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YouTube deleted the comments section:

Firefox's browser has hidden the comments section. The Banking Cartel is bringing you
fake news of a Global Market Crash. The world's gold is coming out of hiding and will
prevent any market crash

It would be impossible to defeat the Banking Cartel and the Black Nobility at
the center of the Banking Cartel without help from the critical mass of
humanity that sees very clearly how corrupt everything is. We already knew
years ago with
that all of the militaries are throwing off the Banking Cartel. People can read from
the You Tube comments section and the rest of my social media that a critical mass
of humanity is well-informed and responding.
https://khudes.s3.amazonaws.com/Twitter8.24.19.pdf The battle with humanity is

Where is the gold -- two answers. Wolfgang Struck told me JPMorganChase has the
video cameras, watching the tunnels and the big snakes in the tunnels, to reassure us
The satellites flying overhead with their radio scanners know where the big deposits
are, aside from the swimming pool in Phillipine Plaza in the Philippines that has a big
chunk of humanity's gold buried beneath it.

that the gold is guarded properly

This gets back to point one, which is whether the militaries of the US and the rest of
the world, who are also guarding the
gold, are on the side of the 99% ers .
I think they are, if only by the
frequent fly-bys over me and my
house, and because the Marines
attacked the CIA's branch offices in
Langley Virginia in 2018, and also
because they haven't contradicted
anything I say about how Donald
Trump is not Commander-in-Chief. We
also know this from the very accurate
power transition model that came to
me from the US National War College
in 2004.

Donald Trump is controlled opposition,

which is to say that he only appears to
oppose the old entrenched party

That is merely clever maneuvering, as Donald Trump is nowhere in the fight against
the entrenched corruption of the Banking Cartel.
There are many duped people, and these dupes are stuck
in what is called the "Normalcy Bias." Once corruption
gets too deep, people are not willing or able to see the
It is heavy sledding when you are up against people who
do not use logic or critical reasoning. A person who
cannot respond to the simple question,

" is the Constitution of 1789 in effect?"

A person who uses others to defend himself, that does not
think critically, a person who cannot or will not read in the Federal Register that the
US was declared bankrupt in 1933. Facts do not go out of existence
Teleprompter: https://khudes.s3.amazonaws.com/dctvteleprompt8.27.19.pdf

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Roshea Heather • 5 days ago

Take Care Karen, we are all concerned for you.XX

Mary Kinchen • 4 days ago

so good to see you and know that you are ok...looking good too...God bless you

nenette hechanova • 2 days ago

Thanks God so much , happy to see you're back Karen. God Blessed you always,keep you safe
and sound.

Wynena Dela Cruz • 3 days ago

Take Care Ms.Karen Hudes God Guide You Always We Learned So Much From You God
Blessed You ��❤�❤�����

Francisco Fonseca • 4 days ago

wow awesome Karen Hudes you are Awesome thank you so much. I love to heard you n to
know you are well and sound ... light & love !

Jovanie Dialoja • 4 days ago

Take care always Karen, from philippine islands of gold.

We Love you � �� Filipino!!! From Mexico to the Philippines with TONS of Love

Manuel Hernandez • 1 day ago
What an awesome statement... Jovannie u just remindled all of us that humanity is filthy rich.
Again Thank u ❤�❤�❤� THANk u.. my beautiful brothers sisters from the Philippines thank
you from the center of all hearts of humanity

Utility Use • 5 days ago

I value your information, karen. I am not easily influenced by others insults toward you, since i
have followed you for so long! I also love your grace and poise! May you b successful in your
work and may u have love in your life!

Steve Zyskowski • 4 days ago

How much for fixing the volume. I always have to crank up the volume while listening your
programs and even after that can barely hear Karen when listening in my car. However today it's

Steve Zyskowski • 4 days ago

It should have said Thanks so much for fixing the volume

Tjay WASHINGTON • 5 days ago

Things are heating up! Thank's.

