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 1 stand for giving information by playing the yes or no questions game.

 Design the stand by putting some pictures of people already donated.

 Doing some designs and crafts so that people can take pictures like
cutting cardboards by shapes of the blood types like the picture below
(like photo booth)

 Give candies for the children who pass by our stand and play the game.

 The yes or no game’s questions are: (we could change or add some
questions later on)

If you are under 18? Answer: no

What is the universal donor? O negative

If you are under 50kg? Answer: no you can not

If you have tattoos? Answer: if the tattoo is older than 1 year you can donate.

How often you can donate blood? Answer: every 2 months

 We can bring small envelopes (written on them all the blood types) and
cut small pieces of a cardboard, then after people donate blood they will
put one piece onto their blood type’s envelope.
 Ask the blood bank team if they can tell us what’s the most needed blood
type so that we can say that to the people and come and donate.