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September 4, 2019


P-2, Zone 1, Ma. Cristina Iligan City


This is to authorize you to negotiate the sale of property described below under the following terms and conditions:

The Property is located in Barangay Tipanoy, Iligan City, containing an area of Four Thousand (4,000) square meters,
being a portion of lot 19, of the consolidation-sub. Plan (LRC) Pcs-8854 covered by TCT No. T-15815 (a.f) as attached.

Total Lot Area: 4,000 Square Meters More or Less

Net Price: One Thousand and Five-Hundred Pesos (Php 1,500) per sqm.

EXPENSES: All sales taxes and expenses are for the account of the Buyer. (or Capital Gain Tax, Documentary Stamp Tax,
Registration Expenses, Documentation and transfer fees shall be for the account of the buyer or Vendee.

Professional Fee: The Licensed Broker is given an authority to increase the net price to cover his sales commission and
other incidental expenses in looking for a buyer of the above described properties.

I warrant that the undersigned has the valid and legal authority to dispose the property to be sold and holds
Mr. Joseph B. Sarting free from any liabilities to claim suits of action against its sale.

In case any earnest money or option money shall be forfeited through the fault of the buyer, the same shall be divided
equally between us. This exclusive-right to sell I hereby granted this ___ day of September, 2019.

Period of Authority: ___________ (__) month/s from the date of this authority or until ______.

Lorenzo Lucasan Jr. Conforme: MR. JOSEPH B. SARTING

Attorney-in-fact/ Seller Real Estate Broker
PRC-LIC. No. 0020676
Expiration: July 22, 2020


___________________ and ________________



City of __________________ )SS.

BEFORE ME, a Notary Public for and in the City of _____________________, Philippines this
__________________personally appeared __________________ with his/her Community Tax Certificate No.
_______________issued at ___________________________ on __________________ known to me and to me
known to be the same person who executed the foregoing instrument and she acknowledged to me that the same is
his own free and voluntary act and deed.

Doc. No. ___;

Page No. ___;
Book No. ___;
Series of 2019.