Rick C • 2 days ago

The Philippine Plaza is now the Sofitel Hotel....bought by the French Company..wonder if this is
true...hmmm....that is a big swimming pool...Imelda Marcos I think or Marcos build the
Philippine Plaza..thanks Cory Aquino did not know this...She was digging Luneta during her
time to look for the Gold...ha.ha.ha...

N.J. Cooper • 5 days ago

I love Filipinos .. I worked on this project between 96-02. Stay steadfast KH

Manuel Hernandez • 5 days ago (edited)

Worked !!! Well ❤� U 4 THAT !!! Thank u Please continue... U must heip steady up KH ... I
could help u.... Viva Jose Rizal!!!!

Dee Zerda • 4 days ago

This is interesting. https://evangelriclapore.wordpress.com/2016/08/13/the-real-truth-about-the-

Manuel Hernandez • 3 days ago (edited)

@Dee Zerda interesting and pretty unreal but it's all ours throughout all te stealing the cabals
done throughout the centuries

Dee Zerda • 3 days ago

@Manuel Hernandez Yep, and to see the autistic borther of Queen Victoria right at the head of it
all. It doesn't matter which country, they have corrupted all. The people just need to know who
they cannot trust.

Cynthia Rodriguez • 1 day ago (edited)

@Dee Zerda well well well Miss D you been doing your homework thank you I would love to
team up and study with you and N. J COOPER. �

Dee Zerda • 1 day ago

Thanks, I found this because I was looking into Maharlika. Seems like universe just gift drops
those searching for truth.

Dee Zerda • 18 hours ago

Cynthia, I started researching in 2008 as I knew the collapse was contrived. Never in my wildest
dreams did I think that everything I thought I knew was a lie. It includes our ignorance of our
languages. A YT friend I have made has helped me in this direction. Everyone should watch
these vids because it shows how to break down words for their real meaning. It also includes
homophones and anagram info held within our words. The series is called The Golden Web.
There are 3 parts and all are crucial to watch. My friend has watched over 50 times and he says
he sees something new every time. Those that run this world look like us but they are not us. We
are humans (hue mans). They have set up borders for counties, states, cities to divide us. They
use the Hegelian Dialectic and we live in this bi-polar world. Left/Right in politics,
Muslim/Christian religion, Educated/Uneducated schooling, Rich/Poor and it goes on and on.
Here is a link for pt. 1. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ra2OXNxajI Do not watch the newest

vids as we think something happened to the person who made the vids. The newest vids
contradict and undo the lessons he shows in the earlier vids. There is a warning, if you watch the
Christmas vid the holiday is not what you have been told. Therefore, watcher beware. The truth
is not a lovely story. As someone so generously helped me see why the languages were confused,
I now pass to you in kind.

jarmyvicious • 5 days ago

Just wondering, when the U.S. economy folds, is the wealth or in many cases the paycheck that
most American families live on week to week going to be the collective that the world distributes
among the people of the world? Nasty tricks are in store for the people of the united States?
Rotten Presidents and Rotten Congress.... The Stewards here will not be punished because this
country has been under a Declaration of Emergency for many, many years allowing this
government to do whatever crimes they desire without repercussion.

Karen Hudes • 3 days ago

not likely; less than 5% chances, actually. We are following in John F Kennedy's footsteps and
together with the worlds' military powers, we will wind down the Banking Cartel and replace the
bankers' corrupt paper currencies.

Maggie Mae • 3 days ago

Thank you Karen! So grateful for you, your persistence and your loyalty to the truth and the
people! You are a real super hero! Much love and good vibes to you always!

Nordie Silva • 3 days ago

im a FILIPINO but sad to see we've never knew about the gold and all FILIPINO are suffering
with the hand of the oligarch and corrupt politicians.

Bray Bulahan • 5 days ago (edited)

Ms. Hudes is very knowledgeable. Her contention that Trump is controlled opposition means
that he is not fighting for the American people, but he's on the side of the cabal.

