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The central dome style was a characteristic of

Byzantine architecture

It is characterized by transparency and uses water soluble gum as the binder and
water as the vehicle.
Water Color

Welding metal parts together to create an image is


An architectural design of a ceiling that resembles an inverted cup.


Fernando Amorsolo is considered the first Spanish impressionist who mastered

tropical scene.

This is the expression of Filipino folk architecture.

Nipa Hut

This style of painting pushes the artist to paint only what is necessary.

Encaustic painting consists of pigment mixed with wax and resin.


Principle used by an architect for vertical supports.

Post and Lintel

What does the sports scene mode do?

Uses a faster shutter speed

A Filipino artist whose favorite painting medium is gouache and women are his
favorite subjects.
Mauro Malang

The architecture of the pointed arch.

Gothic architecture

A water-based paint that uses egg yolk as a binder.


The Colosseum is an example of Greek architecture.


A type of printmaking in which pigment is suspended in a binder of hot wax.


When taking close up shots, focusing is more difficult because of the ____.
Shallow depth field

The science of designing and constructing a building.


Shutter speed is____.

The amount of time the shutter stays open

These are images on floors, walls and ceilings made by arranging stones, tiles or
pieces of colored glass.

Wood carving is an example of what process of creation in sculpture?


Polymer paints are the more exact name for acrylic paints.

Installation art is a temporary construction or assemblage made of varied materials

that is structured within a space.

Choose an example of modern architecture from the following

Crystal Palace

The architecture that is best exemplified in the temple of gods or goddesses.

Greek architecture

Architecture follows different forms and shapes like geometric shapes �

cylindrical, triangular, square, circular etc.

The art of making figures such as human forms, animals or geometrics is sculpture.

Romeo Tabuena is the first water colorist who painted cockfighting scenes.

The three-dimensional sculpture is also called:

Free-standing scuplture

Their sculpture is of human figures.


When shooting landscapes, it is easier to keep the camera level if you use a ____