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Read this conversation and pay attention to the words in bold.

Nurul and Yuli are discussing the wall magazine they are going to make for the
Nurul : What will be the theme of our wall magazine?
Yuli : What about “going green”? I think it’s an interesting theme.
Nurul : It is interesting, but I believe many teams will use this theme.
Yuli : You’re right. It is a very popular theme.
Nurul : What about Sodor?
Yuli : What do you mean?
Nurul : Our wall magazine will be about Sodor. Let’s start with describing Sodor as a
traditional sport in Indonesia especially East Java, then move on to how to play
Yuli : We can also attach some photos of the Sodor competition that has been held
recently here.
Nurul : Well, I agree with the theme. It’s very unique.
Yuli : What if we meet every Sunday to make our wall magazine? No body is busy
on Sundays.
Nurul : Well, that’s not entirely true. I have an English course on Sunday morning,
and I have to go to Madrasa Diniyah in the afternoon. So, I’m busy on Sundays.
Yuli : Oh, sorry. So, what’s your suggestion about the day?
Nurul : What about Saturday after school?
Yuli : Sounds great.