N.J. Cooper • 5 days ago

Bray Bulahan He is a khazarian agent

Nestor B. Aguilar • 4 days ago (edited)

@ Bray Bulahan, Please read the contents of the link... (THE U.S. IS UNDER STATE
CAPTURE By the Network of Global Corporate Control/ Banking Cartel) Excerpt from some
Karen Hudes Tweets. (If they can debunk this information from Karen and that includes you, I

can surmise that you are correct. lol…) https://nbakay.wordpress.com/2018/07/18/excerpt-from-

Daemon Magister • 3 days ago

peace on earth save the children!!

Manuel Hernandez • 5 days ago

Squid Worth : comment is missing on this site .... He commented that he is being harassed after
following and talking toMrs. Karen Hudes on Twitter he's got some kind of aircraft flying over
his house now.... Yep!!! we are the target or better yet humanity is the target. I suggest to start to
videotape them back....

Zenaida Quijano • 4 days ago

Salamat ma'am Karen sa mga information nga imong gihatag.... We pray always..... God bless
you po..... ���

Daniel Dials • 3 hours ago

Every since the great flood evil demons have been bouncing in and out everybody ! Mean money
hungry mafias, militaries, goon squads, terrorist, try to take from each other through what ever
means necessary ! Power, control, chaos, KGB, MI6, CIA, FBI, NSA, ETC... YOU NAME IT !
Evil is what evil does. Weapons of destruction, terror and corruption, they don't care ! That's the
problem they need Jesus, truth instead of evil and lies ! God will remove the honest believers and
children first then He'll torch the place ! It will take fire to get rid of them ! Water didn't work !
With all the petroleum on the planet it will float on top of the water ! Cars, trucks, lawnmowers,
anything that uses fuel after the impact, and tidal waves will leak and poison the water
everywhere ! The love of money is the root of all evil ! Clean Air and Clean water is so
important for healthy Bees and fish without it we can't live !

rvm429111 • 4 days ago

Firstly, I must say i thought this person was wrong about alot when I saw interviews of her going
back many years now. No she was, and is right, I was the one that was wrong! She is so correct,
that even she may not understand, it sounds as if she is speaking a foreign language. This is the
unfortunate effect of brainwashing. When a person wakes up, then they begin to understand this,
especially when you listen to her. The truth, she is correct about a lot!!!!

Zenaida Quijano • 4 days ago
rvm429111 Yes..... Karen is true.... alam na namin yan.... naghihintay nalang talaga ng panahon..
��� We love you.... ma'am Karen......

will s • 3 days ago (edited)

I've been listening to Karen Hudes for about a decade, since she first appeared online, working
with Field McConnell. It's hard to believe how much they've both changed since then. Karen
used to speak completely clearly. She did not sound like English might be her second language.
it's been getting steadily worse, for a few years. Although Karen still seems lucid, she's become
very repetitive. Her speech is now slow & obviously impaired. Field McConnel just seems
completely insane now & he appears to be falling apart.

Karen Hudes • 3 days ago (edited)

Field McConnell? It took me more than a half hour to prove to you that the Abel Danger website is
disinfo. The Banking Cartel broke all the links and I had to reset them.
https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Twitter9.15.18.1.pdf (It takes about a minute for this link to load)

Ray Man • 3 days ago

Miss Karen Hudes.I'm really impress with your knowledge on the banking system and the
solution that could be taking. I would like to tell you that every time I listen to you it gives hope
to me and I'm sure to all your followers and other in the future who well listen to you.a Big God
Bless to a amazing lady who must love people to be so engage in this battle that not much can

Hank McGurk • 3 days ago

There's no 50 years.

Karen Hudes • 3 days ago

What do you mean? Here is the Bilateral Minesfield Breakthrough Successor Agreement:

Alex Davidson • 4 days ago

love ya

Squid Worth • 5 days ago (edited)
hey karen, i have helicopters (or some noicy aircraft) flying over my house too now ever since i
started following you and talking to you on twitter, btw i think its important not to say that to any
doctors so they dont lock you up, i know its ridiclous but they wont believe us and they will just
say were crazy and try to lock us up!..

Cynthia Rodriguez • 5 days ago

My brother 20 minutes ago you weren't on this site... we're being monitored big time on side ...
You posted 50 minutes ago such comment and now 37 minutes later appear here edited ...now
what's up with that???

