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Tensar software output

TensarSoil2 Version2.09.06

Calculations in accordance with: NHI-043 2001 (AASHTO 2002) (static loading)


Project: Wall

Structural Systems

Mesa® Retaining Wall


IMPORTANT NOTES (Preliminary/Conceptual Design)

(1) This printout contains an Application Suggestion which has been prepared by a Tensar affiliate or by LICENSEE to enable the application of Tensar Geogrids to be evaluated by a
qualified and experience professional engineer. The calculations are derived from a standardized software program which generally follows AASHTO or NCMA design methodologies
and which has been modified to incorporate certain properties of Tensar® products.

(2) This printout provides certain limited information for preliminary or conceptual design only, and does not itself constitute a design or plan suitable for construction. A final engineered
design and plan, with drawings and installation details and construction requirements, signed and sealed by a registered professional engineer, is required prior to actual construction.

(3) Any mechanically-stabilized earth structure involves various engineering, design, material, construction and end-use considerations. Many of these are site specific, such as (but not
limited to) terrain and grading, watertable, the nature and strength of the foundation and backfill soils, the quality and compaction of the backfill, surface and subsurface water control
and drainage, the presence of utilities and other elements in or around the structure, use of proper equipment and construction practices during installation, neighboring construction
activity, load factors, other environmental factors and the like. Final determination of the suitability of any information or material for the use contemplated and the manner of use is the
sole responsibility of the user and its professional advisors, who must assume all risk and liability in connection therewith. Tensar assumes no responsibility or liability to the recipient or
any third party for the whole or any part of the content of any Application Suggestion or other work product.

Tensar is a registered trademark.

Method of The calculation method used in this Design Analysis is the tie-back wedge method for MSE walls given in Chapter 4
analysis of Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls and Reinforced Soil Slopes, Design & Construction Guidelines, Federal
Highway Administration, Publication No FHWA-NHI-00-043 (March, 2001).

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Design analysis Jacobs NZ Sajajd Anwar

prepared by Level 2, Carlaw Park
Telephone: 12-16 Nicholls Lane
Designer Fax: Parnell 1052
Designer E-mail: Auckland
www.jacobs.com New Zealand
Tensar software output
TensarSoil2 Version2.09.06

Calculations in accordance with: NHI-043 2001 (AASHTO 2002) (static loading)

Verification Mechanism Result Max/Min Critical case OK?

of external
stability Eccentricity -0,07 ft 2,50 ft max Static OK
Overturning FS = 96,57 2,0 min Static OK
Sliding on base 14,072 1,5 min B OK
Bearing capacity 62,77 2,5 min OK

Verification Mechanism OK? Mechanism OK?

of internal
stability Rupture check OK Pullout check OK
Internal sliding OK Connection check OK

Reinforcement Tensar No of Starting Vertical Finishing Coverage Ci

layout Geogrid layers level (ft) spacing (ft) level (ft) (%)
Starting and
finishing levels UX1400 2 2,67 2,00 4,67 100 0,8
are related to
datum UX1400 1 0,67 - - 100 0,8

Required Mechanism Static loading

factors of Eccentricity e<B/6 on soil, e<B/4 on rock
Overturning FS = 2.0
As given in
Chapter 2.7 Sliding on base and geogrid FS = 1.5
and Chapter
4.3 d & e (for Bearing capacity FS = 2.5
Geogrid rupture FS = 1.5
Geogrid pullout FS = 1.5
Connection with facing FS = 1.5

Further Further information, specifications and bill of quantities System overview

information descriptions for this Tensar Earth Retaining Structure Installation guide
relevant to are given in the following documents which form part Case histories
this of this Design Analysis
System The current versions of these documents may be found by following the website link
to "Tensar Documentation" in the Help menu of the TensarSoil® program

For program users who do Tensar International Corporation

not have a link to the internet Tel: +1 770 3442090
contact your nearest Tensar Fax: +1 770 3442089
representative or distributor E-mail: web@tensarcorp.com
Web: www.tensarcorp.com

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