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Good News

In this issue Seizing our chance: Interview with Dr. Henning Grebe, page 3 Issue 3

With the extension of its headquarters, Bergrohr
has optimized the production flow. To keep the
company competitive in the long term, other
technical and organizational processes need
to be revised as well.

To this end, Bergrohr has established two

new functions, namely operations manage-
ment and an independent research and develop-
ment unit.

More in the editorial on page 2

on TV
On the occasion of the substantial moderni-
zation at the Siegen location of Bergrohr, the
Lokalzeit Südwestfalen of the renowned
German TV station Westdeutscher Rundfunk
has broadcast an extensive report on the

The main focus was the innovative pipe trans-

portation system that is unique in the industry.

Part of the in-depth feature was also dedicated

to the rich history of the traditional family enter-
prise Bergrohr.

Forward-looking: BERG-LAY®.
Complete Article on page 3


BERG-LAY® pipes for ENI

We've got started - the first BERG-LAY® as the need to extract sea water for use in
pipes have been supplied. Dutch-Italian fire and cooling water pipelines or to produce
ENI B.V. will be installing the innovative, drinking water.
corrosion resistant pipes in one of their re- The BERG-LAY® pipes supplied to ENI have an
fineries. outside diameter of 762 mm and a carbon steel
wall with a thickness of 34 mm. The liner wall
BERG-LAY is a composite steel pipe made up thickness is 3 mm. The carbon steel is made
of a pressure-resistant external layer and a from API 5L (PSL 2) gr. X60 and the internal
corrosion-resistant internal layer. The combination layer is made from Alloy 625.
of two heavy-duty materials means optimum BERG-LAY® applications:
safety that can be used in a variety of applica- • Pipelines for corrosive gas and oil
tions. Thus Bergrohr is addressing one of the • Chemical plants and tanks
major challenges of the future, as the global • LNG-regasification,
demand for corrosion-resistant pipes just • Sea water pipelines ( sea water desalination),
keeps on growing. The reasons are obvious: an fire water pipelines for offshore installations
increase in "sour" oil and gas resources as well and ships.

Next steps
"Resting means rusting" water, and for geothermal applications.
Fighting corrosion does by far not only mean We are now reviewing and developing suitable
the electro-chemical erosion processes, there technical and organizational processes and
are times when rust also appears in our minds. we have already created two new functions:
Consequently the efforts to avoid corrosion operations management, led by Dr. Henning
result in two different tasks, which are by Grebe, and an independent research and
no means contradictory. Corrosion-resistant development unit, led by Dr. Ulrich Schnaut.
steel pipes are the solution, on the one side Our target is the production of differently
meeting the ever-increasing demand for future sized batches of BERG-LAY® pipes through
pipelines and on the other side as a driving an efficient and competitive production
force for product innovations developed by process, allowing us to secure our own
our company. market position.

Now that the implementation of the plans We are prepared to accept the challenge,
agreed in 2005 to modernize our production and we are committed to shaping our future.
site is almost complete, we face the next Shareholders and staff alike strongly support
step in further developing BERG-LAY® pipes our objectives.
towards volume production. By the end of
2008, a total of 4 BERG-LAY® pipes manufac- There is, after all, something positive about
tured to customers' specifications will have corrosion!
left our mill – a remarkable milestone achieve-
ment. We have then successfully overcome the Yours sincerely,
challenge of winning an order without being
able to provide reference projects upfront.

In the years to come, global demand for corro-

sion-resistant pipes is predicted to grow and
Bergrohr is ready to respond to this market
trend. A number of markets can be served, in-
cluding those with very sour oil and gas, sea Bernd Berg