Squid Worth • 4 days ago

Sorry sister can u please tell me that again? I don't understand your English

I am going to respond to Cynthia's comment, outing you as a shill. Tell you what
again? That the shrinks are crazy and I am not? I just finished bankrupting two doctors because they
attempted to steal the monetary gold from the world's military powers and the critical mass of people
who form our coalition,

Caro Leota • 4 days ago

Karen very sorry to hear u were in prison. The cabal think that they control the world, but they
are very wrong. I am a fan of Michael AA. Tha hammer will be fallen upon the head of the
cabal. Take care I love U Karen and God bless.

Janifer Cadungog • 5 days ago


Alex Davidson • 4 days ago


Wake-Up Look-And-See • 5 days ago
Stay strong, but you must also seek the Most High God. Not religion, but study the word and this
will also help you grasp the battle that you are engaged in.

Cynthia Rodriguez • 5 days ago (edited)

We are all engaged in this so let's be with her and pray to our father for her engaging for us

Wake-Up Look-And-See • 5 days ago

@Cynthia Rodriguez Yes, indeed we are all battling. The Bible is the greatest puzzle on earth. If
we can work it out, we will all be much better off. We all have to fight, but possible a trick is
being missed here. Do we save the world and lose our soul?

Nestor B. Aguilar • 4 days ago

@Wake-Up Look-And-See Religion is the tool used by the controllers to divide and conquer

Wake-Up Look-And-See • 4 days ago

@Nestor B. Aguilar I agree, but I believe it is more than that also. The conflation of religion and
God and his word is where I diverge from the mass thinking. I have read that Bible & I have
found it to be the greatest puzzle on earth. I am in awe as the pieces come together.

Nestor B. Aguilar • 4 days ago

@Wake-Up Look-And-See This is not the time to debate about religion. let's set aside for a
while that issue until we clean up the money system that is used to enslave us all. As I said
Religion is the tool used by the controllers to divide and conquer Humanity. God Bless... us all
his creation. Truth, Love and Light will set us free...

Wake-Up Look-And-See • 4 days ago

@Nestor B. Aguilar I am not speaking religion. Those who have read the Bible will understand
the conflation of religion and the Bible is also part of the deception. I have seen the SDA try to
convert Karen which I think she was wise enough to avoid. I broach this topic for all to benefit.
For those who are interested in understanding, I submit that you should read the book.

Nestor B. Aguilar • 4 days ago
@Wake-Up Look-And-See Whom do you think who writes the bible? Anyway let stop this, it
has nothing to do with Global Currency Reset, its will only divide and conquers us. Truth, Love
and Light will set us free... God Bless...us all his creation.

Wake-Up Look-And-See • 4 days ago

@Nestor B. Aguilar What I am highlighting is twofold. If you knew the complexity and the light
of the Bible by having read it, you would have known that the elites didn't write this book. The
book speaks against the doctrine of this world. Also, "truth, love and light" is a doctrine that you
follow. Whose doctrine is that? Of which god is that doctrine? Do as thou wilt is the whole of the
law? Or is it the law of the universe that we are all gods? Or is it do whatever you wish, just don't
hurt anyone? You see, we all follow something and you haven't realised that you do and that
which you follow was written by the elites.

Nestor B. Aguilar • 4 days ago

@Wake-Up Look-And-See I don't want to insult you, lets set aside this issue for a while it will
only divide and conquer us. Okay?

Nestor B. Aguilar • 4 days ago

@Wake-Up Look-And-See Okay... I have a question for you, hope you answer it honestly. Who
is your god? My “God” is a Loving and Caring “God” that Create, not the god in the bible made
by man, that is a god of hate and destruction that annihilate the Creation of “God” and committed
Genocide to Humanity, as in Sodom and Gomorrah and During the Great Flood.

