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Republic of the Philippines

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Division of Calamba City
Calamba City School for the Arts


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I. Fill in the blank by choosing your answer in the box. Read each statement carefully.

Introduction , Adjectives, Coordinating conjunction, Rising Intonation , Stress , Falling Intonation,

Subordinating conjunctions, Intonation, Formal essay, dependent clause, independent clause, essay,
Body, Conclusion, Informal Essay, word cline

1. ______________ is the relative force with which a sound or syllable is spoken.

2. ___________________ is the rise and fall in one’s voice.
3. ______________________means the pitch of the voice rises over time.
4. _______________________joins words, phrases (which are similar in importance and grammatical structure) or
independent clauses. Examples: and, but, or, nor, for, so, yet
5. ____________________ means that the pitch falls with time.
6. A __________________ has a subject and predicate but do not express a complete thought.
7. ___________________ is the opening part of the write up that shows the topic sentence of the essay or the thesis
8. ___________________ consists of a subject and a predicate and has a complete thought. A sentence is an
independent clause.
9. ____________________ join subordinate clause (dependent clause) to main clause (independent clause).
Examples: although, because, if, before, how, once, since, until,
10. _____________ are those words which add something to Adjectives are those words which add something to
‘jectives’ i.e. SUBJECTS and OBJECTS.
11. An _________ is a short non-fiction, non-imaginary work about a subject. It may be classified by tone and style as
formal or informal.
12. _________includes body paragraphs, which develop the main idea (thesis or claim) of the essay.

13______________- This is known as impersonal essay. The content is informative and scientific in nature. The writer
uses the “aesthetic” approach in language and style.
14. An __________ends with a brief conclusion, which brings the essay to a logical end.
15. ________________- It is called familiar or personal essay. It expresses personal experiences or observation on
human nature. Its purpose is to entertain rather than to inform.
A_____________ is a string of words arranged in terms of strength or intensity of the word/phrase that represents a
certain idea.

II. STRESS. Encircle the word that corresponds the proper stress according to its usage.

1. Can you pass me a plastic knife? (PLAS-tic-----plas-TIC)

2. I want to be a photographer. (PHO-to-graph-er---- pho-TO-graph-er)
3. Which photograph do you like best? (PHO-to-graph----pho-TO-graph)
4. He was born in China. (CHI-na------Chi-NA)
5. Whose computer is this? (com-PU-ter----com-pu-TER)
6. I can't decide which book to borrow. (DE-cide----de-CIDE)
7. Couldn't you understand what she was saying? (un-DER-stand----un-der-STAND)
8. Voting in elections is your most important duty. (im-POR-tant-----im-por-TANT)
9. We had a really interesting conversation. (con-VER-sa-tion----con-ver-SA-tion)
10. How do you pronounce this word? (PRO-nounce----pro-NOUNCE)

III. CLINE. Arrange the words according to its intensity. (From weakest point to strongest point or from
negative to positive).
1. Pledge, Promise, Vow--
2. Advise, command, order--
3. always, often, sometimes, rarely, never--
4. Freezing, cold, chilly, cool , mild, warm hot, boiling, sweltering--
5. Shallow, deep, bottomless, fathomless, flat--
6. Good, well done, amazing, fabulous, excellent--
7. Tiny, big, small, enormous, huge--

IV. ADJECTIVES. Identify the type of the underlined word/words in each sentence. Write A if Adjective of
Quality, B if Adjective of Quantity, C if Adjective of Number, D if Distributive Adjectives, E if
Demonstrative Adjectives, F if Possessive Adjectives, G if Participial Adjectives, H if Interrogative
Adjectives and I if Exclamatory Adjectives. Write your answers on the space provided.

1. Mohan is the 1st rank holder. ____

2. Anand is a good boy. ____
3. Many people attended the class. ____
4. I have much work to do. ____
5. Each row has ten chairs. ____
6. This school is only for coloured people. ____
7. A little knowledge is dangerous. ____
8. I have a nice doll. ____
9. There are trees on either side of the road. ____
10. What an idea! ____
11. There are thirty five students in our class. ____
12. Few women can keep secret. ____
13. What kind of man are you? ____
14. This book is mine. ____
15. Whose bicycle is this? ____

V. Indicate if the following sentences are:

Simple, compound, complex or compound-complex. Write your answer on the space provided.
1. Because Kayla has so much climbing experience, we asked her to lead our group._______________
2. You and I need piano lessons. _______________
3. I like Mathematics but my brother likes Biology because he wants to be a doctor. _______________
4. Ted prepares dinner while Chuck watches the television. _______________
5. Wilma wants to dance, but Fred chooses to sing for tomorrow’s talent competition. _______________

VI. ESSAY. Write your essay about the values and traditions of the Chinese as reflected in the folktale
“The soul of the great bell”. Make sure that it has introduction, body and conclusion.

Sir Mark