• a film or TV program what?
• a song/ a piece of music
• film/ TV/ book: the story?
• a book
• song: artist, style, instruments
• a website
• website: features
• an advertisement
• advertisement: product, “story”
• a hobby
Prepare vocabulary
Use ideas from other topics

• film/ TV/ book: your feelings Prepare vocabulary
• song: feelings, emotions
• website: how you use it
Use ideas from other topics
• advertisement: opinions, effect

Advertisement: use ideas from ‘watch’ description song/ piece of music: use ideas from ‘concert’ description
• smartwatch e.g Apple watch • film soundtrack (e.g. Fast and Furious film music)
• synchronize with phone / computer • theme music
• contacts, photos, emails • orchestra
• store music • instruments
• receive notifications • popular, well-known
• search the web • immediately recognizable
• it responds to voice commands • creates expectation
• track exercise goals • adventure, mystery, suspense
• fashion accessory - it looks stunning • exciting, dramatic, powerful

film: Fast and Furious website: Facebook

• the film is / was released • social networking website
• the plot (story) • keep in contact with friends
• the genre e.g. action, drama • find people you've lost/ keep in touch with
• the cast: actors, roles, characters • post messages
• scenes, locations, special effects • write status updates
• I thoroughly enjoyed it • upload photos and videos
• spectacular, entertaining • post links to other websites
• great performances • check your news feed
• I was on the edge of my seat • find people with shared interests
• I was enthralled • connect with like-minded people

book: novel or non-fiction

• Novel
• storyline, plot, genre
• the author, the characters
• entertaining, enthralling
Search on the internet for ideas about
• I couldn’t put it down
your favorites
• Non-fiction book/ textbook
• topic, field, subject
• informative, fascinating, inspiring
• I learned about/ I found out about…
• it opens my mind

Questions that don’t fit into these 6 main

topic areas Examples

1. Describe an important choice that you had to make 6. Describe a journey that you remember well

2. Describe an idea you had for improving something at 7. Describe an open-air or street market that you enjoyed
work or college visiting

3. Describe a competition that you took part in 8. Describe a shop near where you live that you sometimes
4. Describe a meeting that you went to at work, college or
school 9. Describe a conflict that you had, or a time when you
became angry
5. Describe a time when you were asked for your opinion in
a survey 10. Describe a beautiful sky that you enjoyed looking at

11. Describe an interesting story that someone told you

12. Describe a law in your country that you think is good

13. Describe a local news story that people in your area

found interesting

14. Describe a time when you were stuck in traffic or

delayed when travelling

15. Describe a time when you helped someone

3 things you can do 1. Adapt your ideas from a main topic

1. Adapt your ideas from main topic • competition – sport (activity topic)
• journey – place you visit
2. Talk about your job or studies
• beautiful sky – place
3. Look through the topics on the Internet before doing test.
• story – event or person
• shop – object or favorite
• local news story – place, concert
• in traffic or delayed – place
• when you helped – place, object

3. Look through the lessons (topic) on the

2. Talk about your job or studies
• important choice
Internet before doing test.
• idea at work or college
• competition
• a news story
• meeting • a law in your country
• survey
• conflict, a time you became angry
• in traffic or delayed
• when you helped someone
Prepare some good ideas and vocabulary about your job or