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Motivation Letter

After completing my Bachelor’s in Computer Science with distinction I started my professional

career from Network Operation Center of a renowned payment gateway service provider. My first
job was very exciting and challenging, as an Associate System Administrator I learn a lot under
the supervision of my seniors. It was a first experience to be a part of such a fast working
environment where chances of error were almost zero. I understood, how operation departments
of software companies work under lot of stress and pressure. In first few days I was very impressed
with my senior how efficiently they were working, but after few weeks I was the key player of the
team. I was shifted to night duty where I and one of my seniors manage approximately five hundred
servers (four data centers, one onside and three remotely) and two SAN. Out of five working days,
I work two days alone and three days with my senior. I learned team work, load management,
patience along technical skills of data center administration.

My hunger to the technology brings me to the second job, was as a Software Engineer at another
multi-national software service provide for leasing and finance of auto sector. I learned in practice
of software development life cycle, software coding, software maintenance and customer support.
I work almost thirty month and life became a routine work. Then I make another switch to a local
small company, where I develop a software point of sale using Java and MsSQL. After completing
the software another job was to work on embedded system. I learn how programming play its role
in the working of machines in the field.

I also got a chance to work in state institute to preserve and archive important document of state.
It was a limited time assignment where I used my skills and knowledge to make a process along
with the software. Since June 2017 I am teaching computer science and mathematics to secondary,
higher secondary, associate degree students and professional to transfer the knowledge and skill I
got from my education and Industry. I am realizing that I should enhance my knowledge to be
more productive and a better teacher of my society.

I am totally confident in my abilities and wish to assure the evaluation board that I would bring
my own experience, learning, educational background, unique approach and exposure gained
throughout my academic and professional period. It would be very enlightening to share and
exchange thoughts and ideas with a group of people who are from different nationalities, cultural
orientations and schools of thought on one platform.

I am sure my educational as well as working achievements will put my name in the admission
list at University, to become a successful Computer Science professional.

Thank you for considering my application and sparing your valuable time.