Wake-Up Look-And-See • 4 days ago (edited)

@Nestor B. Aguilar My God is the God of the Bible who destroyed the world with a flood, who
destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah with fire and brimstone, who commanded the Israelites to
destroy Canaan, who almost wiped out the entire tribe of Benjamin of his chosen people and who
will judge this world in the future. I have given ammunition to the unbeliever but if you want to
hear the whole truth, read on. The God who created the world and gave his instructions for living
in harmony and having life after death in a glorified, incorruptible state. The same instructions
that were ignored by everyone in all those instances I listed before. He is a clean God and does
not tolerate sin (the ignoring of his instructions). Man wants to sin and then hold God to man's
standard. God should love me no matter what I do, even if I spit in his face. It doesn't work that
way, my friend. Man is held to God's standard. The God of the Bible also sent His son, who is
God (wrap your head around that) -- sent himself!? Died, as a blood sacrifice to ensure that we
all have a chance to come out on the right side of judgement. Grace through Jesus means that he

will forgive if you ask him and repent, after spitting in his face. Imagine God dying for his
minuscule creation. Wow! Now that is love.

Nestor B. Aguilar • 4 days ago (edited)

@Wake-Up Look-And-See lol... Okay... I have a question for you, hope you answer it honestly.
Who is your god? My “God” is a Loving and Caring “God” that Create, not the god in the bible
made by man, that is a god of hate and destruction that annihilate the Creation of “God” and
committed Genocide to Humanity, as in Sodom and Gomorrah and During the Great Flood. Your
god, that committed Genocide to Humanity even to those who are innocent children, the newly
born and the unborn and to all creatures that were affected? To hell with that god that was
created by man... It's all yours... lol... You're lucky you were not born during that time. lol...

Wake-Up Look-And-See • 4 days ago

@Nestor B. Aguilar It would be prudent, to actually read the book before condemning it. Global
currency reset!? Have you not seen who is in charge of this earth? The god of this world. The
network of agents spans the whole world in all the crevices. It would be wise to not reject the
Bible without having read it.

Wake-Up Look-And-See • 3 days ago

@Nestor B. Aguilar The age of accountability is also written in the book. The arguments of this
world are not significant to God. Our highest thoughts are lower than his lowest thoughts. Again
I say to you, don't look at the history channel and condemn the Bible or visit the many atheistic
channels on YouTube or watch the TV or the news, etc. Read the book for yourself.

Wake-Up Look-And-See • 3 days ago

@Nestor B. Aguilar Religion and the Bible are two different things. I keep repeating myself. I
have also quoted from the Bible, "the god of this world". That god is the dragon, the prince of the
air. You see, I do not speak of the God in heaven, but rather the one that controls the banking
system and the slavery you see around you. It shows me that you do not know what is in the
book. I will leave with this. Read the book before condemning it and be free.

Nestor B. Aguilar • 3 days ago (edited)

@Wake-Up Look-And-See lol... okay... lets end this dividing debate, Here is my last reply to
you. How could we Human comprehend God? That we cannot even comprehend ourselves...
Thank you... Truth, Love and Light will set us free... God Bless...us all his creation.

Wake-Up Look-And-See • 3 days ago

@Nestor B. Aguilar I am here to bring truth. The Bible said that the word will divide. I do not
unite with worldly doctrines. The Bible, which is under attack from all sides gives you the
answers. This is why it is under attack. Think on that.

Nestor B. Aguilar • 3 days ago (edited)

@Wake-Up Look-And-See okay... let's end this dividing debate, Here is my last reply to you.
How could we Human comprehend God? That we cannot even comprehend ourselves... Thank
you... Truth, Love and Light will set us free... God Bless...us all his creation.

Karen Hudes • 3 days ago

@Wake-Up Look-And-See We do not lose our souls when we fight corruption first and avoid
divide-and-conquer tricks.

