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Eyes Open 1 Unit 7 Standard Grammar

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1 Complete the sentences with the correct past 4 Match the two parts of the sentences.
form of the verbs in the box. 1 Where did a go to the cinema
go start do watch play
2 What did you b have for dinner last
1 I tennis yesterday at the
3 When was c you when you
sports centre. (+)
started school?
2 We to the sports stadium
4 Who did you d you go last
last Sunday. (+)
3 you a
5 How old were e Velázquez born?
dangerous sport last summer?
4 Sumo wrestling in China. (–) 5 Complete the questions with Who, Where,
5 They sports on TV yesterday. What, When or How
(–) 1 Q: did you meet yesterday?
A: I met Anna.
2 Match the sentences with the correct answer.
2 Q: did you do with Anna?
1 Did
 John wear a green T-shirt yesterday? A: We went for a walk.
2 Did Shakespeare write Romeo and Juliet? 3 Q: did you go?
3 Did
 you stay up late on Saturday night? A: To the beach.
4 Did
 Julia wear her new dress for the party? 4 Q: did you come home?
5 Did
 they do a dangerous sport last summer? A: In the evening.
a Yes, he did.
5 Q: did you get home?
b No, I didn’t. I was very tired.
A: By bus.
c Yes, she did.
d No, they didn’t. They went swimming. 6 Complete the questions with the correct form
e No, he didn’t. He wore a hoodie. of the past simple. Use the verbs in brackets.
1 What 
3 Make sentences using the past form of the (you / do) at school yesterday?
verbs in the box. 
do be go play wear 2 When 
(Jon / go) to Spain?
1 Where / Cervantes / from? 
 3 Who 
(Lara / play) baseball with?
2 We / cycling / in the Pyrenees / last summer

4 Where 
3 They / volleyball / last Saturday
(you / go) for lunch yesterday?

4 He / his new tracksuit / to the gym
5 What 

(you / see) at the cinema on Sunday?
5 I / my homework / at the weekend 

6 Who 
(Tom / go) cycling with?

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