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7 Ways to Cope With Lack of Motivation During

Nobody ever said divorce would be a simple journey for one to undergo, especially after several
years of being in a relationship with someone whom you thought you would spend your entire life
with. However, life isn't always a bed of red roses. Every relationship has its ups and downs, joyful
and sorrowful times, happy and sad memories and every other moment (both good and bad) you
could ever imagine.

If you are going through a painful separation, and you feel as though you can’t accomplish
anything on your own because you will no longer be with your partner anymore or you are unable
to show interest in doing things at home, then here are 7 essential tips to follow that will help you
find the inspiration that you need;

1. Keep yourself busy with personal activities by applying rules and structure into your
days and weeks. You don't have to stay home all day feeling sad and weak to do something,
because staying idle will only make you think about the memories you shared with your ex.
According to Psychologytoday, You can occupy your mind and keep yourself busy doing
things regularly. Start by creating a list of things that you want or need to include on a day to
day basis.

Then you can further decide on how often you want to apply these things in your daily routine and
think about how you can place them on your calendar or have them stored in a digital gadget.
Finally, you can set a reminder that will notify you of the things you have to do and encourage you
to put your effort into doing them so that you will feel much better.

2. Instead of keeping friends that only wish to sympathize with you, surround yourself
with people that want to motivate you to try something new and they only have your best
interest at heart. Finding people who will motivate you into doing the things you show
interest in and also assist you through difficult times like this is tricky because you may not
know who truly wants you to be happy and has your best interest at heart.

Make friends with people who are always willing to listen to you and encourage you whenever
you need a sense of motivation. When you call on those people for help during your emotional
turmoil, they find ways to offer you healthy tips and guides on how to cope with those mixed
emotions. You don’t have to follow their rules and regulations on how to live your life. You can
only accept their love, support, and care if verily, they want to see you thrive during your divorce.

3. While putting your life on hold when you are in the period of transition, do things
that will keep your mind mentally stable, and body relaxed. During and after divorce,
things will not be the same again. According to Onlinedivorce, you will experience a series of
depressing emotions that may make you want to stop doing things you love but rather stay
indoors waiting to recover from the situation.

Instead of locking yourself up and being sober all day, go out and do something fun. Buy concert
tickets, have a nice walk around the neighborhood, and accept every invitation to an exciting
occasion. You can also go to places where you are not known and hang around to know things
about the area a bit.

4. Be happy and celebrate every little success you have achieved. Undergoing a divorce
doesn't mean you can't put your mind and effort into anything without succeeding to meet at
your desired goal. During this period, you can celebrate every success no matter how small.
You may not know how the divorce would end, but along the way, you can mark every progress
you have made so far.

If you have succeeded in not texting your ex with angry messages or you only cried two times a
week when four is your usual, then celebrate and be happy for that accomplishment. Celebrate for
every new change you make during this period because it takes one a lot of courage and effort to
make such changes.

5. Take motivational interviews through divorce therapy. If you feel you can’t cope with
the lack of motivation on your own during the divorce, you can still hire a professional divorce
therapist to sit and talk with you concerning the matters of the divorce and also show you ways
on how you could build up your interest in doing things.
Motivational divorce therapies can assist you through your divorce by providing the necessary
support and advice you could use to handle the whole situation. Your therapist should be able to
listen and understand all that you have to say and offer possible tips on how you can live a healthy
life after and during your divorce.

6. Act and think positively and drop the negative thoughts. Mainly rely on things that will
only bring you happiness. If you are keeping friends that only comes by to accuse your ex of
everything without showing much love or concern for your emotional stability and mental
health, then don't entangle yourself with such persons.

Instead of doing the things that will keep your body, mind, and soul relaxed and not stressed out
because of the whole divorce situation. Don’t think much about the negative impact of divorce on
you and your kids. While undergoing therapy, seek ways to discuss with your spouse on how you
both can work together to make sure your children don't feel the negative impact of divorce, and
both parties have a favorable divorce.

7. Last but not least, determine your motivation. Find out what you want/need to do during
and most especially, after divorce.