Wake-Up Look-And-See • 3 days ago

@Karen Hudes It is good to hear from you and I do hope you are doing well. I have followed
you for years. You are fighting a noble fight and I applaud you for the extraordinary strength you
have demonstrated over the years. Four years ago, I would have assessed the situation the way
you have and tackled the problem in the same way. I am not trying to divide an conquer. Not
everyone who disagrees is an enemy. From your chair, I appreciate that it would be very difficult
to identify friends and enemies. I have studied, like you have, this octopus of an organization that
has its tentacles in what seems like everything. Even the agendas that seem to go against it are
either created by it or hijacked along the way. Its strong arm tactics are beyond the scale that
most people can imagine. Its coordination is phenomenal. Its ability to waste people's time and
misdirect is legendary. This organization spans the whole world. They all show allegence to this
beast! Can you not see it? Do they abide by the laws that they have instituted when it goes
against what they want? While most people have fallen for the misdirection job that has been
done on the Bible, it remains that this book has pointed out what is happening now. It has also
pointed out that there is only one person who will break this organization. It has also pointed out
that if you spend all your time fighting this organization and neglect what is required of you, it
would be a wasted life.

Why is it you can't understand "later" so we do first tackle the corruption in the
world's money system before we sink into the enemy's divide and conquer tactics? Are you
working for the enemy?

tbuckno r • 3 days ago

Yay! So good to have you back, Ms. Hudes. You look rested, despite your incarceration. It is
encouraging to know that you have trusted allies whom you can depend on to continue with the
crusade. We all need help from time to time. Please stay well, blessings.

those 2 replies are
mine. The Cabal erased them. so I am going to reply with this
font. Talking about trusted allies. After we reached
critical mass, we grew to an unbeatable coalition. That
said, there were two people who moved heaven and
earth so that the Cabal knew that others were going to
carry on when they locked me up.

jl644 • 5 days ago

Lol. Her story is like when Hilary Clinton's story her being shot at by snipers

Squid Worth • 4 days ago

You can't compare Karen with Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton would sell us to the devil for a
dollar. Karen is fighting to free Humanity

joe mctaggart • 1 day ago

Im not so sure she used to say this so called gold was in sime bank in quezon city manila now
she says its buried under some swimming pool total horseshit all she says is long winded
verbiage but really nothing of substance

I have said a lot about where the gold is. I never said it was in a bank is Quezon City
Where is the Gold? I am showing you an inventory and a certificate of safekeeping
https://khudes.s3.amazonaws.com/Twitter11.21.15.pdf You can watch the tunnels
on cameras where the gold is buried. This segment on DCTV deals with the fake
audit of the United States' gold.


https:// s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/dctvteleprompt7.30.19.pdf

The World Bank Tokyo Office Telephone: (03) 3597 6650
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100, Japan
Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Dear People,

I found this not-so-complimentary article about John McCain.

Waking up to reality:

The link was included in the comments to my tweet yesterday:

https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/ Twitter8.26.18.pdf


I also found this four year old tweet: https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Twitter12.16.14.pdf

Karen Hudes
Acting General Counsel, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Overseer Mandate Trustee, Global Debt Facility, TVM-LSM-666

Why did Jones and Dent ignore Mercedes' question about the real economy and the gold on offer to
the US at 41:41? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qENlMcy4rgE&app=desktop
Why did Beth Ann Bovino, Standard & Poor's chief economist, ignore my question, also raised with
the Universal Credit Rating Group owned by Russia and China, about the Federal Reserve Note's loss
of reserve currency status?
Why is everyone hiding from the fact that the US Congress has declared a state of emergency each
year since 1861?

Why isn't my story in the mainstream media? Why did Newsweek en Espanol take down their article
about me?

Why are the whistleblowers being silenced? http://100r.org/2014/03/world-bank-staff-fear-blowing-

whistle-survey-finds/#comment-767 broken link:

Why are the central banks suppressing the price of gold and where is the gold?



France, Belgium and Austria are reportedly about to join the Netherlands in repatriating their
gold. http://www.sott.net/article/289616-SOTT-EXCLUSIVE-A-picture-worth-a-thousand-gold-
Germany gave up after only 5 out of the promised 37 tonnes was repatriated in 2013; Germany
had asked the Fed to return 300 tonnes, and the Fed said that they would take 7 years.



On Tuesdays at 7:00 pm EST http://dctv.org/Live


interviews: https://s3.amazonaws.com/khudes/Bibliography1.pdf

censored videos on military, gold, and secret societies are


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