Optimized website Technology of Oil and Gas 2008

Bergrohr.de with enhanced navigation The industry

Bergrohr's website has got a new look and meets in Tripoli
feel. Design, navigation, and content have
been completely revised so as to provide Bergrohr was once again present at this
customers and partners alike with easy year's TOG, the global trade fair for oil and
access to the latest corporate news and gas technology in Libya. The company took
therefore true added value. advantage of the occasion of the prestigious
show to present its product range and meet
Following a comprehensive modernization international customers.
of the Siegen site, Bergrohr has also invested
in its virtual headquarters. Committed to effec- Since 2002, TOG (Technology of Oil and Gas)
tively communicating the services of the has been organized in Tripoli on a regular basis:
family-owned company, the website at every two years, representatives from the global
www.bergrohr.de has been revised completely. oil and gas industries and related sectors meet
The new design is certainly very striking. Color to present their companies and discuss current
and illustrations are based on the corporate topics and the latest research results in the
look and feel, while fresh design elements help framework of the science forum. In 2008,
communicate Bergrohr's commitment to inno- Bergrohr was actively involved in the fourth
vation. Intuitive navigation means visitors TOG show. Representatives of the company,
can quickly find their way. What is more, the headquartered in Siegen, demonstrated to an
sitemap and search function have been interested expert audience Bergrohr's advanced
overhauled to enhance user friendliness and products and solutions. Communication with
give optimum access to all content. other firms was another major element of the
The content itself has also been updated: new event: the company strengthened existing rela-
competence diagrams provide information on tionships and was able to establish new leads.
Bergrohr's product range and a professional A particular success was the invitation to the
movie demonstrates the advanced production Libyan port of Benghazi. Within the framework
process at the Siegen site. Visitors will also of the Libyan Corrosion Conference & Exhibi-
benefit from handy new features including an tion, a symposium on corrosion protection,
optimized news section. Bergrohr will be giving a speech on the innovative,
Existing and prospective customers will find trend-setting BERG-LAY® concept. This com-
interactive calculators: all they have to do is posite steel pipe is resistant to high external
select the required pipe diameter and the pressure and severe corrosion on the inside at
system will provide information on yield point the same time.For 2009, global trade shows are
and material grade. again on Bergrohr's agenda. For instance, the
For Bergrohr's international customers and company will be exhibiting in May at the world's
www.bergrohr.de: first-hand information.
partners, the website can be viewed in English. leading, specialist industry fair Gastech.
Heritage and innovation

Bergrohr on TV
TV station Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) global player, is committed to its heritage and
has filmed a detailed report about Bergrohr, its headquarters, which have been located in
focusing on the company’s modernization Siegen for four generations.
and the start-up of the innovative trans-
portation system in its production facilities. "Our roots, our staff and our expertise are all
centered in Siegen. Also, we have the opportu-
With its in-depth report on Bergrohr, the nity to expand our site. Simply picking it all
"Lokalzeit Südwestfalen" broadcast has up and re-establishing it at another location is
honored the important role that the Siegen- virtually impossible," is how CEO Bernd Berg
based, family-owned company plays in its explains the company's commitment to Siegen
Quality pipes by Bergrohr in demand worldwide: Director Sales Roger Evers.
home region. as a business location.
The TV report focused on modern- Investments in innovative processes
ization and production extension at and technologies have been a For Shell and Brossette
the Siegen headquarters; specifically, on a cornerstone of success ever since the company
transport concept that Bergrohr implemented was established in 1896. The first pre-stressed Eleven kilometers
which is unique for the industry: an efficient pipe 12 m roll-bender in the world was put into
transportation system that safely moves even operation at Bergrohr in 1939 - a step which of pipes "in progress"
the heaviest pipes through the factory building. was unrivalled in Germany up until 1945.
This new approach is much less susceptible to Bergrohr will continue to demonstrate innova- Quality pipes made by Bergrohr are in de- dimensions of 1422 mm x 20 mm x 12,000 mm.
failure than conventional roller transport, making tive strength: "No doubt, we are now well posi- mand worldwide. Currently the company is The pipes are made from API 5 grade x 65 PSL 2
it particularly suitable for large diameter pipes. tioned. We have updated our traditional working on orders placed by Shell (Ireland) and will be three layer PE-coated, as specified
With a recent investment portfolio of 20 million business through recent investments. In the and Brossette (France): more than eleven by Shell. The pipes are to be used for a gas pipeline.
Euros, Bergrohr has not only enhanced its own next three years or so, we will be making other kilometers of pipes are being produced in For French company Brossette, the mill is pro-
production equipment but invested in its home major investments in order to enter into a Siegen to serve these important customers. ducing 775 pipes with a total length of 9.3 km
region of Southern Westphalia. new market segment where we will be having and a total tonnage of 2,325 tons. The 728 mm
a major impact," commented Bernd Berg in For Shell, Bergrohr is producing a total of 151 x 14.2 mm x 12,000 mm pipes are made from
Today, major investments in local facilities are the WDR report on the company's plans for pipes with a total length of 1,812 km and a P265 GH and are intended for a district
not always obvious. However, Bergrohr, a true the future. total tonnage of approximately 1,283 tons, with heating application.

Innovative pipe transportation system at Bergrohr.

Interview with Dr. Henning Grebe

"We will be seizing our chance!"

