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Math Quest Grade 3

Solve the following.

_______________1. Write “Ninety-six thousand, seven hundred eight” in numeric form.
_______________2. What is the value of 9 in 94 514?
_______________3. What number is 2 500 more than 4 740?
_______________4. How many one-eights are equal to 7 wholes?
_______________5. Linda cut a cake into 48 pieces. She and her friends ate 36 pieces. What fraction of
the cake remained? Express your answer in lowest term.
_______________6. Mother baked 64 cookies. She kept 46 cookies and gave the rest to the family. How
many cookies did she give to her family?
_______________7. Ruth had a 20-day vacation. She spent 6 days in Baguio, 7 days in Cebu and the rest
at home. What fraction of her vacation did Ruth spend at home?
_______________8. Write ”six hundred fifty-six pesos and seventy-five centavos” in numeric form.
_______________9. Ely bought 6 orchids at Php14.50 each. If Ely gave the cashier a 100-peso bill, how
much change did he get?
_______________10. Ferdie has nine 50-peso bills, seven 20-peso bills and five 5-peso coins. How much
money does he have?
_______________11. Jenny wants to buy a blouse worth Php106.50. She has Php76.75. How much more
does she need to be able to buy the blouse?
_______________12. What is the number midway between 721 and 733?
_______________13. I am thinking of a number. If I add 35 to it and then subtract 16, I get 42. What is that
_______________14. In the sequence: N, 35, 43, 51, 59, what is N?
_______________15. What number is trice the sum of 37 and 45?
_______________16. Jean received 15 boxes of candies and 23 pieces of candies which were not
included in any box. If each box contained 9 candies, how many candies did she receive?
_______________17. A vendor has 68 red balloons and 75 green balloons. He sold 125 balloons. Three of
the balloons burst. How many balloons were left?
_______________18. A rectangle is 18cm by 25cm. What is the perimeter?
_______________19. What two numbers have a product of 96 and a quotient of 6?
_______________20. Three-fifths of the students in a school are boys and two-thirds of those are scouts. If
there are 2 450 students in the school, how many students are scouts?
_______________21. Anne has 83 carnations and Cindy has 65 carnations. How many carnations should
Cindy give to Anne so that Anne has thrice as many carnations as Cindy?
_______________22. David has 5 times as much money as Michael at first. Both received Php87.00 each.
David has twice as much money as Michael now. How much did David have at first?
_______________23. Basket A had 7 times as many plums as Basket B at first. Zoe put 58 plums more in
each basket. Now Basket A has thrice as many plums as Basket B. How many more plums are there in
Basket A than Basket B now?
_______________24. A store has 86 DVDs and 52 CDs. When an equal number of DVDs and CDs were
sold, the number of DVDs left was 3 times that of the remaining CDs. How many DVDs were left in the
_______________25. There are 32 more pupils in the Robotics Club than in the Art Cub. The number of
pupils in the Robotics Club is 18 less than 3 times the number of pupils in the Art Club. How many pupils
are there in the Robotics Club?
_______________26. Joshua had 5 times as much money as Karen. Both spent Php20.00 each. Joshua
has 6 times as much money as Karen now. How much money did each child have at first?
_______________27-28. Find the next two numbers in the sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, __,__.
_______________29. When Ali joined the Community Involvement Program, he made a new friend at the
end of the first month. He made a total of 2 new friends at the end of the second month. He made a
total of 5 new friends at the end of the third month. He made a total of 10 new friends at the end of
the fourth month. If he continued to be involved in the program and makes new friends at the same
rate, how many new friends would he have made at the end of eight months?
_______________30. Grace’s exercise program requires that she does 1 sit-up on the first day, 2 sit-ups on
the second day, 6 sit-ups on the third day, 15 sit-ups on the fourth day and so on until she does at least
50 sit-ups each day. How many days must Grace exercise to reach her target of 50 sit-ups per day?
Answer Key Grade 3

1. 96 708
2. 90 000
3. 7 240
4. 56
5. ¼
6. 18
7. 7/20
8. Php655.75
9. Php13.00
10. Php615.00
11. Php29.75
12. 727
13. 23
14. 27
15. 246
16. 158
17. 15
18. 86cm
19. 4 and 24
20. 980
21. 28
22. Php145.00
23. 174
24. 51
25. 82
26. Joshua – Php500.00, Karen- Php100.00
27. 21
28. 34
29. 65
30. 6th day