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NOR gate is digital logic gate with two or more input and one output. NOR gate is
combination of NOT and OR gate (NOR gate is negation of OR gate). A NOT- operation
applied after OR gate gives a NOT-OR gate (or simply NOR gate).



NOR gates are considered as universal gates because we can obtain all the gates like AND ,
OR , NOT by using only NOR gates .

A NOR gate is a type of logic gate that works on the principle of “ neither this nor that ” ( If
both A and B are not true , then output is true ) . This type of digital logic gate only produces
a high output when all inputs are zero or low input.

Realizing NOR Gate

Resistor Transistor Logical Gate
A NOR gate can be realized by using two bipolar junction transistors. The basic circuit is as
shown. This circuit is made by two parallel connected transistor.
(A) (B)

(C) (D)

In the circuit (A) when both A and B are given +5 V, base of the both transistors get quite a
high potential to make the transistors ‘ON’. As both transistors T1 and T2 are in ON
condition, supply voltage at terminal C gets path to the ground through resistor R .Entire
supply voltage ideally drops across resistor R and the output terminal of the circuit will not
get any voltage and hence it will be at logical 0 state.

Now if both of the inputs A and B are given with 0V or grounded in circuit(B), both
transistors will be in OFF condition as in this case the base of both transistors does not have
enough potential to make the transistors ON.As the supply voltage will not get nay path to
the ground, the supply voltage will appear at output X, hence output is in logical 1 or high .
Now, if either of inputs A and B is given with +5 V, the only corresponding transistor will be
in ON condition. But in this case also supply voltage will get path to the ground through R
and ON transistor and similarly the output will be in logical 0 states which is 0.6 V.


 Cell phone , Calculators , Computing , STB ( set top box ) , LCD TV

 Digital Logic Circuits
 Decision Making circuit like Mixer Tanks in the factory
 Industrial Controllers