With a new organization in formance and productivity of the want to continue on our growth path and enter
place, Bergrohr has appointed company. new markets, as we have recently done with
Dr. Henning Grebe as the com- BERG-LAY®. Against this background, it was
pany’s CTO. The 45-year-old Are you a team player? the right move to set up a research and devel-
expert has been with the com- opment unit.
pany since May 2003. Dr. Grebe: I sure am. It is definitely
Before joining Bergrohr, he important that all staff members see What do you find special about Bergrohr?
was lead engineer for design themselves as part of the team, no
and conveyor engineering with matter what he or she is actually Dr. Grebe: I have found my ideal employer. Of
Siegen University. working on. Everyone is responsible course, I didn't really know that five-and-a-half
for success and quality. This is the years ago, when I joined Bergrohr. I've always
As a CTO, you are responsible key approach to shaping our future. wanted to work for a well-positioned, medium-
for day-to-day operations, When I say team, I don't mean just sized company. The future orientation of
from process planning to pro- the heads of the departments Bergrohr is really impressive and it is ideal that
duction and quality assurance. reporting to me, but virtually every I can play an active role due to flat hierarchies.
What are your primary objec- employee. All of us form a team. I feel we are a good match.
tives? Therefore, I am personally commit-
ted to maintaining a dialogue with The personal side of Henning Grebe...
Dr. Grebe: Well, there are quite our staff.
a few. For instance, we have Dr. Grebe: ...is not a person who likes to sit on
created excellent technical pre- Speaking of the future, what does the beach and wait for the sun to rise and set.
requisites based on the large Bergrohr's position look like? That's definitely not for me. I am an active per-
investments made in recent years son, and I like things that have some relation to
and the resulting modernization Dr. Grebe: The company is very well my professional life - after all, I'm a typical en-
of the company. We will take positioned. It is now our responsibil- gineer.
advantage of these opportunities Taking the company to the next stage: ity to maintain its sustainability and
Dr. Henning Grebe.
in order to further enhance per- enhance it wherever possible. We And I have also started collecting stamps.
Ulrich Schnaut Anniversaries
Your age? Do you have hobbies? In 2009 Bergrohr will celebrate several
47 years I used to like model airplanes, but anniversaries. Basilio Maies and John
today I'm more of a cooking person. Trevor Elburn will have been with the

Your professional background? company for 35 years. Ulrike Gerdt will

A degree in mechanical engineering with a Your fondest memory from child- celebrate her 30th company anniversary.
Günter Brusky and Heinz Hadem will
major in process engineering and materials hood?
look back on a quarter-century tenure.
science, followed by a doctorate. My parents traveled a lot across
In 2008, we had two very special
Germany and Europe, so I had the
anniversaries to celebrate: together,
Your current role? opportunity to get to know different
Helmut Damm, Siegfried Herwig and
Head of Research & Development countries, cultures, and people at an
Berthold Schulte have been a total
early age. I was always deeply im-
of 125 years with Bergrohr. The long-
What do you like about your career? pressed. At the age of 16, I attended
tenured employees have been with the
Working with a group of experts, pragmatists, high school for a year in the USA firm for 45 years (Mr. Damm) and 40
and decision-makers, aiming at finding an which was certainly a very important years (Messrs. Herwig and Schulte),
"optimum solution" for any task. experience. respectively. Vito Delli-Liuni and Hans
Jürgen Utsch have been with the com-
What are your goals for Bergrohr? Is there a book which you find in- pany for a total of 70 years, i.e., each
Tackling the exciting tasks within the Bergrohr spiring? has been with Bergrohr for 35 years.
team and being able to resolve all upcoming Everything by Hermann Hesse, but
technical challenges. also "Seven Years in Tibet" and "Ulysses". Personal data:

Dr. Ulrich Schnaut joined Bergrohr on

What was the most memorable experience What is your favorite music style?
October 1, 2008. After obtaining his doctor-
of your professional life? Old jazz and a little classical music.
ate at RWTH Aachen University, he was the head of the surface technology division at Alusuisse
After many years in multinational corporations,
Neuhausen (CH) and then CTO at Alusuisse Automotive Decorative in Singen / Hohentwiel.
there's one thing I have learned: Your favorite dish? He then became head of "Surface Technology and Chemistry" in the DaimlerChrysler research center
It's not about the size of a company or a team Chinese Dim Sum. in Ottobrunn, which in 2000 became the German research unit of aerospace group EADS. From 2004
or the color of one's passport or the origin to 2008, he established EADS' first research center outside Europe in Singapore.
of your team members –instead it’s about the Your favorite drink? Dr. Schnaut has been married to his wife, Wangshu, for almost 20 years. They have a 14-year-old
spirit and commitment of the team that you're During the day, green tea; once work's daughter, Saphira.
a part of. done, I sometimes like a glass of red wine.

The Future has began for the Bergrohr-Team.

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